© Daniel MolinerosThe vehicles were swept away by the landslide in La Gasca.
On Tuesday, floods and floods were reported in the area of La Gasca, Quito, capital of Ecuador. The situation appears to be similar to that of January 2022, when the waters claimed the lives of more than 20 people.

The waters began by taking Fulgencio Araujo and Antonio José de Sucre streets, where neighbors notified authorities of the presence of large amounts of water and mud coming down the street.

Mayor Pabel Muñoz and managers of technical teams from Quito are on the scene attending the emergency. Among the teams present are, Fire Department, Public Enterprise Metropolitan Mobility and Public Works, among others.

The Metropolitan Transit Agency (AMT) carried out closures on different roads such as Mariscal Sucre and America, which, according to AMT, still have large vehicular and pedestrian flows.

In statements to the press, the mayor, Pabel Muñoz, reported the death of an unidentified person, who was on a motorcycle.

This disaster reminds the people of La Gasca of the events that occurred two years ago, when a flood left 28 people dead and more than 40 injured. The victims, on that occasion, were washed away by water and mud down the street. One of the hardest scenes was a sports court destroyed by the passage of water, which had people inside.

Another tragedy of the same level was in 1975, when the Gasca faced another flood, which left two dead and five injured, in addition to several houses destroyed.