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Sun, 05 Dec 2021
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South Korea rejects claim it's helping Taiwan with 'indigenous defence submarine programme'

© REUTERS / Tyrone Siu
China maintains the Taiwan question isn't open to negotiation and that it is still a central objective to reunify the renegade province with the mainland. Chinese President Xi Jinping told his US counterpart Joe Biden during a virtual summit this month that forces advocating Taiwan's independence were "playing with fire".

The South Korean presidential palace on Tuesday rejected claims that the government was in any way assisting Taiwan with the self-governed island's "Indigenous Defence Submarine Programme", codenamed Hai Chang (Chinese for 'Sea Prosperity').

An official from the South Korean Presidential Palace described the claim as "untrue", adding that Seoul would investigate any "illegal transfer" of technology or expertise that may have taken place.Reuters reported on Monday, 29 November that at least seven countries - the US, United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, South Korea and Canada - are helping Taiwan to build eight new submarines in a bid to increase its deterrence against China.

Comment: See also:


Maple dictatorship: Canada prohibits unvaccinated travelers on planes and trains

Pearson International Airport Toronto Canada
© Getty
Pearson International Airport
Canada has prohibited unvaccinated travelers from boarding airplanes or trains amid rising concerns of the new coronavirus strain, the omicron variant.

Passengers ages 12 and older must be fully vaccinated as of Nov. 30 to board "domestic or international flights" or trains. Travelers will need to be prepared to show proof of vaccination status.

"Starting November 30 at 3:01 am EST, vaccination will be required for travel within and to depart Canada," the travel restrictions on the Canadian travel website read. "A valid COVID-19 molecular test will no longer be accepted as an alternative to vaccination unless you're eligible for one of the limited exemptions."

Comment: Medical fascism is now a thing.

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Ice Age Farmer Report: No vax, no food/fuel in India - Food withheld to force vaccinations

ice age
"Police won't enforce the mandates!" ... but they won't need to, as groceries and fuel are being withheld from those who fail to get their shots in Aurangabad, India. As Henry Kissinger warned, "Control food, and you control people." Christian breaks down this development and the plan to incrementally restrict access to food and basic services everywhere. Protests aren't helping; instead, build gardens, new healthcare, energy, and communications systems, and GET OFF the toxic systems of control.



Putin's plans for Ukraine

Ukraine military
© AFP/Getty Images
Ukrainian servicemen close to border near Lysychansk.
There is much talk, and Russian President Vadimir Putin has sparked some of it and engaged it cryptically, that Putin wants to 'reunite' Belarus and Ukraine with Russia. But what does unification mean? Eugene Rumer and Andrew Weiss of the Carnegie Endowment recently argued that Putin seeks the return of Ukraine to the Russian "fold," claiming most erroneously and deceptively that Putin's July article on Russian and Ukrainian history was about "denying Ukraine's right to exist as an independent country". A writer from the NATO-tied Atlantic Council concludes "that Putin will strike Ukraine again, and soon". In reality, there is virtually no scenario in which Putin would seek to incorporate into Russia by force all Ukraine or even all of eastern Ukraine up to the Dnepr River or even so-called 'Novorossiya' or southeastern Ukraine.

Bershidsky, in making a point I made months ago - that Putin does not want to do anything to give the West the motivation or pretext to halt Nord Stream 2 - writes that Putin would like to bring Ukraine "back into Russia's fold" and given his advancing age "may feel the urge to move before it's too late for him personally" asserts the Rumer-Weiss position of Ukraine's complete absorption into the Russian Federation.

Better Earth

Barbados scraps British monarchy as it becomes republic on independence day

Prince Charles/Mason
© Toby Melville/Getty Images
Prince Charles, Prince of Wales speaks as President of Barbados, Dame Sandra Mason looks on during the Presidential Inauguration Ceremony at Heroes Square.
Barbados' ties with the British monarchy going back centuries were severed when the nation's first president, Dame Sandra Mason, was sworn into office replacing the Queen as head of state during a televised open-air ceremony in the capital Bridgetown.

Dame Mason said that Barbadians need to work together for a brighter future and the nation must 'redefine itself' in this transition which she has named as 'a call to greatness'.

The Queen's standard was lowered for the last time and the presidential flag raised in its place at midnight local time, on November 30 - the 55th anniversary of independence from Britain.

The Queen sent the new republic her
"warmest good wishes for your happiness, peace and prosperity in the future" and praised the nation which has a "special place" in her heart for "its vibrant culture, its sporting prowess, and its natural beauty".
Mason and Rihanna
© Toby Melville/Getty Images
President of Barbados, Dame Sandra Mason and Rihanna, honored as a National Hero
Presidential Inauguration Ceremony
November 30, 2021 • Bridgetown, Barbados

Comment: More on the commemoration of Barbados' new status:
During her first presidential address amid the celebrations, head of state Sandra Mason said:
"Since Independence we have built an international reputation anchored on our characteristics, our national values, our stability and our success, drawing on the lessons of those intervening years, possessing a clear sense of who we are and what we are capable of achieving.

"In the year 2021, we now turn our vessel's bow towards the new republic. We do this so that we may seize the full substance of our sovereignty."
During the ceremony, Prince Charles was honored with the Order of Freedom of Barbados award for extraordinary service to the country ― a decision that was not without controversy, given the royal family's ties to slavery in Barbados, which lasted for over two centuries.

The night of celebrations also included an award for singer Rihanna, who was named a national hero in her home country.

Verla De Peiza, a lawyer, former senator and current head of the Democratic Labour Party in Barbados ― thought Barbadians deserved more of a say in the process.
"We're starting at the back end of things with the republic. And it cannot be that we are going through a momentous occasion without consideration. And therefore, what should feel like a joyous occasion is actually very undiplomatic."
Graham Smith, head of the U.K.-based anti-monarchy group Republic, sees Barbados as a prime example for other countries that may be interested in cutting ties with the queen as head of state:
"Barbados isn't just doing themselves a favour, but are showing the way for the other fifteen Commonwealth realms. The transition in Barbados has also triggered calls for slavery reparations and an apology from the royals for their family's part in the slave trade. Those calls aren't going away and there's no way the royals come out of that debate without significant damage to their reputation."


Psaki rejects talk of federal vaccine deadline extension

'NO' signs
© Reuters/Brian Snyder
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has dismissed reports that the Biden administration has recommended federal agencies avoid firing employees not compliant with Covid vaccine mandate until after the holidays.

The White House's Office of Management and Budget released the memo in question, according to ABC News, which obtained the communication. In it, they recommend agencies hold off on punishing employees until after the holidays, leaving them employment that lasts through Christmas and New Year, before they have to greet 2022 with a job search, according to ABC.

Asked during a press briefing on Monday about a possible extension on the vaccination deadline for federal workers - which was earlier this month - Psaki denied any such move. She said any suggestion that the deadlines are being extended is "inaccurate." However, Psaki did acknowledge there was always a plan for "counseling" as an initial approach to noncompliant employees.

Comment: More lawsuits, please!


Biden reveals what new normal will be

Biden Fauci
© Reuters/Kevin Lamarque
US President Joe Biden • Dr. Anthony Fauci
White House • November 29, 2021
There won't be a new lockdown if everyone gets vaccinated and takes booster shots, and masks up indoors, US President Joe Biden said in response to questions about his plans to deal with the Omicron strain of Covid-19.

Speaking to reporters at the White House on Monday, Biden said
"the best protection against this variant or any of the variants out there, ones we've been dealing with already, is getting fully vaccinated and getting a booster shot."
Asked about the possibility of a lockdown, the US president said "there's no need" for one, but cautioned that his administration is still reviewing the data about the latest variant of concern. He said there won't be a new lockdown, but a push for "more widespread vaccinations, boosters, testing, and more!" A detailed strategy will be announced on Thursday.

Comment: They make it up as they go...carrot and 'stick'.


Death threats and peak Davos

Davos Snipers
© Armstrong Economics
Reliable sources have confirmed that Klaus Schwab and even attendees have been getting such threats of violence and death that he has postponed Davos in January for the first time, claiming it is due to the pandemic, which is not true. Schwab is, at last, starting to realize that there is a price to his academic theories. There has been an avalanche in Switzerland but it is death threats rather than snow. This sweeping wave of anger is erupting worldwide, and there is no way that security measures can be enacted to protect world leaders. Even the Swiss news outlet Südostschweiz has also reported about the violent threats. Both employees, as well as attendees, have also been targeted personally.

Schwab is going to discover that there is a huge price to pay for his bizarre ideas that you can destroy the world economy in 2 to 3 years and build it all back better, GREEN, in the blink of an eye. Just looking at the USA, there are approximately 350 million people in the USA, and interestingly, according to the 2016 census, there are 3.14 (pi!) persons per family, on average. Consequently, that implies that the number of homes in the United States at most would be 100 million (give or take).

According to the 2010 census, we find about 80% of the population lives in cities rather than the suburbs. We are probably looking at about 50% of that 80% living in apartments/condominiums, which would suggest that up to 40% of Americans live in multi-family type housing. If we then take the remainder of 60%, that would seem to be about the round maximum living in single-family structures. If we take the pi number for a family, that implies that there are about 70 million single-family homes. If we look at Statista, then record the number of owner-occupied housing units in the United States by the 2nd quarter 2021 has reached 82.51 million.


What Is The Relationship Between The Political Left And Globalism?

WEF Social Justice
No one educated and sane likes the political left. This is not a shocking revelation. As I have been outlining for many years (but specifically in the past few years), leftists are the ONLY people in the country that consistently support draconian government policies and oppressive corporate monopoly.

They are the only people that support mass censorship of opposing viewpoints through Big Tech and social media. They are the only people demanding the deplatforming and "canceling" of public personalities that dare to utter any views that are contrary to the leftist narrative. They are the only group that has a vast majority in support of the authoritarian covid lockdowns and mandates. They are the only people that aggressively call for forced vaccinations of the populace. They are the only people demanding that the unvaxxed be removed from their jobs or face potential criminal charges. They are the only people that push for the indoctrination of school children with Critical Race Theory (which is essentially racism repackaged as academic activism). And, they are also the only people that are hyper-obsessive about propagating sexual politics in public schools.

These folks are exceedingly unlikable. One would think that they would remain on the very fringes of society where they can do little harm, but this has not been the case. Why? Well, it's not because they are the majority, at least not in any traditional way. They are actually a minority on most issues with a few exceptions. However, they are highly organized, single minded (some would say hive-minded), and, they have the full support of our national power structures.

Light Saber

Russia & China to team up against 'illegitimate' US sanctions

russia china flag
© Reuters
The relationship between Russia and China is improving, and teaming up is the best response to unfriendly actions and unilateral sanctions by other countries, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said on Tuesday.

Speaking at a videoconference with his Chinese counterpart, Li Keqiang, Mishustin called for Moscow and Beijing to "join forces" on the principles of "equality, mutual trust and respect."

"Russian-Chinese cooperation is developing in a difficult external environment," Mishustin said. "Unfortunately, some foreign partners continue to take unfriendly actions against us and use techniques of unfair competition, often violating the basic norms of the multilateral trading system."

Comment: With so many countries suffering under US sanctions, it was only a matter of time before they decided to simply bypass the US altogether, with the ultimate result being that the US loses out directly, by blocking potentially profitable deals for itself, as well as indirectly by crippling the economies of its supposed partners who are also locked out of mutually beneficial deals: