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Wed, 04 Aug 2021
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Earth Changes

Cloud Precipitation

Four dead and 30 missing after houses collapse during severe floods in Germany

The Kyll river has overflowed its banks in Erdorf and flooded parts of the village
© Harald Tittel/dpa/AP
The Kyll river has overflowed its banks in Erdorf and flooded parts of the village.
Four people have died and more than 30 are missing following the collapse of several homes after heavy rain triggered severe flooding in western Germany, police said.

The deaths were reported in the Ahrweiler district, which is a wine-growing region on the Ahr river that flows into the Rhine.

The properties collapsed last night in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate, broadcaster SWR said.

Around 25 more houses are in danger of collapsing in the district of Schuld bei Adenau in the hilly Eiffel region, it added.

The report described the situation in the rural district of Eifelkreis Bitburg-Prum as "extremely dangerous".

Cloud Lightning

5 killed by lightning strikes in Odisha, India - one bolt killing 3 children and 19 goats

At least five persons, including three minors, were killed by lightning strikes in separate incidents in Odisha on Tuesday.

The first incident was reported from Baghuasole village under Chandua police limits in Mayurbhanj district. Three minors, including two boys aged 15 and a girl aged 12, were playing outdoors in front of their house when it started raining heavily. The sudden downpour was accompanied by lighting.

The three youngsters took shelter under a tree. However, the lightning struck the tree, killing the three on the spot.

Besides the three minors, at least 19 goats were also killed in the lightning strike.

Cloud Precipitation

Huge hail crashes onto cars and rooftops in Milan, Italy


Rain and hail storm in Rozzano and Varese, Milan, Italy.
Natural disaster on July 8, 2021

Comment: 5 days later a plane was damaged in another hailstorm over the same city.

Cloud Precipitation

Severe hailstorm hits the city of Turin, Italy


Awesome strong scenes from the hailstorm that hit the city of Turino! Italy

Cloud Grey

Unusual shelf cloud photographed over Georgia explained by meteorologist

shelf cloud georgia
© CodyAlcorn/Twitter
They were all in my social media feeds on July 12th, 2021. Pictures and videos of ominous looking clouds rolling into parts of North Georgia. People scurried from ball fields or homes and grabbed their phones to capture the moment. Jane Worley is a colleague of mine at the University of Georgia. The Northeast Georgia resident sent the picture below from River of Life Church in Nicholson, Georgia with the message, "Thought you would enjoy." Little did she know, I was taking a picture of a shelf cloud rolling through my own subdivision 40 miles away. What are these clouds anyhow?

Comment: See also:


Mass death of hundreds of flamingos at drying Turkish lake

Hundreds of baby and adult flamingos were found dead on a dried part of Lake Tuz (Salt Lake) in the central Turkish province of Konya over the past week, prompting renewed emphasis on the impact of drought on the ecosystem.

The lake - the second largest in Turkey and one of the largest hypersaline lakes in the world - is among the favorite habitat of migratory animals and has long been a hatching ground for flamingos. Though it is shallow and gets little precipitation throughout the year, its salty nature is conducive to the nesting of migratory birds. However, the drought stemming from climate change has led to a recession of lake's waters, making finding food a challenge for flamingos.

Carcasses of birds now dot the lake's parts in the Cihanbeyli district of Konya. The birds had arrived to the lake in March for their incubation season. Mehmet Emin Öztürk, a nature photographer who is a frequent visitor to the area in the summer, says Lake Tuz had been "a paradise for flamingos, but now (it has) turned into a nightmare."

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Sinkhole almost devours 2 cars in Manhattan, New York

An image of two cars falling into a sinkhole
© Kathy Clark
An image of two cars falling into a sinkhole this weekend on the Upper West Side.
Two cars parked on the Upper West Side nearly took a one-way journey to the center of the earth this weekend when a sinkhole opened up and collapsed the street.

The sinkhole half-swallowed the two cars parked at West 97th Street and Riverside Drive on Sunday.

Mark Levine, a council member and the Democrat nominee for Manhattan Borough President, took to Twitter to comment on the scene, "But this yet another reminder: NYC simply must invest more in upgrading our outdated infrastructure."

The UWS sinkhole did not cause any injuries as there was nobody in either of the cars when it opened up, and the vehicles were removed by Sunday afternoon.

The cause of the sinkhole was unknown as of Monday morning, and the Department of Transportation is in the process of restoring the street.

Cloud Precipitation

Plane damaged in hailstorm over Milan, Italy

External view of the damaged flight deck windows.
Storm leaves aircraft windows cracked and fuselage damaged but all passengers safe, says airline

An Emirates flight had to turn around shortly after take-off in Italy on Tuesday when a hailstorm damaged the plane.

Flight EK205 left Dubai for New York via Milan at 9.51am.

Minutes after take-off in northern Italy, a hailstorm forced the pilots to head back to Malpensa Airport as hailstones battered the aircraft.

No injuries were reported, Emirates said.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strike kills 7 cattle in Estonia

Six cows and a bull were killed after being struck by lightning at a farm in Pärnu County, newspaper Maaleht reported on Tuesday.

Saareõue OÜ farm, which breeds and raises Aberdeen Angus cattle, lost seven animals - a bull, three cows and three one-year-old heifers - overnight during a thunderstorm. The owners are convinced they were killed by a lightning strike.

The owners discovered the animals under a tree where they had been sheltering and described the scene as looking like a horror movie.

"You think that such things happen somewhere in South America or the Amazon, but you can't think that it could happen on your farm," said Maarja Baumann, owner of Saareõue OÜ, who said the situation could never be prevented as it cannot be predicted where lightning will strike.

The farm now quickly needs to find a new breeding bull but finding one which meets the required standard may be difficult, the newspaper reported.

Cloud Precipitation

'100-year flood' hits parts of Philadelphia region as storm dumps torrential rain

Rescuers in Bensalem, Bucks County
© 6abc
Dozens of residents were left stranded on roads and in their homes as torrential rain stalled cars and invaded their homes and rescuers in rafts sailed along the roads which turned to rivers to help those in need. Pictured: Rescuers in Bensalem, Bucks County
Parts of our region were swamped by a series of storms on Monday that the National Weather Service called a rare "flash flood emergency."

According to forecasters, Monday's storms dumped 6 to 10 inches of rain in just 3 to 4 hours, swelling the Delaware River in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and Burlington County, New Jersey.

"Widespread and life-threatening flash flooding is occurring. This is an extremely dangerous situation," the weather service's Monday afternoon warning said. "Do not venture out unless it is an emergency or to move to higher ground."

The torrential rain flooded neighborhoods throughout Bucks County. The areas greatest impacted by the storm received 6"-10" of rain in around 3-4 hours. According to the NWS, this is estimated to be a 100-Year Flood-- meaning each year there is about a 1% chance of seeing this much rain.