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Fri, 10 Apr 2020
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Objective:Health - ITN: CDC to Remove Misinfo on Vaccines | GMO Plant-Based Vaccine for COVID-19 | Cockroach Milk Good?

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On this episode of Objective:Health, we bring you another 'In the News' show, scanning the latest headlines and giving you the O:H take.

In the ongoing coronavirus hoax, health experts are criticizing the NHS for recommending anti-inflammatories that the French have said may make COVID-19 infections worse. Philip Morris has said it has developed a 'plant-based vaccine against coronavirus. We also look at a recent study that analyzed how elderberries prevent and treat the flu.

Del Bigtree's organization, ICAN, has called on the CDC to remove misinformation about vaccines and autism from their website. In other words, remove the statement that 'vaccines do not cause autism' as the claim is unscientific; advertising rather than facts.

And apparently the new big 'health obsessions' is... wait for it... Cockroach milk! It seems the elites aren't satisfied with telling everyone they're going to have to eat bugs in the future. Now they're saying you also have to drink their milk. Don't hold your breath on widespread adoption of this one.

Tune in to the latest Objective:Health show for the best health take on the internet!

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Coronavirus Did NOT Originate in China: Lombardy Doctors Have Been Dealing With 'Strange Pneumonia' Since at Least NOVEMBER

Comment: This almost certainly means it did NOT originate in China and has been circulating around the world for many months - albeit perhaps in its most recently mutated forms.

Wuhan - like Bergamo, central Iran and Madrid - just happens then to have been a 'hotspot', presumably due to a number of LOCAL factors.

Giuseppe Remuzzi

Giuseppe Remuzzi, the director of the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research in Milan, lets the cat out of the bag: "Doctors have been seeing very strange pneumonia, very severe, particularly in old people, in December, and even November"
A "strange pneumonia" was circulating in northern Italy as long ago as November, weeks before doctors were made aware of the novel coronavirus outbreak in China, one of the European country's leading medical experts said this week.

"They [general practitioners] remember having seen very strange pneumonia, very severe, particularly in old people in December and even November," Giuseppe Remuzzi, the director of the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research in Milan, said in an interview with the National Public Radio of the United States.

"This means that the virus was circulating, at least in [the northern region of] Lombardy and before we were aware of this outbreak occurring in China."

Comment: A question remains: why is this affecting one province (Bergamo) of one region (Lombardy) of northern Italy so badly?

We don't have the answer to that, but it's noteworthy that China took this seriously enough to take the measures it did in Wuhan, and to identify the culprit ('COVID-19'), and to crack its genome, and to inform the world about it, including what did and did not work to mitigate its effects and save however many lives.

Italy, the EU, the US, NATO, and the haughty 'Western Order', did NOT.

Incidentally, this revelation of a 'strange pneumonia outbreak' last Fall fits with our own direct experience. One of our editors contracted what we suspected was 'cryptogenic pneumonia' - which is a cover-all term experts use for 'pneumonia of unknown origin' - in early December.

Several physicians, however, couldn't diagnose it, believing instead that what they were seeing in lung scans was cancer. Biopsies, however, ruled this out. Even then they would NOT consider a viral source!

Coronavirus may very well have been out among the world population for much longer than thought. If that's the case, it shows just how groundless the current fear panic is - and worse, how it's being driven by nefarious geopolitical and social engineering interests.


Washington in the Time of Domitian

Capitol hill
As you cross the Fourteenth Street Bridge from Arlington into Washington on a sunny spring day, the vista is magnificent, uplifting. Huge blue sky, brisk wind, the broad brown river flashing in the sunlight. As a portal to the capital of a world empire, it is suitable, even convincing. This new Tiber is at the confluence of the Rio Bravo, Orinoco, and Nile, which has its implications, but never mind. The streams of tourists debouching from the bridge into Georgetown think themselves in the new Rome, a beguiling conurbation of power and glory.

Not everywhere. Amid the blank buildings and empty night somewhere near P Street, a cop finds a blonde woman of maybe forty crawling on the sidewalk. In jeans and sweatshirt, she hugs the rest of a bottle of Jim Beam. She has profusely wet her pants. She sees the cop and says no, no in alarm and begins sprinting for a nearby alley-sprinting to the extent that one can on all fours while clutching a bottle. Blind drunk and nursing a cirrhosis aborning.


Coronavirus: Language as a Weapon of Mass Destruction

coronavirus quarantine
Contrary to what most people have been led to believe, the coronavirus may be less virulent and less deadly than the influenza virus. Australian scientists have reportedly discovered that people recover from coronavirus in much the same way they recover from the flu. Despite this, coronavirus has transformed the entire world in just a matter of days.

People in ostensibly democratic Western societies are accepting draconian measures "for their own good", and a precedent is being set for unjustified quarantines, lock downs, travel bans and much more. Right this minute a great portion of the global population are 'self-isolating' on the basis of vague science and dubious speculation based on unreliable data.

So while the coronavirus itself is likely much less dangerous than we are being told, the seemingly normal yet nefarious language being utilized to describe, and thereby exacerbate, this 'crisis' is posing a real threat to our societies. When people stop questioning the why and how of a situation, and limit themselves to blindly accepting state orders, they are asking for trouble. Words take on new meanings, and influence the way we all view reality. When a certain view become a consensus reality, it can lead to dramatic changes in reality itself.

Language is so natural to us that we don't often stop to think how it can be used as a 'weapon of mass destruction', or at least a weapon of mass hysteria. I explain how in the video below.

Chart Bar

US CDC statistics seem to suggest seasonal flu twice as deadly as Coronavirus. So why the hell has civilization ground to a halt?

flu coronavirus statistics
I've been warning for the past few weeks so just take a look at the numbers from the W.H.O. and in an "apples to apples" comparison, the Coronavirus has HALF the mortality rate of the seasonal flu when it comes to "death to confirmed cases" ratio.

Comment: We also came across this like-for-like comparison of 'confirmed' vs 'estimated' flu stats, as per US CDC figures.

But it's actually more complex than this. Article on it coming soon!

But the basic point is correct; it's clear by now that this virus is nowhere near as 'deadly' as the media - and govts - are making it out to be.


Covid-19 Global Lockdown

french police lockdown
Let's try a little thought experiment. Just for fun. To pass the time while we're indefinitely locked down inside our homes, compulsively checking the Covid-19 "active cases" and "total death" count, washing our hands every twenty minutes, and attempting not to touch our faces.

Before we do, though, I want to make it clear that I believe this Covid-19 thing is real, and is probably the deadliest threat to humanity in the history of deadly threats to humanity.

According to the data I've been seeing, it's only a matter of days, or hours, until nearly everyone on earth is infected and is either dying in agony and alone or suffering mild, common cold-like symptoms, or absolutely no symptoms whatsoever.

I feel that I need to state this clearly, before we do our thought experiment, because I don't want anyone mistakenly thinking that I'm one of those probably Russian-backed Nazis who are going around saying, "it's just the flu," or who are spreading dangerous conspiracy theories about bio-weapons and martial law, or who are otherwise doubting or questioning the wisdom of locking down the entire world (and likely triggering a new Great Depression) on account of the discovery of some glorified bug.

Obviously, this is not just the flu. Thousands of people are dying from it. OK, sure, the flu kills many more than that, hundreds of thousands of people annually, but this Covid-19 virus is totally new, and not like any of the other millions of viruses that are going around all the time, and the experts are saying it will probably kill, or seriously sicken, or briefly inconvenience, millions or even billions of people if we don't lock down entire countries and terrorize everyone into submission.

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MindMatters: Intentional Suffering: Paul and Gurdjieff on the True Meaning of Crucifixion

The most central image, metaphor and symbol in Christianity is the crucifixion of Jesus. The sign of the cross is ubiquitous in contemporary Western civilization, but what does it really symbolize? What meaning are we meant to derive from it, and how might it be understood and utilized in a way that is vivifying and spirit-strengthening? In this concluding examination of Timothy Ashworth's Paul's Necessary Sin - The Experience of Liberation, we examine the crucifixion in its relation to the death of sin, what Paul the Apostle found so compelling about it, and why he spent the rest of life trying to convey its significance to those he was in contact with.

This week on MindMatters we discuss these allegorical themes which have had the lasting power to affect the lives of many - over many centuries. We will also look at how some of these ideas have been carried over in the work of G.I. Gurdjieff, and how the exposure of humanity to its true, but potentially changeable condition, can be seen, known and addressed.

Books discussed: The Crucifixion: Understanding the Death of Jesus Christ by Fleming Rutledge

Running Time: 01:05:55

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Black Magic

Fear is The Mind Killer: Truthstream Media on The Coronavirus Hysteria

twilight zone maple street

Still from episode 22 of The Twilight Zone, 'Maple Street'
The following is an excellent video post from Aaron and Melissa Dykes over at Truthstream Media.

For those who don't know their work, they're a very bright young married couple in Austin, Texas, and they have been regularly posting superb videos for years, mostly about mind control and technocracy - and when they are right, they share some fantastically well-researched material.

Melissa in particular is also a very good observer and commentator on behavior and its relationship to mass programming/culture. I really enjoy her - she's a got a natural video voice full of sense and apoplectic shock at what she is living through year in year out...)

The first 20 mins of this video is a video diary of what happened in her city/county over the past few days where there is not a single confirmed case of this Coronavirus. A perfect distillation of collective madness...

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Objective:Health - High Dose Vitamin C: Good for People, Bad for Coronavirus

O:H header
As the world continues to freak out about COVID-19, the advice from the authorities about what to do seems disproportionate to the the panic they're stoking - wash your hands, don't go out unless you have to, avoid crowds. It seems like a recipe for making people panic.

While the MSM have continually poo-pooed any and all alternative therapies in protecting or treating coronavirus infections, they've ignored actual evidence from the very people who have experience with what the rest of the world is currently experiencing; namely Wuhan China. Specifically, doctors who were on the front lines in China during the worst of the epidemic are singing the praises of vitamin C infusions.

Today on Objective:Health, we take a look at one of our old favorites for multiple conditions, including coronavirus infections - the mighty vitamin C. Taking vitamin C is actually something everyone could be doing to make a difference in the state of their immune system, well beyond 'wash your hands'.

Link to Orthomolecular News article mentioned: http://orthomolecular.org/resources/omns/v16n15.shtml

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Gold Seal

Panic Pandemic: Why Are People Who Should Know Better Buying The COVID-19 Hype?

italy police
The only certainty about the 'novel' virus is that a great deal of nonsense is being talked about it by people who really ought to know better, and a great deal of opportunism is being displayed.

From Netanyahu grabbing the chance to postpone his corruption trial to Hollywood starlets claiming they have 'tested positive' (surely not a sad and cynical attempt to up their profile), this bandwagon is seething and teeming with those trying to seize their moment of fame or get rich or stay out of jail or just join in the mayhem.

It's cool to be nCoV-positive now. Maybe that's why such inordinate numbers of famous people are staking their claim to it.

ISIS are apparently a bit worried about nCoV also and is allegedly sending out travel advisories to its jihadists.

Yup, that's a real thing, right there. Really happening. Definitely.

Meanwhile, the propaganda is relentless, and there's a variety for all tastes.

Comment: Spot on. We know of only a handful of other alt-media sites and commentators who see through this scam.

It's pretty shocking how many people have departed aboard the Coronavirus Cruise, destination unknown, which speaks to people's fickle natures. Remember, just because someone sounds like they're on your team - politics or culture-wise - they may in fact not be, at all.

It says in the Bible: 'beware false prophets.'

Well, beware false Noah's arks too.

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