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Tue, 04 Aug 2020
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House passes six-bill, $1.3T spending package for 2021

Redlight Congress
© Adam Jeffery/CNBC
The House on Friday passed a six-bill, $1.3 trillion package that funds the vast majority of the federal government's discretionary spending programs for fiscal 2021 and covers big-ticket areas such as defense, health and education.

The House voted 217-197 to pass the bill. Democrats suffered about a dozen defections, and no Republicans voted for the measure.

Democrats touted billions of additional dollars for medical research and emergency spending in the measure to try to support recovery efforts during the coronavirus pandemic.

"Think about who we need to benefit in this institution, what our responsibilities are," said Rep. Rosa DeLauro, Connecticut Democrat. "Our responsibilities are to the working families, the essential workers today who are on the frontlines trying to just ... get by."

The bill won't make it through the GOP-controlled Senate, and the White House threatened a veto.

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Thousands demonstrate against Netanyahu as Israel protests gain strength

protest netanyahu covid israel
© Reuters
A main protest took place in west Jerusalem outside Netanyahu's official residence as thousands flocked to the streets
Crowds protest against alleged corruption and PM's handling of coronavirus crisis

Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets outside Benjamin Netanyahu's house over the weekend in what appeared to be the largest protest to date calling for the embattled Israeli prime minister to resign.

Rallies on Saturday night and into the early hours of Sunday morning were held in Jerusalem, home to the official residence of the 70-year-old leader, as well as his beach house in central Israel, near Tel Aviv, and at dozens of road intersections across the country.

Throughout the summer, Israelis have packed roads and squares calling for Netanyahu to resign, protesting against his government's handling of the country's coronavirus crisis and charges of alleged corruption.

Comment: Again, the Palestinian people are the losers in the chaos:


Trump challenges Fauci over comments on coronavirus surges: 'Wrong!'

© Evan Vucci/AP
Natl Institute Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dir. Dr. Anthony Fauci • President Donald Trump
President Trump on Saturday publicly rejected Anthony Fauci's analysis of why the United States has experienced a surge in coronavirus cases, claiming that the nation's top infectious disease expert wasn't accounting for the country's testing capacity.

"Wrong!" Trump said in a tweet that linked to a video of Fauci's Friday testimony before Congress.

In a hearing focused on the federal response to the global health crisis, Fauci said the U.S. was experiencing a much more severe resurgence in coronavirus cases than countries in Europe because many states failed to completely shut down.

"If you look at what happened in Europe when they shut down or locked down or went into shelter in place ... they really did it to the tune of about 95-plus percent of the country did that," Fauci said.


Trump to accept GOP nomination without press, RNC official says

© Erin Schaff-Pool/Getty Images
The vote to renominate President Donald Trump is set to be conducted in private later this month, without members of the press present, said a spokeswoman for the Republican National Convention, citing the coronavirus.

While Trump called off the public components of the convention in Florida last month, citing spiking cases of the virus across the country, 336 delegates are scheduled to gather in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Aug. 24 to formally vote to make Trump the GOP standard-bearer once more.

Nominating conventions are traditionally meant to be media bonanzas, as political parties seek to leverage the attention the events draw to spread their message to as many voters as possible. If the GOP decision stands, it will mark the first party nominating convention in modern history to be closed to reporters.

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Robin Hood Trump: 'Too much income disparity' after Covid-19 - 'needs to change'

President Donald Trump criticized America's top billionaires on Saturday for massively increasing their net worth during the coronavirus pandemic.

"I actually agree with this," Trump wrote on Twitter. "Too much income disparity. Changes must be made, and soon!"

The president shared a Business Insider video showing the net worth of wealthy CEOs like Amazon's Jeff Bezos, whose net worth rose by an estimated $48 billion from March to June. The video lists billionaires such as Zoom founder Eric Yuan boosting his net worth of $2.5 billion, while former Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer's net worth increased by $15.7 billion, Casino magnate Shelden Adelson's increased by $5 billion, and Elon Musk's increased by $17.2 billion.

This is the first time the president has indicated that a growing wealth disparity was a problem in the United States that needed to be fixed.

The nine-minute video focuses on how the wealthy typically receive big financial profits during times of economic crisis and experience big tax cuts and breaks and store their money in offshore accounts.


We gotta talk about Joe Biden's cognitive decline because his US media cheerleaders won't... it's so like the sad fate of Brezhnev

biden brezhnev
© AFP / MANDEL NGAN; Sputnik / Eduard Pesov
The examples and incidents illustrating Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden's failing faculties can no longer be ignored and it's inhumane for him to be allowed to campaign to be leader of the United States.

Mercy is rarely granted to high-profile politicians. They're either lauded or pilloried, there's no in-between - it comes with the territory. But someone has to make an exception for Joe Biden.

The Democratic nominee has served his country, whether you agree with his values and opinions or not, proudly and with distinction. He entered the Senate in 1973 to represent Delaware and went on to become vice president during Barack Obama's reign.

But this is a man who, at 78 years old in November, is close to the end of his road; he's not one who should be preparing for four or even eight years at the White House.

The reason why is quite simple: he is cognitively not there any longer.

This is no laughing matter, or a political point, or a vehicle to mock him with: mental decline is a sad, tortuous process to watch, particularly in someone of his standing.

Earlier this week, Biden staggered on stage in his home state saying: "Good Afternoon everyone. Welcome to Kingswood Community Center." The event was at William 'Hicks' Anderson Community Center.

After losing his focus for a few seconds and genuinely looking lost, he uttered: "I didn't know where we were."

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Iran dismantles US-based terrorist group


Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence announced on Saturday that its forces have dismantled a US-based terrorist group.
Iran's Ministry of Intelligence announced on Saturday that its forces have inflicted a major blow to a terrorist group based in the US.

The forces have reportedly arrested the head of a terrorist group named "Thunder" in the US.

Following sophisticated intelligence operations, the forces arrested Jamshid Sharmahd who led his terrorist operations from the US.

Comment: See also:


Did the US bomb Syria on false grounds? The American media is ignoring leaks from the OPCW

© Yuriko Nakao / Getty Images
The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons headquarters in The Hague, Netherlands.
A series of leaked documents from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) raise the possibility that the Trump administration bombed Syria on false grounds and pressured officials at the world's top chemical weapons watchdog to cover it up. Two OPCW officials, highly regarded scientists with more than 25 years of combined experience at the organization, challenged the whitewash from inside. Yet unlike many whistle-blowers of the Trump era, they have found no champion, or even an audience, within establishment circles in the United States.

The Trump administration's April 13, 2018, bombing of Syria came days after it accused Syrian forces of killing nearly 50 people in a chemical weapons attack on Douma, a Damascus suburb. Widely circulated video footage showed scores of dead bodies inside an apartment complex and another group of alleged gas attack victims treated at a hospital. Although the White House did not provide evidence for its allegations against Syria, the harrowing images convinced Congress and the media to cheer on military strikes (as they did under similar circumstances the year prior).

Yet there were early grounds for skepticism. The Syrian government was on the verge of retaking the last Douma holdouts of Jaysh-al-Islam, a Saudi-backed militia that was relentlessly shelling the Syrian capital. To suddenly deploy chemical weapons would mean that Syrian forces knowingly crossed the "red line" that would trigger US military intervention. Subsequent reporting from British journalists Robert Fisk of The Independent, BBC producer Riam Dalati, and James Harkin's investigation for The Intercept found evidence that the civilians filmed in the hospital were not exposed to toxic gas.

Comment: See also:

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US 'working on nuclear non-proliferation agreement with Russia,' Trump says after discussing New START with Putin

© REUTERS/Carlos Barria
US President Donald Trump has said that "it would be great" if Moscow and Washington agreed on a new nuclear non-proliferation deal. The admission comes after rare phone talks between the Russian and US leaders last week.

Trump has not provided any details as to the current state of the negotiations, which have been underway for quite some time.

Last Thursday, Trump held a rare phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin, in which the two touched on a range of issues, among them the New Start Treaty, the last standing pillar upholding the nuclear arms control framework in the post-Cold War era.

The treaty, which came into force in 2011, was aimed at curbing the nuclear arsenals of the US and Russia by a third and limiting each side to having no more than 700 deployed intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs) and strategic bombers. The number of deployed warheads was capped at 1,550, while the countries pledged to maintain no more than 800 deployed and non-deployed launchers.

Comment: See also:


'24/7 COVID world': 'Nobody knows effectiveness of masks and vaccines, but wear it at home, take yearly vaccines' - CDC

US pandemic experts claim that even with the vaccine, we will be forced to completely change our lifestyle, thus making the development of the vaccine a moot point. The question is, why would we even need a vaccine if the virus is here to stay "forever"? And why is it so important to confine ourselves to our homes and enforce social distancing, if it is crucial that we develop "herd immunity"?
coronoavirus Store lockdowns
US infectious disease experts' claim, conveyed during a recent CNBC event, was encapsulated in related views on how much of a difference a coronavirus vaccine can make and what reaching herd immunity in the US population will mean for life across the nation.
"Even with a vaccine, there is no going back to normal anytime soon," said Thomas Frieden, former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, speaking at a CNBC Workforce Executive Council virtual event to human resources executives on July 23 about a safe return to the workplace.

"Prepare for at least eight to 12 months of this situation," said Frieden, who now runs the Resolve to Save Lives disease prevention organization.
Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research & Policy at the University of Minnesota, said it is estimated that 7% to 9% of the total US population has been infected with coronavirus, and that means the worst is yet to come. He said the best understanding in the medical field is that transmission will not slow down until 50% to 70% of the population is infected.

Comment: Does the CDC know what "24/7 Covid World" means? It looks like a fascist state worse than Aldous Huxley could ever imagine where every house is a prison, every living being is its prisoner with a mask, everybody takes vaccine, everybody lives in their confined space for the "fear of death?"

How do they plan to feed the population without opening the economy? Are we going to hear "Ooops! We ran out of food and Covid killed all these hungry people." Is it just a cover story for floods, massive crop failures, food shortages that are getting accumulated for many years? See also: