Kid Rock Camacho

Oh. My. God.
Kid Rock gave what could be considered his first campaign speech this week, and it looked almost exactly like a scene out of Idiocracy.

During a fog machine-filled concert Wednesday night at Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, MI, Detroit's Robert Ritchie aka Kid Rock gave his version of a 'campaign' speech. During the profanity-laden tirade, he bashed "dead-beat dads, wannabe gangsters," women who have too many babies, and welfare. As the presidential tune "Hail to the Chief" played in the background, his fans screamed on in adoration.

Wrapped in a flag, while grabbing his genitalia, Kid Rock laid the groundwork for his campaign - which is anything but consistent. As he pandered to every platform possible, Kid Rock managed to praise universal health care while simultaneously decrying distribution of wealth and celebrating "President Donald F*****g Trump" all in a single breath.

"Call me a racist because I'm not PC, as if you have to remind me that black lives matter. Nazis, f*****g bigots, and now, again, the KKK? I say, screw all you assholes, stay the fuck away...It's no secret we're divided, and we all should take some blame," said Ritchie to thunderous applause.

Watch it below. "Ladies and gentlemen will you please welcome the next senator of the great state of Michigan, Kid motherf*****g Rock!"

As the lines became blurred between concert and campaign speech, one couldn't help but begin to notice an ironically familiar theme. This theme is borne out of a 2006 satirical comedy by Etan Cohen called Idiocracy.

Last year, Cohen, who co-wrote the satirical movie with Beavis & Butthead creator, Mike Judge, came to an uncomfortable revelation - which is proven by Kid Rock's speech Wednesday night - that Idiocracy has become a documentary.

See below for proof. Look familiar?