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Only honest actors like Iran, Russia and Hezbollah should negotiate on the one side and NATO, with its alphabet soup of intelligence agencies and their front media groups, should be got to negotiate, for their first time ever, in good faith.

This article's purpose of throwing light on recent "peace" overtures in Gaza and Ukraine necessitates a number of detours, the most pivotal of which is the negotiations British Field Marshal Montgomery engaged in on 4 May 1945 with the German High Command on Lüneburg Heath where he baldly dictated terms of unconditional surrender to them. In this deleted Downfall scene, the Soviets relay the same message regarding Berlin of Germany's total and unconditional surrender to Krebs.

Although kindergarten business books like Donald Trump's The Art of the Deal might think all negotiations are as uncomplicated as those facing the Germans in May 1945, that is not the case. Even there, Dönitz, who had succeeded Hitler as head of state, had tried to get some wriggle room by sending generals to "negotiate" with Montgomery rather than going in person. We see much the same process in Lawrence of Arabia where British puppet Prince Faisal plays the role of sovereign king at the time of Albion's Sykes-Picot doublecross.

Dönitz's non-appearance has also Irish and Japanese equivalents. The Japanese, in their surrender to American warlord MacArthur, managed, at the cost of their own necks, to keep their Emperor out of proceedings, thus ensuring Nippon had a hope of surviving the cultural Holocaust the rapacious Yanks had readied for them.

Dönitz's non-appearance is also reminiscent of De Valera's absence from the 1921 Anglo-Irish Treaty negotiations when MI5 useful idiot Michael Collins succumbed to British carrots and British sticks. Seán McBride, who was aide de camp to Collins before going on to lead the IRA and winning the Nobel and Lenin Peace Prizes, explained that most of the Irish delegation spent their time drinking whiskey and chasing upper class English skirt, like CIA slapper Lady Lavery. MI5 asset Peter Taylor says more or less the same thing in his contrived account of the role MI5 and MI6 played in the CIA controlled Good Friday Agreement, when Martin McGuinness, Gerry Adams and a number of other MI5 stooges took the Saxon shilling for peace in our time.

Taylor lies (p192) that meeting MI6 asset McGuinness "was rather like talking to a ranking British Army officer of one of the tougher regiments like the Paras or the SAS", that (p284) McGuinness' IRA delegation only wanted the release of IRA prisoners, the recognition of Ihe Irish language and the fundamental reform of justice and policing by abolishing the RUC. He also blames (p 185) the end of the 1980 IRA hunger strike on its "weakest link," Brendan the Dark Hughes which is, Hughes' IRA comrades tell me, "complete balls, and must have surely come from the Shinners. The first hunger strike fell apart because 3 men on it weren't willing to go the full way. Raymond McCartney, Leo Green and John Nixon told The Dark that they were coming off it as Seán McKenna was nearing death. The Dark said he wasn't willing to let Seán die as the hunger strike was falling apart so he ended it. The one person who tears that lie to shreds is none other than Bobby Sands himself in a comm he wrote to Adams on the night the 1st hunger strike ended. In it he refers to 'the boys breaking' meaning those three and nowhere in it does he place the blame on The Dark. Laurney McKeown's only contribution to the documentary 66 Days about Bobby was his claim that, 'Bobby said The Dark had fucked up'. That was a lie".

When Taylor repeats the blatant Sinn Féin lie that legendary priest Fr Denis Faul ended the 1981 hunger strike, Sands' close comrades tell me:
"Fr Faul saved lives including that of Laurney McKeown by doing what he did. It is now obvious that Adams and McGuinness let the last 6 men die to win the 2nd Fermanagh/South Tyrone bye-election because the SDLP said they would stand against them if the hunger strike was over. It was over on July 5th when Bik and Ricky O'Rawe accepted the British offer and Adams overruled them saying it didn't go far enough."
As regards Taylor's book, these well known IRA men tell me that "Clearly that book isn't worth reading." But the point of reading the book was to balance MI6's/BBC's dishonest take with theirs, and not to educate myself by cocking my ear to the BBC's serial charlatans.

The other relevant take away from the so-called Good Friday Agreement is that, though Adams, McGuinness and MI6's other useful idiots had roles to play, it wasn't the role of equal negotiator but as MI6 patsy to get the desired MI6 result.

Looking now at Ukraine, war criminal Victoria Fuck the EU Nuland told us in March 2022 that "we intend to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia in Ukraine." But Nuland, being a self obsessed death peddler, had no idea how to reach or negotiate for that strategic goal, which would entail smashing the Russian Armed forces and allowing NATO militarily occupy Crimea, the Black Sea and the West Russian borderlands. And, given that Nuland was calling the shots, just as MI6 were with the IRA, why would anyone, who knows about monkeys and organ grinders, waste time listening to Zelensky and his fellow monkey make believe negotiators?

Still focusing on Ukraine, we see that Russia, not unlike Zhukov or even Montgomery, has recently made significant military progress and NATO's Ukrainian proxies, though badly mauled, are still in the fight just as the Kriegsmarine's tank killers were in the Battle for Hamburg prior to the Lüneburg Heath surrender when the Germans, at least, had Dönitz rather than the buffoonish Hitler or the equally idiotic Zelensky at the helm.

The point to note here is that one needs the proper people to negotiate, a Lavrov say, rather than Charlie Chaplin and NATO having such a transparent fraud as Zelensky, Ukraine's home grown Charlie Chaplin, involved at any level bodes ill for peace. The Israelis, to their credit, keep their clowns in their circuses and do not send them forth to negotiate which, to them, as it was with Herr Hitler, is just a tactic to impose their will.

And, though that is fine and good, its weakness is that the Iranians and South Lebanese, like the Red Army before them, know how to speak their language. That language is the language of drone warfare which, if they are to be believed, can transform all of Israel into ashes. Dust thou are and into dust thou shalt return.

As a further aside, I have met seriously injured Hezbollah fighters in Beirut, who inform me that their Messiah, the Mahdi, is returning any day soon and losing an eye or an arm or both as they have, is a small price to pay to have the honour of helping to pave the Mahdi's return. Personable Hezbollah propagandists I keep in contact with (and from whom I stole this article's delightful title) tell me that, as God is with them, their enemies are going to bite that Hezbollah-induced dust.

The only thing I say about their resolve is that I see it reflected in the tiny Gazan girls forced to flee, with tinier siblings in hand, from the Israeli bombing. Although much could be said about those pint sized heroes, heaven help Israel when Hezbollah really strikes back for crimes they committed in Gaza, Syria and Southern Lebanon. If hitting below the belt to get at little Gazan girls is within the rules of play, that is a dirty game both can always play till sense and sobriety returns.

And, of course, all of this is a game though not the innocent sort those little children should be playing but one more like those strategic ones John von Neumann wrote about in the middle of the last century when he was also involved in the Manhattan Project and the development of America's ICBM programs.

Leaving China's shenanigans to one side, NATO is currently playing two chess grandmasters, one in Ukraine and the other on the battlefields of the Middle East and, just as the Armalite rifle supposedly made Ireland's Catholics equal, so also have the drones and missiles of Russia and Iran evened the odds in those battlefields to such an extent that NATO now faces strategic defeat in Ukraine and perhaps in the Middle East as well.

So, what is to be done? First off, NATO must get rid of the clowns as peacemaking is not their forte. That means that Zelensky, Nuland, Netanyahu and the like must go either head first or feet first.

Next off, we must know with whom we are negotiating and with whose authority they speak. That totally rules out the Zelensky regime, as well as most other European vassal states as they are not masters of their own ships. The juntas in the Nordic and Baltic states, together with those in Moldova, Germany, France, Poland and Britain, have shown they are little more than Uncle Sam's doormats; Ursula von der Leyen is why we have door mats.

The deal then must be between Russia on the one hand and the United States on the other and must include full compensation for Russian losses, as well as NATO's withdrawal from Eastern and Central Europe. The only other recourse is all out war from Georgia and Armenia in Europe's southeastern corner all the way up the Baltics and the Nordic puppet states in Europe's northwest. If that is what the Yanks and their NATO umbrella wants, fair enough.

Whatever about NATO, even God would be hard put to know what NATO's spoiled Israeli brat has scrawled on its Santa list. My own includes an end to aggression towards and subversion in the Palestinian, Syrian, Iranian and Lebanese homelands, an inspection and dismantling of illegal Israeli nuclear facilities, dismantling the Israeli military threat to all of its neighbours and the declaration of Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Nazareth as international cities to be protected by armies drawn from appropriate armed forces of eastern Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Moving the lens outwards, there must be some method to oust the despots of the Gulf States and to give the riches of those lands to the people who should have them, the peoples of the Arab world, in other words.

Though little of that will happen within the next 24 hours or, perhaps even within the next 24 years, it does show the way forward. Israel and Ukraine have no more the right to exist than did Dönitz's Third Reich and no one has the right to mitigate or excuse the crimes those regimes have committed against the largely defenceless children of Western Russia and Greater Syria.

The lands in contention must be confederated into secular republics where all people are treated equally and where, unlike NATO's puppet Gulf States, the wealth is equitably divided and apportioned.

Although that is the end result, it can only be reached by having, like Finland had in Mannerheim at the time of Donitz's surrender, the appropriate players at the helm. Jokers and gangsters like Zelensky, Boris Johnson, the Bidens, Obamas and Clintons can have no role, big or small or near or far to play in any of this.

Of course, the Yanks and their MI6 and Mossad flunkeys would have no quibbles with any of that if the tables were turned and they could still call the shots. They would simply contend that anyone like Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico they recently popped, does not belong in this world, never mind at any negotiation table and clown states like Israel and the Ukrainian Reich would readily concur. But because Russia, Iran and Hezbollah have tens of thousands of drones that say otherwise, the Yanks best now dance to a different tune.

As a sign of good faith, the United States and its puppet regimes should immediately revoke all of the many sanctions it has imposed on Russia, Iran, Syria, Lebanon and too many other countries to adumbrate and all military and economic aid to both Israel and Ukraine should be immediately terminated. Modalities should also be begun to return the Israeli settlements from the Jordan river to the sea to their rightful Palestinian owners and propagandists like Peter Taylor should be "marginalised".

A long and incomplete list to be sure but the main points are that only honest actors like Iran, Russia and Hezbollah should negotiate on the one side and NATO, with its alphabet soup of intelligence agencies and their front media groups, should be got to negotiate, for their first time ever, in good faith. A big call to get those gangsters to act honestly but hopefully the drones and missiles of Iran, Russia and Hezbollah might convince them that honesty and integrity are the best policies. Though I won't hold my breath, I still have my breath, which is something all of their decomposing victims in Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and Western Russia no longer have in this, their game of death by a hundred thousand drones.