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Scientists are apparently "baffled" by the seeming disappearance of the flu this year. An infection that has been with the human race for centuries (if not longer), has seen a 98% plummet this year. The Southern hemisphere, which is already past its peak flu season, essentially skipped the flu this year. So where did it go?

The mainstream media would have you believe that the flu has disappeared because of the tyrannical lockdown measures from the Covid crisis. They say that masks, social distancing and the eradication of the things that make us social beings has had the positive effect of getting rid of an annoying yearly infection.

But how likely is this? Viewers of our show now the multitude of reasons that the lockdown measures don't work for Covid, so why would they work for influenza?

Join us on this episode of Objective:Health as we explore the many more likely reasons the flu has "disappeared".

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Here is the transcript:

Doug: Hello, and welcome to another exciting episode of Objective Health. I am your host, Doug. With me in our virtual studio are Erica, Elliot and Tiff.


Doug: In the background, keeping it real, is Damian.

Damian: Hello.

Doug: Before we came online, Erica was just pointing out that over the last six years or so every year we have done a flu-show. It seemed appropriate that what has come up in the news lately is the fact that the flu has basically disappeared. Where did the flu go? We decided that we would do our flu-show this year on what happened to the flu.

Just to start things off, there was an article in RT that was called Flu away: Scientists baffled at disappearance of influenza... but is it really gone, or just masked by Covid-19?. That's really the question.

Damian, could you pull up that graph I was talking about before the show so we can take a look at those flu numbers? You can see there that it is showing the flu in the weeks of the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020; the flu season, essentially. You can see there is that spike there which I am assuming is probably fairly normal, and then it completely drops off and there is literally nothing on the graph from week-17 up to 43 of 2020.

Everybody is like "Okay, where did this flu go?" In the RT article the author brings up three possibilities of where this flu has gone and what is going on here. I'll mention them all and then we can comment on them afterwards: The first one that he says is that it only seems like the flu has disappeared because doctors and scientists have wrongly been classifying other respiratory diseases as Covid. Another possibility is that Covid has crowded out the flu. That might sound a little bit odd, but they have done a number of studies and found that it seems that a lot of times you can't have more than one viral infection going on at once.

I'll just throw this out there (I'll just throw this out there): Hahnemann, who was the discoverer of homeopathy said this 200 years ago. They are just starting to catch up now, that more serious diseases will push out less severe diseases. That's another possibility. The third possibility - and this is the one that they are pushing in the mainstream media - is that essentially all the Covid restrictions. the social distancing, the lockdowns and the masks have actually eradicated the flu and completely made it disappear.

Tiffany: How convenient.

Doug: Yeah. "See guys? Lockdown is a good thing! Social distancing is a good thing, it got rid of the flu!" We can talk about these different possibilities. Obviously, you can tell by our tone that we are not really crazy about number three and neither was he in the article for that matter.

Elliot: First of all, have a look at the graph. Really grasp the difference in the numbers. There is a statistic from Australia, a lot of the data on the flu season that never came - or the non-season as one of the microbiologists said - is based on the data which we have seen very recently from the southern hemisphere, from Australia, from New Zealand. Whilst we have had spring and summer, they have been in winter and autumn. Their flu season should have come and gone by now. In August 2019 there were 61,000 confirmed laboratory cases of influenza in Australia, 61,000. In August 2020 there were 107.

Tiffany: It's a miracle!

Doug: They've been saying it is a 98% plummet in flu infections, 98%.

Elliot: It's basically disappeared. I just wanted to add that.

Tiffany: I can't believe that these so-called scientists and so-called health experts actually believe that the flu has disappeared. It just seems so ridiculous that people would no longer get the flu all of a sudden. Whether you believe that people catch a viral infection called the flu or if you believe that the flu is just your body's natural detoxification that happens on a cyclical level, it's just entirely stupid that people would think that it has disappeared. It seems pretty obvious to me that it's being classified as Covid.

Doug: That does definitely seem like the most obvious answer. There is a fourth possibility that was brought up in a different article which was on BGR.com: Fewer people are dying from the flu this fall, but the reason is tragic. They're taking it from the New York Post, but their take on it is that Covid has already killed all the people who are most vulnerable to the flu. Now there is nobody left to die from the flu because everybody who is left is healthy. I bring it up and it is a bit preposterous in a way...

Tiffany: It is my favorite explanation.

Doug: It is interesting because that is what Denis Rancourt was talking about when we interviewed him. He was talking about how the reason that these diseases tend to go in these waves - 1 year on and 1 year off, and you see the spikes in deaths - is because of that very reason. One year it will take care - in the mafia sense - of everybody who is vulnerable, and then the next year there are not as many vulnerable people so the deaths go down. Then, the following year there are more people who are vulnerable so it goes up again.

These kinds of fluctuations do happen, the only problem I have with it is would you see it drop off completely? That kind of presupposes that Covid is really wiping out everybody who is vulnerable to it. What I'll say is that that could be a partial explanation, certainly, that there are just not enough super-vulnerable people left to be killed by the flu.

Erica: They do recommend wearing masks, social distancing and hand washing to slow it down.

Tiffany: That's one of their other explanations, all of those health measures have caused a decline in the flu, but magically it hasn't caused a decline in Covid-19. {laughter} Which is odd considering how they are both allegedly viruses. Does the mask keep out the flu virus or let the flu virus in, or let the Covid virus in and keep the flu out?

Erica: We know the Covid virus is magic, right?

Doug: That's just the thing. In all these past shows where we have been talking about how the masks don't work, social distancing doesn't work and all these things, those are all studies that are done on influenza. So we know it doesn't work for Covid and we know it doesn't work for influenza either. So the idea that everybody wearing masks and keeping their distance is somehow making the flu go away doesn't make any sense. We know that that stuff doesn't work.

Tiffany: Here's another one: they speculate that it's probably the school closures because kids are so germy and they're vectors for disease. Since the schools have been closed down that is causing the decrease in flu cases this year. There are also the air travel restrictions and people taking more flu vaccines, so that could be a reason. It's obvious that they're grasping at any explanation that they can come up with to try to explain this anomaly.

Elliot: Fortunately, they've got the lockdown and they have got all of these novel measures that have been implemented over the past year or so. They have got something to fall back on in the hopes that the large majority of people will probably not question it and will probably just take it at face value. Anyone who does question the statistics is not going to get any airtime and if they do it will be in a controlled way.

At this point, do they even need to justify their argument? They can just come out with anything at the drop of a hat in good confidence that probably most people will just listen and accept it and then regurgitate it and move on with their lives.

Erica: I think that I mentioned in last week's show or the previous one about how strange it was to see flu shots being pushed again in the United States after all of this. There are big billboard signs and they give them away at your job, that people wouldn't be a little bit suspect and curious because here they are fighting this "pandemic" and then "by the way just get your flu vaccine."

We were looking at an article from NBC News called CDC says seasonal flu cases hit record lows around the world. It was talking about how last year in the US they gave out 170,000,000 doses of the flu vaccine and this year they're hoping to give out 200,000,000. People have really proverbially drank the Kool Aid. They will see what is happening with this "pandemic" but then they will willingly go and get a flu vaccine which has numerous side-effects. What is the chance of you actually not getting the flu from the vaccine? Everybody I've talked to says they get sick as a dog but that they don't get the flu. They get sick from the vaccine!

Doug: How do they know it's not the flu from the vaccine though?

Erica: Exactly.

Doug: It sure as hell looks like the flu.

Erica: I do think it is more "priming". "Let's just prime you. People may be more suspect now, but in the midst of all this in September/October we are just going to start massively pushing the flu vaccine again and prime people for eventually taking the warp-speed Covid-19 vaccines." Not just one but many.

Tiffany: The flu vaccine is still a big money maker, but one of the reasons that they say that they're continuing to push really, really hard for people to get the flu vaccine - this year especially - is because they're afraid of something they call a "twindemic" where you have the Covid-19 going on and you have the regular flu season that comes every winter. They don't want to overwhelm the hospital system and take up needed Covid beds with all these unnecessary flu cases.

Elliot: What do they call it? Twindemic?

Tiffany: Twindemic. {Laughter}} That's a technical term.

Doug: It's such BS. Logic would dictate that if you have almost a complete drop-off of the flu then that would be the time when you would say "I guess I don't need to get a flu shot this year because there is no real flu." Yet, now they are pushing it even harder? It just doesn't make any sense.

Tiffany: In our past shows where we have talked about the flu, pretty much every year since our show started, we took deep dives into how the CDC tries to hype up the fear and make flu seem a lot scarier than it actually is in order to try to drum up business for the flu vaccine that year and that the numbers are totally massaged. They are grouping flu with pneumonia deaths and they say that on average every year 60,000 people in the US might die from the flu. According to the research we had done for past shows, that number is greatly exaggerated and is a complete estimate. Some would even argue that the CDC is making that number up.

If we can't trust anything that they say about the true numbers of the flu then we certainly can't trust what they say about Covid, and we really can't trust what they say about flu and Covid going on at the same time.

Doug: Maybe that's what happened actually, that because they were always taking these other deaths from pneumonia and whatever else and putting them in the flu numbers, and because they have already taken those numbers and put them into the Covid numbers now there is nothing left for the flu. That's why you see this huge drop-off? "We already stole your extraneous cases, sorry. There is nothing left for the flu."

Elliot: That's a really good point. They have been cooking up the numbers for a long time and, as you said, over exaggerating the severity and fatality rates of the flu just to push that bloody vaccine, now they have already classified them all as Covid there are no more numbers. They have to start coming up with imaginary names on the register.

Doug: Since they take dead people's names and use them for votes, maybe they can start taking dead people's names and use them for flu or Covid cases depending on which ones they need.

Elliot: We know that they have been doing that. We have covered this multiple times. There have been so many cases of people who have not died OF Covid, but who have naturally come to their end. They might have had cardiovascular disease, they might have had Alzheimer's dementia and who are already on their deathbed and the authorities have fabricated the numbers so that it looks like these people are dying of Covid, death caused by Covid.

At this point, it is very difficult to place any trust in anything that they say about the numbers because, quite frankly, the people who do spout this information are untrustworthy and have a very poor track record in giving us the numbers and in giving us any kind of accurate or fact-based information. Who knows what is going on? It seems pretty clear that it's not what they are saying is going on.

Tiffany: In the meantime, in South Korea how many people have died so far from taking the flu vaccine this year?

Doug: Our latest numbers are 83.

Tiffany: Great. 83 people have died after taking the flu vaccine in South Korea, but the health officials there say that it's not related to the vaccine whatsoever.

Erica: That was a stellular statement. {laughter}

Tiffany: Yet, they give no explanation as to what the reason really is. If it's not related to the vaccine then what's the reason? Why are these people dying?

Doug: It's interesting that Singapore is not buying their bullshit and they have stopped their vaccine program. It was when it was at 49 deaths, they were like "49 deaths? Forget it. We are stopping the vaccines." And South Korea is like "No, no, no. It's fine. We will keep going, it's all good."

Erica: Then they had to throw away 5 million doses because they weren't being stored at appropriate temperatures.

Doug: The people who died apparently didn't get that batch.

Erica: And they know that how?

Doug: I don't think that they know anything. I think that they're just sticking to the line that it wasn't the vaccine, because they bought a whole bunch more vaccines. They were all freaked out about this "twindemic" idea and so they ramped up their vaccine program, got a whole bunch more vaccines, and then a whole bunch of people die? They are then left with this massive stockpile of vaccines. "No guys! Don't worry, it wasn't the vaccine. Come and get it! It's good, you are not going to die."

Tiffany: "Trust us!"

Doug: "Trust us, it's all good." Boy, oh boy.

Erica: There was an article: Singapore Halts Dosing of Two Flu Shots After 59 Deaths in South Korea in BioSpace and if you read through the whole article sometimes it is just entertaining. They talk about how,
"The CDC indicates it takes about two weeks after vaccination for antibodies to develop against the virus. There is no evidence that the flu vaccine increases your risk of sickness from a coronavirus, such as the one that causes COVID-19."
Then, they go on to say,
"Few, if any, vaccines work 100% of the time, meaning that it's possible that if you get a flu vaccine, you will still get the flu."
Tiffany: But go ahead and take it anyway. {Laughter}

Doug: Exactly! I know we have talked about it in past years when the reported efficacy of the flu vaccine comes out. They say "Last year's flu vaccine was 2% effective." Great! Good! Good job. Glad I got that.

Tiffany: And their excuse is that "we didn't do a good job of picking the strains that were going to be circulating this year so we are going to have to do better next year" or "it mutated".

Doug: "It mutated," exactly. It's just a losing game altogether. Whatever, people will still get it, unfortunately.

Tiffany: In Chile they have absolutely no cases of the flu. No new cases of the flu in the first two weeks of July which is the height of their flu season down in the southern hemisphere. Chile has no new cases.

Doug: How many quibillion Covid cases are there?

Tiffany: However many they say. That's just what my answer is going to be to everything.

Erica: Maybe in Chile they are getting plenty of vitamin D, so they are not at risk.

Doug: It is interesting, in the RT article we were talking about before, Flu Away, there was one thing that I forgot to bring up about the second possibility that he mentions: the flu has been crowded out by Covid. He picks that apart because he says:
"But the scientists say that this solution doesn't add up: no more than a fifth of the population has been exposed to Covid, and so everyone else should be fertile ground for the flu. But if they are wrong, and Covid is actually far more widespread than the scientists think, 'virus crowding' could be contributing to the flu's downfall. (The question is why Covid would have won this battle so completely, for there to be essentially zero flu cases and millions of Covid ones - surely the flu would have gotten to some people before Covid did?)"
I thought that that was interesting because if you are using their numbers - they are trying desperately to say that there is no herd immunity - they say it is about a fifth of the population has been exposed. If that were true then those people should be susceptible to the flu, so that explanation doesn't make any sense because the flu has disappeared, unless they are actually wrong about the numbers of people who have Covid immunity because they have been exposed. Then it makes more sense. I don't know if I would say that this is my favorite explanation, but I am intrigued by it. I think it is possible, but it would mean that what they're saying about Covid numbers and how many people actually have been exposed and have immunity to it is much higher.

Elliot: It would indicate that this thing is producing many cases of people who were asymptomatic. Therefore, the overall fatality rate is probably significantly lower than they would have originally thought it to be. Again, that calls into question why the hell has the rest of the Western world gone into lockdown?

Erica: Again!

Doug: It's to beat the flu.

Elliot: With these numbers it is indicating that either loads of people have got it and it doesn't kill a fraction of as many people as we originally thought, or it's naturally running its course. Either way, it's not consistent with another national lockdown. We have gone back into lockdown in the UK, France, Germany and other places. It's not really justified.

Doug: Not at all.

Erica: Here's a crazy theory: what if people that got Covid before it was designed - I mean designated {Laughter} - a pandemic, have some sort of immunity against all flus or various types of flus? For me, I got sick in February. I haven't been tested, but I'm assuming it was the Covid. It had all the symptoms. Others that I know in the same work environment had the same illness. Maybe now we are super soldiers? Maybe there is something about the Covid that builds your immune system. I don't know, I'm just speaking off the cuff here. What do you all think?

Doug: Could be. The thing is that it is all speculation, even on the experts' part because we all know how imperfect the testing is for Covid. Very few people ever get tested for influenza. Maybe in certain designated areas they are doing testing. All the governing bodies are just making estimates based on what information they are getting. How many times did you go to the doctor with the flu and they sent away a lab test to see if it was actually the flu? No, they never do that. They just prescribe their drugs and off you go. It's all just complete speculation.

Until they actually look at it and get a valid test for Covid and test it against tests for influenza they are not going to know. That makes the whole situation very easy to assign those numbers wherever the hell you want to assign them. Like we were saying before, because Covid is taking the stage right now, all those numbers that are a little bit more ambiguous can very easily be shuttled into the Covid numbers. We are not going to get an answer to this is what I'm saying.

Tiffany: No, but we are going to get increasingly draconian measures and more lockdowns, so whatever serves that agenda will be on.

Elliot: At this point it is so predictable. The whole lockdown thing took everyone by surprise No one was expecting that. I know I wasn't and I know there were a lot of other people who weren't expecting that we would go full lockdown originally. Now it is getting to the point that you're familiar with the modus operandi and you know what they want to achieve, so what they are going to do from here on out is relatively predictable.

At first they were saying there would be no second lockdown, but we knew that they were going to try and implement a second lockdown and they have gone ahead and done it. They will probably do a third one and then they will probably do a "twindemic" one. {laughter} What else are they going to come up with?

We can't be clear on the specifics because we don't have insider information, but what we do know is that they will continue to fabricate the data and use numbers and tweak the numbers in any way that serves their agenda, which seems relatively clear, not from listening to their words, but by looking at their actions and seeing what their actions achieve and what they're consistent with.

So at this point numbers don't really matter, do they? No one cares about numbers. Any way that they will manipulate the information and the data to suit their goals and their aims, they will continue to do. They've done a pretty good job of it so far.

Tiffany: People have bought into it. Initially it was supposed to be lockdown for two week "In two weeks it'll be over and we'll go back to normal."

Doug: Yeah, "It's just to flatten the curve."

Tiffany: "Flatten the curve, and after two weeks we can all go back to work and everything will just be peachy." Here we are in November.

Doug: It seems like the agenda is to destroy people's lives. Small businesses? Forget it, they're gone.

Erica: And to spread fear and uncertainty. It seems like it's tapping into that existential threat of death as well, and then all of the virtue signalling that comes along with that. If you're not complying then you are a granny-killer, or you don't care about other people. I've said from the beginning that it becomes a mind-virus, and that it is spreading very quickly.

It's doubling down as the numbers come out and we continue to do these shows, you can see that this is a "nothing burger". Then the double-down gets that much more intense. The fact that Europe is locked down again is just mind-boggling.

Elliot: I'm thinking of all of the consequences that have come out of this whole set of events, not only the economic issues that many small businesses faced, but also what the general public faced economically, but also, the widespread fear and the other psychological effects of being isolated from other people and all of these surrounding things.

Whether there was a big team of consultants who sat in a room planning out how they would achieve these goals, or whether it's just a natural consequence of what happens when you enforce something like a lockdown, I think it's somewhat irrelevant. Then, there's the idea that they're going to take away Christmas. In the UK the establishment is saying that they are implementing a lockdown to save Christmas. {Laughter} That's what it is for, it is to save Christmas.

Actually, I would put my money on a bet that would say that we are probably going to be in a lockdown at Christmas. It's depressing for someone who is alone. Even for someone who might be one of the lucky ones who does have a wider network of family, but can't even go to see them. That's one of the things that they look forward to all year.

The effect that this is having on people who rely on that network, whether it be family or friends, is utterly depressing. We have spoken about this before, particularly Christmas time is typically a family time for a lot of people and it's a time when everyone gets together and celebrates and gets to see each other and interact with each other. It's worse when you take that away from people.

I suspect it will be a lot worse than what we have seen previously from March to July. Over Christmas time it is a little bit different and also because it is the second time round as well. The first one there was a little bit of a novelty and it was new and was something people might have been able to tolerate a bit better. When it is over Christmas and it's the second time I think that it's going to be worse.

Doug: Suicides will probably go up.

Elliot: Suicides are already at their highest around Christmas. It is the most common time for people to commit suicide. That could be because they are alone, who knows? I'm anxious to see the suicide rates this Christmas if we are in a lockdown.

Doug: Elliot, didn't they say in the UK that they'll come and break your door down? Maybe it was a different country.

Tiffany: I thought it was the UK.

Elliot: It was probably the UK.

Doug: They said they have the right to come and break your door down to make sure you don't have more family members in there than you are supposed to. That's just disgusting.

Elliot: Bastards. That would be the UK, I think they did say that. They would probably do it as well. They like to make examples of people.

Tiffany: That's to scare everybody else off from doing it, but really who is to stop you from getting together with somebody if you and the other person/other people want to get together?

Erica: Your neighbour!

Doug: The police.

Erica: Karen.

Doug: The Covid Task Force. {Laughter}

Tiffany: Ultimately, it is up to us to either go along with this or not go along with this. If enough people don't go along with it, they can't go to everybody's house. I'm sure they will make life uncomfortable for a fair number of people, but either we take a stand now or we just lay down and stick our heads in the ground and just take it.

Erica: I'm with Tiff. Now is your time to not consent. Aim to misbehave.

Elliot: Just a disclaimer.... {Laughter} a disclaimer for YouTube, we are not advising to participate in any illegal activities. {Laughter}

Tiffany: Is that really a law or just a strong recommendation.

Elliot: It's a hypothetical.

Tiffany: Well, they can suck it. {Laughter}

Doug: That sounds like a good note for us to end on unless anybody has anything to add?

Tiffany: They can take their flu vaccine and their Covid vaccine and shove them where the sun don't shine too. {Laughter}

Doug: I concur.

Erica: Hear, hear.

Doug: Alright, thanks for joining us today, everybody. Be sure to tune in next week as well as we will have another exciting show for you. Be sure to "like" and subscribe if you are so inclined, and we will see you on the next one.