Vladimir Lenin
As Jordan Peterson often says, biologists will be the next group targeted by the radical Left. But psychologists are in even more danger. In today's episode of the Truth Perspective we discuss a chapter in Dr. Andrew Lobaczewski's book Political Ponerology on the state of psychiatry and psychology under totalitarian regimes and what it means for us in the West.

Marx thought that human nature didn't exist and that 'consciousness' was solely determined by social forces. The postmodern left also believes that human nature can be shaped into their own image. They're wrong. But that won't stop them from trying to force-fit humans into their narrow ideological vision of what humanity should be like. And as history shows, the only way to attempt such folly is through the use of force and terror.

By looking at the state of psychiatry and psychology in former Communist nations, we can get a clue as to what they were trying to hide - and why psychology is so important when it comes to protecting ourselves from the terrors of mass ideological possession.

Tune in Saturday at 12 pm EDT as we take off the mask of totalitarian leftist ideology and see what lies beneath.

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