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Bizarrely claims he had a female truck driver colleague called 'Big Mama'.

During a speech Monday regarding trucking supply chains, Joe Biden bizarrely claimed that he used to be a truck driver, had an 18 wheeler that he drove around, as well as a colleague called 'Big Mama'.

In one of the most flagrant examples of Biden just making up stuff, he said "I used to drive a truck. It's a long story - anyway... and I thought I was gonna get to drive one of these suckers today," while motioning to one of the prop Mack trucks behind him.


Biden also claimed "there was a guy who ran steel from Deemer Steel out to Ohio, and so I decided to ride out with him and see what it was like on the strike, and I was driving, going through Shiloh, Ohio."

He continued, "Anyway, that's another story too. Look, it's getting harder and harder to recruit new drivers, particularly women and people of color, to an industry that this nation and our economy desperately needs at full strength."

What the fuck is he talking about?

He's been a politician practically all his life. He's never been a truck driver.

Biden has made this claim before, but it turned out all he actually did was get in a truck for a publicity stunt in 1973.

After he finished claiming he was a truck driver, Biden asked his handlers "What do we do now?" before stumbling off and sniffing a little girl in the crowd: