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Fri, 27 Jan 2023
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New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern's resignation is an admission of failure

jacinda Ardenr resignation resigns

Jacinda Ardern looking worse for wear. Evil eats its own
Rejoice! The Toothy Tyrant is no more. Jacinda Arden, the "kind" and "empathetic" Queen of Woke who locked her people in their homes for months on end following the appearance of a single case of COVID-19 and turned her island nation into a prison has announced she is to step down. With the economy tanking and her party headed for almost certain defeat in the election later this year, it can only be taken as an admission of failure. Her fanatical pursuit of Zero Covid, which involved the roll-out of vaccine passports, the sacking of workers who refused to get jabbed and had a catastrophic impact on the New Zealand economy, has had disastrous consequences. Ross Clark has written a suitably gloating piece in the Telegraph titled, "Poor Jacinda Ardern, defeated by her own vanity" with the blurb: "She believed her own myth - that she was the most virtuous leader in the world. Then came the consequences of her disastrous actions." Here's an excerpt.

Comment: The rest of the Telegraph article
Some of her errors were self-inflicted. I stick to every word I wrote on her zero-Covid policy. It was a dead-end which, had it not been abandoned in 2021, would have led to New Zealand becoming like China: now suffering a delayed wave of covid, having needlessly suffered three years of economic harm. For two years, New Zealand became a virtual hermit kingdom, whose people faced being shut in their homes if even a single case of Covid was identified in their town.

Ardern, who formerly worked as an adviser in Tony Blair's government, failed to take heed of the first part of his slogan: "tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime". The normally-placid country was shocked by a crime wave involving ram-raids and murders as the country reopened from its covid imprisonment. Police officers became sick of having to release delinquent youths they had arrested in the morning, only to see them reoffending in the evening. Then there was her war on farmers. New Zealand's agricultural sector was the crown jewel of the country's economy - one which, unlike its counterparts in other developed countries, stood on its own two feet, without subsidies. Then came Ardern's extreme climate change agenda, which threatened to put many farmers out of business if they could not meet impossible emissions-reduction targets.

The danger now is that in resigning before what was beginning to look like an inevitable defeat at the polls, she will come to be seen by progressives as a political martyr, reinforcing their belief in her greatness, as a female leader who willingly gave up power to be with her family. The reality is that she failed in much that she tried to achieve, and the hero-worship which she enjoyed around the world made things worse by adding to her hubris.
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Audit shows Pentagon lost track of billions

the pentagon
© Glowimages / Gettyimages.ru
The US military accounts for almost two thirds of the federal government's total assets, but does a terrible job of keeping track of them, especially the property furnished to contractors, according to a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report published this week.

The GAO looked into things such as "ammunition, missiles, torpedoes, component parts" and related items, which the defense department provides to contractors for maintenance, modification or overhaul. The value of this "government-furnished property" (GFP) was estimated at over $220 billion in 2014, but is currently "unknown," the GAO reported.

The Department of Defense has tried to track down all these assets, issuing a memorandum with "detailed guidance" on how to do so in May 2019. According to the GAO, however, the memo was not properly distributed, its terminology was confusing, the management did not follow up on it, and the subordinate agencies experienced "logistical struggles to identify and provide requested data."

In its latest financial report, the Pentagon reported $3.2 trillion in assets, about 65% of the federal government's total. It also failed the annual audit last November, for the fifth time in a row.

Comment: Remember the missing $2.3 trillion? Well, things have only gotten much worse since then:


Macron issues warning on Europe's future

Emmanuel Macron
© Ludovic MARIN / POOL / AFP
French President Emmanuel Macron delivers a speech during an award ceremony, at the Elysee Presidential Palace in Paris on January 17, 2023.
Europe has found itself in the throes of an "unprecedented crisis" over the Ukraine conflict, French President Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday. He added that the continent has to choose whether it wants to be free or become totally dependent on either the US or China.

In an interview with the Spanish newspaper El Pais, the French leader noted that Europe's economic model was being "profoundly affected by the direct and indirect consequences of this war."

In terms of economics, the world is defined by the "polarity" between the US and China, and Europe has yet to decide whether it wants "to become the vassal of one of the two" or pursue the path of freedom and solidarity, Macron said.

While Europe has so far been unable to fully reply to this question, the answer is "an economically, technologically and militarily sovereign Europe. In other words, a truly powerful Europe," the French president stressed.


Russian Orthodox Church issues apocalyptic warning that 'the desire to destroy Russia could mean the end of the world'

Russian Patriarch Kirill

Russian Patriarch Kirill leads a Christmas mass at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow on January 6, 2023.
Any attempts to destroy Russia could spell disaster for the entire world, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, warned on Thursday.

Speaking after a religious service marking the Orthodox Christian holiday of Epiphany, the primate claimed that both the international community and Russia are facing "very huge threats."

According to Patriarch Kirill, the root of the problem is that some "madmen" believe that Russia, which "has powerful weapons and is populated by extremely strong people... who had never given in to an enemy and had always emerged victorious, could be defeated under the current circumstances."

Comment: Indeed we see this to be the case; the Western establishment is hell bent on destroying Russia, and that they will readily sacrifice their own people, as well as the stability of the planet, in the pursuit of their nefarious agenda.

Comment: Even before NATO's proxy war in Ukraine, Patriarch Kirill was warning that our planet was facing an 'end time' scenario. More recently, Pope Francis referred to our era in apocalyptic terms: of seeing 'omens of even greater destruction and desolation' for mankind, that we are at the 'very limit', and 'one accident' away from a nuclear disaster.

Pope Francis has also commented that the devil himself is at work in the Vatican itself, and that he saw certain EU policy as echoing secular dictatorships, like Nazism. Meanwhile, amidst a Western backed campaign to split the Orthodox Church, Partriach Kirill acknowledged that there was an evil, global conspiracy to undermine the Orthodox faith.

These comments from both spiritual leaders reflect those of President Putin, who in a recent speech said that the work of the current Western establishment is satanic. And if the current spike in excess deaths, the repeated warnings by world officials, and even the UN, that looming food shortages threaten 'hell on Earth', which is occurring alongside societal upheaval, from mass hysteria, to the increase of general strikes and protest movements over plummeting living standards - to highlight just a few of the many insidious issues plaguing our planet - indeed, it seems to be true that: by their fruits we shall know them: Vladimir Putin: Leading Humanity Through the Transition


Russia demands tribunal for Merkel and Hollande

In the West, a plot to start WWIII barely made the news.
Merkel & Hollande
© Substack
The Chairman of the Russian State Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, posted a statement to his Telegram account calling for an international military tribunal of Angela Merkel and François Hollande.

"Such confessions made by the representative of the Kyiv regime and former leaders of Germany and France should be used as an evidence base for an international military tribunal," Volodin said.


Defensive missile systems erected on rooftop of gov't buildings in Moscow

pantsir missile system

Kremlin appears to prepare for strikes on Russian capital by installing interception systems
Missile systems designed to intercept aircraft and incoming missiles appear to have been deployed on top of several defence and administrative buildings in downtown Moscow, signalling that the Kremlin is preparing for a potential, if unlikely, attack being directed on the Russian capital.

Photographs published on social media on Thursday showed a Pantsir missile system had been installed on the roof of an eight-story building used by the Russian defence ministry along the Moskva River.

Another video showed the air defence system being lifted on to the roof of an education building in Moscow's Taganka district, 1.5 miles south-east of the Kremlin.


There have been other signs of late that a significant event is in the works:

War Whore

US Defense Secretary sent to Germany to 'unlock' German tanks for Ukraine

Leopard 2 battle tank
© Sean Gallup / Getty Images
Kiev's backers could not reach a "unanimous opinion" on the matter, according to Defense Minister Boris Pistorius
Washington claims Russia is preparing a new offensive and has sent Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to meet with his German counterpart Boris Pistorius on Thursday. The two are set to discuss Berlin's long-standing reluctance to provide heavy tanks to Kiev, according to a news report on the Department of Defense's official website.

DoD News reports that Austin is already in Germany and is set to travel to Ramstein Air Base to meet with Pistorius, who has just been appointed to his role, to work on "unlocking" German Leopard 2 tanks for Ukraine.

The meeting is a prelude to a summit of the so-called Ukraine Defense Contact Group scheduled for later this week, which will see defense ministers from across Europe convene to discuss further military aid to Kiev.

Snakes in Suits

EU Parliament passes resolution on establishment of tribunal on 'crime of aggression against Ukraine'

European Parliament'
© AP Photo/Jean-Francois Badias
The European Parliament's resolutions aren't legally binding and are recommendatory but the European Union widely uses them in the media and political fields to advance and promote specific positions
The European Parliament has called for establishing a tribunal on the developments in Ukraine in a resolution that was passed at a parliament session in Strasbourg on Thursday.

The document calls for "the establishment of a tribunal on the crime of aggression against Ukraine." As many as 472 lawmakers voted in favor of the resolution, 19 voted against it and 33 abstained.

Comment: It's telling that supposedly educated adults would create such a blatantly biased bill.

"MEPs urge the EU, in close cooperation with Ukraine and the international community, to push for the creation of a special international tribunal to prosecute Russia's political and military leadership and its allies," the European Parliament said in a statement following the vote.

Comment: The UN hasn't established such a tribunal, because it's highly likely that it would fail to pass, because the 'international community' is increasingly outnumbered.


Why are they FINALLY "admitting" the Covid Vax could be harmful?

Reuters Banner
© Off-Guardian
The mainstream narrative spinners - from politicians to the CDC to the media - have started reporting "possible harms" due to Covid "vaccines".

This is a potentially seismic shift in the narrative, but as usual we need to ask the perennial questions -

Why this?

Why now?

For almost two years, those of us expressing concern about the possible damage done by forcing untested and unnecessary gene therapies on billions of people have been either ignored by the noisy majority or slandered by them. And this includes both mainstream and "alt" media.

On the rare occasion an "anti-vaxxer" was given any kind of platform, it was usually either a hand-picked kook, or a minor celebrity making arguments from emotion.

The actual science - and the professionals communicating that science - were banished from the mainstream airwaves. Airbrushed out of sight and mind.

The vaccines were branded "safe and effective", by everyone everywhere.

Until now.

Last week the UK's BBC News invited Dr Aseem Malhotra to discuss prescriptions for statins to prevent heart disease (yeah - another issue, for another time).


New Zealand PM's resignation might leave China nervous

© AP Photo/Vincent Thian
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced she will resign in February, saying she doesn't have "enough in the tank" to keep going, ending a six-year tenure in Wellington which, for the most part, was praised around the world. Some called her "one of the greatest prime ministers in New Zealand's history."

Comment: One could also call her one of the greatest totalitarians of the world in the last 20 years. She turned her country into a prison for its residents. She should live in infamy the rest of her life, not talked about glowingly like she saved the world from evil.

But as she leaves office, there will be big geopolitical ramifications as well. China, for one, will be watching events in New Zealand carefully, and will be nervous about whether her successor, whoever that might be, will continue to follow what was Ardern's "China-friendly" foreign policy, a notion which often put her at odds with her Five Eyes allies.

When it comes to the Five Eyes, a US-dominated espionage alliance founded during World War II, New Zealand has been the odd duck, or odd kiwi if you like, when it comes to China. While the United Kingdom, Canada and, for a while, Australia have become hyper aggressive against Beijing and uncritically signed up to the US-led containment agenda, New Zealand under Ardern was different, and opted in many respects to do its own thing.