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Thu, 27 Jan 2022
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Nigeria protests turn violent as price of fuel doubled

Nigeria fuel protest
© Reuters
Nigeria's decision to cancel the subsidy has led to mass demonstrations in cities across the country
At least one person has been killed in Nigeria as violence erupted during angry protests against the doubling of fuel prices.

Hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets in the commercial capital, Lagos, on Tuesday to vent their anger over a government measure to remove a popular fuel subsidy,

Protesters shut down petrol stations, formed human barriers along motorways and hijacked buses as police used riot control tactics to control them. Witnesses said security forces shot one man at a demonstration after a mob assaulted a Nigerian soldier.

Meanwhile in the central city of Ilorin, another violent protest left one man dead.


US: Montanans Move To Recall Congressional Delegation

chains we believe in
© Unknown
Montana residents William Crain, an artist and Stewart Rhodes, an attorney, have launched a petition to recall the state's congressional delegation, Sen. Max Baucus (D), Sen. Jonathan Tester (D) and Rep. Denny Reberg (R) over their vote for the National Defense Authorization Act that explicitly authorized the indefinite detention of terrorism suspects, including American citizens. Montana is one of nine states that has provisions to recall its elected federal officials. Under the Montana Recall Act all state officials in Montana are subject to recall for physical or mental lack of fitness, incompetence, violation of the oath of office, official misconduct, or conviction of a felony offense. The Montana petitions (there is one for each of the three), states the following "reason for recall":


US, Washington: Iraq Veteran 'With PTSD' Suspected in Murder of Ranger

UPDATE 12:30 PM MONDAY: The body of a man believed responsible for fatally shooting a ranger in Mount Rainier National Park on Sunday has been found in a ditch in the snow, law enforcement sources said Monday. Updates in The Today File.

ORIGINAL STORY: A man who was being sought in the shooting of four people at a New Year's party in South King County early Sunday is suspected in the fatal shooting of a park ranger in Mount Rainier National Park later in the morning.

Park Ranger Margaret Anderson, a mother of two who was married to another ranger at the park, was shot about 10:30 a.m. after setting up a roadblock to stop a car that was fleeing another officer.

She was shot when the driver apparently stepped out of the vehicle with a shotgun and opened fire. It took authorities nearly 90 minutes to get to her because the assailant continued to fire an assault rifle at Pierce County SWAT team officers as they tried to assist the injured ranger, officials said.

Anderson was the first park ranger shot and killed in the line of duty at Mount Rainier.

Nearly eight hours earlier, King County sheriff's deputies responded to shots fired at a party in Skyway, where an early-morning session of "show and tell" with guns among several armed partygoers devolved into a shootout, according to detectives.

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US, Colorado: Dogs Found Skinned Along Larimer County Roads

Investigators in Larimer County want to find the person responsible for a disturbing case of animal cruelty.

Two dogs were found mutilated outside of Berthoud last week.

The dogs were discovered just a few miles apart. They were so badly abused that veterinarians can't even tell what breed they were.

The first discovery came after an anonymous call on Wednesday. Police found the dog on the side of County Road 4. Police said the dog was skinned and beheaded, and the tail also removed.

Then on Saturday, a second gruesome discovery made along County Road 16 - an almost identical case.


Terrorists Blast Gas Pipeline in Syria

© Press TV
Smoke is seen coming up from a pipeline carrying oil from east to west Syria, which was blown up in the Soltaniyeh area near a refinery in the city of Homs on December 8, 2011.
Terrorists have blown up a gas pipeline near the Syrian town of Rastan in the central province of Homs, where no casualties are reported.

"A terrorist group has targeted a gas pipeline near Rastan," said SANA news agency.

The attack comes in the wake of a similar incident in the same location last week.

Several gas pipelines have been targeted in the volatile state over the past months during the unrest that hit the Middle Eastern country.

Syria has been experiencing unrest since mid-March 2011, with demonstrations being held both against and in favor of President Bashar al-Assad.

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Israel Nabs French Chemist 'Murderers'

Israeli police
© Press TV
An Israeli police car
Israeli police have arrested four people on suspicion of their involvement in the killing of French chemist Elie Lalouz, a Tel Aviv court has revealed.

The suspects - two female escorts and their male friends - were taken into police custody in Tel Aviv last week following a police investigation, which revealed the involvement of the suspects in the crime.

The women reportedly confessed to the killing, saying that they drugged the 70-year-old chemistry expert and stabbed him to death in his Dizengoff Street apartment. They then put a plastic bag over his head and set his body on fire to cover up the evidence of the crime.

Police found the remains of Lalouz's body after neighbors called to report a strong smell of smoke.

Police also alleged that the two women's partners were also involved in the murder. All four suspects have Ukrainian nationality and are living illegally in Israel.


US: Three Arrested for Peddling Miracle Cure from Stem Cells

Three men were arrested and a fourth is being sought by the FBI in connection with what investigators said was a scheme to market stem cells as miracle cures to desperate people suffering from terminal diseases.

"Protecting the public from unproven and potentially dangerous drug and medical procedures is very important," said U.S. Attorney Kenneth Magidson. "This office will continue to prosecute violations involving threats to the public health."

The arrests began in the last ten days after two indictments were issued in November charging the four with 39 counts of mail fraud and unlawfully manufacturing, distributing, and selling stem cells and stem cell procedures not approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

One of the four men charged, Vincent Dammai, 40, of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, was identified as a researcher at the Medical University of South Carolina. The FBI said he used university facilities to create stem cells without obtaining permission from the FDA or university officials.

Francisco Morales, 52, of Brownsville, Texas, is charged with falsely saying that he was a medical doctor who operated a clinic in Brownsville that specialized in using stem cells to treat "incurable diseases."


US, Texas: Man Arrested with Explosives at Airport was Army Expert

© Reuters/Midland County Sheriffs Office
On January 2, 2012. Atwater, 30, was booked in the Midland County Jail after a routine TSA check noticed he had explosives in his carry on luggage while trying to board an American Eagle flight from Midland International Airport to Dallas Saturday morning, according to an FBI statement.
A man arrested on New Years Eve at a Texas airport with explosives is an Army-trained demolitions expert and member of the elite Green Berets who served in Afghanistan and is stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, military officials said on Monday.

Trey Scott Atwater, 30, was being held in the Midland, Texas County Jail on a federal charge of attempting to board an aircraft with an explosive, the FBI said.

He was detained after a routine Transportation Security Administration (TSA) check noticed he had explosives in his carry on luggage while trying to board an American Eagle flight from Midland International Airport to Dallas Saturday morning, according to an FBI statement.

Officials declined to speculate on the reason Atwater had the explosives, which city officials said were in "military grade explosives wrapping" in his bag.

"At no time was there any danger to the people at Midland International Airport or the people of Midland Texas," Mark Morgan, Special Agent in Charge of the El Paso office of the FBI said in a statement.


UK: Mystery as 'Human Remains' are Found by Dog Walker in Woodland on Sandringham Estate

  • Discovery close to Royal Stud where Queen oversees racehorse breeding
  • Norfolk police launches major investigation
Human remains have been discovered by a dog walker on the Queen's estate at Sandringham.

Police launched a major inquiry after the discovery near the village of Anmer on the Norfolk estate.

Officers cordoned off a large area of woodland less than a mile from where the Royal Family gathered for Christmas.
© Getty Images
Grim discovery: Police guard the entrance to woods where a body was found on the Sandringham estate


US, California: Occupy Protest Follows 123rd Annual Rose Parade

© The Associated Press/Ringo H.W. Chiu
Occupy protesters march along Colorado Boulevard during the 123rd Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, Calif., Monday, Jan. 2, 2012. Several thousand Occupy protesters marched at the end of the Rose Parade in a pre-arranged demonstration.
The 2012 Tournament of Roses brought its flowery floats and strutting bands to a worldwide audience Monday under clear blue skies, and in its wake came a scruffier parade - hundreds of anti-Wall Street protesters.

The 123rd annual New Year's Day event, with the theme "Just Imagine," flowed along downtown Pasadena to the cheers of hundreds of thousands of sidewalk spectators.

An estimated 40 million people viewed this year's procession of 44 floats, 16 marching bands and 22 equestrian troupes on U.S. television.

There were 10 arrests overnight, including four felonies, as thousands of spectators staked out viewing places along the route but that figure was down from the previous year, police said.

"Everything went very, very well. We're very pleased," police Lt. Phlunte Riddle said.

On the heels of the two-hour parade came anti-Wall Street protesters in a pre-arranged demonstration.