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Kids as young as 12 are set to receive coronavirus vaccine jabs from as early as September.

According to reports on Friday, the move comes to protect schoolchildren after successful trials.

Comment: 300 children were subjected to the experiment. Even though it's well known children do not need a vaccine against Covid, because their immune system is actually many times more effective and doesn't come with any of the dangers associated with an experimental vaccine.

The move is under plans to prevent a third wave, after warnings from Prime Minister Boris Johnson at a government press conference earlier this week.

The PM hinted a third wave could be inevitable on these shores, amid a threat of new variants as restrictions are gradually lifted.

Comment: The PM also claimed that any drop in cases was due to lockdowns, not vaccines, so why are they now claiming that vaccinating children will help?

Other countries have been hit hard in recent days, with India in particular faring badly.

The Asia nation has been hit by a staggering 200,000 plus cases in a day, with 2,100 deaths.

A source told the Sun: "Plans are in place to vaccinate children aged 12 upwards, and senior government officials have been briefed.

Comment: Few other countries are threatening to experiment on children in this way.

"Though controversial, it is deemed necessary to stop the UK regressing in its remarkable fight against Covid."

The Department of Health said: "We will be guided by experts once clinical trials have concluded."

Mr Johnson suggested that antivirals could be a third method of defence, along with vaccinations - including booster shots - and mass testing.

Comment: Why is any of the above necessary when even mainstream UK scientists admit that the country is no longer in a pandemic?

The antiviral taskforce will seek out new medicines to "stop the virus in its tracks", hopefully producing simple treatments that can be taken at home.

Thursday saw the UK death toll rise by over 20 once more, with a further death at Birmingham's largest NHS Trust.

There were two deaths in the Midlands in total, with another taking place in Northants.