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Fri, 29 Sep 2023
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Earth Changes


Severe storms batter northwestern Europe

BERLIN (AFP) - The British Isles and Germany were battered by a severe storm front packing gale-force winds that left one man dead in northwest England, with forecasters predicting worse to come.

Winds of up to 120 kilometres (75 miles) per hour ripping through western and central Germany, moving eastwards.


Snakes coming to town, Vic govt warns

Australia's long drought is forcing snakes out of hiding and into urban areas this summer, with experts warning snakebites are more likely.

The drought has forced snakes to move to urban areas looking for moisture, prompting a caution to people to be careful around creeks, waterways and long grass.


"Doomsday Clock" Moves Two Minutes Closer To Midnight

WASHINGTON, D.C. and LONDON, ENGLAND - The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (BAS) is moving the minute hand of the Doomsday Clock two minutes closer to midnight. It is now 5 minutes to midnight. Reflecting global failures to solve the problems posed by nuclear weapons and the climate crisis, the decision by the BAS Board of Directors was made in consultation with the Bulletin's Board of Sponsors, which includes 18 Nobel Laureates.

Comment: Still optimistic?

Cloud Lightning

Snow in Malibu!!!

Santa Clarita, California -- Snow fell on the palm trees of West Los Angeles and Malibu Wednesday afternoon as Jack Frost visited the Southland again.

NBC4 forecaster Fritz Coleman said the mixture of precipitation in West Los Angeles at about 3 p.m. included a dusting of snow. Residents in West Los Angeles said the snow accumulated in parking lots, on cars and around palm trees near Wilshire and Santa Monica boulevards and other areas.

Cloud Lightning

Same Place, One Year Ago

BAGnewsNotes is a site concerned with the discussion and analysis of news images. This article comments on a 15 page photo gallery juxtaposing scenes from this winter versus last in specific places around the globe. Click anywhere on this article to see the photogallery

Comment: The photogallery provides some quite impressive contrasts and, at the very least, makes a stark visual statement about our changing climate.

Bizarro Earth

US car corporation Chrysler claims climate change does not exist

Chrysler's chief economist Van Jolissaint has launched a fierce attack on "quasi-hysterical Europeans" and their "Chicken Little" attitudes to global warming.

His attack is in sharp contrast to the green image that the US car companies have been trying to promote at this year's Detroit Motor Show.

Mr Jolissaint was speaking at a private breakfast where the chief economists of the "Big Three" US car firms presented their forecasts for auto industry sales this year.

Most of the audience - which was mainly made up of parts suppliers - seemed to nod in agreement with Mr Jolissaint.

Neither Ford's chief economist Ellen Hughes-Cromwick, nor General Motors' chief economist Mustafa Mohatarem, who were on the panel with Mr Jolissaint, questioned his assertion.

Comment: A large car corporation that has a lot to gain from the continued sale of large cars claims that global warming does not exist. A less objective source would be hard to find. Read Laura's recent editorial "Fire and Ice - The Day After Tomorrow" for the real deal.

Cloud Lightning

Warm Spell in Russia Wakes Up the Bears

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia - Winters in Russia are always tough, but rarely like this - so warm that bears aren't hibernating and so gray that humans are having trouble waking up.

Much of the European part of Russia has been gripped by an uncharacteristic warm spell this winter, with temperatures generally well above freezing and little if any snow.

Cloud Lightning

Storms forecast to batter UK

Severe storms with winds up to 80mph are threatening to batter parts of England, Northern Ireland and Wales for several days.

Gusts could hit 80mph in some exposed hill and coastal areas of the country and 60-70mph elsewhere, while high rainfall will put some places at renewed risk of flooding.

The storms will be followed next week by plunging temperatures, snow and widespread frosts across the country.

Cloud Lightning

Scores killed, crops devastated in harsh US winter weather

Harsh winter weather has swept across much of the United States, leaving scores of people dead, hundreds of thousands without electricity and threatening to decimate California's citrus crops.

At least 50 people have died in storm-related accidents since Friday, the majority in car accidents on icy roads, major US news media reported Wednesday.

Cloud Lightning

The Warming of Greenland

greenland ice sheets
© Jeff Shea/The New York Times
A penisula long thought to be part of Greenland's mainland turned out to be an island when a glacier retreated. Credit
Flying over snow-capped peaks and into a thick fog, the helicopter set down on a barren strip of rocks between two glaciers. A dozen bags of supplies, a rifle and a can of cooking gas were tossed out onto the cold ground. Then, with engines whining, the helicopter lifted off, snow and fog swirling in the rotor wash.

When it had disappeared over the horizon, no sound remained but the howling of the Arctic wind.

"It feels a little like the days of the old explorers, doesn't it?" Dennis Schmitt said.

Mr. Schmitt, a 60-year-old explorer from Berkeley, Calif., had just landed on a newly revealed island 400 miles north of the Arctic Circle in eastern Greenland. It was a moment of triumph: he had discovered the island on an ocean voyage in September 2005. Now, a year later, he and a small expedition team had returned to spend a week climbing peaks, crossing treacherous glaciers and documenting animal and plant life.

Despite its remote location, the island would almost certainly have been discovered, named and mapped almost a century ago when explorers like Jean-Baptiste Charcot and Philippe, Duke of Orléans, charted these coastlines. It would have been discovered had it not been bound to the coast by glacial ice.

Comment: See Laura Knight-Jadczyk's editorial Fire and Ice: The Day After Tomorrow for the details on how "global warming" will result in dramatic global cooling