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Thu, 26 Nov 2020
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Sea of Thieves: Georgia Secretary of State used Dominion's Eric Coomer as Witness for the State to defend last-minute computer changes

Brad Raffensperger, Eric Coomer
Dr. Eric Coomer who is responsible for the strategy and Security at Dominion Voting Systems. But if you search the company's profile Eric Coomer has since been removed from their page of directors.

This was after Coomer was found to be a Trump-hating Antifa sociopath.

Comment: See also:

Heart - Black

Poor dear: Lawyer says Epstein's ex Maxwell faces 'onerous' jail conditions

ghislaine maxwell artist's conception
© REUTERS/Jane Rosenberg/File Photo
Ghislaine Maxwell appears via video link during her arraignment hearing where she was denied bail for her role aiding Jeffrey Epstein to recruit and eventually abuse of minor girls, in Manhattan Federal Court, in the Manhattan borough of New York City, New York, U.S. July 14, 2020 in this courtroom sketch.
A lawyer for Ghislaine Maxwell, a British socialite charged with finding girls in the 1990s for financier Jeffrey Epstein to sexually abuse, said Tuesday that her client is awakened every 15 minutes in jail while she sleeps to ensure she's breathing.

Attorney Bobbi Sternheim told a Manhattan judge that Maxwell faces more restrictive conditions than inmates convicted of terrorism or murder. Maxwell has no history of mental health issues or suicidal ideation and no criminal history, either, she said.

She asked a judge to intervene on her client's behalf to improve her conditions at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. In her request, Sternheim made no direct reference to Epstein taking his life in August 2019 in his cell at another federal lockup, in Manhattan.



Covid UK: Plain facts about the risks, the death rate, and NHS capacity: You've been had

health workers uk covid
© Pool/AFP/Getty
It was revealed this week that GCHQ staff have been embedded in a Cabinet Office team in Downing Street to provide Boris Johnson with real-time updates to combat the 'emerging and changing threat' posed by Covid-19
With the nation's health at stake, it was revealed this week that GCHQ staff have been embedded in a cabinet office team in Downing Street to provide Boris Johnson with real-time updates to combat the 'emerging and changing threat' posed by Covid-19.

The intelligence analysts will sift through vast amounts of data to ensure the Prime Minister has the most up-to-date information on the spread of the virus.

But what exactly should Mr Johnson be looking for? Here, Ross Clark reveals what he should be asking...

Comment: The UK Health Dept is taking serious flak over the Daily Mail article:
The analysis caused a sensation on social media, and even caught the attention of the Department of Health and Social Care.

"This article is misleading. This is a global pandemic - national restrictions have been introduced to keep people safe and save lives," the department's official Twitter account wrote in a now-deleted reply to the piece. The message urged Britons to "follow the rules and continue to stay at home" so that the country can "get back to normality."

The comments appear to have had the opposite of their intended effect, however, with journalists, politicians, and countless social media users challenging the Health Department to elaborate on the "misleading" nature of the piece.

"What specifically is misleading about it? It is not (yet) compulsory for the press to follow the government's propaganda line," journalist Peter Hitchens fired back at the department.

Radio host Mike Graham was similarly unimpressed by the department's vague dismissal of the article.

The condemnation was echoed by countless other social media users, who accused the government of desperately trying to control the narrative surrounding the virus, while having even "less credibility than the media."

The Daily Mail ran its own scathing retort to the department's tweet, accusing the UK government of using "Twitter as a propaganda tool" in an attempt to undermine the paper's reporting.

The outlet published comments from several politicians who expressed regret over the government-sanctioned social media post.

Tory MP Sir Iain Duncan Smith said it was simply "good journalism" to "highlight the problems with the [official] figures that are being produced," and urged the Department of Health to do its job rather than pick fights with news outlets.

Another Conservative MP, Sir Graham Brady, said that "the people tell government what it can do - not the other way round," and stressed that it is "essential" that there is an open debate about how to best deal with Covid-19.

The UK government has come under increasing scrutiny for its Covid-19 restrictions, with critics arguing that lockdowns and curfews imposed across the country to deal with a second wave of the virus will have devastating economic, social, and health effects that will eclipse any potential benefits from the policies. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is currently isolating at Downing Street after meeting with an MP who tested positive for the illness. He is expected to release a "Covid Winter Plan" next week.


Insanity in America: Corporations are bowing down to terrorists

domestic terrorists
© Unknown
Domestic Terrorists
What's happening in America right now is absolutely insane. It makes some degree of sense that politicians on the left are going along with the party line as conceived by Antifa and the Black Lives Matter rioters. But, what does not make any sense at all, in my opinion, is the fact that corporations are bowing down to terrorists.

Nike: A Prime Example of How Corporations are Bowing Down to Terrorists

Yes, I said that correctly. Corporations are bowing down to terrorists. Nike is supporting Colin Kaepernick's attempts to turn hating America into a career path. They let him be the arbiter of what is racist and what is not, which is what led them to erase the Betsy Ross sneaker, if you remember that shameful display of corporate virtue signaling. Nike bowed down to a man who calls our brave police officers pigs, hates America, and supports BLM and Antifa, both of which are terrorist organizations.

Comment: How many astute and discerning Americans will it take to change corporate and media dynamics? Not even all of them.


New York Times election data feed may not only give President Trump the win, it could put Dems in jail

timestamp data chart
© Screenshot
Timestamped data sample
Conservative commentator, Kevin McCullough discovered how Dominion distributed the votes and what may have caused votes for Trump to be flipped for Biden.

McCullough got a hold of the New York Times data feed from midnight November 4th to November 9th.

McCullough discovered that Trump was capped in Philadelphia via a programming fraction. Meaning, (according to McCullough) President Trump could only get a certain percentage of votes and the rest were swapped to Biden. Indicated that someone hacked and reprogrammed the machines. Don't forget, on September 30, 2020, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that memory sticks used to program Philly's voting machines were stolen along with a laptop.

Below is a detailed video posted by McCullough exposing alleged fraud using the Dominion voting software. Ironically, Democrats paranoid that Trump would use Dominion software against them screamed from the rooftops in 2018 and 2019 about how easily Dominion could be hacked.

In the video below MSNBC was paranoid about Dominion:


Philadelphia: Female Trump lawyer protected by US marshals after receiving death threats

Linda Kerns
© National File
Trump lawyer Linda Kerns
"Bad things happen in Philadelphia" takes a new meaning for Linda Kerns, who is now under federal protection.

As the battle for the White House reaches the level of white-hot intensity, the Marxist-Progressive Left and power-hungry Democrats are pulling out all the stops when it comes to intimidation. They have even resorted to threats of bodily harm.

Court filings reveal that one of President Trump's legal team members with boots on the ground in Philadelphia, lawyer Linda Kerns, has been assigned official protection from the police and US Marshals after people sent her "threats of harm."

Kerns said the threats came "in the form of abusive emails, phone calls, physical and economic threats, and even accusations of treason - all for representing the President of the United States' campaign in this litigation."

Comment: See also:


Rich Americans are scrambling to buy 'Golden Passports' to second country

golden passport
Wealthy Americans are rushing to secure second passports, as a growing club of individuals have begun participating in government programs abroad which allow foreigners to acquire them, according to Bloomberg.
Eric Schmidt acquired all the typical trappings of a mega-rich U.S. citizen: a superyacht, a Gulfstream jet, a Manhattan penthouse.

One of his newest assets is far less conventional: a second passport.

Alphabet Inc.'s former chief executive officer applied to become a citizen of Cyprus, according to an announcement last month in a Cypriot newspaper that was first reported by the website Recode. -Bloomberg
According to the report, Americans rarely sought to buy so-called 'golden passports' in prior years, with such programs historically appealing to people from countries with far fewer travel freedoms than the United States - such as China, Pakistan and Nigeria.

"We haven't seen the likes of this before," said Paddy Blewer, a London-based citizenship and residency advisory director at Henley & Partners. "The dam actually burst -- and we didn't realize it -- at the end of last year, and it's just continued getting stronger."


Woke tears: Decision to publish Jordan Peterson's new book triggers Penguin Random House employees, causes CRYING at staff meeting

Comment: Crocodile tears, no doubt. They're like manipulative children, only they're in adult bodies so they can do real harm.

jordan peterson
© YouTube / Jordan B Peterson
Penguin Random House employees were sent into a tizzy by the firm's decision to publish Canadian professor Jordan Peterson's new book, prompting a meeting where staffers reportedly cried and demanded that the tome be cancelled.

The emotional in-house "town hall" was held Monday, after it came to light that the publishing giant is handling Peterson's new book, due out in March 2021. Employees anonymously leaked the controversy to Vice News, which said "people were crying in the meeting about how Jordan Peterson had affected their lives."

Another staffer argued that Peterson is "an icon of hate speech and transphobia, and the fact that he's an icon of white supremacy, regardless of the content of his book, I'm not proud to work for a company that publishes him." The workers also are insisting that if they don't get their way in canceling the book, all profits from the project should be donated to LGBTQ organizations.


UK Supreme Court judge slams 'totalitarian' COVID 'control freaks' in government

Lord Sumption
© BEN STANSALL/AFP via Getty Images
"Coercing the entire population is morally and constitutionally indefensible in a country which is not yet a totalitarian state, like China"

A British Supreme Court judge has slammed the UK government as 'control freaks' for attempting to control people's lives under the guise of COVID, and labeled it "morally and constitutionally indefensible" to define what freedoms the public should and shouldn't have.

In an op-ed published Sunday, Lord Sumption noted that the "debate about whether to let us have a family Christmas perfectly sums up what is wrong with this Government's handling" of the crisis.

Sumption wrote that there are "many different answers to the dilemmas of a Covid Christmas", yet the crux of the matter is "whether we should be allowed to make the choice for ourselves, instead of having it imposed on us by law."

"But for the Jacobins of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) and the control freaks in the Department of Health, theirs is the only answer," Sumption urged.

Comment: Hear! Hear! We were beginning to worry that the anti-lockdown demonstrators of the UK were yelling into the proverbial wind. Good on Lord Sumption for making his (and their) position known and heard. And may many more continue to courageously step up and speak out.

Bad Guys

Michele Flournoy might be breaking a glass ceiling as Pentagon chief, but even feminists aren't buying

Michele Flournoy
© AFP / Mark Wilson / Reuters / Parwiz
President-elect Joe Biden's pick for Pentagon chief would be the first woman in the role. But a glimpse at her past suggests she's not only a sociopathic hawk but an ideal vector for a Biden reversal of Trump's Afghan pullout.

As Trump finally began to implement his long-delayed promise of pulling US troops out of Afghanistan, articles bemoaning the sure-to-be-horrific fate of Afghan women without US soldiers around to rape - er, help them, have mushroomed across the media establishment.

Even though Trump would be leaving approximately 2,500 troops in both Afghanistan and Iraq, his decision to belatedly, incompletely fulfill his 2016 electoral promise to bring the troops home has been depicted as a betrayal of both Afghan women and NATO. The Pentagon tried to claim al-Qaeda is excited about the move, while the media have suggested Afghan women are quaking in their burqas at the notion of the admittedly oppressive Taliban resuming power.