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Mon, 21 Sep 2020
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Earth Changes

Cloud Precipitation

Venezuelan cities flooded with water and crude oil following heavy rains

oil flood
Firefighters in affected cities were placed on high alert following reports of fallen trees and collapsed roofs.

Three cities in the Venezuelan state of Zulia have been transformed into something resembling Venice, Italy after the collapse of a drainage system caused by heavy rains.

Shops, businesses, homes, and even medical centres were flooded in Cabimas, Simón Bolívar, and Ciudad Ojeda.

Patients at the Pedro García Clara hospital in Ciudad Ojeda received hemodialysis in rooms filled with water.

Cloud Precipitation

Nigeria flood death toll rises to 20, over 50,000 families displaced in Jigawa - 500,000 hectares of farmland devastated in Kebbi

The Jigawa State government has said the death toll in Jigawa flood has risen to twenty.

Executive Secretary, State Emergency Management Agency, (SEMA) Yusuf Sani disclosed this to DAILY POST.

He said those affected were mostly children as a result of a collapsed building caused by heavy rainfall .

DAILY POST reported that sixteen people lost their lives while thousands of houses and farmlands were destroyed as a result of a heavy downpour last week.

Yusuf explained that the flood displaced over 50,000 families, and thousands of farmlands were also submerged.

Comment: AllAfrica reported on the same date:
Floods have again hit several parts of the country, severely affecting farmlands and displacing thousands of people, especially in Kebbi State where our correspondent reports that it ravaged over 500,000 hectares of farm produce estimated at over N5billion, while also rendering people homeless in other states, heightening threats to food security.

Besides other factors threatening food security in Nigeria, including the seemingly intractable terrorism, banditry and killer herdsmen's onslaught which are steadily spreading across the country, harvest of farm produce might be imperiled this year and even the next as a result of flooding.

In Kebbi State for instance, 500,000 hectares was recently devastated by flood, 450,000 hectares of it being for rice farms.

This has heightened fears that by next year, majority of farmers in the state, particularly rice farmers, would be out of business.

Many farmlands visited by our correspondent were overrun by floods, just as rice farms were submerged.

Cloud Precipitation

South Sudan - 600,000 displaced by floods since July, says UN

Sudan flood

Sudan flood
More than 600,000 people have been displaced by flooding in South Sudan since July, according to the United Nations.

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reported on 03 September that flooding in areas along the White Nile has affected 24 counties in 6 states since July this year.

Heavy rains have caused rivers to overflow their dykes and banks, flooding vast areas and settlements along the White Nile in the centre of the country.
, with the states of Jonglei and Lakes are the worst affected states.

OCHA said: 2The majority of people displaced moved to higher ground near their homes and plan to return once the flood waters recede. In Bor South, over 33,000 people earlier displaced by conflict and flooding in Twic East and Duk counties to the north have moved west into Awerial county, and are now sheltering in Mingkaman town IDP settlement."

Cloud Precipitation

Flooding in Al-Ula, Saudi Arabia

Flooding in Al-UlA, Saudi Arabia September 3, 2020


Dead sperm whale washes up at Hokio Beach, New Zealand

The whale at Hokio Beach.

The whale at Hokio Beach.
The remains of a huge sperm whale have washed ashore at Hokio Beach near Levin this morning.

The dead whale was spotted at first light by people taking an early morning walk and also by a couple of people on horse back.

Hapu from local iwi Muaūpoko were gathering to observe tikanga and conduct a karakia as the waves nudged the beast closer the waters edge.

The whale was being carried in by the incoming tide although the surf was very small. High tide at the beach today was just before lunch today.

Cloud Precipitation

People stranded as heavy flooding hits Tebessa and Batna in Algeria

Heavy rain caused massive flooding in Algeria in the region of Batna and Tebessa. Torrential thunderstorms that took place from Wednesday night to Thursday in the northern part of the wilaya of Batna (eastern Algeria).

The civil protection services have made use of all human and material capabilities, including the mobile convoy detachment to fight forest fires in Fesdis, to absorb the flood waters and help the citizens who were stuck in their cars due to the heavy thunderstorms witnessed by the municipalities of Fesdis, Al-Ma'ather, Boumieh and a special crime at the level of the underground tunnel adjacent to the University of Batna 2 which was completely flooded.


Record heat expected Labor Day weekend in western US

Record heat west coast
© ABC News
Record-breaking heat is expected in the West during the holiday weekend, including Los Angeles, where the power grid could be put to the test.

Already Thursday, record highs were tied in Palmdale, California, at 106 degrees and in Portland, Oregon, at 95 degrees, but this is just the beginning, especially for southern California and the Southwest.

Some areas could see the hottest temperatures of the year so far in southern California during Labor Day weekend.
Heat map West Coast

There are already several excessive heat warnings and advisories, including a warning for Los Angeles and advisory for San Francisco throughout the weekend.

Cloud Precipitation

Flooding affects over 6.8 million people in China's Hunan Province this year - 628,000 hectares of farmland damaged - 51 inches of rain

A total of 6.86 million people were affected by rain-triggered floods this year in central China's Hunan Province, local authorities said on Friday.

Downpours in the province have led to the deaths of 24 people, according to the provincial flood control and drought relief headquarters.

Roughly 21,300 houses collapsed or were severely damaged, and about 628,000 hectares of farmlands were damaged by the heavy rains.


Heavy rainfall causes severe flooding in Trinidad and Tobago - up to 5 feet deep

Flooding in Gasparillo

Flooding in Gasparillo
Already struggling from the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, residents of Gasparillo lost most of their belongings yesterday as heavy rain caused floodwaters to rise as high as five feet in some areas.

Parts of Arouca, Lopinot and Chaguanas were also affected by street and flash flooding.

Guardian Media spoke to Gasparillo resident, Videsh Gopaul who said although those who live on Gopaul Avenue have had to contend with floodwaters in the past, yesterday's event was by far the worst.

"My family in the back are completely flooded out, I just spoke to them and they have lost everything, they have almost five feet of water in their house. They lost fridges, stoves, books, washing machines, computers, beds, wardrobes, sofa sets, everything is lost," Gopaul said.

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SOTT Earth Changes Summary - August 2020: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

Last month, more than 1.5 million acres burned in 9 days in California, forcing the evacuation of more than 100,000 people. The fires were caused by unusual intense 'dry-lightning storms', which focused on the San Francisco Bay area in a short time period - an event comprising around 11 percent of the average annual lightning activity for the entire state...

No, it's not 'man-made global warming', as the media claims, nor is it 'elite-made weather', as alternative media claims. The climate globally is 'going wonky' in part because the planet's very atmosphere is changing.

Extreme weather has only worsened the exodus of people from California over the last decade. About five million Californians have left the state for a net population loss of more than one million people. Colorado was also hit last month by the largest wildfire in the state's history. The Pine Gulch fire has burned 139,006 acres and left ranchers with little-to-no grazing for cattle and worried about long-term impacts.

In Algeria, over 1,200 fires have devoured almost 9,000 hectares of forests. The North African country has experienced more frequent forest fires in recent years but the causes remain unclear. Negligence? Coal-traffickers? Increased lightning strikes? Who knows, but the fact is something unusual is going on there too.

Sheets of rain, typically resulting heavy flooding, landslides and huge hailstones continued destroying houses, basic infrastructure and crops around the world in August, impacting the lives of dozens of millions of people. In South Asia alone, an estimated 17.5 million people suffered the consequences of record-breaking monsoon floods. Nearly 700 died and thousands have been displaced. China, Bangladesh and India continue to be the most affected.

South Korea has suffered from unusually heavy downpours for over 2 months now, marking the country's longest and worst-ever monsoon season. Now, the strongest typhoon of the year is on its way to the Korean peninsula, so the deluge is unlikely to abate anytime soon.

Snow in Australia, southern Brazil and South Africa is normal this time of year - it's still winter there (barely), but what are we to make of August snowfalls in Yunnan, China; Dagestan, Russia; the Alps and Pyrenees in Europe? A foretaste perhaps of a cold northern winter to come.

Given the amount of water falling out of the sky the world over, if the unprecedented slowdown in the North Atlantic Gulf Stream holds, we may soon be entering an extended winter.

All that and more in our SOTT Earth Changes Summary for August 2020: