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Tue, 21 Aug 2018
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Ridiculous! California school rejects piano teacher because she wouldn't tear religious hymns from music book

Amazubg Grace
Was told her Christmas recitals and lessons in classical blues, jazz, and gospel were problematic also...

A piano teacher in California is suing a charter school after she was accepted, and then rejected, from a teaching position because her beginning music lessons were deemed "too religious," and therefore, "problematic."

The Sky Mountain Charter School in Riverside County asked Dimitra Solomos to become a "vendor" for the school, which would allow families to use extracurricular funds to pay for piano lessons rather than using out-of-pocket expenses.

Solomos agreed and completed a background check, got a business license, and completed the other application requirements.

The charter school's management company approved her application, but told her that they prohibited teaching religious music, like hymns.

Comment: And on that note:

No one less than Bill Moyers even made a documentary about the song and its lasting cultural and spiritual impact:

Eye 2

The untouchable William Browder?

© Michael Wuertenberg/World Economic Forum
William F. Browder, Chief Executive Officer Hermitage Capital Management.
The Browder affair is a heady upper-class Jewish cocktail of money, spies, politicians and international crime.

Chapeau, Mr Browder! Hats off for this incredible man. Last month, he succeeded in stopping a film screening in the European parliament and took off a few articles from American web sites. This week, he turned the only US screening of a film critical to his version of events into a ruckus. No freedom of speech for his enemies! His lawyers prowl around and issue summons to whoever digs in his sordid affairs. His hacks re-wrote his Wikipedia entry, expunging even discussions of the topic: despite hundreds of edits, nothing survived but the official version. Only a few powerful men succeed purifying their record to such an extent. Still, good fortune (a notoriously flighty lady) is about to desert Mr Browder.

Who is this extremely influential man? A businessman, a politician, a spy? The American-born Jewish tycoon William Browder, says The Jewish Chronicle, considers himself Putin's Number One enemy. For him, Putin is "no friend of the Jews", "cold-blooded killer" and even "criminal dictator who is not too different from Hitler, Mussolini or Gadhafi". More to a point, Browder is the man who contributed most to the new cold war between the West and Russia. The roots were there, still he made them blossom. If the US and Russia haven't yet exchanged nuclear salvos, do not blame Browder: he tried. For a valid reason, too: he was hit by cruel Hitler-like Mr Putin into his most susceptible spot, namely his pocket. Or was there even a better reason?


Bizarro Earth

Liberal Hollywood caught in sexual feeding frenzy as #Metoo movement's Asia Argento is now one of the accused

Asia Argento called out by a man SHE sexually abused, revealing the true nature of Hollywood's "moral cause".
Harvey Weinstein
The #MeToo phenomenon looked to the first glance a bit like a "moral snapback" in Hollywood, as it appeared that the years of hidden sexual perversity and predatory behavior was being revealed so that it might be stopped.

However, a slightly more serious look at this began to reveal that it was far less upstanding than Hollywood's elite wanted the adoring public to believe. Swiftly, the movement became the feminist movement's latest salvo against men, because it provided women accusers with virtually unlimited power to defame any man - all that was needed was for her to say that man X made an unwanted advance and that man's life would be mired in the mud of slander.

Comment: Did Anthony Bourdain commit suicide as reported or is something more sinister in the works? What role, if any, does he play in all this? Or is it possible that this latest news story is being used to distract from the current Catholic church child abuse scandal?

Bizarro Earth

We must be willing to face uncomfortable truths in order to find ways to protect children from pedophiles

Catholic church abuse
On Aug. 14, a grand jury report found that more than 300 Roman Catholic priests in Pennsylvania have been implicated in the sexual abuse of thousands of child victims since the 1940s.

The Church, according to the report, has systematically covered up the abuse to avoid scandal - for example, downplaying incidents of rape and sexual assault by describing them as "inappropriate behaviour," and transferring clergy to new locations without notifying parishioners as to why.

Comment: One of the ways to tackle this issue is for parents and caregivers to arm themselves with information and then have age appropriate discussions with their children. See:


Video shows cops attack dad, taser him as he held his 2-month-old baby

Cops taser man with baby
A deeply disturbing video has been shared with the Free Thought Project showing multiple police officers surround a man - who was holding his two-month old baby - and taser him.

The video, uploaded to Facebook by the man who took it, Kelvin Williams, shows Westland City police officers assault and arrest a man as he held his baby son.

According to Williams, police showed up at his neighbor's home claiming that there was a fight. However, Williams noted that no one was fighting and the neighbors were all outside barbecuing and listening to music, peacefully.


Cop runs into a child for improper light on his bicycle, cops get swarmed by angry neighbors

child struck by cop car
The Sacramento police department has just released the body and dashboard camera footage from an incident on July 22 in which an officer attempted to cause grave injury to a child by running him over with his cruiser. The child's crime? He was riding his bicycle without the proper lighting.

The deeply disturbing video shows a police officer pursuing a 16-year-old boy for riding his bicycle without the proper front-facing light. When the cop tried to stop the child, the child kept peddling.

Bad Guys

Investigation underway after video emerges showing North Carolina cops kicking & beating suspect while he's subdued on the ground

raleigh NC police beating Aug 2018
An investigation is underway in Raleigh, North Carolina, after mobile phone footage emerged showing cops repeatedly striking a suspect while he is on the ground.

Frederick Darnell Hall was filmed engaging in a violent altercation with officers from the Raleigh Police Department on Friday. Footage of the incident is now the subject of an investigation after officers were seen to hit Hall repeatedly, a number of times with a baton, while he was being subdued on the ground.

Bizarro Earth

South African zealots begin illegal seizures of land owned by white farmers after they refuse lowball buyout offers

South Africa land
© Uwe Skrzypczak / Global Look Press
South African authorities have reportedly started seizing white-owned land after negotiations on buying out the properties stalled. The first seizures are targeting game farms in the Northern province of Limpopo.

The government had tried to buy the lands owned by Akkerland Boerdery Ventures for one-tenth of the land's value, reports City Press, a Johannesburg-based news outlet. The company, which has been running a 3200 hectare (32 square kilometers) game farm, reportedly asked for 200 million rand ($18.7 million) for the land while the government was ready to offer them just 20 million rand.

"Notice is hereby given that a terrain inspection will be held on the farms on April 5, 2018 at 10 a.m. in order to conduct an audit of the assets and a handover of the farm's keys to the state," reads the letter received by Akkerland Boerdery earlier this year.

Comment: Radicals in South Africa now have the power to dictate how their citizens should live, and these are the last people who should have any type of authority. This is likely just the beginning of some very serious turmoil in South Africa.

See also: 'Panicking' white farmers putting land up for sale in South Africa - no buyers

Stock Up

Under Trump black business ownership jumps 400% in one year

© Gateway Pundit
President Trump's approval rating with African Americans hit 31% on Monday. This was a HISTORIC NUMBER!

On Thursday Trump's approval with African Americans jumped again... to 36%

The president's approval is up 19 points since last year at this time.

There's a reason for this. The African American unemployment rate has never been lower thanks to the policies of President Trump.

And this week a recent poll found that black business ownership under President Trump jumped 400% in ONE YEAR!


Finished with 17 years of US 'help' a homegrown Afghan peace movement is born

Afghan Peace March
© Washington Post
Afghan Peace March
A US-led coalition in Afghanistan finished its combat mission in December 2014, marking the formal end of the longest war in American history. Since then, US troops have remained in the country acting in a supervisory role, training Afghan soldiers and offering military assistance when requested.

New efforts for peace in the nation comes in the wake of clashes between the US-supported Afghan security forces and members of the Taliban radical group in the Qara Bagh district of the country's east-central Ghazni province on Friday, killing at least 120.

An Afghan people's peace movement, has sprung up in the country, decrying almost two decades of war at the hands of Washington and it's appointed supervisors.

Abdul Malik Hamdard, a computer teacher, along with 50 other peace activists, described to the Washington Post spending three days walking barefoot along a highway from Kabul, the country's capital, as a form of protest and a means to draw attention to ongoing killings.