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Tue, 25 Oct 2016
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Earth Changes


Revenge attack: Wounded black bear mauls hunter who thought it had been shot dead

The bear attacks the man after he runs over to inspect it when it falls from a tree after being shot
It's best not to approach a wounded bear unless it's definitely dead.

One hunter learnt this lesson the hard way after he approached a black bear he and his friends were tracking down - only to be attacked by the beast.

The terrifying footage first shows a bearded man in khaki with a gun standing at the top of a steep slope in a forest in America.

A large bear can be seen lying in the branch of a tall tree a little way off while hunting dogs bark excitedly.

The man filming stands behind the man, while a third hunter stands at the bottom of the slope ready to get the bear when it falls.

Shots are fired and the bear leaps up and can be seen scrabbling around in the tree top before it is shot again.

Eye 2

Roadway invaded by hundreds of snakes in Sarasota, Florida

Snake on a road
Upon hearing that hundreds of snakes invaded a Florida roadway, many would assume the chatter pertains to a movie plot, but they would be incorrect.

That exact thing happened in Sarasota on Tuesday morning.

According to a Facebook post by the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office, droves of banded watersnakes showed up on Palmer Boulevard in the hours before sunrise.

The reptiles covered both the east and west bound lanes, perhaps looking to take advantage of the warmth the black pavement provides.

Bizarro Earth

Drones capture devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew in North Carolina

© Nicole Craine / Reuters
Flooding waters of the Tar River cover the Riverwalk Apartments due to rainfall caused from Hurricane Matthew in Greenville, North Carolina, U.S., October 11, 2016
Historic flooding is creating life-threatening conditions in North Carolina, days after Hurricane Matthew inundated the state with more than a foot and a half of rain. Entire towns remain underwater, and swollen rivers still haven't crested.

The death toll in the Tar Heel State has plateaued at 20, while only 46,000 customers remain without power, down from a high of 900,000, Governor Pat McCrory said Thursday. Nearly 3,400 people remain in shelters, though mandatory evacuation orders remain in effect for several parts of the state.

"It's almost like a surreal environment because since Monday we have had Carolina-blue skies," McCrory said. "While we are having beautiful days, people are suffering."

"I have been to those shelters, and it's tough," he said. "How will we get at least temporary housing for thousands of people? There is no easy solution."

Despite the sunshine, dangers from the flooding remain.


Loud boom heard over several blocks in northern Kentucky

Police say they still aren't sure what caused a loud boom in Kenton County Wednesday night.

Dispatchers began receiving calls around 9:20 p.m. for reports of a "sonic boom" in the Edgewood area.

It was heard over an area of several blocks in the vicinity of Turkeyfoot Road near St. Elizabeth Hospital.

Police investigated but could not find the source of the noise.


Baby killed and child seriously injured by dog in Colchester, UK; second such incident for the area in 2 months

A baby boy has died and another child is seriously injured after a dog attack in Colchester, Essex.

The dog attacked three people including the two young boys. The surviving child was left with "life-changing injuries", Essex Police said.

Officers were called to the junction of Tara Close and Harwich Road at 15:10 BST on Thursday following reports someone had been bitten by a dog.

Police said the animal involved had been "recovered".

A woman was also taken to hospital with minor injuries after being bitten.

Comment: See also this report of a similar incident in the same county just 2 months ago: Boy aged 3 dies following dog attack in Essex, UK

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Spanish hotel swamped by 60 foot geyser as water mains suddenly burst

Astonished hotel guests in southern Spain woke to find a 60-foot geyser spouting up beside their sixth storey bedrooms
Astonished hotel guests in southern Spain woke to find a 60-foot geyser spouting up beside their sixth storey bedrooms.

Rescue workers in Benalmadena, near the Spanish province of Malaga, say a giant water mains burst sending hundreds of thousands of gallons of water into the air.

The blast of the fracture was so strong, reports local media, that shock waves could be seen off the coast in the sea.

Guests described a 'mini tsunami' sweeping through the Los Patos Park hotel's restaurant during breakfast.

The hotel's reception and gardens were also flooded.

Ironically, the hotel's four water park pools were also damaged as the flood waters swamped them.

Comment: As water mains burst, gas lines explode and fuel pipes leak could a contributory factor to this fracturing of underground infrastructure be the slowdown in Earth's rotation?

Other indications of the planet slowing down (or having already significantly slowed down) are the gaping sinkholes opening up, the increased volcanic activity - above and below water - and the 'strange sky sounds'.


Hurricane Nicole wreaks havoc on Bermuda

© The Weather Channel
Current Storm Information
Hurricane Nicole plowed directly into Bermuda on Thursday before churning into the open sea and weakening, the US National Hurricane Centre said, as local media reported significant damage to the tiny Atlantic island chain.

The Royal Gazette newspaper said the storm, rated as a Category 3 hurricane on the five-step Saffir-Simpson scale, sheared rooftops from buildings, uprooted trees, flooded homes and downed power lines as it hit Bermuda with sustained winds of up to 120 miles per hour (195 kph).

But there were no immediate reports of any casualties from Bermuda, a low-lying archipelago occupying just 21 square miles (54 sq km) and home to more than 65,000 people.

After passing over Bermuda, the storm, packing maximum sustained winds of 110 miles per hour (175 kph), was downgraded to a Category 2 hurricane, still capable of causing extensive damage.

Comment: Hurricane Nicole was the strongest hurricane to affect the Atlantic archipelago in 13 years. According to the Weather Channel the hurricane is now weakening in the Central Atlantic but dangerous swells are possible along U.S. East Coast.


Signs and Portents: Two-headed piglet born in Vietnam

© Nghe An
The two-headed piglet.
Many have flocked to see the pig with two heads, four eyes and four legs.

Nguyen Ba Hien, 56, a farmer in Nghe An Province, reported that one of his sows had given birth to a piglet with two heads, four eyes and four legs.

Weighing in at healthy half a kilo, Hien says the piglet came into the world in a litter of 10 on October 5.

The animal had a hard time deciding which head to suckle with, Hien said.

Cloud Lightning

Rare, medium or well done? Lightning bolt kills 21 cows in Nigeria

Not less than twenty-one cows have been killed by lightning in Nasarawa state.

According to Jaafaru Usman, Zonal Secretary of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association, Nasarawa South, the 21 cows had been killed by lightning at Ashige in Lafia East Development Area of the state.

The lightning was reported to have struck during a downpour on Tuesday morning all the 21 cows.

Usman told the News Agency of Nigeria on Thursday that the cows belonged to a herdsman, Malam Bature Lere.

He appealed for assistance from the state Government, authorities of the Lafia East Development Area and the public on behalf of Lere.

Usman said, "I am appealing to Gov. Umaru Al-Makura to assist this man who lost all his cows to the disaster".


Rare deep-water blue shark found on a beach in Tentsmuir, Scotland

© Cascade News
A dog investigates the body of the rare shark which washed up on a Scottish beach
The body of a rare blue shark has been found washed up on a Scottish beach.

Scientists were shocked after the 5ft carcass was discovered by a dogwalker on Tentsmuir Beach, Fife.
Scottish Blue sharks normally inhabit very deep waters in seas across the world from South America to Norway but are very rarely found near shorelines.

Dr Andrew Brownlow, from the Scottish Marine Animal Stranding Scheme, said scientists would be trying to recover the shark's body which was found on Monday to find out more.

"It it is a deep water species which only occasionally comes close to shore," he explained.

"We are going to see if we can get this recovered to see if we can learn a little more about what happened.

"It is possible the animal swam onto the beach alive and died, or it could be ill."