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Fri, 25 Jun 2021
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Earth Changes

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strike kills 2 in Mandaue City, Philippines

TWO men were killed after they were struck by lightning while foraging shellfish in Sitio Pajara, Barangay Umapad in Mandaue City on Tuesday afternoon, June 22, 2021.

Police identified the victims as Rey Cuyam, 28, a resident of Barangay Umapad; and Erwin Hirasol, 33, a resident of Barangay Mantuyong, Mandaue City.

Glendo Demape, who works for Umapad's barangay hall, said they and local police responded in the area after they received reports of casualties from a lightning strike that occurred there.

When they got there, barangay personnel and local police found Cuyam and Hirasol already lying just a few meters from the shoreline and had numerous burns on their bodies.


Mouse plague ravages rural Australia, the worst in decades

Australia mouse plague
© YouTube/TRT World (screen capture)
Australians at the centre of the worst mouse plague in decades say the rodents are nibbling on their hair and nails while they sleep. But as Sarah Morice reports, farmers are worried a government plan to use a highly toxic poison on the mice will also kill native animals.


Italy's Mount Etna sends lava and ash into air as eruption continues

Mount Etna eruption
© YouTube/Ruptly (screen capture)
Footage shows Mount Etna continuing to erupt in Sicily on Monday, as volcanic activity continues. The volcano was seen spewing huge amounts of lava, with clouds of ash billowing in the air. The Sicilian peak which is 3,329 metres (10,922 feet) high, is considered to be one of the world's most active volcanoes.


Birds dying by hundreds in at least 6 states across America

Birds are going blind in the Washington region

Birds are going blind in the Washington region
Hundreds of birds are dying without explanation in parts of the South and Midwest.

Wildlife experts in at least six states and Washington, D.C., have reported an increase in sick or dying birds in the past month. The most commonly afflicted birds are blue jays, common grackles and European starlings.

"We're experiencing an unusual amount of bird mortality this year," said Kate Slankard, an avian biologist with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. "We have yet to figure out what the problem is. The condition seems to be pretty deadly."

Symptoms include crusty or puffy eyes, neurological signs of seizures and an inability to stay balanced.

Experts said the birds have been behaving as if they are blind and exhibit other abnormalities, such as not flying away when people get close.

Cloud Precipitation

Heavy rains hit the Valley of Mexico - floods in Atizapán, Ecatepec and Tlalnepantla

The heavy rains in the Valley of Mexico have affected, mainly in the State of Mexico, where there are floods in at least three municipalities: Atizapán, Ecatepec and Tlalnepantla.

Mexican Civil Protection authorities called for extreme precautions in the face of road damage, after citizens published videos showing several cars under water.

Citizens who were trapped in cars or workplaces assured that the water level reached up to 50 centimeters.


3 coyote attacks on people in northwest Calgary

© Getty Images

The city of Calgary ​​​​​​is looking for a coyote that it believes has attacked three people in recent weeks. As Jenna Freeman reports, the victim of one of the attacks is still reeling from the close encounter.

Black Cat

Leopard mauls man to death in Pauri, Uttarakhand, India - second death in a fortnight

Stock image of leopard
© Getty
The forest department of Uttarakhand has swung into action after a 38-year-old man was attacked and killed by a leopard in Pauri district on Tuesday.

The incident occurred in Mala Bhainsoda village when one Dinesh Chandra had gone to relieve himself in the forest on Tuesday morning. When he didn't return for a long time, his family members started a search operation. Barely a few metres away from his home, Chandra's body was spotted in the bushes in a mutilated form.

The incident has shaken the Pauri district administration as it is the second human death within a fortnight due to leopard attack. Earlier on June 10, a 55-year-old woman was killed by a leopard in the western Ameli forest range of Dabra village.

Villagers have demanded the leopard be tagged and terminated.

Arrow Down

Three killed, three others injured by landslide triggered by incessant rain in Nepal

Three persons were killed while three others sustained injuries after a landslide triggered by incessant rain fell over their house in Rolpa Municipality-9 in Rolpa District.

The deceased have been identified as Pratima Budha (46), Sushila Budha (18), and Shyamkala Budha (16), informed Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Naresh Raj Subedi, at District Police Office, Rolpa.

A team of police personnel under command of DSP Subedi had reached the site following the incident. According to police, the trio was sleeping inside their house when the debris from the landslide fell over, burying them under.

Tikasingh Budha (40), Sunmaya Budha (45) and nine-year-old Shaktiman Budha, who were also sleeping in the same house managed to save themselves, added DSP Subedi.Among them, Sunmaya and Shaktiman sustained minor injuries, Subedi said.

Comment: A week ago: At least 18 dead, 21 missing after floods and landslides in 26 districts of Nepal (UPDATE)


Two critically injured in bear attack in Odisha, India

At least two persons were critically injured after being attacked by a bear in a forest near Brahmania village under Kamakshyanagar police limits in Dhenkanal district on Wednesday.

The injured have been identified as Dharmananda Nayak and Pabitra Nayak of the village.

Reportedly, the incident occurred while the duo had gone to the forest today morning in search of mushrooms. Meanwhile, they were attacked by the animal.

Later, locals rescued and rushed the injured persons to Kamakshyanagar Sub-Divisional Hospital in a 108-ambulance. They were then shifted to the Dhenkanal District Headquarters Hospital (DHH) as their condition deteriorated.


Bear tears apart and kills teen campsite worker in Russia

A bear attacked and killed a 16-year-old boy
© Ergaki Park
A bear attacked and killed a 16-year-old boy before eating his body
A tragic teen was savaged to death by a bear who devoured "half of his body" when he took a shortcut into more dangerous paths in a Russian national park.

Two other tourists were confronted by the ferocious predator nine hours later when they went to look for the 16-year-old tour guide and were confronted by the bear who lunged at them.

One of the men managed to stab the animal in the neck with a pen knife several times before playing-dead and the other rushed back to raise the alarm.

Inspectors at Ergaki National Park made a grim discovery when they discovered the bear lying on the 16-year-old boy's half-eaten body some 500 yards from the tourist camp in the Sayan Mountains.

Comment: See in addition: Bear attacks increasing worldwide