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Beyond the valley of the sick bag.

We've heard some incredible statements in the last few years, since the coup d'état of 911, but this one is unbelievable even by the standards of GW. Listen to Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, explain why there is a food shortage:
Bad policy, not biofuel, drive food prices - Merkel

BERLIN (Reuters) - Bad agricultural policies and changing eating habits in developing nations are primarily to blame for rising food prices, not biofuel production as some critics claim, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday...

But Merkel, whose country is Europe's largest biofuel producer, said the rise in food prices was not mainly due to biofuels but to "inadequate agricultural policies in developing countries" as well as "insufficient forecasts of changes in nutritional habits" in emerging markets.

"If you travel to India these days, then a main part of the debate is about the 'second meal'," Merkel said.

"People are eating twice a day, and if a third of one billion people in India do that, it adds up to 300 million people.
That's a large part of the European Union," she said.

"And if they suddenly consume twice as much food as before and if 100 million Chinese start drinking milk too, then of course our milk quotas become skewed, and much else too," she said referring to EU limits on dairy production....
Merkel is blaming the food crisis on the poorest people, the ones who are the victims. They are eating two meals a day instead of one! And, gosh, if those darn Chinese start drinking milk, then we'll really be in trouble!

These selfish Indians have confounded European agricultural policy, and you can be sure the bureaucrats who drew it up never in their wildest nightmares ever imagined the people of India would be so bold as to eat twice a day.

I'm sorry, but how can this be reported on a major news service and not provoke an outcry from anyone with a conscience! Could there be any clearer expression of disdain and contempt for the poorest people of the earth? Any more gut-wrenching glimpse into the black hole that passes for the conscience of the deviant?

What about the headline: "Bad policy, not biofuel, drive food prices - Merkel". Bad policy? Is it bad policy when people start eating two meals a day? For the psychopaths in power, it certainly is.

How many meals a day does Merkel eat? How many people could be fed from the food thrown away from her state banquets?

Or is it impolite to ask?

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Merkel eating her third meal

And all of this is going on in public, in front of our noses! According to Merkel, there is a debate in India on the 'second meal' question. Are they trying to say that one meal a day is somehow tied to Indian culture and shouldn't be adopted? I mean, what is there to debate? How many meals a day until you are 'full'? Or how many meals a day to ensure the people have enough energy to be exploited at work?

Doesn't this remark reveal the true attitude of the 'people' at the top about the populations of Africa, of India, of Asia, of Latin America? Will you ever believe them again when they say how much they want to help?

When we say that these people are not like you and me, we aren't kidding. Could you ever think up something like that?