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Fri, 07 Aug 2020
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Cloud Lightning

Tragedy on the football field as 2 female footballers killed by lightning strikes in Mexico

File Photo
© Marcos Brindicci
File Photo
A women's soccer league match in Mexico ended in tragedy as two players were killed by lightning, while three others required treatment for severe burns and other injuries.

The game, which took place in Mexico's Tlahuac municipality on Monday, was interrupted by heavy rainfall after halftime.

The players were ordered to leave the field, but five footballers returned to retrieve the ball. Tragically, lightning struck the pitch just as they stepped onto the grass.

The five women were immediately taken to a nearby hospital, where two of them died. The three others suffered second-degree burns, and were reported to be in a stable condition.

Cloud Lightning

At least 11 people die in lightning strikes in West Bengal, India

At least 11 people died and four others injured in lightning strikes in West Bengal's Bankura, Purba Bardhaman and Howrah districts on Monday, as thunderstorms affected parts of the southern areas of the state, official sources said.

Five people each died in Bankura and Purba Bardhaman, and one person in Howrah district.

In Bankura, two persons, including a woman, died in Onda and Bankura Sadar police station areas when lightning struck the fields where they were working, sources said.

Two others also died in Onda area, and another one in Gangajalghati.

Cloud Lightning

Man dies after being struck by lightning at Stampede Reservoir, California

Man dies after being struck by lightning at Stampede Reservoir over the weekend
Man dies after being struck by lightning at Stampede Reservoir over the weekend
A 47-year-old man is dead after he was struck by lightning over the weekend.

According to officials, Eugene Arao and his son were on a jet ski on Saturday, July 25 when lightning struck them at Stampede Reservoir west of Reno.

Authorities say the Arao's son was also injured as a result of the strike.

The National Weather Service in Reno would like to remind you, "when thunder rolls, get indoors."

Arao's death marks the 9th lightning-related fatality in the United States this year.

Cloud Lightning

German tourist dies after being struck by lightning in Romania's Rodnei Mountains

A German tourist died after being struck by lightning while hiking in Romania's Rodnei Mountains, Stiri.tvr.ro reported.

He was part of a larger group of German tourists, who descended from the mountains this morning, July 28.

Mountain rescuers from two counties were dispatched to help save the tourists, who were caught in a storm, in an area without any shelters. They had set out on a hike on Saturday, July 25.

A doctor who was part of the group tried to help the 32-year old German tourist hit by lightning but could not save him.

The body of the victim was brought to the Bistrița morgue.


Seismologists register magnitude 6.1 earthquake off Alaskan coast

A 6.1 magnitude earthquake has been registered off the coast of the US state of Alaska, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) confirmed on Tuesday.

The earthquake was detected by the USGS at 08:03 GMT on Tuesday, with its epicentre 41 miles to the southwest of Sand Point, a town with roughly 1,000 residents.

There have been no tsunami warnings or advisories posted in the region following the earthquake, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's tsunami warning system.

Cloud Lightning

Symbolism: Washington DC lightning display astonishes onlookers - 'Never seen an electrical storm like this'

One of many lightning flashes in Washington last night
© Kevin Ambrose
One of many lightning flashes in Washington last night.
Powerful thunderstorms consolidated over the D.C. area Thursday evening, releasing a dramatic and memorable outburst of thunder and lightning while also dispensing tremendous rainfall. Energized by stifling heat and humidity, it was the fourth day in a row of vigorous summer storms in some locations.

On social media, eyewitnesses described the jarring claps of thunder and the strobe-light-like lightning display as among the most extreme they had seen:

"[T]hat was some of the loudest, sustained thunder and lightning I've ever been through," tweeted Jim Groves in Hyattsville.

"I've never seen an electrical storm like this," tweeted The Weather Channel's Justin Michaels.

"I'm not prone to hyperbole but this takes the cake for the most intense lightning event since the derecho," tweeted WTOP's Dave Dildine.

Comment: Meanwhile from earlier this week: Symbolism: Dramatic video shows moment lightning strikes behind Statue of Liberty

Cloud Precipitation

Mexico flooding: Tropical depression Hanna drenches north, floods streets

In Saltillo, a van was dragged into the waters
In Saltillo, a van was dragged into the waters
Streets in Monterrey in northern Mexico were flooded by heavy rains from tropical depression Hanna on Sunday.

The US National Hurricane Center has warned that continued rains could trigger flash flooding and mudslides in the the northern states of Coahuila, Nuevo León and Tamaulipas on Monday.

Hanna became the first hurricane of the North Atlantic hurricane season before it was downgraded to a tropical storm.


Hurricane Douglas nears Hawaii, brings high winds and rain - Update: Islands dodge direct hit

Hurricane Douglas Hawaii satellite
Hurricane Douglas approximately 500 miles east of Hawaii at 4:10 a.m. HST on July 25, 2020.
Hawaii prepared for the onslaught of Hurricane Douglas on Sunday, with predictions of high winds, rain and storm surge.

"It's definitely going to be a triple threat," said National Weather Service meteorologist Vanessa Almanza said.

Rainfall from the storm can be anywhere from 5-15 inches. It's "probably not a good day to go to the beach," Almanza said.

Douglas weakened Saturday to a Category 1 hurricane as it approached Hawaii, but officials warned people should not be lulled into complacency. The National Weather Service said Douglas should remain a hurricane as it moves through the islands Sunday.

Comment: Hawaii avoided direct landfall:

But residents of Oahu & Kauai will still have to be vigilant:

Hawaii residents post to Twitter:


Five more killed as heavy rain plays havoc in Karachi, Pakistan for second day

As many as 10 people, including a child, have died in the last two days of rainfall in the city

At least five more people were killed due to electrocution and structural collapse as the ongoing monsoon spell turned many roads in Karachi into rivers of filthy rainwater and left many houses and shops flooded on Monday. The Sindh government, though, insisted that the situation "could have been worse."

Two labourers were electrocuted to death at a marble factory in Mowach Goth. According to Mochko SHO Waseem, four workers were trying to drain rainwater from the factory with a suction pump when they were electrocuted. Two of them, identified as Muhammad Moosa, 45, and Waheed, 30, died on the spot.

Separately, a man received an electric shock and died while turning on a water pumping machine in Orangi Town. According to Pakistan Bazaar SHO Iqbal Tunio, the deceased, identified as Muhammad Rafiq, 45, was handed over to the family after the completion of medico-legal formalities.


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Worms in Korean water, summer frosts and sky message

A worm-like organism that was discovered in Seoul
© Yonhap
A worm-like organism that was discovered in tap water at an apartment in Seoul’s Jung Ward at around 11 p.m. on July 19, 2020, is seen in this photo provided by the resident.
Worms appear in chlorinated water in many large cities across South Korea leaving experts baffled. Summer frosts across the UK and Ireland. Skywriters leave the message OBEY above Kentucky skies as a cryptic message.