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Mon, 18 Jan 2021
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YouTube axes Steve Bannon's podcast over 'false 2020 election claims'

Steve Bannon
© Rashid Umar Abbasi
Steve Bannon's podcast "War Room" was banned by YouTube today.
YouTube has banned Steve Bannon's War Room podcast for violating its terms of service.

The president's former chief strategist's podcast was live earlier Friday before being taken down by YouTube, Washington Examiner Breaking News Editor Daniel Chaitin tweeted.

The alt-right leader's podcast featured the false claims about missing ballots and voter fraud promoted by the president that drew protesters to Washington that later stormed the Capitol in a deadly uprising Wednesday.

Comment: It's been a digital 'Night of the Long Knives' on social media. So much for all those commitments in front of Congress regarding free speech. Dorsey, Zuckerberg, Page and Brin lied through their teeth.

Not only was Trump struck at by social media, but anyone helping him maintain contact with his base:
Gary Coby, the digital director for Donald Trump's 2020 campaign, has been kicked off Twitter after reportedly making his account available to the US president, following Trump's permanent ban from the platform.
trump account suspended
© Twitter / Kantrowitz
Coby received a suspension after apparently offering his account to White House social media director Dan Scavino. In a public message tweeted at Scavino, Coby suggested that he had made changes to his profile that would allow Trump to immediately begin tweeting.

"Texting you my Twitter login," he wrote to Scavino. "I already updated the profile pic, name, etc. Feel free to use!"

The account was banned shortly after. The 'Trump War Room' Twitter account, which is managed by the president's 2020 campaign, said Coby was "clearly joking" and did not actually provide the president or one of his aide's with his account login.
Twitter wasn't forgetting its usual targets in all the excitement:
Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has been hit by Twitter's campaign of high-profile censorship, as the platform removed his messages blasting coronavirus vaccines from the US and the UK as "completely untrustworthy."

Khamenei's remarks were posted to his multiple accounts, run in different languages, late on Friday. The Twitter thought police, however, were quick to react, purging the messages it deemed "misleading."

The mass deletion of Khmaenei's messages comes amid a campaign of high-profile censorship waged by the social media platform against US President Donald Trump and his supporters in the aftermath of the Capitol Hill unrest.
Lesser lights followed Twitter's lead:
In his short-lived statement, which was also published by the White House press pool in addition to the @TeamTrump page, the president lashed out at Twitter for suppressing free speech and promoting the "Radical Left," suggesting he would soon migrate to another platform while telling supporters to "stay tuned." His ban came after a raucous demonstration in Washington, DC this week saw thousands of his backers storm the US Capitol building, where five people were killed in the chaos, prompting a litany of web platforms to expel both the president and his fans from their sites.

Joining that drive on Friday night were Discord and Reddit, which handed bans to Trump-supporting groups 'The Donald' and r/DonaldTrump, respectively, both citing repeated policy violations of rules around encouraging "violence" and "hate."

Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat have taken similar steps against Trump's personal accounts in the wake of Wednesday's unrest.

Parler, meanwhile, was kicked off of Google's Play Store earlier on Friday, with the Alphabet-owned company citing the site's lax content-policing, which it said allowed incitement to violence to proliferate. Apple's App Store, too, is reportedly considering following suit.
While the cancelling of Trump supporters from all walks of life continue:
A record label has parted ways with singer and songwriter Ariel Pink, after it was revealed that he took part in the January 6 protest in Washington, DC. The artist claims he took no part in the riots at the Capitol.

Independent record label Mexican Summer said in a tweet that it was ending its "working relationship" with Pink "going forward." The company was set to release a new album from the artist at the end of January. The popular indie musician attracts more than one million listeners per month on Spotify.

Although Mexican Summer did not elaborate on its decision, the announcement comes after Pink was attacked on social media for attending the pro-President Donald Trump rally in Washington on Wednesday.

The Trump-supporting artist apparently realized that he would soon be thrown under the bus.


Mozilla says 'deplatforming' Trump isn't enough, wants to bleach internet of 'bad actors' - Users uninstall Firefox in disgust

© REUTERS/Albert Gea
Mozilla, developer of the Firefox internet browser, has argued that more must be done to keep Donald Trump and other "bad actors" out of cyberspace, prompting many to vow to never use the group's services again.

In a blog post titled 'We need more than deplatforming', the open-source software community said that Twitter's decision to permanently ban Trump from its platform didn't go far enough in weeding out "hate" on the internet. While blaming Trump for the "siege and take-over" of the US Capitol on January 6, the non-profit tech group argued that "white supremacy is about more than any one personality."

"We need solutions that don't start after untold damage has been done. Changing these dangerous dynamics requires more than just the temporary silencing or permanent removal of bad actors from social media platforms," Mozilla wrote.

Comment: See also: Case studies in how the Deep State controls social media and digitally assassinates critics


UK govt launches lockdown ad campaign as BBC reveals hospital admissions lower than than previous years

london city coronavirus
© REUTERS/John Sibley
An NHS sign is displayed outside the Bank of England in the financial district, in London, Britain, January 8, 2021.
Boris Johnson has been accused of mismanaging the UK's response to Covid-19, as his government rolls out a new ad campaign encouraging people to adhere to the nation's third lockdown.

The British prime minister on Saturday implored his countrymen to comply with the measures, claiming that the NHS was under increasing pressure amid a rise in coronavirus cases.

Comment: It has been revealed by numerous NHS representatives that any pressure they're experiencing is due to budget cuts, staff shortages and (unnecessary) coronavirus measures: NHS had 15% LESS patients this December compared to 2019

The message mirrored a new television advert initiative launched by his government.

Comment: During the first lockdown people were willing to believe the government, however nearly a year has passed and it's becoming clear to a great many that the fearmongering doesn't match up to reality - that may also be one of the reasons why the establishment is seeking totalitarian powers to enable them to crush any growing discontent:

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The American Empire has fallen, though Washington may not know it yet

Sunset US Capitol
© Reuters/James Lawler Duggan
Sunset on US Capitol and the American Empire
Wanting to turn back the clock and restore the American Empire to what it was before Donald Trump's presidency is a fool's errand. It's already a thing of the past - and the storming of the US Capitol was just the last straw.

Don't take my word for it, though. "If the post-American era has a start date, it is almost certainly today," argued none other than the head of the Council on Foreign Relations - the foremost think tank advocating for the Empire in Washington - after Wednesday's storming of the Capitol by several hundred Trump supporters protesting the certification of the election for Biden.

"No one in the world is likely to see, respect, fear, or depend on us in the same way again," lamented CFR president Richard Haas.


American exceptionalism hurt by violent Capitol debacle, expect Biden to push aggressive foreign policy in bid to repair damage

Glass crack damage in DC
© Sputnik/Stringer
Aftermath of the storming of Capitol building in Washington, DC.
How could something like this happen in Washington? It was assumed that, despite all its social and political problems that have worsened in recent years, America was different and far more robust than we are now seeing.

A habit of being special

The rule of thumb was, 'there is America and there are others'. With the others, shortcomings are natural and to be expected, even if many of them are well-established democracies. But America is a different story, because by default, the US is a role model that was supposed to remain the democratic icon forever.

Exceptionalism is foundational for America's political culture. This type of self-identification was the cornerstone on which the nation and society were built a couple of hundred years ago. That's how Americans are raised. And you will run into this phenomenon everywhere.

When asking his supporters gathered by the Capitol building to go home, President Donald Trump said, "You are special." People from the more liberal political camp have even deeper convictions about the US being exceptional and therefore under an obligation to bring light into the world, as they see it.

That's why everybody is shocked - how could this have happened? The reaction was followed by a wave of explanations as to why the clashes near and inside the Capitol building only looked like similar events in other countries, but in reality, they were something entirely different.

Comment: The 'taking-down' of America has been happening on 'slow burn' for decades. Biden and cabal have only themselves to thank for the violence and debacle of current events, as they continue to whitewash their self-myths and actions. The 'exceptionalism' glass has cracked and it is only a matter of time before it gives in to gravity.


'It's Putin's wildest dream': Liberal pundits, politicians claim Russian President is celebrating storming of US Capitol Building

© Sputnik/Alexey Nikolskii
Vladimir Putin received "the biggest gift" from US President Donald Trump, who is a "complete tool" of the Russian leader and a useful idiot facilitating the Kremlin's goal to "diminish the view of democracy in the world."

No — you haven't time-traveled back to 2017 — this is what Speaker of the US House Nancy Pelosi said on Thursday, one day after a group of radicalized Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building in Washington. After almost four years of a Trump presidency, the Democratic Party still believes the American head of state is in the Kremlin's pocket.

Pelosi's statement comes after a host of American pundits pointed the blame at Putin for the January 6 riots in Washington, DC, regardless of the fact the unrest was fermented by problems much closer to home. Despite a full term of an increasingly divided society and a narcissistic president who seems to be brainwashing his fanatical supporters with lies about vote-rigging and a stolen election, many Americans refuse to point the blame at themselves. Instead, they focus on Russia.

Comment: And RT just went off the rails, big time. Those storming the Capitol intent on destruction and confrontation were primarily members of radical groups affiliated with and supported by the Left, not the Republican constituents. Lies about rigging a stolen election? Sorry. That also is not factual - proven over and over with testimony and evidence. And, likewise, it is also the Left that posited and continues the Russia-did-it fantasy. This is what we have come to expect from MSM reporting rather than RT.

Comment: Russian experts concur street riots and crowds storming government buildings are not on Putin's wish list (nor are they on Trump's):
See also:

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Trump campaign drops all Georgia election challenges

© Reuters
US President Donald Trump
The Trump campaign has formally dropped all four election challenges in Georgia. The campaign says that they are voluntarily dismissing the lawsuits after they say they reached a settlement to review election data.
We are promptly voluntarily dismissing the following legal actions as per your request and consideration of the settlement," the letter from Roswell attorney Kurt Hilbert reads.
They added that they look forward to receiving "heretofore withheld Nov. 3, 2020 election data."

However, Georgia Public Broadcast reports:
"Special assistant attorney general Chris Anulewicz told the court any claims of a settlement agreement were false and Hilbert appeared to violate Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct.

"Without notifying Defendants' counsel, Plaintiff and his litigation counsel participated in a phone conference with Defendant Raffensperger on Saturday, January 2, 2020. The participation of counsel for Plaintiff in that call appears to be in violation of the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 4.2, as Plaintiff's counsel neither notified litigation counsel for Defendant Raffensperger nor sought nor obtained consent to conduct or participate in a conversation with Defendant Raffensperger."

Comment: Seems attorney Jerome Marcus has spun a sudden 180 regarding his withdrawal as lawyer representing the Trump campaign's lawsuit against Philadelphia County Board of Elections:
Claiming his services were being used "to perpetrate a crime" and that he was being forced to "take action that the lawyer considers repugnant and with which [he] has a fundamental disagreement," Marcus argued Trump had weaponized his legal work in order to incite his supporters to violence on Wednesday at the Capitol.

While the lawyer acknowledged Trump's case against the elections authority was "factually based," he argued that it and other cases had been deliberately used to fuel the "wild" protests that ended with the deaths of four people, including a veteran who was shot by police. This from a man who wrote an editorial for the Federalist describing how he'd seen "fraud happen" during the ballot count.

Other ship-jumpers: Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, former chief of staff and special envoy to Ireland Mick Mulvaney, deputy national security adviser Matt Pottinger, and Melania Trump's press secretary for Stephanie Grisham are among the many departures that followed Wednesday's riot at the Capitol.
And evidence keeps on coming:

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The ban on Trump and his supporters: Google and Twitter turn the US into a facsimile of the regimes we once condemned

twitter google logo
© AFP / Denis Charlet; Global Look Press/Frank Hoermann/SVEN SIMON
Tech companies were once the primary tools of US "soft power" used to overthrow authoritarian regimes by exporting 'digital democracy'. Now they employ the same tactics of suppression as those regimes to silence dissent at home.

The permanent suspension of President Trump's Twitter account, carried out unilaterally and devoid of any pretense of due process or appreciation of the First Amendment rights of Donald Trump, represents a low moment in American history. Trump's ban was followed by a decision by Google to de-platform Parler.com, a social media alternative to Twitter favored by many of Trump's supporters. Apple also gave Parler a "24 hour warning" asking it to provide a detailed moderation plan. Twitter, Google, Facebook (who also banned Trump) and the political supporters of President-elect Joe Biden cite concerns that the content of the president's Twitter account, along with exchanges among pro-Trump users of Parler, constituted an "incitement of violence" risk that justified the actions taken.

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Ice Age Farmer Report: UK Going Door to Door Killing Chickens - Bird Flu as Cover Story

The UK's DEFRA (Dept for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) is gassing chickens of residents in "zones" near detected cases of bird flu. Some farms are stopping sales or closing, due to this authoritarian overreach in the name of "public safety." This is absolutely an attack on your ability to grow food for your family, and sadly is not unique to the UK -- we must stop it. Christian breaks it down.


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Ice Age Farmer Report: Food Wars - Nations Halt Exports, Import Anything in Sight

Corn/Soy/Wheat hit 6-year highs as Argentina is the latest country to limit their corn exports. While major feed companies in the US are renting river barges just to hoard soybeans, smaller markets like Nigeria and Trinidad & Tobago are canaries in the coal mine, running out of feed for their animals already, and offering a glimpse of where we are all headed as multinational companies boycott soybeans from Brazil, the #1 producer.

Christian breaks down these explosive developments which, in concert with the WEF's cyberpandemic threatening to take down power grids, and the US's political timebomb ticking away, promise to make 2021 staggeringly interesting.

(Also available here)