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Wed, 15 Aug 2018
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Woman arrested at 'extremist Muslim' New Mexico compound moved to federal custody, sheriff says

State judge sets $20,000 bail for five defendants arrested at a compound where authorities say children were being trained to conduct school shootings; William La Jeunesse reports on the controversial decision.

Jany Leveille, one of the five suspects arrested at the "extremist Muslim" compound in northern New Mexico, has been transferred to the custody of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), Taos County Sheriff Jerry Hogrefe said Tuesday.

The remaining detainees are currently still in custody, the sheriff said.


"What the hell are you doing?": Swedish PM rages at violent multi-city gang rampage

cars torched Sweden

Cars set alight in Sweden
After last night's violent, coordinated rampage by masked gangs of youths across five Swedish cities, Swedish politicians were quick to react with far-right, anti-immigrant party 'Sweden Democrats' seeing a surge in the polls ahead of September 9th's election.

"I get pissed off for real," Prime Minister Stefan Löfven hit out in an interview with Swedish radio, adding he wanted to ask the perpetrators "what the hell are you doing?"
Prime Minister Stefan Löfven  Sweden

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven
"Society will come back hard on this," said the Social Democrat leader, who also raised questions about the scope and timing of the attacks, which police suspect were coordinated via social media.

"It looks very coordinated, almost like a military operation," Löfven said, adding that the police probe would show if the car fires were down to vandalism, organized crime or something else.

Comment: Only the latest incident. Sweden has been rocked by violence for several years now.

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Abducted boy died in Islamic exorcism ceremony in New Mexico desert, prosecutor claims

© Andrew Hay / Reuters
Personal items from the New Mexico compound where 11 malnourished children were found earlier this month
A missing three-year-old boy, whose remains were discovered buried at a compound in the New Mexico desert, had died during an Islamic ritual ceremony to cast out demonic spirits, a prosecutor told a court hearing on Monday.

Prosecutor John Lovelace made his statement at the pretrial hearing of five adults accused of multiple counts of child abuse, for running an off-the-grid compound in the New Mexico desert where 11 malnourished children were found living in squalor earlier this month.

Three-year-old Abdul Ghani reportedly died as his father performed an Islamic ceremony known as a ruqya - performed by some believers to cast out evil spirits known as jinn - on him, Lovelace claimed in court. The prosecutor said that the other children at the compound had revealed the macabre details of Ghani's death to investigators after the compound was raided.

The boy's body was washed several times, wrapped in a sheet, and buried near the compound, Lovelace claimed.


Houses of Parliament attack: Car rams into pedestrians and cyclists; suspect in custody [Updates]

parliament attack
© Henry Nicholls / Reuters
Questions remain over the Houses of Parliament attack in London, which left three people injured and a suspect in custody. As Britain remains on high alert for terrorism, here's what is known about Tuesday's incident so far.

The attack

At around 7:40am on Tuesday, a silver Ford Fiesta rammed into a number of pedestrians and cyclists before crashing into steel barriers outside the Houses of Parliament.

According to witnesses, the car was soon surrounded by armed police. Footage posted on social media showed the suspect being taken from the vehicle before being handcuffed.


The Met's Counter-Terrorism Command launches a probe into the attacks and states that none of the victims suffered life-threatening injuries, though they are treating the incident as a terrorist attack.
Car ramming incident near the UK parliament is currently being treated as terrorist attack and the Met's Counter Terrorism Command is now leading the probe. The driver was arrested on suspicion of terrorist offences, police say.

No arms have been found in the car and no one, except for the arrested driver, was inside. Police are still searching the vehicle and officers remain at the scene and cordons are in place to assist the investigation.

The Westminster tube station and some roads in the area are currently closed.

British Prime Minister Theresa May said her thoughts were with those injured in the incident. "My thoughts are with those injured in the incident in Westminster and my thanks to the emergency services for their immediate and courageous response," the PM tweeted.

Early witness accounts suggested that the crash was a deliberate act. Ewalina Ochab, who was walking on the other side of the pavement from where the incident occurred, said on Twitter that the vehicle drove into the barriers at speed.
Video footage of the attack has been released:

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DHS to fund 'trauma training' for high school students to prepare for 'mass casualty events'

high school students
© Joe Skipper / Reuters
High school-age children in the United States are set to receive "life-saving trauma training" funded by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in an effort to prepare them for "mass casualty events".

The DHS has issued a $1.8 million grant to create the program, according to federal procurement documents obtained by The Young Turks (TYT) news organization.

The 'School-Age Trauma Training' program aims to provide "the knowledge necessary to stabilize the injured and control severe bleeding until first responders arrive on the scene".

Comment: This 'trauma training' is more likely to be traumatic that preparatory.

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Chicago police raid the wrong home; hold entire family, including children, at gunpoint

traumatized boy
Two little boys who used to look up to police have been traumatized and their view of police tarnished after a SWAT team burst into their home at night and held the entire family at gunpoint, including the children. The family was innocent and the raid was on the wrong home.

All too often, police raid the wrong home. Whether it's due to the wrong address on the warrant, faulty GPS, or just blatant carelessness, the results are the same. Innocent people are traumatized, assaulted, beaten, or even killed. A Chicago family has just found this out the hard way.

Peter Mendez, 9, was eating dinner with his family earlier this month when multiple cops with the Chicago police department kicked in his door and raided their home with guns drawn. Peter, his little brother, and his mother and father were all held at gunpoint.

"Just the saddest moment," said little Peter through tears.

Peter is now suffering from trauma stemming from the incident and relives the nightmare every day.

After police kicked in the door and held the kids at gunpoint, their father, Gilbert Mendez was thrown to the floor and handcuffed. The entire time, Peter thought they were going to kill him.


Sierra Club organizer levels shocking claims of abuse at Democratic Party Chair, Keith Ellison

Karen Monahan is an organizer for the far left Sierra Club.

This weekend Karen warned that she was going to break her silence and share a story about a very powerful man who abused her.

Keith Ellison

Keith Ellison

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Border interrogation: Reza Aslan says Israel is 'becoming a full-blown police state'

Israel aiport security
© Associated Press/Ariel Schalit
An Israeli airport security guard patrols with a dog in Ben Gurion airport
Yesterday Peter Beinart, the liberal Zionist writer, disclosed that he had been detained at Ben Gurion airport on August 12 for an hour of questioning of his political opinions/activities. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu promptly released an unprecedented statement saying the detention had been a mistake, and Beinart said he would accept Netanyahu's apology only if he apologized to Palestinians who are subjected to far worse. Many Zionists have responded angrily to the news by saying that the country is damaging itself in the eyes of the world by harassing left-leaning Jews who want to visit. And the Israeli attorney general says she is looking into the detention incidents.

Today Reza Aslan, the bestselling writer on religion who was born in Iran and lives in LA, was moved by Beinart's experience to tell his own story on twitter:

Peter's experience has spurred me to share mine. 2 weeks ago, as I was crossing back into Israel from Jordan, I was separated from my family and detained by Shin Bet. "We can make it so you don't see your kids for a long time" I was warned. This is what happened next.

The Shin Bet lady, who already knew everything about me and my family's journey around the world, began with "You think because you're a public person I can't do whatever I want with you?" I was floored. This is how interrogations begin in police states.


Taliban 'stronger than ever' after taking significant control of strategic Afghan city

Afghan soldier
© Reuters
An Afghan security guard walks during a Taliban attack in Ghazni city, Afghanistan.
Around 100 Afghan troops were killed in fighting with Taliban for the strategic city of Ghazni. The group is now at its strongest since 2001 and the US 'war on terror' has failed, geopolitical analyst Ali Rizk told RT.

For the last four days, the Taliban has been clashing with government forces for control of Ghazni Province and its main city, which is located just 150km from Afghanistan's capital, Kabul.

Despite the Afghan troops being supported by US airstrikes and ground forces, events on the battlefield have not gone in their favor. By Monday, the Taliban already had most of the city in its grasp, with the military only holding government buildings and police headquarters, which have been under constant attack, according to an Afghan general.

Comment: Further reading:


How feminists ruin the lives and the futures of boys

family unit
The amount of damage that modern day social justice warriors and feminists are causing today is astonishing. It shouldn't surprise any of us to see the kind of damage that these people would cause in the modern world. There was an article in the New York Times not too long ago called "What Feminists Can Do For Boys." I will tell any of you who have not wasted your time reading the New York Times article the words of feminists author Jessica Valenti are barely worthy of lining your bird cage with. Right underneath her name on the New York Times article you can see that she is the author of six books on feminism. Seeing that she has written six books on the topic of feminism and I never know when I'll need some extra toilet paper they might be a good investment, or perhaps I'll just pull out a hundred dollar bill and use a match to light it on fire.

I can only hope that not all feminists are as bad as the writer of the article, because if they are then someone really needs to encourage them to stop and think before they speak. In her article she tries to present the argument that feminists can help boys become good men, but lets be completely honest. Feminism is the cause of a lot of the problems that men have to deal with today. Feminists don't want to help boys become men. They want to dilute and weaken the next generation of men so that they can completely send everything that is considered traditional masculinity into a state of extinction. A large number of the modern feminists have declare war on men as much as social justice warriors have declared war on the statues and everything else that represents white history and culture.

Comment: The facts on radical feminism are now piercing through the politically correct reality bubble that has long ruined the lives of many, and continues to do so: