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Mon, 22 Oct 2018
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McConnell and wife berated in packed restaurant; Diners side with Mitch

A group of protesters confronted Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his wife on Friday night at a Louisville, KY restaurant - however the crowd wasn't having it.

A woman who recorded the incident said that the protester "slammed his fists on McConnell's table and threw food out of the restaurant after accusing McConnell of killing people with his views," according to Fox News.
Video obtained by TMZ shows at least one diner berating McConnell on issues such as Social Security at a restaurant in Louisville. The video starts with him yelling at McConnell and arguing with Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao -- to whom McConnell is married. The outlet reported that four men first confronted McConnell.

"Oh yeh, why don't you get out of here? Why don't you leave our entire country," the protester tells the couple.

As Chao argues with the protester, McConnell appears unperturbed and sips on a drink. But other diners begin yelling at the protester, telling him to "leave him alone" and making shoo-ing gestures. -Fox News


Right rising in Canada? Meet would-be 'Toronto's next mayor' Faith Goldy

Faith Goldy toronto mayor
© Faith Goldy/Facebook
Faith Goldy
She promised to "Make Canada Safe Again!" and stop Toronto turning into "a sharia safe space," and in return Faith Goldy has been censured by rivals, blacklisted by major media outlets and dismissed in court. Is she a big deal?

Her stunt on Friday is emblematic of the 29-year-old's role in the campaign - the plucky outsider unafraid to speak her mind, yet struggling to be heard. As the overwhelming favorite for Monday's election, the center-right incumbent John Tory, read out a routine transport announcement to a gaggle of reporters and loyalists on the street, Goldy stood to the side shouting questions about the spike in the murder rate in Canada's metropolis.

As the official ignored her, and "Tory! Tory!" chants rose to drown her out, she persisted, calling the candidate "a weak man who won't fight his battles" and a "bad mayor." Yet what must have seemed a clever guerilla pr stunt in the planning received no coverage at all in leading local media.


More terrorist infighting: Huge explosion reported at Tahrir Al-Sham base in central Idlib

Idlib explosion bomb
A bomb-laden vehicle went off in the Central part of Idlib city in Northwestern Syria controlled by Tahrir al-Sham Hay'at (the Levant Liberation Board or the Al-Nusra Front), leaving tens of people and terrorists dead or wounded on Sunday.

The bomb-laden vehicle broke out in al-Qosour neighborhood in Central Idlib that is under Tahrir al-Sham's control and destroyed several buildings.

Al-Qosour is home to houses and base of Turkistani and other Asian terrorists, a militant-affiliated source disclosed, adding that Tahrir al-Sham and Uzbek and Turkistani terrorists laid siege on the neighborhood and kept gunmen on alert.


5,000 now heading north, mystery men hand out cash as migrant "attack caravan" regroups at Guatemala-Mexico border

migrant caravan honduras mexico border
A Central American migrant caravan which was temporarily delayed by the Mexican government has regrouped, resuming their advance towards the US border on Sunday, according to AP.

The number of migrants swelled overnight to approximately 5,000 as the mile-long caravan set out toward the Mexican town of Tapachula. Several hundred asylum seekers have reportedly applied for refugee status in Mexico, while an estimated 1,500 remain on the Guatemalan side of the Suchiate River in the hopes of entering Mexico legally.

Comment: From the article:
Leftist billionaire George Soros is funding the well-organized anti-Trump migrant caravan invasion from Central America that has been hitting the United States-Mexico border in defiance of immigration enforcement.

Several major ultra-liberal foundations and corporations have supported the asylum-seeking migrant caravans, and Soros' funding has been tied to several groups that have spearheaded the "refugee" invasion coalition - also dubbed "the Soros Express."


Why is the country whose oppression they are allegedly fleeing helping them leave? The answer is remittances, the money sent back home by so-called "migrants." Asylum is in large part a colossal scam designed to provide Latin American countries with a political and economic safety valve and a cash cow of foreign exchange. In 2017, remittances sent back to Honduras totaled $4.33 billion and make up a significant part of the Honduran economy.


Japan is awash in plastic trash thanks to China's waste import ban

bottled water
© REUTERS / Regis Duvignau
As populations rise, plastic trash piles up following the 2017 Chinese import ban.

Following China's historic 2017 ban on the import of plastic waste, new data from Japan's Environment Ministry shows that local governments in the nation are foundering in garbage that they do not know what to do with.

In results released Thursday, some 25 percent of 102 local Japanese governments responding to an Environment Ministry questionnaire acknowledged that the amount of plastic waste stockpiled in regional scrap companies rose sharply between January and July, as municipalities reported waste dumps reaching and even exceeding the legal limit, according to Japan Times.

According to industry estimates, Tokyo sends some 1.5 million tons of plastic waste abroad annually. Until the imposition of the 2017 Beijing plastic ban, some 50 percent of that garbage was sent to China, up until then the world's largest importer of plastic trash.

Comment: See also:

Bad Guys

American Psychological Association wants back into Guantanamo - and the Pentagon's good graces

A trip to the convention of the APA revealed a profession enamored with its own power, and an attempt to get back into Guantanamo after a scandal with the CIA and Pentagon
guantanamo bay, gitmo
A convention of professional specialists is always revelatory - if not always intellectually edifying. This is especially true of academic disciplines in the Liberal Arts. It is a species of social institution that bears its American birthmark. Now spread throughout the developed world, it was born in the United States and evolved into its present form in the post-war decades.

Those were years of earnest endeavor, an optimistic belief in collective uplift, and abundance of just about everything. The distinguishing features inherited from that era are still evident, however, qualified by rampant self-promotion, commercialization and sheer size. For American intellectuals remain preoccupied with practical problem-solving energized by the can-do spirit and an undying faith in the betterment of humankind - even as 'humankind' vies more and more with 'me and my friends' for primacy.

I was reminded of all this by attending a few sessions of the American Psychological Association meetings in San Francisco in August. It had been years since I last was at one of these shindigs. My experience had been mainly with the American Political Science Association, but the differences are insignificant. Indeed, the subject matter within the social sciences increasingly overlaps.

Regrettably, I missed the main event which occurred on the eve of the convention as the APA was roiled once again by the aftershocks from the scandal that arose over the organization's direct participation in counseling the CIA and the Pentagon on interrogation techniques. Those included techniques employed at Guantanamo and the 'black sites' scattered around the globe. Some members had gotten their hands very dirty. The association's Executive Council had cashed some rather large government checks, cast a veil over these dubious dealings, and met accusations with a barrage of lies - for more than a decade. Skullduggery became the order of the times.



Jacksonville: Six people shot in possible gang-related shooting, suspect still at large

© Google Maps
Six people have been shot at a laundromat near the Jacksonville Jaguars football stadium in Jacksonville, Florida, police have confirmed. The suspect is on the run.

One man was shot in the head and a woman was shot in the hip, one witness said, according to News 4 Jax. The victims were all adults, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office tweeted, adding that three are in critical condition.

"As I was securing the church, some members were coming inside and they said they heard maybe 10 to 12 shots," a local church staff member told First Coast News, adding that the area where the shooting occurred "needs a lot of help."


Please Remember Not to Vote!

obama bush clinton
© US PGA Tour
The psychopathic amigos
So, it's three weeks before the US midterm elections, and it looks like we have got ourselves a horse race! That's right, folks, once again, it's time to start playing with those forecast maps on Real Clear Politics and FiveThirtyEight, and obsessively following the fluctuating poll numbers of congressional candidates you have never heard of competing in districts you couldn't locate if someone held a gun to your head. You need to start doing this immediately, if not sooner, as the stakes in these midterms could not be higher. Nothing less than the continued existence of "American democracy" hangs in the balance, so the ruling classes need every last one of us to get out there and vote for somebody!

The fact that it only marginally matters who that somebody that you vote for is should not dissuade you from voting for somebody. Voting for somebody is your civic duty, and is no less important than rooting for a sports team, or maintaining a personal favorite color, or celebrity, or brand of hemorrhoid creme. Remember, if you don't vote for somebody, somebody else is going to win, and we can't afford to let that happen!

Star of David

Syrians in Israeli-controlled Golan Heights hold a protest against Tel-Aviv

Druze people protest
© REUTERS/Ammar Awad
Druze rally near the ceasefire line between Syria and Israel near Golan Heights.
The protests were preceded by a demonstration against the Israeli occupation, organized by the area's Druze community, who waved Syrian flags and held portraits of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad while standing on the border with Syria.

The Syrian population of the Golan Heights has gathered in the town of Majdal Shams to protest against Israeli policies in the occupied territories, Syria's SANA news agency reported. The protesters waved Syrian flags and burnt election ballots that had been distributed by local Israeli authorities.

Political activist and former prisoner Bashar al-Maqt, quoted by PressTV, slammed the elections that were organized by Tel Aviv as legally void and called on international organizations to pressure Israel to abandon its policies in the Golan Heights. Bashar al-Maqt further vowed to spread the protests to other Syrian communities in the Golan Heights.

Comment: No matter how Israel couches the attainment of territory, it is plain and simple land theft. There is no justification acceptable.


Female Syrian military journalist comments on captivity: Rebels 'threatened to dismember us'

Yara Saleh
© Sputnik/Ekaterina Yanson
Yara Saleh, Syrian military correspondent
Syria's first military correspondent has shed light on what it was like to be held captive by the Free Syrian Army rebels, revealing the "horror, humiliation, beatings and rape attempts" in an interview with Sputnik.

"I am the first Syrian journalist who happened to wear body armor and a helmet; I was arrested and taken prisoner. To top it off, I am one of the first Syrian journalists wounded in the discharge of my professional duties," Yara Saleh told Sputnik.

The thirty-two-year-old anchorwoman from state television channel Al-Ekhbariya arrived in the military zone 8 months after the start of the conflict that broke out in March 2011 and accompanied the government's forces for two and a half years.

Yara, when answering the question of why she had chosen a profession that was so unusual for a woman of her background, said that at first she and her deceased colleague and friend Yara Abbas did not think too much about what being a war correspondent meant.

As journalists, they were supposed to cover the entry of Syrian troops into the cities, accompany Arab observers, and show Syrians and the world the testimony of local residents in areas captured by militant groups. Yara does not refer to them as anything other than "terrorists."

Comment: See also this interview by Thierry Meyssan with Yara Saleh: