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Fri, 02 Jun 2023
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Earth Changes


More dead dolphins found along the beach in South Jersey

More dead marine mammals continue to be found along the New Jersey shoreline.

Data suggests it's happening at a much faster rate than in previous years.

It was Sunday morning when Lisa Strano was walking her dog and saw yet another dolphin stranded on the beach in Sea Isle City.

"It was completely motionless. It was clearly dead," said Strano.

Stock Down

The data shows sea levels have been falling for over 100 years in Scandinavia. But the IPCC decides they're rising

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For over 100 years the North European cities of Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki have been steadily rising from the sea with no suggestion from observed evidence that local sea levels will not continue to drop by a few millimetres a year. That is until 2020, when the IPCC's new AR6 Sea Level Projection Tool suddenly promoted substantial sea level rises all round. The discovery appears to baffle Ole Humlum, Emeritus Professor of Physical Geography at the University of Oslo. It seems that this tool was not produced to test the validity of a scientific idea. It was instead an attempt to "alarm the user", he said.

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Mexico: Popocatepetl volcano spews smoke and ash


Ash and smoke erupted from Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano, causing flight delays and cancellations at Benito Juarez International Airport.


Roads and fields still flooded in western Lapland, the most severe in 55 years

Some locals in Ylitornio turned to tow trucks
© Risto Koskinen / Yle
Some locals in Ylitornio turned to tow trucks to rescue their cars from the flood waters.
Numerous roads in and around the towns of Tornio and Ylitornio were still cut off by flood waters on Monday morning, and the water level is expected to remain at peak readings for another couple of days.

While flood waters have begun receding in the upper reaches of the Tornio River valley, more southerly areas continue to be inundated by waters that rose over the weekend.

According to the Finnish Environment Institute, the flooding in the Tornio and Muonio river valleys in the west of Finnish Lapland is the most severe in 55 years.


Snowfalls leave thousands of Chilean weekend shoppers stranded in Mendoza, Argentina

The storm could last until Thursday, according to local media, meaning extra cash for Mendoza hotels and restaurants

The storm could last until Thursday, according to local media, meaning extra cash for Mendoza hotels and restaurants
Thousands of Chilean travelers were stranded Sunday in the Argentine province of Mendoza as the Cristo Redentor Path was closed at 3 pm due to bad weather (snow), it was reported. The decision was made jointly by both countries, reported Los Andes. Shortly before, traffic from Uspallata onwards had also been cut off. It is an average one-hour drive from there to Cristo Redentor

According to Mendoza's Uno newspaper, long lines of cars were observed since midday in the area near the Los Libertadores customs complex, at the border. The border crossing was closed due to bad weather conditions in the area. The border village of Las Cuevas had a thin layer of snow under overcast skies before the closure, the newspaper reported. Meanwhile, in the Uspallata Valley area, there were strong winds and snowfall in the high mountains. The storm could last until Thursday.


Italy's Mount Etna volcano spewing smoke and ash in new eruption

Mount Etna, Europe's most active volcano, has started erupting, spewing ash on Catania, eastern Sicily's largest city, and forcing a suspension of flights at that city's airport.

Italy's National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, or INGV, which closely monitors Etna with instrumentation on the slopes, noted that cloud cover on a rainy day was impeding views of the eruption, which often serves up a spectacular display of flaming lava during the volcano's not infrequent eruptions.

The institute said that ash had fallen on Catania and at least one town on Mount Etna's inhabited slopes. No injures were reported.


Dead sperm whale washes up on beach in the Canary Islands

Bathers at Playa de Nogales beach in Puntallana in La Palma, found a large sperm whale washed up on the shore this morning (Sunday), which according to local reports, is about 10 metres long and weighs between 10 and 12 tons.

The Cabildo has informed that it can't be removed from the beach edge today because of the sea conditions on the coast, but a crane has been hired to lift it out of the water tomorrow morning to transport it by lorry to the port of Santa Cruz de La Palma.

Once there, staff from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria will travel to the island to perform an autopsy to confirm the cause of the cetaceans' death.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning kills 2 while playing football in Bangladesh

Lighting strike killed two youths while playing football in Sunamganj's Dharmapasha. The incident took place in the playground in front of Shantipur village of Jayashree Union of the upazila on Sunday afternoon.

The deceased were identified as Palash, son of Shafiqul of Haripur village and Toasin, son of Shamsul Haque of Shantirpur village of the upazila.

Locals said that Palash and Toasin were playing for two sides in the football game between Haripur and Shantipur village on the field in front of Shantipur village on Sunday afternoon. At that time, lightning struck on them suddenly leaving them seriously injured. Later they were rescued and taken to the Upazila Health Complex where the doctor on duty declared them dead.

Dharmapasha Upazila UNO Shithesh Chandra Sarkar has confirmed the truth of this incident.

Comment: Elsewhere recently another strike killed a father and son on May 21 in Telangana, India while 2 farm workers died after a bolt struck them on May 19 in the Philippines.


Orcas have sunk 3 boats in Europe and appear to be teaching others to do the same. But why?

orca attack spain gibralter sailboat killer whale
© Greg Blackburn
Blackburn was able to film the orcas as they made passes around, and under, the boat on May 9, 2023.
Orcas have attacked and sunk a third boat off the Iberian coast of Europe, and experts now believe the behavior is being copied by the rest of the population.

Three orcas (Orcinus orca), also known as killer whales, struck the yacht on the night of May 4 in the Strait of Gibraltar, off the coast of Spain, and pierced the rudder. "There were two smaller and one larger orca," skipper Werner Schaufelberger told the German publication Yacht. "The little ones shook the rudder at the back while the big one repeatedly backed up and rammed the ship with full force from the side."

Schaufelberger said he saw the smaller orcas imitate the larger one. "The two little orcas observed the bigger one's technique and, with a slight run-up, they too slammed into the boat." Spanish coast guards rescued the crew and towed the boat to Barbate, but it sank at the port entrance.

Two days earlier, a pod of six orcas assailed another sailboat navigating the strait. Greg Blackburn, who was aboard the vessel, looked on as a mother orca appeared to teach her calf how to charge into the rudder. "It was definitely some form of education, teaching going on," Blackburn told 9news.


Magnitude 6.1 earthquake in the Solomon Islands


The quake hit at a shallow depth of 10 km beneath the epicenter near Kirakira, Nakumwe, Makira-Ulawa Province, Solomon Islands, early morning on Monday, May 22nd, 2023, at 2:45 am local time. The exact magnitude, epicenter, and depth of the quake might be revised within the next few hours or minutes as seismologists review data and refine their calculations, or as other agencies issue their report.

A second report was later issued by France's Réseau National de Surveillance Sismique (RéNaSS), which listed it as a magnitude 6.0 earthquake. A third agency, the citizen-seismograph network of RaspberryShake, reported the same quake at magnitude 6.2.

Based on the preliminary seismic data, the quake was probably felt by many people in the area of the epicenter. It should not have caused significant damage, other than objects falling from shelves, broken windows, etc.

In Kirakira (pop. 1,100) located 65 km from the epicenter, the quake should have been felt as light shaking.

Comment: About 50 minutes earlier: Shallow 6.8-magnitude quake hits Prince Edward Islands region off South Africa