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Fri, 23 Jul 2021
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Dominion voting system's website goes offline right after Tucker Carlson's report & Arizona audit findings

dominion voting
Dominion Voting Systems' official website appears to have gone offine, only to have returned with password authentication.

Dominionvoting.com returned with a password needed to proceed to the website. DiscloseTV originally reported the website going off-line.

sign in
The timing of the password procedure being installed is odd, to say the least.

It follows Tucker Carlson's bombshell report on Fulton County, Georgia that shows the voter integrity group VoterGA revealing thousands of votes appeared to have been erroneously marked in ballot tallies for Joe Biden.

Mr. Potato

Families sue Universal Orlando after actor made white-power 'OK' gesture posing with girls

OK hand gesture
Lawsuit: Actor made white supremacy hand gesture on biracial children.

Two families are suing Universal Orlando after separate incidents during which an actor playing the "Despicable Me" movie character Gru made a racist hand gesture while posing for photos and video with biracial children.

The civil rights lawsuit was filed on behalf of two girls, who were 5 and 6 years old at the time of the photos, in the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court in Orange County on June 23. The complaint lists Universal Orlando as the defendant.

Comment: Quite a hubbub around what started as a 4chan trolling campaign. See: Fake News Alert: 4Chan tricks Independent into believing 'OK' gesture is symbol for white power

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'Pregnant man' among this year's emoji finalists

pregnant man emoji
© Getty Images/EyeEm; Emojipedia
This year's batch of emoji finalists reportedly includes a pregnant man, disco ball and a melting smiley face.
A text with this emoji could cause a pregnant pause.

This year's batch of emoji finalists includes a knocked-up man, a disco ball and a melting smiley face, according to a report.

Several gender-inclusive and non-binary images — including one titled Pregnant Man — could be released for smartphone use in September, according to emojipedia.org.

Comment: This is yet another example of a tech company's attempts to normalize the abnormal and simultaneously boost their woke status by pandering to the LGBT community. Emojipedia also explained that 'gender inclusive' dancers would be considered in the future:
gender emoji
© Unicode Emoji Subcommittee report by Jennifer Daniel.
Above: Options for a gender-inclusive dancer emoji to be considered in future.


Critical race theory is far more than a political outlook to its adherents, it is a progressive dogma that defines their existence

teacher and students
© Getty Images / monkeybusinessimages
When you start wishing death on the unbelievers of critical race theory, as a Virginia NAACP bigwig did recently, you have left the realm of political debate and entered the world of religious indoctrination.

Critical race theory continues to be a hot-button issue in America, particularly whether or not it should be taught in schools. On the educational front, a great many people are battling against it being introduced into the curriculum, because they believe it is both nonsensical and divisive. Proponents of CRT are frequently criticized for historical ignorance, with Nikole Hannah Jones' 1619 Project being the best known example of this illiteracy. However, irrespective of these provable falsehoods, these proponents still preach and defend their beliefs with all the fire and brimstone of religious dogma.

Comment: Anyone who's ever had an argument with a CRT true believer can instantly see the similarities to someone in the grips of cult-like religious fervor. The circular reasoning, the emotional thinking, the black-or-white, us-or-them, divisive language - these people are one step away from 'drinking the Kool Aid'. And they're hellbent on getting your kids on board.

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Doug Ford defends change to Ontario's math curriculum introduction that deleted passage on racism

doug ford
Premier Doug Ford says a preamble on racism and colonialism in Ontario's new Grade 9 math curriculum was subtracted because it didn't add up.

"In math, let's stick with math," Ford told reporters Thursday at the construction site of a new long-term-care home in Etobicoke.

"Other social issues, let's talk about it, there's no doubt, but let's not talk about it in math. Talk about it in other courses that the schools offer," he said, adding racial inequities should "be talked about in history (and) social studies."

Comment: The slow creep of ideology into hard sciences will have few results other than significantly less intelligent students. At least there's one sane man in Canadian politics.

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Eye 1

Yes, online abuse is bad, and racism on social media is abhorrent, but removing anonymity on the internet would be far worse

Marcus Rashford
© REUTERS/Peter Powell
People look at messages of support on the Marcus Rashford mural after it was defaced following the Euro 2020 Final between Italy and England.
Following the racial abuse of black footballers after England's defeat in the Euros, some are demanding the abolition of anonymous social media accounts. This overreaction could have dire consequences for online freedom.

Earlier this year, the glamour model-turned TV personality Katie Price started an online petition to force social media companies to demand proof of identity before allowing people to create accounts. In the aftermath of England's Euro 2020 defeat on Sunday and the subsequent online abuse of the black footballers who missed penalties in that game, the petition has received a new lease on life, rocketing to over 600,000 signatories.

Price was responding to online abuse directed at her disabled son, Harvey. There is no doubt that Price and her son have been the target of some very unpleasant comments. The same can be said about the England players Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka. When someone posts something in their own name, and if the comment amounts to hate speech or is threatening, then they face the prospect of being prosecuted or at the very least sacked from their jobs.

But if someone is posting anonymously, legal action may be impossible, especially as much of the abuse of the England players came from outside the UK and quite possibly from automated 'bots'. As England manager Gareth Southgate noted in reaction to the social media posts: "For some of them to be abused is unforgivable really. I know a lot of that has come from abroad, people who track these things are able to explain that, but not all of it."


Chips and cakes out, algae burgers in: Britain's mad nanny-state 'snack tax' plan is enough to make you sick

man eating cake
© Getty Images / Peter Dazeley
The new tax on sugar and salt suggested in Britain's National Food Strategy report aims to stop people becoming obese from eating crap food. But why does the tubby millionaire behind it feel he has the right to dictate our diet?

Listen, all you politicians and bloody do-gooders: if I want to eat fish and chips followed by a tasty deep-fried Mars bar for dessert every day for lunch, what the hell has it got to do with you?

If, in the evening, I fancy sinking eight pints of Guinness in the bar down the road while I ram crisps and pork scratchings down my gullet and then stagger into a Maccy D's or a kebab shop on the way home... again, what's it got to do with you?

You've already forced me outside to smoke a fag, even in the rain and snow - and you even want to stop me doing that now, too. So, leave me alone and take your ridiculous new National Food Strategy with you.

After all, some people suit a ruddy, acne-splattered complexion. It's got to be more attractive than Prince Harry's ginger-bloke freckles. And the voluptuous belly and clinical obesity? What about it? It creates a market for supersized clothes, doesn't it?

Comment: Yet another tax cash-grab by the government under the guise of 'protecting our health'.


Partial roof collapse leads to building evacuation in Miami

Miami partial roof collapse
A building in Northwest Miami-Dade has been evacuated after a partial roof collapse.

According to Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, units responded to a Level 1 MCI, involving a partial roof collapse at Lake View Garden Condominium off NW 68 Ave and NW 175th Street.

"It was determined the damage sustained was only sustained on the exterior facade of the structure and there were no injuries reported," said Miami-Dade Fire Rescue's Erica Benitez.

In a video from Chopper 4, pieces of the roof overhang can be seen on the ground below and one resident we spoke to says he's not surprised it happened.

"The building is old and there's a lot of termites in the building, eating the building, it's in very bad shape," said Ignacio Cierra.

"I was joking with my aunt saying that this building was going to fall down and then, now, the roof is falling, so now it's a very concerning situation," added Cierra.

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Light Sabers

I'm a middle school teacher and see how critical race curriculum is creating racial hostility in school

teacher in classroom 1
I have been a public school teacher for the past 22 years, with the past seven in Providence, Rhode Island. I have had the honor of serving public school children and their families as an English teacher first at the high school level, and currently at the middle school level.

During my career I have always tried to provide the best education for my students. I am designated by the Rhode Island Department of Education a 'Highly Qualified' teacher, meaning, I have tenure and experience in my certifications. I was awarded the English Speaking Union Shakespeare Scholarship for excellence in teaching Shakespeare. I helped implement curriculum and I have hosted multiple student clubs, literary magazines, youth groups and community outreach programs.

I love being a teacher and I care a great deal about my students, almost all of whom are non-white. This past 2020/21 school year was a sad and worrisome turning point for me as an educator. Providence K-8 teachers were introduced to one of the most racially divisive, hateful, and in large part, historically inaccurate curriculums I have ever seen in my teaching career.

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Why: Tech companies plan to introduce bizarre pregnant man emoji

pregnant man emoji
© emojipedia.org
A preview of the Unicode Consortium's 'Pregnant Man' emojis
The creative geniuses behind the emojis we use every day have released a slew of new designs. The new emojis include a gender-neutral "person with crown," interracial handshakes, and, weirdly, a mustached "pregnant man."

The latest batch of emojis that could be hitting smartphone screens soon were revealed on Thursday, and they include some head-scratching choices: an androgynous "person with crown" as an alternative to the gendered "prince" or "princess" emojis, 15 new interracial handshake combinations, a gender-neutral "pregnant person," and, most confusingly, a "pregnant man" with a mustache.

The inclusion of a pregnant man is not a joke, nor is it a reference to the classic Arnold Schwarzenegger comedy 'Junior'. Instead, Emojipedia - a member of the Unicode Consortium responsible for creating and releasing new emojis - said the pregnant man was included to "recognize that pregnancy is possible for some transgender men and non-binary people."