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Grey Alien

Edo-period kappa sketches


Kappa, arguably Japan's most well-known creature of legend, are mischievous river imps notorious for luring people - particularly children - into the water to drown and eat them. They smell like fish, enjoy cucumbers and sumo, and are said to be very courteous despite their malicious tendencies.

Although kappa are typically about the size of a child and greenish in color, they can vary widely in appearance. They frequently have a turtle-like shell and scaly skin, but sometimes their skin is moist and slick, or coated in fur. Most walk upright on their hind legs, but they are occasionally seen on all fours. Regardless of body type, the top of the kappa's head usually features a bowl-shaped depression containing water. The water inside this bowl is the source of the kappa's power.

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A "village walking through the air"

A fleet of motor fishing vessels from Mazara del Vallo (Trapani, Sicily, Italy), composed by a ten of floating, got ready to spend the nocturnal hours resting after a profitable fishing expedition. They were in a gulf in international waters approximately 20/25 miles from the African coast, at exactly Lat. 33.22.oo north and Long. 12.10.00 east. It was the evening of 9 December 1997, between the 20,20 and the 22,30 hours. The sky was serene, the stars were visible and the sea was calm. A quiet fell over the crews. Below deck many rested, whilst others did crosswords or smoked on deck. On average each fishing vessel was manned by a crew of ten. On board the Schedir the engineer Gaspare Calamusa, a young man approximately 30 years old, was busy chatting with Vito Giacalone, the 53 years old skipper of the Orchidea by radio. The radio was located in the wheel house, from where Gaspare had a good view of the horizon.

All of a sudden he jumped dumbfounded, the north-western part of the horizon seemed to burst into flame as though it were sunset, the product of ten suns.

Eye 2

Chile's UFO "Chupacabras" strike again

Elusive Beast Alleged Culprit In Deaths Of 19 Ducks And 12 Geese

In the sleepy town of San Juan, located within the area of San Antonio (Region V), gruesome and savage murders have occurred. The mythical "chupacabra" (literally, "sucking goat") is blamed by locals as the killer of the farm animals.

The mysterious attacks are similar to those in Placilla and Huallipén, where hens and rabbits fell victim to the bizarre slaughter and predation, which left the farm animals dead and sucked completely dry of blood. However, some are cautious about blaming this supernatural being.

Evil Rays

Virginia, US: Marine Base radio signal knocks out garage door openers

For many suburbanites, life without garage door openers is unimaginable.

But neighbors of the Marine base here have been reduced to just that after a strong radio signal coming from the facility began neutralizing remote-control openers.

Residents have had to spend hundreds of dollars on new systems.

"I feel there should be some kind of compensation," said Queen Carroll, who is in her early 70s and was forced to buy a new receiver and remote. "I am a struggling widow, if you will, and I praise the Lord I'm still here, but I am on a budget. When things like this come up totally unexpected, it is very upsetting.


Retired Policeman Sights UFO One Mile Long

©D. Baker
Diagram of sighting

Occurred: 10/21/2006 22:30 (Entered as : 10/21/06 22:30)
Reported: 10/22/2006 12:26:08 AM 00:26
Posted: 10/30/2006
Location: Tucson, Arizona
Shape: Unknown
Duration: 3-4 minutes Large object with multi color running light observed flying above Tucson Arizona.


Ice Falls From Sky, Crashes Into Family's Home

©Signs of the Times

Holland, Pennsylvania -- Around Pennsylvania this winter, there have been icy conditions both outside and in.

A Philadelphia-area family was jolted awake Friday when a chunk of ice fell from the sky and crashed through the roof of their home.

The ice tore through the roof and attic floor before landing in the home's foyer about 1 a.m.. The chunk landed between the married couple who lives there, Philadelphia TV station WCAU reported. No one was injured.


Flawed MoD Study on UFOs Released

When Project Condign was eventually completed in 2000 it concluded that there was no evidence that UAPs were of extra-terrestrial origin. But there was a limit to what the author could do, because he was not allowed to interview people who had witnessed UAP events or talk to experts.

"The nature of the security classification meant he was unable to discuss the study with scientists who might have been able to advise him on the credibility of the conclusions he reached," says Clarke. This explains Project Condign's baffling conclusion - that UAPs are real, but caused by strange plasmas, which are on the fringes of scientific understanding. "He ended up trying to explain one mystery by reference to another," says Pope.


Secret Discussion of UFOs in UK Military: Spooky Stuff Behind Closed Government Doors

I do not have time to write the post I want to write here. But for me, as an anthropologist, one of the most fascinating topics for me that is an excellent example of the Spooky Paradigm is the relationship between these topics and government officials.

The title of the post refers to a story in The Guardian this morning, concerning declassified documents about Britain's Ministry of Defence and the UFO question.

Now, in America, we're used to seeing documents like this, typically from the 1940s and 1950s (most famously the Estimate of the Situation after Project Sign [note, this is a pdf]). But the MoD documents are from the 1990s, and the proposal for research they detail resulted in the ironically named Condign (not Condon) Report. Some excerpts from the Guardian article


Canada's Dan Aykroyd, Unplugged on UFOs

I Directed "Dan Aykroyd, Unplugged on UFOs" and other UFO films because they are real to me. I am not a believer alone. I am a UFO witness. When you see one of these things, all of the video tape you see in this film is "as it is": truly real. This is the truth to me because I saw a UFO metallic Flying Saucer, with several other witnesses, hovering in the sky above Berkeley, CA, 1967-68 for over twenty minutes. It changed my life. After twenty minutes, the Flying Saucer blinked out and went invisible. My story and experience has been heard by millions of people on the hundreds of radio shows I do. When I learned that Flying Saucers were a world wide phenomena, I engaged myself into the subject. I studied and became and Expert in this field.

Evil Rays

MoD explored psychic powers

The military has been conducting secret tests to find out if British soldiers can be trained to use psychic powers - possibly to locate hidden weapons stores or discover where Osama bin Laden is based.

The Ministry of Defence study, conducted in 2002, involved blindfolding volunteers and asking them to "see" the contents of sealed brown envelopes.

The MoD said the tests, which cost the taxpayer £18,000, found that "remote viewing theories" had little value and the project was abandoned.

Comment: Are we really to believe that "remote viewing project" was abandoned on grounds of little results or value?
What if the reason behind this project wasn't looking for a phantom named "Osama bin Laden" or non-existent "weapons of mass destruction" but to conduct tests of soldier's suitability for mind programming under the veil of "paranormal research"?

The Greenbaum Research

Chemical Hallucinations, Mind Control, and Dr. Jose Delgado

Manchurian Candidate