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Sat, 10 Apr 2021
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Obligatory vaccines 'necessary in democratic society', European Court of Human Rights rules

This is the first time that the ECHR has delivered a judgement about compulsory vaccination against childhood diseases
The European Court of Human Rights ruled on Thursday that obligatory vaccinations can be seen as necessary in democratic societies, in a landmark judgement after a complaint brought by Czech families over compulsory jabs for children.

This is the first time that the ECHR has delivered a judgement about compulsory vaccination against childhood diseases.

Experts say it could have implications for any policy of compulsory vaccinations against Covid-19.

Comment: The timing of the ruling is certainly suspect.

Comment: The attack on human rights over the last year has been relentless and, rather ominously, this violation has been sanctioned by the ECHR itself: Also check out SOTT radio's:

Stock Down

Quality of life plummets, taxes rocket — and New York City faces doom

NYP front page

The Post's front page for Wednesday, April 7, 2021.
"No man's life, liberty or property are safe while the Legislature is in session."

That's how Gideon Tucker — a New Yorker who knew Albany as a former legislator, secretary of state and judge — put it back in 1866.

His wisdom, as demonstrated repeatedly over the ages, is timeless.

Comment: New York and California seem to be in a race to see who can experience complete societal collapse first. And they'll be mocking Florida and Texas all the way to the bottom of their death spiral.

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'Soft' canceling: Headhunters having hard time finding jobs for former Trump officials

Headhunters have indicated difficulties in finding jobs for former Trump Cabinet officials in the months since leaving their posts, The Washington Post reported Wednesday.

Recruiters who spoke on the condition of anonymity told the Post that former President Trump's significantly low approval rating upon leaving office, as well as being the only president in U.S. history to be impeached twice, has deterred companies from hiring former administration officials.

The headhunters said that offering a board seat to someone associated with the Trump administration could trigger a revolt from customers, employees or shareholders.

Comment: So the Washington woke culture has updated McCarthyism. Well done.

Return to McCarthyism? Messing and McCormack demand 'blacklist' of Trump supporters in Hollywood


United Airlines says it wants 50% of pilots trained in next decade to be women or people of color

united airlines
© John Nacion/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images
United Airlines announced on Tuesday that it would increase the number of women and people of color who become pilots, setting a goal for 50% of the 5,000 pilots trained in the next decade to fit the demographics.

The airline made the announcement on Twitter, writing, "Our flight deck should reflect the diverse group of people on board our planes every day. That's why we plan for 50% of the 5,000 pilots we train in the next decade to be women or people of color."

Twenty minutes after the initial tweet was sent - and after criticism from many on Twitter suggesting hiring people based on race and gender rather than talent would be dangerous - United followed up by saying: "All the highly qualified candidates we accept into the Academy, regardless of race or sex, will have met or exceeded the standards we set for admittance."

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Restaurant owners clash with police in Rome lockdown protest

Demonstrators in Rome
© AP Photo/Andrew Medichini
Demonstrators scuffle with Italian Policemen during a protest by Restaurant and shop owners outside the Lower Chamber in Rome, Tuesday, April 6, 2021. Demonstrators demanded to reopen their business and protested against restrictive measures of the Italian Government to cope with the surge of COVID-19 cases.
Italian restaurant owners and others angry at having their businesses shut for weeks due to a virus lockdown clashed with police Tuesday during a protest outside Parliament in Rome, while in the south, hundreds of demonstrators blocked a major highway.

One officer was injured in the scuffling, the Italian news agency LaPresse said. RAI state TV said seven protesters were detained by police.

Many in the crowd of a few hundred protesters outside the Chamber of Deputies lowered their masks to shout "Work!" and "Freedom!" Some hurled smoke flares or other objects.

Dining and drinking at restaurants, bars and cafes is currently banned through at least April. Only takeout or delivery services are permitted.

Officers charged some protesters after they tried to breach a police cordon. Members of a far-right political group joined the business owners at the protest, according to the Italian news agency ANSA.

Comment: Such madness based on lies and propaganda can't last forever. Sooner or later people will see the man behind the curtain. If businesses are closed they can't earn money, people will lose their wages, businesses, and jobs which means that the state will lose the tax income.

And one sunny freezy day when the state won't be able to compensate the citizens for their lost businesses and jobs and when poverty and hunger hit the masses, then it will not be a good time for the PTB. When people are left desperate, with empty stomachs and empty pockets they start to think and behave differently. The PTB are shooting themselves in the foot.

How far will these creatures go in their game of playing gods?

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'Mothership' or 'Anti-Piracy' cargo vessel: Attack on Iranian ship in the Red Sea raises questions

Iranian ship
© YouTube/Al Arabiya English
Earlier reports stated that an Iranian cargo ship, the Saviz, had been attacked in the Red Sea by a missile or a mine, with Israel allegedly notifying the United States that its forces had carried out the strike as "retaliation for earlier Iranian strikes on Israeli vessels", according to The New York Times.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has confirmed that an Iranian vessel, the MV Saviz, has been targeted in the Red Sea.

"The explosion occurred on Tuesday morning near the Djibouti coast and caused minor damage with no casualties. The vessel was a civilian ship stationed there to secure the region against pirates," Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said on Wednesday, adding that the issue was "under investigation".

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Extinction Rebellion activists arrested outside Barclays London HQ after breaking windows to protest bank's fossil fuel financing

extinction rebellion barclays
© REUTERS/Toby Melville
An activist from the Extinction Rebellion, a global environmental movement, damages a window during a direct action at Barclays offices in Canary Wharf, London, Britain, April 7, 2021.
A number of climate activists have been arrested by London police after the Extinction Rebellion group held an early morning protest at the headquarters of Barclays Bank, Europe's largest financier of the fossil fuel industry.

Early on Wednesday morning, seven climate activists from Extinction Rebellion took hammers and chisels, adorned with personal messages including "For My Grandson," to the glass front of Barclays HQ in the Canary Wharf business district, East London.

The activists carried placards reading "Better Broken Windows than Broken Promises" and pasted posters with the message "In Case of Climate Emergency Break Glass" on the building's damaged glass front.

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The 10 radical new rules that are changing American culture

Pelosi shumer
There are 10 new ideas that are changing America, maybe permanently.

1) Money is a construct. It can be created from thin air. Annual deficits and aggregate national debt no longer matter much.

Prior presidents ran up huge annual deficits, but at least there were some concessions that the money was real and had to be paid back. Not now. As we near $30 trillion in national debt and 110% of annual GDP, our elites either believe permanent zero interest rates make the cascading obligation irrelevant, or the larger the debt, the more likely we will be forced to address needed income redistribution.

2) Laws are not necessarily binding anymore. Joe Biden took an oath to "take care that the laws be faithfully executed." But he has willfully rendered federal immigration laws null and void. Some rioters are prosecuted for violating federal laws, others not so much. Arrests, prosecutions and trials are all fluid. Ideology governs when a law is still considered a law.

3) Racialism is now acceptable. We are defined first by our ethnicity or religion, and only secondarily — if at all — by an American commonality. The explicit exclusion of Whites from college dorms, safe spaces and federal aid programs is now noncontroversial. It is unspoken payback for perceived past sins, or a type of "good" racism.

Brick Wall

Ontario issues stay-at-home order, expands vaccines for essential workers and teachers in Peel and Toronto

theatre closed
A movie theatre owned by Famous Players, a subsidiary of Cineplex Entertainment, remains closed due to COVID-19 restrictions in Toronto on April 6, 2021.
The Ontario government has issued a provincewide stay-at-home order while expanding vaccine eligibility in high-risk neighbourhoods, but critics say the province has been too slow to control fast-spreading COVID-19 variants that are threatening the health care system.

The order was unveiled by Premier Doug Ford on Wednesday, less than a week after his government announced what it called a "shutdown" that closed restaurant dining but allowed non-essential retailers to stay open - and left pandemic rules in hotspots such as Toronto and Peel Region virtually untouched.

After public pushback from medical officers of health in Toronto, Peel and Ottawa, Mr. Ford's cabinet made an abrupt turnaround, declaring a third state of emergency and ordering more closings. The stay-at-home order takes effect Thursday at 12:01 a.m. and is to last four weeks.

Comment: Meanwhile, in Germany:
Chancellor Angela Merkel is backing a short, sharp lockdown across Germany to stem a sudden rise in Covid cases, her spokeswoman confirmed, saying the nation's health system was under growing pressure.

Speaking to reporters Wednesday, German government spokeswoman Ulrike Demmer said Merkel favored "a short, national lockdown," adding that "every call for a short, uniform lockdown is right."

Earlier, Markus Söder, the premier of Bavaria, told German broadcaster ARD he favored a "short, consistent lockdown," adding such a move "only makes sense if everyone joins in."

"The less consistent we are, the longer it will take," he warned.


Russia's Lavrov warns of surging anti-white racism in US

© Antonio Masiello via Getty Images

Asserts that forces within U.S. are trying to impose a "cultural revolution."

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says there is surging "aggression against white people" in the United States and that it is harming efforts to fight racism.

Lavrov made the comments during an interview with political scientists that was broadcast on national television.

"We were pioneers of the movement promoting equal rights of people of any skin color," said Lavrov, adding that "everyone wants to get rid of racism."

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