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Thu, 21 Feb 2019
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Seattle receives the most snow in 70 years

Seattle snow storm
© David Ryder / Getty Images
In Seattle, officials urged people to stay off the roads as traffic slowed to a standstill in some places because of the snow.
Some areas around Seattle received more than 10 inches of snow Saturday, the most in 70 years, the National Weather Service said, and more is on the way two more storm systems close in on the area. The National Weather Service said the first storm system is expected to arrive in the area Sunday night with light accumulation, and the second system will push through Monday and continue into Tuesday.

Meanwhile, cold temperatures are expected in the region overnight Saturday, with temperatures dropping to 15-20 degrees and the wind chill in the single digits.

The National Weather Service said some areas received up to 10.6 inches of snow, already making it the snowiest February since 1949, and the second snowiest February on record.

Nearly 8 inches of snow fell at Seattle-Tacoma Airport, where hundreds of flights were cancelled, CBS News' Carter Evans reports. The storm obscured the famous Space Needle and left a blanket of snow over some very iconic locations, like Pike Place Market. Heavy snow did do some damage in Yosemite National Park, where they got up to two feet in some areas.

Cloud Precipitation

Heavy rains and hailstorms lead to massive crop damage in Punjab and Haryana, India

crop damage
Massive crop damage was reported across northwestern plains, particularly Punjab and Haryana, as heavy rains and thundershowers wreaked havoc. These showers were also accompanied with strong winds and hailstorm.

Wheat, maize, peas, mustard are the major Rabi crops have reported major losses. Accurate figures are yet to be ascertained. Rains had started during the early morning hours and continued throughout the day.

According to Skymet Weather, an active Western Disturbance over Jammu and Kashmir had induced a cyclonic circulation over Northwest Rajasthan. Both the systems were strong in nature and thus, resulted in widespread rain and thundershowers. However, it was intense hailstorm that has caused the major damage to the standing crop.

Snowflake Cold

World Snow Wrap - Massive snow totals in the US and Europe

Clearing Carson Spur on Route 88
© Stephen Ziehlke/Caltrans
Clearing Carson Spur on Route 88, the road to Kirkwood, yesterday.

After a week of fine, spring-like weather, the snow returned to Californian with a big bang last week, two storms in five days dropping metres of snow across the Sierras. The resorts around Lake Tahoe reported some huge snow totals with Homewood topping the count with 2.5metres, Kirkwood had 2.4metres and Squaw Valley 2.2metres. Mammoth Mountain also scored big time with 3.35 metres (11 feet) at the Summit.

Not surprisingly, the conditions were some of the best of the winter, with Tuesday and Wednesday the stand-out days. That was the story across many US resorts as the storms tracked inland with resorts in Utah reporting two metres in 72 hours. Jackson Hole also turned on with a metre of dry snow in three days and there was also 60-100cms in Colorado. It has been a good week, cold temps ensured quality snow and there were many reports of cold, blower pow across the western states. After a couple of days of sunshine, the snow returns to the Pacific Northwest and California tomorrow with two storms tracking through the Cascades and Sierras. Another 1.5 metres snow is forecast for both regions by Monday. That system will move eastward, dropping snow across Utah on Saturday, Idaho and the Tetons on Sunday while Colorado should see decent snowfalls on Monday.

Snowflake Cold

Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: USA cold warning - DMI Greenland ice feed cut - Pakistan record snow

record snow in Pakistan
© YouTube/Adapt 2030 (screen capture)
Superfreeze 2.0 grips the USA, record snow in Pakistan with runoff expected to fill long dry riverbeds, 3000 years dry and Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) removes Greenland Ice Mass Budget because of too much ice growth. Arctic ice continues to rebound to 2004-2013 levels.

Comment: Pakistan receives record snowfall in winter - heaviest in 48 years

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Lightning kills 19-year-old youth in Karnataka, India - caught on video

© Johannes Plenio
A youth died when lightning struck him during the heavy rains accompanied by thunder and lightning lashed the village of Subramanya near here on Thursday, February 7.

The deceased person is identified as Praveen (19), son of Krishnappa, a resident of Mithamajalu house,Pallatadka village of the taluk.

Praveen was working as a mason and was presently involved in the renovation of the Aditya Nest Hotel which is near the Kumaradhara Junction of Subramanya village. When the rains started lashing the village at around 6 pm on Thursday, Praveen was covering his two-wheeler with a tarpaulin, when the lightning struck him.

Comment: Ignore the red arrow in the video below pointing at the tarpaulin and the person standing there (who runs away after the strike) and focus on the dark figure slightly to the right who was the individual hit (collapses and doesn't get up). Witness also the people who rush to that spot to help him.

Comment: Also recently lightning strikes have killed individuals in Zambia and South Africa.

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India's capital Delhi enjoys unusual hail storm

Delhi hailstorm
Many people compared the unusual sight to scenes from Chicago or London
India's capital Delhi was hit by a strong hailstorm on Thursday, turning the city white and leaving people stunned and delighted.

Pictures and videos posted on social media show cherry-sized ice balls and streets covered in white.

Many people compared the unusual sight to scenes from Chicago or London.

Hailstorms "are not rare for Delhi, but their occurrence is infrequent," according to US website Accuweather's senior meteorologist Jason Nicholls.

The severe weather also forced more than 30 flights to be diverted during the early hours of the evening.

However, the hail and rain storm did have an upside. Apart from delighting Delhi's residents, it also helped improve the city's notoriously toxic air quality.

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At least five dead in Brazil after powerful storm lashes Rio de Janeiro

flood rio
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil's second-largest city, awoke to scenes of chaos on Thursday after thrashing wind and rain whipped through neighbourhoods, felling trees, flooding streets and sweeping away buses in a storm that killed at least five people.

Some of Rio's most iconic neighbourhoods, including tourist hot-spots like Ipanema and Copacabana, were battered by winds of up to 110 kilometres per hour (68 mph) on Wednesday night, with precarious hillside favelas hit by mudslides that closed roads.

At least five people died, with one more person potentially killed in a bus that was hit by a mudslide, Rio's mayor, Marcelo Crivella, told local news media.

"It was a lot of water that ended up causing this tragedy," Crivella said. "It was unexpected."

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Winter brings a year's worth of water for 9 million Californians

The Almaden Reservoir

The Almaden Reservoir
California may have a reputation for persistent drought and water scarcity, but already this year the state's freshwater reserves are worth celebrating.

Storms in the beginning of January brought an influx of snow to the Sierra Nevada and heavy rains elsewhere in the state, boosting its water reservoirs exponentially.

Over the first three weeks of January, "47 key reservoirs that state water officials closely monitor added 580 billion gallons of water — as much as roughly 9 million people use in a year," according to the Chico Enterprise-Record. "The combined storage in the reservoirs ... has expanded 15.96 million acre feet on New Year's Day to 17.74 million acre feet now. Each acre foot is enough water to flood an acre of land a foot deep, 325,851 gallons."


This is what more than 6 feet of fresh snow looks like at a Tahoe ski resort

Sierra-at-Tahoe ski resort near South Lake Tahoe.

Sierra-at-Tahoe ski resort near South Lake Tahoe.
Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows ski resort got more than six feet of snow over the course of the weekend's snowstorm.

Cloud Lightning

Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Unprecedented floods Australia - Winter lightning Europe

Power transformers surrounded by floodwater
© Lhey Ireland
Power transformers surrounded by floodwater on Bluewater Drive at Bluewater Park.
Unprecedented floods Australia as out of flow jet streams dumping 5x monthly rains on Cains and half a years worth of rain in Townsville in a single storm front. The atmospheric compression events continue to amplify.

More atmospheric anomalies with winter lightning in Europe, over 34,000 strikes.

Magnetosphere is weakening with solar winds, and its is all related to the intensifying Grand Solar Minimum.