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Sun, 19 Aug 2018
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Haunting, 'life-threatening haboob' completely envelops Phoenix, AZ

Dust storm
© Kirstenfinally1 / Twitter
The storm encroaching on Phoenix, Arizona.
A massive dust cloud descended on Phoenix, Arizona, this week, completely engulfing the Valley region and beyond. The monsoon storm hit the area Thursday evening, bringing high winds and a foreboding wall of dust.

The epic rolling dust storm made its way to the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, where planes were forced to land in the crazy conditions. Flights were delayed at one point to allow the worst of the bad weather to pass.

Road Cone

Extreme climate: Hail and massive temperature drop strikes Sardinia - 30cm of 'snow' falls during 35C heatwave

hail sardinia italy

Comment: There is no such thing as 'the end', but we're certainly going through a climate shift.

Cloud Precipitation

Heavy rains bring flooding to Grenada

Heavy rainfall led to minor landslides and flooding in coastal regions and other parts of the island, including the capital St. George’s.

Heavy rainfall led to minor landslides and flooding in coastal regions and other parts of the island, including the capital St. George’s.
A tropical wave interacted with the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) on 1 August, bringing heavy rains to Grenada for more than seven hours, causing landslides, flooded homes and flooded and blocked roadways.

According to the Met Office, the tropical wave was expected to continue until the evening of 2 August.

Damage to houses and agriculture are still being assessed. The National Emergency Advisory Council has declared parishes of St. George and St. David (two parishes out of a total of six) as disaster zones. Nine houses had been damaged in Garraway and the residents have been relocated. Also the national stadium has been damaged and the Ministry of Forestry had to be relocated.


Rare waterspout caught on video over Kentucky Lake, Kentucky

water spout
A rare waterspout popped up early Tuesday evening on Kentucky Lake near the north end of Land Between the Lakes.

There were no injuries or property damage reported from the waterspout, although some boaters were nearby as it occurred and got a rare sight.

Amateur video shared with the National Weather Service caught the rope-shaped waterspout as it spun along the lake, part of the Tennessee River, toward the shoreline before fizzling out.

Cloud Precipitation

Foot of hail on Highway 22 near Longview, Alberta makes it look like December instead of July

hail cover
© Donna Lyn Ratledge
HIGHWAY 22 SOUTHERN ALBERTA — Travel along Highway 22 south of Longview was impacted by a freak hail storm Tuesday afternoon.

Pictures posted on the Crowsnest Pass/Highway 3 Facebook page show a long line of traffic stopped along the road, with a foot of hail making the scene look more like December than the last day of July.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strikes ignite 132 more wildfires in British Columbia - Total of 305 across the province

A map released by the BC Wildfire Service on Wednesday shows where lightning struck on July 31, contributing to 132 new wildfires.

A map released by the BC Wildfire Service on Wednesday shows where lightning struck on July 31, contributing to 132 new wildfires.
The BC Wildfire Service says lightning strikes in the province's Interior have sparked more fires, with 132 flaring up on July 31. The service is currently responding to a total of 305 fires.

Emergency BC issued evacuation alerts Wednesday for several rural properties on the south side of Quesnel Lake near Williams Lake. An evacuation alert remains in effect for Cawston and Keremeos in B.C.'s Similkameen region.

Evacuation alerts are issued to give residents time to prepare for a possible evacuation order.

The B.C. government has issued a smoky skies bulletin for the province, and Metro Vancouver Regional District has warned of poor air quality in the eastern part of the region and the Fraser Valley. For Metro Vancouver, air quality is expected to improve as the weather cools down this week.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning bolt kills 4 children, injures 3 others in Yunnan province, China

Four children were killed and 3 injured by thunderstorm at a village in Qiubei county, Yunnan province, on Wednesday, Yunnan.cn reported on Thursday.

The children were collecting mushroom when the thunderstorm struck. They took shelter under a tree, but the tree was hit by lightning, killing four of them on the spot.

The injured were rushed to hospital.


Video of monsoon storm snapping palm tree in Arizona goes viral

Litchfield Park storm damage
© Bernadette Villanueva
The aftermath from when a palm tree snapped in half and crashed through the ceiling of a Litchfield Park home July 30. 2018.
People all over the Phoenix area captured Mother Nature's fury on video during Monday night's monsoon storm, but one clip in particular is going viral - powerful wind snapping a palm tree like a toothpick.

"It was shocking, scary," said Bernadette Villanueva, the young Litchfield Park woman who recorded the video on her cell phone and sent it to Arizona's Family. "It was like, 'Whoa!'"

Villanueva's video shows the tree bending in the furious wind - bending to the breaking point. And then past it.

The top half of the broken palm tree land on top of the home of Villanueva's grandparents. It hit the roof right above the bed where her grandfather, Michael Fanelli, had been resting moments earlier.

"It fell right here in my bedroom," Fanelli told Arizona's Family reporter Mike Watkiss. "If you take a look up there, you can see half the palm tree right there."

Villanueva said the storm seemed to come "from out of nowhere."

Bizarro Earth

Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Strangeness on our planet during first half of 2018

An aerial view of the flooded Asakura City, Japan
© STR/AFP/Getty Images
An aerial view of the flooded Asakura City, Fukuoka prefecture. Huge floods swept away houses in southern Japan.
These are some of the strange, unusual and unexplained events that occurred on our planet during the first half of 2018.

Comment: Related articles include: To understand how and why these extreme weather events are occurring read Earth Changes and the Human Cosmic Connection by Pierre Lescaudron and Laura Knight-Jadczyk.


Two waterspouts filmed over Lake Erie

Visitors to a state park in Pennsylvania captured video of dueling waterspouts forming in Lake Erie.

The videos, filmed Sunday, show the two waterspouts forming in the great lake while witnesses watch from Presque Isle State Park.

Astonished onlookers can be heard marveling at the scene as the two waterspouts pull lake water into the sky.

It was unclear whether either of the waterspouts came near land.