Earlier today SOTT posted this video of a rocket launch cum 'UFO spiral'. The person who uploaded it to YouTube managed to convince him or herself that the spectacular display was the result of UFOs "taking over control of the rocket" once it reached a certain altitude. Well I've since located other videos of the launch minus the misleading text and the "blinking lights" (which appear to have been added later for effect, if not for outright disinformation purposes). Here is a YouTube video entitled 'Launch of the Soyuz 2 rocket carrying Glonass-K satellite':

No blinking lights surrounding the rocket and no text to tell you it's aliens from another planet taking remote control of it either.

Here's another video of the launch, this time amateur footage taken from another location. At around 2:04', its exhaust trail begins to light up:

I'm sorry to disappoint the True Believers out there but that is not an "Alien Sky Torch"! Which is not to say that UFOs don't have a history of buzzing rocket silos and military installations and that high strangeness could well take place in and around rocket launches. But I think you can see by comparing the doctored 'UFO Spiral' version of the rocket launch with the above two that someone is trying to distract us from something of far greater import.

The C's said in the February 13, 2011 session:
Q: (Perceval) The thing that we thought was a comet over Kazakhstan, was it a rocket from the Russians as reported?

A: No.

Q: (Perceval) Was it a comet?

A: Yes.

Q: (Perceval) It looked like a comet from what we know about comets.

A: Fragment. Expect a lot of the "rocket launch" excuses. If it was really a "rocket launch" they would have been able to announce it in advance.
I think in this case we can be pretty sure that the display we're seeing is actually from a Russian rocket launch. The following is Russian news footage from February 26th showing the launch from northern Russia.

In any event, the launch was announced in advance.

Recall the buzz generated by the appearance of this spiral in late 2009, filmed off the coast of northern Norway:

© Svein-Egil HaugenRussian ICBM launch as seen from northern Norway in December 2009
It turned out to be a failed Russian Navy missile test. Not a wormhole. Not a UFO spiral. And definitely not an Alien Sky Torch!

The following footage was filmed over Sensey, Kazakhstan on June 30, 2009. I still haven't made up my mind just what it was, but it's pretty similar to the latest launch video:

And here's an awesome display of what likely is cometary debris entering the atmosphere in late January this year:

Not easy to tell them apart, is it? If I'm on the right track here, then it means SOTT also got this one wrong when we posted an earlier video of the Glonass K-1 launch late last week and gave it the headline 'Comet Spiral Russia'.

Besides the spectacular displays these objects produce upon contact with our rapidly shrinking and cooling upper atmosphere, the similarity of the trail left behind by the February 26 Russian Glonass-K1 rocket (top photo above) with those of other rocket launches is note-worthy:

© Craig CrawfordThe exhaust trail left by the Space Shuttle Discovery as it blasted off from Cape Canaveral in early April 2009
© Adam BojanowskiSpace shuttle launch April 2009: We can see now why the ancients described comets and fireballs as "dragons in the sky"
What I'm getting at is this: in all cases - be they rocket launches or cometary arrivals - the amazing displays they're producing in the sky are telling us something about the change of its composition. Laura Knight-Jadczyk wrote recently about the smokescreen of chemtrails, most of which are not chemtrails at all; the suspension of jets' contrails in the atmosphere are another sign telling us that the very sky itself is changing.

Don't believe me? Take a look at this report of "two suns" appearing in China over the weekend:

No, it's not 'Nibiru' or any other celestial body; we'd have felt it coming long before now if that were the case! I've heard some suggest that it's a kind of 'sundog' which forms when sunlight refracts through ice crystals and produces striking halo effects. This is what a sun halo and accompanying sundogs at 22o looks like in its full glory (photo taken in Stockholm in early December 2010):

© Peter Rosén
It's not an exclusively winter phenomenon. This was taken from Bournemouth in southern England in July 2010:

sun dog halo ice crystals
No, I think the "two suns" is a 'mirage' effect of some sort whereby the sun is being refracted by the changed atmosphere. That is, a combination of possible comet dust loading and changes in the layers of the atmosphere is producing all sorts of anomalous phenomena.

Whatever about 'sundogs', when have "two suns" ever been reported before? This is very strong evidence for major changes in the atmosphere and the question you've got to be asking yourself is, why?

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