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Thu, 05 Aug 2021
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Earth Changes


The Kazakhstan drought could be a harbinger of doom for the region & the West

© Reuters / Shamil Zhumatov
FILE PHOTO. Altyn-Emel national park in Almaty region, Kazakhstan.
In a world plagued by a pandemic, some stories get left behind. One that has escaped headlines, probably understandably, is the Kazakh government's new six-month ban on exporting food for livestock, insisting produce stay at home.

The reason for this intervention, which has come after the resignation of an agriculture minister and against the wishes of some farmers and exporters, is a severe drought in much of the west of the country. Following on from a dry winter, it has lasted for months and already inflicted great damage to pastures, the livestock depending on them, and the communities who, in turn, need the livestock.

Comment: Rather tellingly, albeit unsurprisingly, the author forgets to mention the record breaking cold temperatures that are occurring with an increasing frequency across the planet; and, in failing to include them, he avoids having to explain why they were not predicted, nor can they be explained, by the much debunked theory of global warming for which he seems to show a preference.

That said, extreme weather of all kinds is on the rise, and it does pose a threat to life on our planet, but the drivers behind cyclical climate change are much greater than 'human emissions': And check out SOTT radio's:

Cloud Precipitation

16 dead, 20 injured or missing in rain related incidents in Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh, India

At least 16 people have died and 20 others were either injured or reported missing in two separate incidents of cloud bursts in Kishtwar in Jammu and Kashmir and Lahaul-Spiti in Himachal Pradesh, even as heavy rains brought life to standstill in several parts of northern India in the past 24 hours.

On Wednesday morning, the Jammu and Kashmir administration deployed Indian Army and state disaster relief force personnel at Honzar village in Kishtwar district after a cloudburst damaged over half a dozen houses in the area.

While seven bodies have been found from the debris, 12 others are feared trapped. Additional director general of police, Mukesh Singh, said of the 17 rescued, five were critical and have been shifted to government hospital in Kishtwar. "Army is assisting local police in the rescue operations," he said.

Cloud Precipitation

2 killed as flooding hits parts of Islamabad, Pakistan

A mother and her son were killed on Wednesday as several areas of Islamabad city were affected by urban flooding after heavy rainfall and cloudburst.

Videos shared on social media showed cars in the E-11 neighbourhood being washed downstream amid a torrent of murky water after rainwater flooded the streets. At least 5 vehicles were damaged in the floods.

Deputy Commissioner (DC) Islamabad Hamza Shafqaat urged the public to "cooperate and restrict unnecessary movements" as the city administration was busy clearing drains and roads in the affected areas. Army troops and rangers also joined the rescue efforts by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) in the main areas as well as suburbs of Islamabad.


Indonesia's Mount Sinabung volcano erupts, sending column of ash 4,500m into the sky

Mount Sinabung is one of more than 120 active volcanoes in Indonesia.
© AP
Mount Sinabung is one of more than 120 active volcanoes in Indonesia.
Indonesia's Mount Sinabung has erupted, sending a thick column of ash 4,500m into the air.

The eruption lasted for more than 12 minutes, a local geological agency said.

Villages near the volcano in North Sumatra province had already been relocated following previous eruptions, and there were no casualties, said Armen Putra, an official at the Sinabung monitoring post.

Indonesia's Centre for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation said: "The eruption column is thick grey, 4,500m high above the peak and inclined to the east and south."

"Hot clouds" have reaches as far as 1,000m south-east of the peak, it added.

An image shared by the agency showed billowing, dark smoke coming from the crater.

Cloud Lightning

Flooding and 1,700 lightning strikes as heavy rain batters Sweden

Heavy rain following a spell of dry weather caused streets to flood in east coast city Kalmar, as lightning struck the area 1,700 times.

Up to 40 millimetres of rain fell locally in Kalmar on Tuesday, and around 24,000 households lost power for three hours.

Several shops were flooded, although it did not come close to the fatal floods seen in other parts of Europe in recent weeks.

Cloud Precipitation

State of Emergency after flash floods in Utah and Nevada - 2 inches of rain in an hour - 3 people missing in New Mexico and Arizona

Flash Floods in Nye County, Nevada, USA, 27 July 2021.
© Nye County
Flash Floods in Nye County, Nevada, USA, 27 July 2021.
Heavy rain and flash flooding affected several states in America's Southwest. A local state of emergency was declared for communities in southern Utah and Nevada. Both areas recorded between 40 and 50 mm of rain in 1 hour.

Two people were reported missing after flash floods in New Mexico. Meanwhile a teenager is still missing and a young child has died in separate incidents of flash flooding in Arizona over the last few days.


Heavy rain triggered flash floods in parts of southern Utah on 26 July. The hardest hit areas were in Iron County and Cedar City, where the mayor, Maile Wilson-Edwards, declared a local state of emergency. In a statement, the mayor said, "preliminary information shows that our City received over two inches (50 mm) of rain in approximately one hour. Which categorizes yesterday's storm as an estimated 500-year frequency flooding event in some areas.

"The amount of rain in such a short period of time overwhelmed flood control structures and resulted in localized flooding in areas of our City. The flooding impacted public infrastructure, private residential homes and apartments, businesses, and churches. Some of the residential units were left un-inhabitable."

The American Red Cross has opened a shelter to house those unable to stay in their homes.

Cloud Precipitation

Evacuations after floods and landslides near Lake Como, Italy

Flood damage in Como Province, Lombardy, Italy July 2021.
© Government of Lombardy
Flood damage in Como Province, Lombardy, Italy July 2021.
More heavy rainfall has caused flooding in Western Europe, this time in northern Italy.

Heavy rainfall raced down slopes around Lake Como, triggering landslides and flash floods on the communities below. The communes of Cernobbio, Brienno, Laglio and Argegno in Como Province, Lombardy Region were the worst affected. Homes were damaged and roads completely blocked.

Italy's Fire Department, Vigili del Fuoco, carried out 60 interventions in total, including the rescue of an elderly resident of a house that was almost completely buried in a landslide in Brienno. Firefighters also evacuated two other people at risk from another house in the area. A further landslide in Brienno caused a gas leak and 50 people were forced to remain inside their homes. In Cernobbio, firefighters evacuated two residential buildings threatened by flooding from the Breggia stream.


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: African grain export problems breaking global supply chains

Container ship
© YouTube/Adapt 2030 (screen capture)
Countries getting grain and agriculture imports from South Africa will need to look elsewhere, but where? All will involve sea routes for port delivery but now NGO's call for all ships to cease sailing or go to net zero emissions. You can't have it both ways.

Comment: Global shipping crisis far worse than imagined


A catalogue of crop failures

Food rationing

Extreme weather is slamming crops across the globe, bringing with it the threat of further food inflation at a time when costs are already hovering near the highest in a decade and when hunger is on the rise...

Bloomberg provides the below 'Emerging Market Food Vulnerability Scorecard' graphic:

World food map

Comment: The coronavirus crisis, in addition to earth changes affecting crop growth, and the losing value of currency which is set to get much worse in Western nations in particular, have made the production, availability, purchasing and distribution of food - a MAJOR global issue the likes of which we haven't seen in generations.

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Cloud Lightning

Husband and wife hospitalized after being hit by lightning at Sanibel Beach Club, Florida

A husband and wife on a Sanibel beach were struck by lightning Saturday and taken to a hospital.

Sanibel police said the couple were on the sand at the Sanibel Beach Club shortly before 5 p.m. when they struck by lightning.

Bystanders performed CPR on the husband as police arrived, a city notice said. The wife was nearby and was conscious and breathing, police said.

Sanibel police began CPR and used an automated external defibrillator until Sanibel Fire and EMS arrived.

Comment: Two days later (July 26) in the same state a lightning bolt struck multiple people on a beach in Naples.