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Wed, 03 Mar 2021
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Snowflake Cold

Three people dead as worst snow storm in over a decade hits Athens, Greece

The Parthenon temple on the Acropolis hill archaeological site during a heavy snowfall in Athens

The Parthenon temple on the Acropolis hill archaeological site during a heavy snowfall in Athens
Three people died on Tuesday as heavy snowfall fell and gale-force winds hit Greece, disrupting road and sea transport as well as halting Covid vaccinations in Athens.

The cold front, dubbed "Medea" after the mythical Greek sorceress of the Argonauts, sent temperatures plunging, with a maximum low of minus 19 degrees Celsius in the northwestern city of Florina.

"The last time we saw so much snow in the centre of Athens was in February 2008," meteorologist Costas Lagouvardos told AFP.

On the island of Evia near Athens, two elderly men suffering from respiratory problems died after their breathing apparatus failed during a power outage, state TV ERT reported.

On Crete, a livestock farmer in his 60s was found dead in the snow outside his granary at the village of Kaminaki in the east of the island, TV ERT added.

Comment: Cold front Medea brings snow to northern Greece


At least 3 dead as tornado rips through North Carolina county

brunswick county nc tornado
© Brunswick County Sherriff’s Office
This photo of the Ocean Isle Beach area shows the destruction Tuesday morning following the potential tornado February 15, 2021
At least three people were found dead early Tuesday after a tornado tore through a seaside town in North Carolina at the rough edge of a blast of winter weather across the United States. Millions of people remained without power amid subfreezing temperatures, and authorities warned of treacherous travel conditions in many states.

The massive winter storm that overwhelmed a Southwestern power grid and immobilized the Southern Plains was carrying heavy snow and freezing rain eastward, with bad weather spreading through into New England and the Deep South, the National Weather Service said.

The storm system left behind record-setting cold temperatures with wind-chill warnings extending from Canada into Mexico.

Snowflake Cold

Almost 5 million without power in U.S. as winter storm stresses grid

no power
The massive winter storm that swept across the nation this week has left 5 million people without power as utilities have been forced to implement rolling power outages, Bloomberg reported.

The Southwest Power Pool (SPP), which manages a 14-state grid from North Dakota to Oklahoma, on Tuesday ordered the second day of rolling blackouts, the news outlet reported.

SPP executive vice president and chief operating officer Lanny Nickell said in a statement that the move was a "last resort" and SPP had never before ordered such interruptions.

Comment: Check out Austin, Texas this week: it's covered in ice!

Snowflake Cold

5 million in northern Mexico without power as winter storm in Texas freezes natural gas pipelines

Mexico looks like Canada

Mexico looks like Canada
Freezing weather in the US state of Texas left almost five million people in northern Mexico without power early on Monday, as a shortage of natural gas disrupted electricity production.

Mexico's government-owned utility, the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), said on Monday its operations were interrupted as the winter storm in Texas froze natural gas pipelines.

Mexico uses gas to generate about 60 percent of its power, compared with about 40 percent in the United States, and the country built pipelines to take advantage of cheap natural gas from its northern neighbour.

A deep freeze across Texas during the weekend took a toll on the energy industry in the largest US crude-producing state, shutting oil refineries and forcing restrictions from natural gas pipeline operators.


Snow storm pummels Japan, disrupts travel

A strong winter storm has lashed northern Japan and coastal regions, whipping off roofs, flooding homes and disrupting transport.

A severe blizzard battered the northern island of Hokkaido on Tuesday and a storm surge inundated homes in part of the island, according to the Hokkaido Shimbun newspaper.

A gust of 162km/h was recorded at Cape Erimo on Hokkaido and 135 km/h in the city of Sakata, Yamagata prefecture.

The Japan Meteorological Agency warned of "the most powerful blizzard in years," which could produce white-out conditions, for part of the island through Wednesday.


Mount Etna spews lava fountains into the sky in its latest explosive activity

Mount Etna, the ancient volcano located in Sicily, Italy, was filmed spewing lava to the sky on Monday.

In a video provided by RT's Ruptly video agency, dark orange lava can be seen shooting out of the top of Mount Etna and dripping down its sides.

According to the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, which observes the volcano, the eruption came from the south east crater, with activity from the other craters, too.


Rare multiple waterspouts filmed in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

© Everton Luís Sparremberger
Multiple tornadoes have been recorded in the Lagoa dos Patos region in the past few hours. Tornadoes over water (waterspouts) were observed in municipalities such as Tavares and Mostardas. The phenomena caused no damage or casualties.


Texas blizzard has now produced a 'snownado'


A "Snownado" in East Texas
Things are bad in Texas right now. There's a massive blizzard blanketing the state, along with single-digit temperatures and statewide blackouts.

But perhaps nothing was as terrifying as seeing the word "Snownado" come across my Twitter timeline.

In the East Texas town of Gun Barrell City witnesses recorded what looked like a tornado in the middle of the blizzard. The now-dubbed "Snownado" swirled above Cedar Creek Lake for a bit before dissipating.

Here is a video capturing the event that was thankfully uploaded to the Internet:

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3 more people die in avalanches in the U.S. - total of 25 for the season

This image provided by Colorado Avalanche Information Center shows an avalanche that killed an unidentified snowboarder on Sunday, Feb. 14, 2021, near the town of Winter Park in Colorado.

This image provided by Colorado Avalanche Information Center shows an avalanche that killed an unidentified snowboarder on Sunday, Feb. 14, 2021, near the town of Winter Park in Colorado.
The deaths of two Colorado men caught in avalanches and a third in Montana over the frigid Presidents Day weekend show how backcountry skiers and others in the Rocky Mountain wilderness risk triggering weak layers of snow that have created the most hazardous conditions in a decade, forecasters say.

At least 25 people have been killed in avalanches in the United States this year — more than the 23 who died last winter. Typically, 27 people die in avalanches in the U.S. annually.

Avalanche forecasters say they have rarely seen the danger as high as it is now — and it will grow as more snow moves into the Rockies, adding weight and stress on a weak, granular base layer of snow that's susceptible to breaking apart and triggering especially wide slides on steep slopes.

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Three children killed by landslide in Pakistan

Three children were crushed to death by a landslide in Rahim Yar Khan Tuesday.

According to police, the accident took place in Firoza's Chak 239.

The police said the children were playing when a landslide struck. They died on the spot. Their bodies have been shifted to a hospital.

The deceased were aged between three and eight years, the law enforcers said.