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Fri, 27 Nov 2020
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Earth Changes


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Global grain shortages begin to manifest

Sahel food growing region
© YouTube/Adapt 2030 (screen capture)
Several consulting and agribusiness firms have stated the same facts after the Global Grains Geneva meetings, we have reached the point of no surplus on the planet for corn, soybeans and wheat. The world needs to find 24 million new acres to grow grains moving forward. What we grow is what we have from this point forward. Sainsbury closes all deli counters for fish, meats.

Comment: As well as natural disasters devastating crop growth, the insane response to the coronavirus crisis and losing value of currency in Western nations in particular, have made the production, availability, purchasing and distribution of food - a MAJOR global issue the likes of which we haven't seen in generations.

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Cloud Lightning

Lightning bolt kills 3 people in western Indonesia

Three people have been killed by a lightning in Indonesia's western province of South Sumatra, a local official said Wednesday.

The three victims who were residents in Ogan Komering Ulu district were hit by the lightning at a farm in Karang Lantang village on Tuesday afternoon, the district's mitigation agency head Amzar Kristofa was quoted by state news agency Antara as saying.

The victims' bodies had been taken to their homes for burials, said Kristofa, adding the lighting also struck a number of trees in a plantation area.

The agency's head has called on the local community to increase their awareness during the seasonal transition period.

"If the rain is accompanied by lightning, it is better to enter the house instead of taking shelter under a tree, particularly in an open area as the risk of being struck by lightning is high," Kristofa said.

Cloud Precipitation

Thousands hit by floods in north-western Venezuela - at least 5 fatalities reported

Parts of north-western Venezuela have seen severe flooding over the last few days, with at least 5 fatalities reported and thousands of families affected.

In a statement of 10 November, the Government of Táchira State more than 1,500 families were affected across several municipalities including Junín, Bolívar, Cárdenas, San Cristóbal, Sucre, Torbes and Francisco de Miranda. Three people lost their lives in the floods.

Flooding wreaked havoc, damaging hundreds of homes, along with roads and bridges. The state government said the losses totalled over US $ 20 million. One of the worst hit areas was the city of Rubio in Junín municipality where the Carapo River broke its banks.


Orcas ram yacht for 2 hours in unexplained string of attacks off Iberian coast

killer whale
A British yacht captain said a pod of orcas repeatedly rammed his boat for two hours off the coast of Portugal last month, the latest of more than 40 unexplained killer whale attacks on vessels off the Iberian coast in the last six months.

"I don't frighten easily and this was terrifying," British sailor David Smith told the BBC last week.

Smith and his crew were delivering a 45-foot yacht to a new location for a client when the pod of six or seven killer whales began ramming the underside of the vessel.

"It was continuous," Smith said. "I think there were six or seven animals, but it seemed like the juvenile ones — the smaller ones — were most active. They seemed to be going for the rudder" — typical of what others have reported in the string of attacks.

Comment: Strange animal behavior: 'I've never seen or heard of attacks' - Scientists baffled by orcas harassing boats

Black Cat

Man and his son killed by leopard in Maharashtra, India

Stock image of leopard
© Getty
A man and his son have been mauled to death by a leopard in Maharashtra's Aurangabad district, a forest official said on Tuesday. The incident took place in Apegaon on Monday when the 52-year-old man and his son, aged 27, went to work at their farm, he said.

When they did not return home in the evening, their relatives launched a search and also informed forest department officials, acting deputy conservator of forest Arun Patil told PTI. Later, bodies of Ashok Aute and his son Krishna Aute were found at their farm, he said.

Forest authorities have decided to install cameras and cages in the area to trap the leopard, he said. The family of the victims will be provided compensation as per the law, he added.

Source: Press Trust Of India

Cloud Precipitation

Storm Eta ravaged more than 22,000 hectares of crops as it passed through Guatemala

According to data from Guatemala's Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Food (MAGA) that was gathered up to November 9, the Eta tropical depression damaged 22,155 hectares of crops in 63 municipalities of 9 of the country's departments.

The Directorate for Regional Coordination and Rural Extension stated that the monitoring process continued in the departments of Jutiapa and Santa Rosa. Alta Verapaz registered damages in 16 municipalities, Peten and Quiche, in nine municipalities each; there were damages in eight municipalities of Huehuetenango, in seven municipalities of Chiquimula, five of Izabal, four of Zacapa, four of El Progreso, and one municipality of Jalapa. The storm affected banana, plantain, cassava, lemon, potato, güisquil, and different types of vegetables, among many other crops.


Italy's Stromboli volcano erupts in "high-intensity" explosion spewing lava and ash

Stromboli volcano

Stromboli volcano
Italy's Stromboli volcano erupted once again on November 16, spewing ash, lava, and debris in a "high-intensity" blast that was captured on webcam and on surveillance cameras.

Described as "high intensity," the Italian National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology reported the explosion on top of the volcano that lasted for four minutes after weeks of relatively low-activity.

The Stromboli volcano is one of the most active on Earth.


Kentucky viewer video captures multiple optical phenomenon in the sky at once

Multiple sky phenomena in Kentucky
© Maria Escobar
Our weather has been quiet, but that doesn't mean unique and interesting things can't still happen. A WHAS11 viewer sent the First Alert Storm Team video of multiple halos in the Kentucky sky early Thursday afternoon. We all have seen halos around the sun, but how about four? Seeing more than one optical phenomena in the sky isn't uncommon but becomes increasingly rare as you count up.

In the video we count at least four different optics: a 22° circular halo, sun dog, upper tangent, and circumzenithal. How do these come to be? In the sky, under the right conditions, water drops or ice crystals act as a prism. As light passes through the water or ice in high cirrus clouds, it is refracted or reflected and creates halos, sun dogs and other features.
Sun halos over Kentucky


Series of powerful storms boost early season snowpack in the Teton Mountains - up to 68 inches fell in 9 days

A series of powerful winter storms brought heavy snowfall to the Tetons over the past week. Through the first week of November, snow cover in the mountains was very light, but that changed in a hurry over the past seven days.

From November 9 through 16, the Rendezvous Bowl Plot at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort recorded 60 inches of snow, and if you go back to November 7, that total expands to 68 inches. The Rendezvous Bowl Plot eclipsed its average November snowfall (which is 59 inches) in just one week.

Heavy snow fell in the valley as well, with one-week totals ranging from 1-2 feet. Impressive for mid-November!

Cloud Precipitation

3 missing, 2 dead as flooding, landslides hit Banyumas, Central Java, Indonesia

A landslide in Banjarpanepen, Sumpuih, Banyumas, Central Java Province, on Nov 17, 2020

A landslide in Banjarpanepen, Sumpuih, Banyumas, Central Java Province, on Nov 17, 2020
Floods and landslides struck parts of Banyumas District, Central Java Province, since Monday evening, resulting in two deaths, while three others were rendered missing, according to the local Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD).

"The landslide in Sumpiuh Sub-district in Bogangin Village hit a resident's house and claimed the life of one person," Head of BPBD Banyumas Titik Puji Astuti stated here on Tuesday.

The floods and landslides, triggered by unremitting torrential rains on Monday evening, affected the sub-districts of Sumpiuh, Gumelar, Lumbir, Purwojati, Kebasen, and Ajibarang.