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US: Episcopal Clergy Arrested at Occupy Wall Street Protest

© The Associated PressArrested: Packard was taken to a bus waiting by the demo in Duarte Park, near the city's SoHo neighbourhood
A retired Episcopal Church bishop and at least two other Episcopal priests were arrested on 17 December after they entered a fenced property owned by historic Trinity Episcopal Church in Lower Manhattan as part of an event to mark the three-month anniversary of the anti-corporate Occupy Wall Street movement.

Livestream video showed George Packard, former Episcopal bishop for the armed forces and federal ministries, dressed in a purple robe and wearing a cross, climbing a ladder that protesters erected against the fence and dropping to the ground inside the property, called Duarte Park. Other protesters followed, including the Rev. John Merz and the Rev. Michael Sniffen, Episcopal priests in the Diocese of Long Island (New York), Episcopal News Service (ENS) reports.

Police entered the area and arrested at least 50 people. Merz reportedly was arrested with Packard. Sniffen later confirmed that he had been arrested. The clergy were later released.


US: Occupy Wall Street Fights Trinity Church For 'Occupation 2.0′

© OccupyWallSt.orgA poster for Saturday's planned Occupy Wall Street rally.
After a series of evictions at their encampments around the country, Occupy Wall Street protesters want the next phase of their movement to begin in a vacant lot on Canal Street and Sixth Avenue that's owned by Trinity Church, but the church won't let them use the space. On Saturday, the demonstrators plan to mark the three month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street with a rally. According to a press release sent out by the Occupy Wall Street media team, Saturday's event is designed as "part of a call to re-occupy in the wake of the coordinated attacks and subsequent evictions of occupations" and an effort to "urge Trinity Church to do the right thing."

Occupy Wall Street has struggled to evolve since NYPD officers evicted the protesters from their original home in Zuccotti Park on November 15. Two days later, the occupiers protested the raid with a massive march across the Brooklyn Bridge, but since then, the movement has seemingly lost steam in New York as the number of large scale protest actions here dwindled and Occupy encampments in other cities were raided including Boston, Los Angeles and Portland.

Protesters have had their eyes on Trinity's lot ever since their eviction from Zuccotti Park. Occupiers asked Trinity to let them use the space the morning after the police raid and, earlier this month, attempted to convince the church to let them use the space with a hunger strike. Trinity Wall Street has allowed the protesters to use another space they own near Ground Zero for meeting space, wi fi and power outlets, but the church has opposed allowing the occupiers in the Canal Street lot. When the hunger strike began, Trinity Wall Street sent a statement to the Observer affirming their support for "the vigorous engagement of the issues which Occupy Wall Street has raised" and explaining their objections to letting protesters Occupy the lot.


Ten-Day DC Occupation Decries Ten Years of Injustice at Guantanamo, January 2012

© Amnesty International
Marking 10th Anniversary of Guantanamo, Events to Include 10-Day Fast, Courtroom Support for Activists Who Spoke Out in Congress, and a Human Chain from the White House to Congress

December 19 - January 11 will mark the tenth anniversary of the first detainees' arrival at the U.S.-controlled detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. To remember this travesty, Witness Against Torture is planning 10 days of activities in Washington, D.C. demanding an end to torture and indefinite detention at Guantanamo, Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, and elsewhere, and that the president reject the just-passed National Defense Authorization Act.

Jan. 2-12: WAT sponsors Hungering for Justice, a 10-day fast highlighting the ongoing crimes at Guantanamo and Bagram. Dozens of activists are expected to participate in the fast in Washington as well as other cities. Locations of daily activities in support of the fast to be announced.

Jan. 3: The jury trial of 14 anti-torture activists is scheduled to begin in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, Moultrie Courthouse, 500 Indiana Ave., N.W. In June 2011, the 14 stood one by one in the Gallery of the House of Representatives to petition lawmakers to uphold the Constitution by not making funding for Guantanamo permanent. WAT will stand with the 14 in the court room, outside the courthouse, and around the city as their trial proceeds.

Bizarro Earth

Britain: 'The state ceased to exist': Damning verdict of police tactics during summer riots

  • Situation 'would have been worse if officers had deployed water cannon or plastic bullets'
  • Youngsters blame poverty for riots, survey finds
Rioting spread across Britain during the summer because police 'lost control of the streets', a devastating report by MPs said today.

The home affairs select committee accused police of failing to appreciate the 'magnitude' of the task they faced.

The committee's chairman, Keith Vaz, said that in some parts of the country 'the state effectively ceased to exist - sometimes for hours at a time'.
© Getty ImagesThe riots spread from Tottenham to other parts of the capital in August


Are NDAA, SOPA, Occupy Wall Street and Anonymous Off-Limits on Twitter?

© Reuters/Tim ChongA number of controversial Twitter accounts have been shut down over the past two days.
NDAA, SOPA, Occupy Wall Street and Anonymous may be off-limits on Twitter. As Twitter users who extensively discuss those topics continue to find their accounts being shut down or otherwise restricted, it seems increasingly likely that the phenomenon is more than a coincidence.

My Twitter account was severely limited for a little less than an hour Monday afternoon in a pattern of what appears to be censorship sweeping across the social media site.

The account limitations were imposed shortly after I published a story looking into infringements on the accounts of Twitter users who have been criticizing the National Defense Authorization Act and the Stop Online Privacy Act--or backing OWS or Anonymous--too fiercely.

At 11:06 a.m. Monday I published "NDAA and SOPA: Are Provisions of These Bills Already Impacting Web Users?" on the International Business Times website.


US, Claifornia: Teen Gets 21 Years in Prison for Slaying of Gay Student

© unknownLawrence King (left) and the person who shot him to death, Brandon McInerney
A California teen was sentenced to 21 years in jail on Monday for shooting to death a 15-year-old gay middle school classmate who he said made unwanted sexual advances.

The sentencing of Brandon McInerney, the result of a plea deal with Ventura County prosecutors, brings to a close an emotionally charged case that previously resulted in a hung jury on a charge of murder and hate crime.

McInerney, who was 14 at the time of the shooting in 2008, was sentenced to 21 years in California state prison with not reduction for good behavior or credit for the four years he already served in prison, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors said McInerney, now 17, took a gun to his middle school in Oxnard and sat in a computer lab with classmate Larry King before shooting him in the back of the head and then firing at him as he lay on the ground.


Iran Wants Vancouver Consulate, But Canada Refuses

© Jenelle Schneider/PNG filesThere are about 120,000 Iranian-Canadians in Metro Vancouver, mostly in North Vancouver (pictured). Iran wants to open a consulate in Vancouver to serve the city’s Iranian-Canadian population, but a federal-government policy prohibits it.
Iran wants to open a consulate in Vancouver to serve the city's Iranian-Canadian population, but a federal-government policy prohibits it.

There are about 120,000 Iranian-Canadians in Metro Vancouver, according to Kambiz Sheikh-Hassani, Chargé d'affaires of Iran's Ottawa embassy.

Sheikh-Hassani said in a statement that many Iranians living in Canada have business interests or family members in Iran and because Iranian law does not recognize dual citizenship, they must use Iranian travel documents to enter the country.

The only place in Canada where these documents can be obtained is through Iran's embassy in Ottawa, which means Iranian-Canadians living elsewhere must send valuable documents such as birth certificates and passports through the mail, Sheikh-Hassani said.

Other transactions, such as obtaining an Iranian birth certificate or power of attorney for valuable transactions, must be completed in person. This means the applicant must either go to Ottawa or wait for embassy representatives to come to them.


Sickening: Egyptian troops savagely attack women

Egyptian security forces' shameless and brutal treatment of female protesters has reached the World Wide Web as well as media outlets, sending shockwaves through the international community.

On Sunday, the troops attacked the protesters for the third consecutive day in the capital Cairo, continuing to brutalize young activists. At least 10 protesters have been killed and 441 wounded in the violence, which erupted on Thursday, when one of the several hundred peaceful protesters staging a sit-in outside the cabinet offices was detained and beaten up by the troops.

Bad Guys

Deadly riots spread in Kazakhstan oil region

Kazakhstan riots
© ReutersThe violence started after people in oil workers' uniforms toppled a Christmas tree and sound equipment
At least 14 people killed since violence began on Friday, forcing president to declare state of emergency.

Police in Kazakhstan's central city of Shetpe have opened fire on rioters, killing one person and raising the death toll since violence erupted on Friday to 14.

A statement from the prosecutor general's office said on Sunday the violence occurred on Saturday in Shetpe, in the same region as the city of Zhanaozen where 13 people died in a clash with police two days earlier.

Zhanaozen has been the site of a sit-in by oil workers seeking higher wages. Many of those workers were fired over the summer.


US: Body Cavity Searches At Wal-Mart?

© Unknown

I went into Wal-Mart with the kids on Saturday, something I dread doing anyway, but I had to get some "stuff", and they got all the stuff. The parking lot was full, of course, last minute SNAP purchases. Walked past the Salvation Army guy, sorry dude, no coins or bills smaller than $10 (they should make change). Through the doors to main street USA. Then I was dumb-struck. There was a f#%ing TSA agent right next to the greeter, checking peoples ID's and going through their shopping bags. I literally stopped in my tracks I was so shocked. Then this feeling came over me; it started in the back of my head/neck and came flying into my frontal cortex - pure rage. I felt utterly violated, and had a strong protective reaction regarding my children. I saw red and my Norwegian/Viking blood-lust was about to be satisfied. Alas, it was a woman TSA agent, some disgusting fat chick; if I strangled her it wouldn't have looked much like self-defense.

Is this what our country has come to? Check-points at Wal-Mart? What if, on the way out, the bitch had decided I needed a body-cavity search (or my children)? Where would they stick their digits up my orifices? In the bathroom on main street? For Crissakes, it's a bad enough assault on my senses to be in the Wal-Mart obeseathon, it's a soul-crushing spirit-vaporizing experience for me. It's proof-positive we are doomed as a country. But then to have a TSA agent doing a free rectal exam on me or my kids?

Let's not be coy about this either. I live in the middle of nowhere. Terrorists couldn't find where I live if they threw a dart at a map of Illinois a thousand times. There is nothing here of any value to any terrorist. If a meteor hit where I live, nobody would know the difference (except I would quit posting on TBP). Yet, the Feds are here searching innocent white-trash rednecks, ones who don't take to kindly to having their privacy invaded by the Feds, BTW, and who are heavily armed.