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SOTT Focus: Big Brother Digest - The Fight for Liberty begins... is it too late?

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Rather belatedly, citizens of the UK are waking up to the fact that they are under constant surveillance, have lost their privacy, their civil liberties and are now beginning to voice their outrage. 1.1 million children are on a UK DNA database and schools are assisting in softening-up the next generation to accept biometric identity and zero privacy.

Drone aircraft are beginning to be used to monitor civilian populations in the USA and the UK. The USA and Australia attempt to catch up with the UK's dystopia by using the tried and tested 'terrorist' meme. Your Skype calls are likely to soon have someone listening in on them and the much criticized social networking sites are actually displaying some positive uses for once.

Has it been left too late to stop the Big Brother society that we are now a part of?

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Case of a young psychopath: 10-year-old's dark side frightens mother

Kay woke up from a nap during the afternoon on Feb. 28 with a kitchen steak knife poking her neck. Her 10-year-old son, Thomas, whom she adopted as a baby, was at the other end of the knife.

"Were you trying to hurt me?" she asked.

Thomas only smiled.

"Were you trying to kill me?" she asked.

Thomas continued to smile.

Kay, who's 52, called the police. This wasn't the first such incident involving Thomas. And she knew it wouldn't be the last.


Don't Leave Home; Your Credit Card is on Hold

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If you have an American Express card, beware: your card could be put on hold at any moment, even if you think you've made all your payments on time. That means, you won't be able to charge anything on your Amex card.

That's exactly what happened to Cathy Jones, a businesswoman with three Amex charge cards. She got a call from Amex last week saying her cards were now on hold, while the company did a financial investigation to make sure she could pay her bills.

Jones was baffled. She's been an Amex cardholder since 1989 and can't remember being late on a payment. So, to get some answers, Jones and I got on the phone, and called the customer service number on the back of her card.

An Amex representative in New Delhi, India, said because of the bad economic times, American Express is now doing financial investigations of thousands of cardholders. The rep said Amex is insisting these customers fill out an IRS form 4506-T, authorizing the company to get their tax returns for the last three years. The rep told us if Jones didn't fill out the IRS form, they'd cancel her charge cards for good, within five days. And here's the part that concerned Cathy Jones: The rep said these "investigations" were being done, not in the US, but in India.

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SOTT Focus: Israeli troops open fire on Palestinian women outside mosque

The scene near a mosque in the Gaza town of Beit Hanoun after Israeli troops opened fire on a group of Palestinian women, killing one of them (see here) and injuring 10 others. The mosque had been the scene of an Israeli siege after a group of men, presumed to be armed, took refuge there. Photograph: Suhaib Salem/Reuters

This story should come as no surprise to anyone. Successive Israeli governments have given ample evidence over the past 60 years that, in their opinion, Palestinian life is worth little more than that of the animals that extreme orthodox Jews sacrifice to their destroyer god "Yahweh". Indeed, at least on a symbolic level, the murder of Palestinian men, women and children by Israeli soldiers is seen by Zionists as a similar type of blood offering to the all-too-human "god" that "promised them Palestine" 2,500 years ago.

With such callous disregard for the life of other human beings, what does anyone expect the end result of the manufactured "Middle East crisis" to be, other than the murder of probably millions of innocent people, Arabs and Jews alike, with only the Zionist leaders escaping unscathed, as always.


SOTT Focus: Connecting the Dots: The War on People, Obama's No-Change and the Hardening of Right-Wing Israel

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In the context of the global economic crisis, we are witnessing an important shift in the rhetoric of the media and the elite. Their warnings of riots and social upheaval seem to be implying that harder measures of control will be required; this way, the 'War on Terror' has served its purpose as a template for a 'War on People'.

Contrary to the expectations of its population, the new government of the United States is not moving away from the path set by the Bush administration; the changes so far have only been a matter of appearance.

The right-wing climate is also growing even stronger in Israel with Netanyahu's electoral victory. There are signs that Israel's aggressions towards its neighbors in Palestine and/or Iran will continue after the pause required by the formation of the new government.

All the political and economic turmoil takes place on a planet already experiencing bizarre climatic and cosmic phenomena.


Diplomats: Syria pressures Cyprus over ship cargo

The EU and Syria are engaged in a tug-of-war over an intercepted ship suspected of transporting explosives from Iran to Palestinian militants in Gaza, European diplomats say.

Cyprus is caught in the middle, they say, because the vessel docked there after the U.S. military boarded it.

Two diplomats recently told The Associated Press that Syria, described by the U.S. as the port of destination for the vessel, is pressuring Cyprus over what it should do with the ship's cargo.

Comment: Too many anonymous sources on this one, but we are getting used to this type of information to be presented as news nowadays. The two states making the most fuss about Monchegorsk's cargo were the US and Israel, so that tells us enough already on the amount of propaganda to expect on "conditions of anonymity". Some more articles on the subject:

Cyprus: Iran ship can leave without suspect cargo
Cyprus finds no arms on Iranian ship
Ship detained in Cyprus is carrying banned weapons, says UN panel
The "Iranian" Weapon Ships And The Israeli Propaganda

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Sick! Nigerian children branded as witches in deadly purge

Jeremiah (10) stares blankly at a window, tears rolling down his burn-scarred cheeks as he recounts how his father doused him with petrol and set him ablaze, accusing him of witchcraft.

He is just one of hundreds of children in southern Nigeria's Niger Delta oil region thrown out of their homes, tortured or killed after they are branded witches by a new crop of self-styled religious leaders.

About a dozen phony pastors have been arrested -- one on murder charges -- after he confessed in a documentary film to having killed 110 child witches. He now says he killed only the witches inside the children, not the children themselves.


Iran still obstructing UN nuclear inspectors

The United Nations nuclear watchdog says Iran is continuing to obstruct its investigation into allegations of past work on nuclear weapons, but the country's uranium enrichment program is expanding more slowly than expected.

The report by the International Atomic Energy Agency, due to be released today, is likely to sharpen debate within the Obama Administration, which is reviewing its Iran policy.

Comment: Meanwhile there is still the question of Israel's Nuclear Weapons

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Cyprus: Iran ship can leave without suspect cargo

A Cypriot official says a ship suspected of transporting Iranian arms to Gaza is free to leave the island, as its cargo has been unloaded.

Senior Merchant Shipping Department official Andreas Constantinou said Wednesday it's now up to the owners of the Cyprus-flagged Monchegorsk to decide when and where to go.

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SOTT Focus: Big Brother Digest - Steady Creep into an Orwellian Nightmare

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'There was of course no way of knowing whether you were being watched at any given moment . . . It was even conceivable that they watched everybody all the time." - George Orwell's 1984
Under the pretense of the 'War on Terror' the creep towards total control of every aspect of the lives of the World's Citizens continues. No change in America under Obama except greater support for private contractors and further use of wiretapping. The House of Lords speak out against the violation of civil liberties but seem powerless given the EU's role in determining UK legislation. You can't even escape Big Brother UK for a holiday with new travel spying laws. Google latitude causes a stir with it's latest product for stalkers. RFID technology looks poised to facilitate the imposition of a carbon footprint tax despite the flawed global warming science it is based on.