Istanbul airport
© REUTERS/ Murad Sezer
In a single week, several major events have seemingly radically restructured the geopolitical chessboard. From the surprise of Brexit to Turkish President Erdogan's unexpected apology over the shoot-down of a Russian jet in Syria, people all over the world are wondering what is up. Just a day after the announcement of Erdogan's apology, Istanbul airport was attacked by a trio of assailants. European nations are lining up with complaints about anti-Russian sanctions. The U.S. is scrambling to retain some control over the war in Syria, this time offering to work with Russia, but with conditions attached.

Today on Behind the Headlines, discussed these events in their wider context, as well as the recent duplicitous proposal by the U.S. to 'coordinate' with Russia in Syria, and the latest disturbing U.S. police state stories in our weekly round-up with Brent.

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