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Wed, 18 Sep 2019
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Swedish scientist thinks humans should eat dead bodies to save the planet

tv interview
A Swedish behavioral scientist has suggested that it may be necessary to turn to cannibalism and start eating humans in order to save the planet.

Appearing on Swedish television to talk about an event based around the "food of the future," Magnus Söderlund said he would be holding seminars on the necessity of consuming human flesh in order to stop climate change.

Environmentalists blame the meat and farming industry for a large part of what they claim is the warming of the earth.

According to Söderlund, a potential fix would be the Soylent Green-solution of eating dead bodies instead.

He told the host of the show that one of the biggest obstacles to the proposal would be the taboo nature of corpses and the fact that many would see it as defiling the deceased.

Söderlund also acknowledged that people are "slightly conservative" when it comes to eating things they are not accustomed to, such as cadavers.

Comment: "This is the pinnacle of the unholy marriage of the war on food with the totalitarian climate agenda.": Ice Age Farmer Report: "Save the planet - Eat humans"

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Israeli snipers murder two Palestinian teenagers in Gaza during March of Return protests

Snipers murder Palestinians Gaza
Relatives of 17-year-old Ali Al Ashqar, one of the two Palestinian youths killed yesterday by Israeli fire, mourn during his funeral at Jabaliya refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip on Saturday.
Israeli occupation forces shot and killed two Palestinian children during Great March of Return protests, Gaza's health ministry stated on Friday.

The ministry named one of those slain as Ali Sami Ali al-Ashqar, 17. He was reportedly shot in the head east of Jabaliya, northern Gaza.

Palestinian outlets published this photo of the teen after his death:

Comment: Israel's war criminals in their own words:
An Israeli Brigadier-General, named Zvika Fogel, was responding to reports of the killing by soldiers of an unarmed fourteen year-old boy. He explained in some detail why his soldiers are absolutely doing the right thing to shoot to kill Palestinians who approach the barrier separating Gaza from Israel.

General Fogel's comments are reflective of the Israeli government view of how to control the "Palestinian problem." Only the rights, including the right to life, of Israeli Jews are legitimate and Arabs should be grateful for what the Jewish state allows them to have.
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Boeing's suspends testing of long-haul 777X, door blew out during suspension test claims source

© REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol
Boeing's 777X was originally scheduled to take off on its first flight this summer
Boeing has suspended testing on its new long-haul 777X aircraft, the company said Friday, a setback that comes as it battles to rebound from the crisis surrounding the 737 MAX.

The so-called "final load" tests are part of the aircraft certification process, overseen by inspectors from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and meant to subject the plane to "loads and stresses well beyond normal operational loads," a Boeing spokesman told AFP in an email.

"During final load testing on the 777X static test airplane, the team encountered an issue that required suspension of the test," the spokesman said.

"The testing conditions were well beyond any load expected in commercial service. The event is under review and the team is working to understand root cause."

Comment: Boeing is a dangerous mess, it's no wonder buyers are going elsewhere: Paris air show: Airbus' autonomous planes, Boeing ghosted, while France, Germany & Spain agree to Euro jet fighter

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Beware of Russian... fish? UK tabloids raise alarm over pink salmon 'invasion'

Pink salmon
© REUTERS/Lucas Jackson
Pink salmon swim up the river to their spawning grounds near Valdez, Alaska (file photo)
In the never-ending pursuit to drum up alarm over 'Russian' threats, the British press has turned to reporting on an 'invasion' of pink salmon, after about 10 or so of the fish were spotted in UK waters this year.

"An invasive breed of salmon, from Russia, is colonising Britain's rivers and lakes," the Daily Mail declared on Friday, earning a raised eyebrow from the Russian Embassy in London.

"That awkward moment when all other Russian threat theories have failed miserably," the embassy tweeted, with a photo of the Mail's headline.

Comment: The Brits should probably be counting their blessings: Scotland's worst ever salmon season blamed on extreme weather


'How many innocents has the US government killed?' Pam Anderson schools Meghan McCain on Julian Assange

Pam Anderson and dingbat McCain
© Reuters/Eric Galland; Reuters/Mario Anzuoni
Pam Anderson and dingbat McCain
Playboy model and TV actress Pamela Anderson has delivered a punishing smackdown to Meghan McCain in a heated exchange on The View over the plight WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

In her first TV appearance since visiting Assange in jail in May, Anderson defended the transparency activist from attacks by McCain, one of the co-hosts of The View and the hawkish daughter of the late US Senator John McCain.

"He's obviously ruffled the feathers of a lot of very powerful people, and powerful people want to keep him quiet," Anderson said, kicking off her bout with the host.

A known critic of the transparency activist, McCain had no kind words for Assange, who she called a "cyber terrorist" who "put our national security at risk" with his publications of classified material.


Taxi cab with father and son inside goes airborne after manhole explosion in Manhattan, New York

Manhole cover explosion in NYC
© ABC7
A cab driver was injured and two passengers shaken up when a manhole exploded in Manhattan Friday morning and sent the vehicle into the air.

It happened on 36th Street and Second Avenue in Kips Bay, and it shut down a section of the street for several hours.

NYPD traffic agent Steven Goldberg said several cars were stopped at the light when he suddenly heard a boom.

The noise was so loud his ears began ringing, and he said the force lifted up a taxi with passengers inside.

"Traffic was going as normal, and then the taxi cab and all the rest of the traffic going southbound on Second Avenue stopped at the red light," he said. "And then, all of the sudden, there was a big boom, an explosion, coming out of the manhole. The plates lifted up part of the cab...EMS came in a matter of seconds."

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241 NYPD officers died from 9/11 illnesses, 10x the number killed in WTC attack

2 NYPD officers help woman
© 9/11 Memorial Museum/MEMO
More than ten times the number of NYPD police officers have died in the 18 years since 9/11 as were killed in the terror attack on the World Trade Center itself, officials said.

The grim statistic comes in the wake of a protracted battle for funding to compensate ill first responders and other survivors as well as the families of those who died. President Trump recently signed into law a permanent extension of the funding for the Victim Compensation Fund, which would have run out of money by December 2020.

And while the most common killer has been cancer, new research suggests that cardiovascular disease is markedly higher in responders who were first on the scene as well as those who spent protracted periods of time on the pile. To date, 241 members of the NYPD died of 9/11-related illnesses -- compared to the 23 killed in the attack on the World Trade Center.

"The unfortunate part is that number continues to grow," Deputy Commissioner Robert Ganley told ABC News. "It's heartbreaking. It's very sad. It's sad for the department. It's sad for the families left behind."

The last 18 years have been just as devastating for the fire department.

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Bahamian PM: US aid may reduce number of deaths from Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian Bahamas
© Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images
Aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, Bahamas
Bahamas Prime Minister Hubert Minnis lauded the United States for "assisting us with all of our needs" in the wake of Hurricane Dorian's widespread destruction to the island nation.

Appearing Thursday on CNN's AC360, Minnis said U.S. aid likely reduced the number of deaths in the Bahamas, which stands at least 30 people as of Friday.

"From day one, the United States was in our territory assisting us with all of our needs. Had it not been for the United States we would not have been advanced this far in the entire process," Minnis told host Anderson Cooper.

"Even though our death numbers, we expect they [will] increase, had the United States not come in quickly... our death numbers would be even more," the Bahamas leader added.

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Israel: Third-largest party left out of governing coalitions because it is Palestinian

Odeh, Tibi
© Hadash/WhatsApp
Ayman Odeh and Ahmad Tibi, from April 2019. The two men are now leaders of a Joint List of four Palestinian political parties.
The Israeli election is two weeks away, and a poll out today shows that the two biggest parties, Likud and Blue-and-White, are running neck in neck, at 32 and 31 parliamentary seats, both well short of a majority.

Everyone talks about the fourth-largest party as the kingmaker: Former Defense Minister and bouncer Avigdor Lieberman's party polls at 9 or 10 seats. The rightwing settler wants to cobble together a "unity government" of the two top parties and his.

What about the third largest party in the polling? That's the Joint List of Arab parties, now polling at 10 or 11 seats. You'd think they'd be in great demand.

But no one is talking about coalition building with the Palestinian parties because they're not Zionist Jewish; and Israeli governments are Jewish and Zionist.

So Benjamin Netanyahu can make deals with messianic extremists and other rightwing anti-Arab racists, trying to squeeze out an extra three rightwing seats. And insiders can speculate about Labor joining Netanyahu to the point that the Labor leader shaves his mustache off in an ad to make a credible denial. And Netanyahu can try to paint Lieberman as a "leftist" to rally his voters on the religious right.

But the third largest party in Israel counts for nothing.


Koch Foods is suing ICE over 'illegal' raids, claims illegal aliens were not knowingly hired

ICE raid
© John Moore/Getty
Food processing corporation Koch Foods Inc. is suing the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency after raids which they say were "illegal," claiming that they did not knowingly hire unauthorized workers.

Last month, ICE agents conducted the largest workplace raid in more than a decade across five food processing plants in Mississippi, netting the arrests of 680 illegal aliens. That same day, though, ICE officials said they released about 300 of the illegal workers back into the U.S. on "humanitarian grounds" while more than 200 of the illegal workers had prior criminal records. Prosecutors say many of the illegal workers stole Americans' identities to work at the plants.

In a legal motion against ICE, Koch Foods executives claim that ICE officials did not have substantial evidence to indicate that the food processing plant in Morton, Mississippi employed illegal workers and therefore the raids were illegal.