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Fri, 25 May 2018
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Earth Changes


Viewer films "landspout" tornado near Pearl, Illinois

Rex Kindheart captured a fantastic look at a
© Rex Kindheart
Rex Kindheart captured a fantastic look at a "landpspout" tornado.
Rex Kindheart captured a fantastic look at a "landspout" tornado near Pearl, Illinois Tuesday evening.

So what exactly is a "landspout" tornado?

They are called "landspout" tornadoes because they form on the surface of the ground then stretch up into the thunderstorm cloud. They are usually very weak and don't live very long. This is the complete opposite of how classic strong tornadoes develop.

Classic tornadoes form with rotation aloft that tightens down toward the ground.


Waterspout captured on camera off Fort Morgan, Alabama

FOX10 News viewer Sam Sumlin provides these images of a waterspout seen from the beach at Fort Morgan.

FOX10 News viewer Sam Sumlin provides these images of a waterspout seen from the beach at Fort Morgan.
FOX10 News viewer Sam Sumlin shared these pictures and a video clip with us after he encountered a waterspout while he was on the beach on the Fort Morgan peninsula Saturday morning.

Ice Cube

Ice tsunami breaches metal barriers as unseasonal cold drags into spring in Surgut, Russia

ob river ice tsunami
Spectacular ice show attracts mesmerised crowds of onlookers in Surgut as world's 7th longest river defies spring.

By this time of year, boats are usually plying the ice-free Ob, but in 2018, while the winter covering the river has begun to move like a giant monster - but it has not cleared.

Far from it.

Here the thick ice is slowly drifting downstream in a northerly direction towards the Arctic yet with temperatures still of an unseasonal -5C, this could go on a while.

Cloud Precipitation

Torrential rains flood city of New Orleans - over 4 inches in hour and a half

3600 Block of Dumaine Street in Mid-City.
© Josh Adams
3600 Block of Dumaine Street in Mid-City.
A series of summertime storms once again brought the city of New Orleans to its knees as flooded streets brought the evening commute to a screeching halt.

Up to four and a half inches of rain fell over parts of the city in as little as an hour and a half, clogging catch basins and causing flooding in areas that were also hard hit last August.

Mayor Latoya Cantrell lifted the parking restrictions on the neutral grounds across the city and encouraged citizens to get their cars to higher ground.

Cloud Precipitation

Western Kansas wheat fields hit by severe hailstorm

Hail damaged field at Rich and Glenda Randall's near Scott City, Kansas.
© Kansas Wheat
Hail damaged field at Rich and Glenda Randall's near Scott City, Kansas.
Storms ripped through western Kansas from Wallace County to Ness County in a swath 10 to 15 miles wide on May 14. Wind gusts up to 80 miles per hour and hail from pea-sized to baseball-sized broke out windows, dented cars and tore siding off of houses.

Wheat fields in the area weren't spared either. Fields that were already suffering from drought stress were completely destroyed by the "great white combine."

In Scott County, Glenda and Rich Randall estimate that they lost about 300 acres of wheat near their home. Within ten minutes, marble sized hail paired with 70 mile per hour winds tore through their irrigated wheat field. The wheat was just beginning to head out, but after the storm, it appeared as though it had been mowed off by a dull blade. Glenda said, "You looked outside, and it just looked like winter." Rich estimated that field, which was planted late after corn, would have made 40 bushels per acre, but now was a total loss. A field to the west also suffered severe damage, but Rich estimated it was only a 50 percent loss. On the upside, the Randalls did have multi-peril and hail insurance, as hail is common in their area.

Cloud Precipitation

Massive hailstorm damages crops, wreaks havoc in many areas of Kashmir

hail damaged
Hail Storm wreaked havoc in several areas of Karnah Tangdarh in north Kashmir's Kupwara district, causing damage to crops and walnut trees.

The hailstorm on Friday afternoon caused extensive damage to orchards and crop fields in many areas of Tangdarh Karnh including Tangdar, Gumal, Nowpora, Hajinar, Bagbela, Shamspora, Badwan, Tangdar Naar, Shatkula and Lootha.

The hailstorm which continued for at least four minutes damaged crops and walnut trees as well, causing huge damage to the farmers and growers.

Comment: Across Asia this spring severe hailstorms have caused extensive damage to crops and orchards in Pakistan, several areas of India, Bhutan and Nepal.


Sitapur dog attacks in India: Eight-year-old succumbs to injuries - local death toll increases to 14

canine attack
© Angela Antunes / CC by 2.0
After battling for life for over 24 hours, Sonam, 8, succumbed to her injuries inflicted by a pack of feral dogs in Khairampur village of Sitapur's Manpur area on Friday morning. With her death, the toll since November has risen to 14. Of these, eight were killed and six severely injured only this month.

"The girl died around 8 am on Friday morning at Sitapur district hospital," said Om Prakash, station officer (SO), Manpur police station. "She had suffered multiple injuries on throat and hands and according to doctors, throat injuries proved fatal. She remained unconscious throughout," said the SO.

The girl was attacked when she had gone to attend nature's call along with some other children near her village at around 6.30 am. "Group of villagers who were irrigating the field nearby rescued the girl after hearing her screams. However, by then the pack of dogs had already badly injured her," said the SO.


Dead juvenile whale found at Long Beach, New York

The carcass of a juvenile whale that officials said is possibly a humpback, lays in the Long Beach surf on Friday, May 18, 2018. Marine experts will conduct tests on the whale on Saturday, May 19, 2018.
© City of Long Beach Public Works
The carcass of a juvenile whale that officials said is possibly a humpback, lays in the Long Beach surf on Friday, May 18, 2018. Marine experts will conduct tests on the whale on Saturday, May 19, 2018.
A team of marine experts will analyze the carcass on Saturday. The animal's cause of death remains unclear and onlookers are urged to stay away.

The carcass of a juvenile whale that could be a humpback washed up in Long Beach, officials said on Friday, potentially a sign that the spike in whale deaths that began in 2016 continues.

People should stay at least 150 feet away from the whale, which washed ashore near Lafayette Boulevard, advised the Atlantic Marine Conservation Society in a statement.

The creature "still poses a safety threat in the surf and is a protected species," the Hampton Bays-based nonprofit said.


Dead Bryde's whale found on beach in Kuakata, Bangladesh

A large-sized dead whale washed up on Kuakata beach in Kalapara upazila of Patuakhali on Saturday morning.

Locals suspect that the 45-foot long marine mammal might have died some 15 days ago in the deep sea.

Farhana Akhter of Wildlife Conservation Society said it is a Bryde's whale or Baleen Whale, which has no teeth. The Bryde's whale lives their life eating small fishes and prawns, she added.

She said the Bryde's whale is usually black or grey in color and it could be around 40 to 50 foot long. These whales are mostly seen in Swatch of no Ground marine protected area of Bangladesh, Farhana said.

Md Kamrul Islam, Kalapara upazila fisheries officer said the beach management committee will take necessary steps regarding the dead whale.


Two dead whales found in different parts of Bay Area, San Francisco - 5 for the region in 2018

Dead whale
Two dead whales were found washed up in two different parts of the Bay Area Friday, leading to some speculation as to what might be causing the marine mammals' deaths.

A large dead whale washed up Friday in the Oakland Estuary just a few miles downstream from the busy Port Of Oakland container ship hub, officials said.

The Marine Mammal Center said the whale was partially submerged near Jack London Square. NOAA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers were able to tow the carcass out into San Francisco Bay with the plan of taking it to Angel Island State Park so that scientists can perform a necropsy, or animal autopsy, to determine the cause of death.