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Extraordinary charges of pro-Israel bias emerge against NY Times "reporter" Anat Schwartz

NYT building new york times
© Johannes Eisele/AFP via Getty ImagesThe New York Times building.
New doubts are emerging about the New York Times's coverage of sexual violence in the October 7 attack. The paper must explain why it broke its own rules by hiring a clearly biased writer who endorsed racist and violent rhetoric toward Palestinians.

New doubts are emerging about the New York Times's coverage of sexual violence during the October 7 Hamas-led attack — and the paper owes its readers an open and transparent explanation.

What's more, its reporting on this issue has become so questionable that it should assign new reporters to go over the entire story again.

The latest questions are centered around Anat Schwartz, an Israeli who co-authored several of the paper's most widely circulated reports, including the now well-known and scrutinized December 28 article headlined: "'Screams Without Words'' How Hamas Weaponized Sexual Violence on Oct. 7."

Comment: More shenanigans:

Shopping Bag

Hundreds of migrants released at bus stop after aid money runs out

© Guillermo Arias/AFP/Getty ImagesAsylum Seekers rush to be processed
Hundreds of migrants were dropped off on the side of the road in San Diego, California, on Friday after funding for a reception center ran dry, according to The Associated Press.

Border Patrol buses dropped off hundreds of migrants from places like China, Kazakhstan, Ecuador and Rwanda, among other countries, at a San Diego bus stop instead of a county-funded reception center that closed down Thursday after running out of funds, the AP reported. The reception center was run by SBCS, a local nonprofit formerly known as South Bay Community Services, which San Diego County gave $6 million to provide migrants with food, phone charging stations and travel advice, alongside other services.

San Diego, like other major cities, is facing strain amid the country's ongoing migrant crisis.

The city saw a daily average of 800 illegal-crossing-related arrests in January, including an average of over 100 Chinese migrants a day, according to AP.

SBCS served 81,000 migrants in the county since Oct. 11, the group said, according to the AP. With SBCS' reception center now closed, Border Patrol said to expect roughly 350 migrants to be released on the streets Friday.

Comment: The Biden administration is clueless and broke. There are no winners here. None.


FIRE seeks Indiana University records on cancellation of pro-Palestinian art exhibit

© unknownSamia Halaby in her studio in 2016
IU has refused to be transparent about alleged security concerns that prompted cancellation of Palestinian painter Samia Halaby's exhibit — so FIRE is pursuing the information through other avenues.

Last week, FIRE filed an open records request with Indiana University, with the goal of learning more about whether viewpoint discrimination was behind the abrupt cancellation of a pro-Palestinian art exhibit.

Before its sudden cancellation in December, the retrospective of prominent 87-year-old Palestinian artist Samia Halaby was scheduled to open Feb. 10 at IU's Eskenazi Museum of Art.

In January, FIRE asked IU to reschedule the event, or at least be transparent about the security concerns that allegedly led to its cancellation. But the university has remained silent — even in the face of increasing public pressure to reverse course.

According to Halaby, in December, the museum director cited complaints from museum employees about Halaby's social media criticism of Israel as grounds for the exhibit's cancellation. But in January, when news of the cancellation went public, the university pivoted, instead claiming that "academic leaders and campus officials canceled the exhibit due to concerns about guaranteeing the integrity of the exhibit for its duration."

At a moment of heightened tension on campus, universities need to be more protective of free expression than ever, not less. But both explanationsdepending on the specificspresent potential First Amendment concerns.


Russia protects family values and children - Tara Reade

The West is "weaponizing" LGBT propaganda to distract voters from its crumbling economic infrastructure, the former US Senate aide told RT
tara reade
Russia places more importance on protecting children and family values than waging a culture war, former US Senate aide Tara Reade told RT on Thursday, explaining that many in the West are poorly informed about what life is really like in the country.

The West has "weaponized culture wars...against some of the more conservatives in the United States," Reade, now a commentator with RT, told her colleague. Russia, "watching that from the outside," has rightly prioritized the "values of [its] vast population" over the interests of a tiny fraction of people - a stance that is often misunderstood, she said.

It is not illegal to be gay in Russia, despite oft-repeated rumors in the West, Reade explained, clarifying that Russia's policy against "LGBT propaganda" directed at minors is just that - an effort to shield children from the promotion of alternative sexual orientations and other potentially unwholesome influences, not a blanket prohibition on non-traditional sexual practices.

"In Russia there is a protection of family and a protection of children," she stressed, attributing this to the strong religious values of the population.


AP brutally roasted online after bending backwards to avoid linking Laken Riley's murder to illegal migrant

associated press
Social media users called out the Associated Press (AP) on Sunday after the media outlet avoided stating that an illegal immigrant was charged with murdering nursing student Laken Riley.

Illegal immigrant Jose Antonio Ibarra was arrested and charged Friday by University of Georgia (UGA) authorities for the death of Lake Riley, 22, who was found Thursday afternoon. During a press conference Friday night revealing Ibarra's identity, authorities confirmed he was not a resident of the U.S. Early reports circulated that Ibarra was illegally living in the U.S., with Department of Justice officials confirming Ibarra's brother, Diego, was arrested over fraudulent immigration papers.

AP News, however, posted an article on X (formerly Twitter) Sunday morning claiming Riley's death now "highlights the fear of solo female athletes." The article notably labels Riley's alleged murderer as an "Athens resident," giving no other background on the illegal migrant even though university officials confirmed Friday he was not a resident of the U.S.

Social media users reacted, quickly calling out the news agency's lack of forthrightness around Ibarra's status.

Red Pill

SOTT Focus: Aaron Bushnell Burned Himself Alive To Make You Turn Your Eyes To Gaza

Aaron Bushnell
I watched the uncensored video of US airman Aaron Bushnell self-immolating in front of the Israeli embassy in Washington while screaming "Free Palestine". I hesitated to watch it because I knew once I put it into my mind it's there for the rest of my life, but I figured I owe him that much.

I feel like I've been picked up and shaken, which I suppose was pretty much what Bushnell was going for. Something to shake the world awake to the reality of what's happening. Something to snap us out of the brainwashed and distracted stupor of western dystopia and turn our gaze to Gaza.

The sounds stay with you more than the sights. The sound of his gentle, youthful, Michael Cera-like voice as he walked toward the embassy. The sound of the round metal container he stored the accelerant in getting louder as it rolls toward the camera. The sound of Bushnell saying "Free Palestine", then screaming it, then switching to wordless screams when the pain became too overwhelming, then forcing out one more "Free Palestine" before losing his words for good. The sound of the cop screaming at him to get on the ground over and over again. The sound of a first responder telling police to stop pointing guns at Bushnell's burning body and go get fire extinguishers.

Yellow Vest

Riot police tear gas protesting farmers in Brussels amid crisis meeting at EU HQ

protest brussels farmers
© REUTERSSmoke rises from burning tires during a protest of European farmers over price pressures, taxes and green regulation, on the day of an EU Agriculture Ministers meeting in Brussels, Belgium, on Feb 26, 2024.
Farmers jammed part of Brussels with tractors on Monday (Feb 26) in a protest to demand EU action on issues ranging from cheap supermarket prices to free trade deals, as agricultural ministers gathered to discuss the crisis in the sector.

Around 100 tractors were parked around the European Union institutions' headquarters on Monday morning ahead of planned speeches, a short distance from where ministers were to meet.

The road leading from the EU district to central Brussels was clogged by columns of tractors. Police had cordoned off a wide area surrounding EU buildings, where EU member states' agriculture ministers were arriving to discuss what more they can do to respond to farm workers' demands.

Comment: It seems that, despite the brazen attacks on farming over the past few years, farmers are now beginning to realise that governments really are intent on shutting them down, and, as the situation currently stands, they're at the mercy of subsidies and 'deceptive' concessions, which can (and will) be withdrawn at any time:


Having a kid feels 'like financial suicide' as more parents take on debt to pay for childcare - report says

nursery childcare spelling
© PA
The Government's Money Helper website says the average cost of sending a child under the age of two to nursery full time is £14,030 a year.

Having a child "feels like financial suicide" for parents, the head of a charity has said, after a study found more Britons are taking on debt to pay for childcare.

Commissioned by campaign group Pregnant Then Screwed, the survey said almost half of parents of under-fives in England say they have taken financial blows as the cost of childcare bites.

Comment: The not-so-subtle subtext here is that it is no longer financially viable to have children. Now why would mainstream media outlets be spreading the message that having kids 'isn't worth it'?

See also:


Texas Girl Scout troop robbed while selling cookies in front of Walmart

girl scout robbed
© Fort Worth Police Department / FacebookThe girl Scouts in Texas were robbed by a man walking out of a Fort Worth Walmart on Feb. 11, 2024.The person reached behind the table and grabbed the bag that contained the earnings the Girl Scout’s made.
A Fort Worth, Texas Girl Scout troop was robbed earlier this month while selling cookies in front of a Walmart.

The Fort Worth Police Department is looking for a man between 18-24 years old, who was wearing a gray hoodie and a black beanie at the time of the heist.

Comment: When the description of the suspect is as vague as this one, deliberately leaving out obvious identifiers like, say, race, you know what it means.

Police said at about 2 p.m. on Feb. 11, the suspect walked past a Girl Scout cookie stand located at the entrance of a Walmart on Clifford Street.


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Best of the Web: Farmers' rebellion: 160 tons of Ukrainian grain dumped out of trains at station in Poland

train poland grain ukraine
Police officers, customs officers, and railway workers stand next to piles of corn spilled from train cars in the Polish village of Kotomierz, near the Ukrainian border, on February 25.
Around 160 tons of Ukrainian grain was destroyed at a Polish railway station amid large-scale protests in what a senior Ukrainian official said on Sunday was an act of "impunity and irresponsibility".

Polish farmers protesting this month against what they say is unfair competition from Ukraine and European Union environment regulations have blocked border crossings with Ukraine and motorways, and spilled Ukrainian produce from train wagons.

Comment: Ukrainian grain has been shown to be contaminated with mold, GMO and unacceptable levels of chemicals. Notably American megacorporations have been increasingly buying vast tracts of Ukraine's top agricultural land. But the main reason European farmers are furious is that Ukrainian grain, heavily discounted to pay for NATO's war, is flooding the EU market and hitting European farmers hard.

"These pictures show 160 tons of destroyed Ukrainian grain. The grain was in transit to the port of Gdansk and then to other countries," Deputy Prime Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov posted on X with photographs of mounds of grain spilled from train wagons.

Comment: It remains to be seen just who was responsible, however it is clear that farmers across Europe are becoming increasingly incensed with the 'deceptive' concessions their governments are promising them, and are resorting to taking direct action against the inferior products being shipped in to undercut their own: France's farmers storm agricultural fair amid Macron visit, demand his resignation