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13-Year-Old Girl Left in "Waking Coma" and Sleeps for 23 Hours a Day After "Severe Reaction" to Cervical Cancer Jabs

© Caters News Agency
Bad reaction: Lucy Hinks, 13, began to experience extreme exhaustion soon after having the cervical cancer vaccine alongside classmates
They were told the vaccine had few side-effects and would protect their daughter from cervical cancer.

But Steve and Pauline Hinks are convinced the controversial HPV jab is behind their daughter Lucy's mystery illness which is making her sleep up to 23 hours a day.

Tests have so far ruled out a brain tumour and glandular fever and the 13-year-old's paediatric consultant is investigating potential links with the vaccine Cervarix.

The jab was used in a national vaccination programme which started in September 2008. But it has already been linked to several cases of girls displaying severe side-effects.

Before she received the vaccine, Lucy was perfectly healthy, had an excellent school attendance record and was among the top students in her year.

Comment: The article above does not mention 'the jab' by name that Lucy was given, but it is apparent that she was given the Gardasil or the HPV vaccine. Read the following articles below for more information on the documented adverse side effects associated with this 'jab':

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8 more deaths connected to HPV vaccine: Adverse reactions from Gardasil number in thousands

Read the stories of other mothers whose daughters received the Gardasil shot and suffered deaths as a result:

Grieving Mother Blames Gardasil
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"We cannot prove it, but it seems that there are way too many girls who have been injured or died after getting this vaccine."

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US: '4 going on 40': Day care owner, 72, convicted of sexually abusing toddler says he did it because she was 'promiscuous'

© Montana Department of Correction
'Low risk': Albert Gaub appealed a state ruling that classified him as having a 'moderate risk' of abusing children again
The 72-year-old owner of a day care center in Missoula, Montana, told police he sexually abused a 1-year-old girl he was looking after because she was 'promiscuous.'

After he pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting the girl for a year and a half, Albert Gaub was sentenced to 15 years in prison and classified as a moderate risk to abuse children again.

But Gaub's lawyer appealed the classification and said his client is a low-risk sex offender. He argued the state's designation was a 'substantial injustice' to Gaub.

The Montana Supreme Court disagreed and unanimously struck down the legal challenge last week.

When he was arrested in 2010, Gaub - who owned Cuddles and More day care - told police his victim was '4 going on 40,' the Attorney General's Office said.


US: New York police evict anti-Wall Street protesters

© The Associated Press/Mary Alaffer
A demonstrator yells at police officers as they order Occupy Wall Street protesters to leave Zuccotti Park, their longtime encampment in New York, early Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2011.
Police wearing helmets and carrying shields moved to evict protesters with the Occupy Wall Street movement early on Tuesday from the park in New York City's financial district where they have camped since September.

Authorities declared that the continued occupation of Zuccotti Park -- which had become a sea of tents, tarps and protest signs with hundreds of demonstrators sleeping there -- posed a health and safety threat.

Scores of police barricaded streets around the park, which had been lit up with spotlights, and were keeping people about a block away. More people were arriving at the scene to support Occupy Wall Street after the protesters sent out a mass text message alerting followers to the raid.

"They gave us about 20 minutes to get our things together," protester Sam Wood said. "It's a painful process to watch, they are sweeping through the park."

The protesters had set up camp in Zuccotti Park on September 17 to protest a financial system they say mostly benefits corporations and the wealthy. Their movement has inspired similar protests against economic inequality in other cities, and in some cases have led to violent clashes with police.

The office of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the protesters should "temporarily leave" the park and remove their tents and tarps.


US: Bishops Say Government Eroding Religious Liberty

© The Associated Press / Patrick Semansky
Bishop Robert Finn, of Kansas City, Mo., chats after a meeting at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops' annual fall assembly in Baltimore, Monday, Nov. 14, 2011. Finn was indicted in October for waiting five months to tell police about hundreds of images of alleged child pornography that were found on a priest's computer. He is the highest-ranking church member in the sex abuse scandal to face criminal charges.
U.S. Roman Catholic bishops vowed Monday to defend their religious liberty in the face of growing acceptance of gay marriage and what they called attempts by secularists to marginalize faith.

Bishop William Lori, leader of a new national religious liberty committee, condemned federal and state policies that he said interfered with the church's ability to provide social services, from health care to immigrant support to international aid.

In Illinois, government officials stopped working with Catholic Charities on adoptions and foster-care placements after 40 years because the agency refused to recognize a new civil union law. Illinois bishops had sued the state but on Monday said they would stop the legal fight and no longer provide state-funded services.

In New York, the bishops, along with Orthodox Jewish leaders and others, have complained that the religious exception in this year's law allowing gay marriage is too weak to be effective.

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US, California: Social networking pioneer who took on Facebook commits suicide at age 22

© New York Times
Pioneer: llya Zhitomirskiy believed he could change the world by giving users more privacy and more control in social networking
  • One of four friends from NYU who launched Diaspora* site, meant to protect users' privacy
  • Group raised more than $200,000 in donations
  • Mark Zuckerberg praised his project
  • A 22-year-old social networking pioneer and Internet privacy advocate who dared to challenge Facebook and Google is dead.

    Ilya Zhitomirskiy died Saturday after San Francisco police were summoned for a reported suicide, police spokesman Officer Albie Esparza said.

    Mr Zhitomirskiy was one of the founders Diaspora*, a new social networking service meant to give users more control of their information online, and sought to lure people away from bigger sites like Facebook, Google and Twitter.

    Police would not release other details of his death and a medical examiner's report could take weeks before it becomes public.

    Mr Zhitomirskiy and three friends, Daniel Grippi, Maxwell Salzberg, and Raphael Sofaer, launched a trial run of Diaspora* last year that attracted the attention of The New York Times and National Public Radio and left the tech world buzzing.

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US, Ohio: Caught by his mom and dad: Boy, 13, faces trial for 'raping girl aged FIVE in McDonald's play area' after parents recognise him on police film

  • Teenager denies raping girl on October 22 in Anderson Township, Ohio
  • Police say he inappropriately touched him and got her to do the same to him
  • He faces trial for assault from next Tuesday after entering plea on Saturday
A 13-year-old boy who allegedly inappropriately touched a five-year-old girl in the play area of a McDonald's restaurant will be tried for raping her after his parents handed him in to police.

The teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, denied sexually assaulting her following the incident on October 22 in Anderson Township, Ohio, in a court hearing in Cincinnati on Saturday.

But authorities claim the boy touched the girl before making her touch him in an inappropriate way and then walked out of the McDonald's as the victim burst into tears and went to her grandmother.
© unknown
Suspect: The boy, who is just 13, was brought in to police last Thursday by his parents and charged with rape


Breaking News! US: Occupy Wall Street: New York police raid Zuccotti Park

© unknown
New York City police began raiding the Occupy Wall Street encampment in Lower Manhattan's Zuccotti Park early Tuesday.

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg's office ordered the protesters out of the park but said they would be able to return, the Associated Press reported.

The Occupy group's website carried the headline "NYPD is raiding Liberty Square," the former name of the park, while video streaming on the site showed police encountering demonstrators.

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Briton: Boy, 10, 'snatched from the street by paedophile' is found tied to radiator in flat

  • Youngster pleaded 'please help, I've been kidnapped' after being taken
  • Police arrest three men on suspicion of kidnap
  • Family move out of the residential block
A boy of ten suspected to have been kidnapped by a paedophile was rescued after he was seen banging on a flat window shouting 'please help, I've been kidnapped'.

He had been snatched off the street 300 yards from his home.

He was found naked and tied to a radiator with a white sheet in the empty flat two hours later after shouting to a passing woman for help.
© unknown
Concerned: Neighbours and members of community gather outside Gravity Mews, Oldbury, where the boy was allegedly found


US: Christmas Tree Tax: Ho, Ho, No

snow, christmas tree
© unknown
Most people probably agree that the venerable Christmas tree doesn't need any help with its classic, holiday image.

But not if you happen to work for the Obama administration.

In one of the looniest - if not Grinchiest - proposals ever to come out of Washington's chimney stack in recent years, President Obama's Agriculture Department actually proposed a new 15-cent charge on all fresh Christmas trees.

Fortunately, someone in the administration had the good sense this week to ax this goofy idea.

But really?

Taxing Christmas trees?

Say it ain't so, Mr. Scrooge.


US, New York: MTA Plans Unprecedented Overnight Subway Shutdowns

The pilot program begins on the Lexington Avenue line in January.

The MTA revealed Monday that it plans to shut down entire sections of subway lines overnight for several different periods to complete track work and maintenance, rather than do the repairs in pieces on weekends.

Transit officials plan to pilot the unprecedented program on the Lexington Avenue line between Grand Central Terminal and Atlantic Avenue starting Jan. 9 by shutting down parts of the 4, 5 and 6 trains between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. for several days in a row.

During the shutdown, crews would repair tracks and signals, and perform a "thorough cleaning" of the roadbed, according to the MTA.

The MTA says the plan was created as a way to minimize its weekend disruptions, while also saving more than $1 million.