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Sun, 18 Apr 2021
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Abbott says there are allegations of children being sexually assaulted at federal migrant facility

migrant children minors
March 27, 2021 two unaccompanied seven year-old child immigrants who arrived illegally across the Rio Grande river from Mexico stand at a makeshift processing checkpoint before being detained at a holding facility by border patrol agents in the border city of Roma.
As the U.S. faces a surge of migrants along its southern border, Texas Gov. Greg Abbot is calling for the closure of a San Antonio, Texas facility amid various complaints including that children there are being sexually assaulted.

The Lone Star State Republican said on Wednesday "the Texas Health and Human Services Commission and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services separately received tips that allege child abuse and neglect" at the facility located at the Freeman Coliseum. The Lone Star State Republican pinned the blame on President Biden's policies.

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TikTok blacklists PragerU

Non-profit organization PragerU, founded by radio host Dennis Prager to produce short informative videos on conservative topics, has been permanently blacklisted from Chinese-owned social media app TikTok.

"Tik Tok has permanently banned PragerU from its platform for 'multiple violations' of their community guidelines," PragerU wrote in a tweet on Thursday. "This is blatant censorship." The organization started a petition over TikTok's blacklisting.

TikTok is the latest tech platform to censor PragerU, as the group has faced censorship from several platforms including Facebook, Spotify, and YouTube.

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Light Sabers

Show your ID to use social media? Australia hints at new plans.

man on cellphone
Australia's federal government is preparing to introduce radical new rules that would outlaw anonymity on social networks.

The changes would be introduced under the pretext of combating bullying and "hate speech."

The proposal has been formulated by a parliamentary committee that recently compiled a report about these forms of online "abuse," and the new rules would apply to users creating new, or wishing to maintain their existing accounts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, or Instagram.

If adopted, the new rules would force Australians to provide picture IDs like passports or driver's licenses to prove their identity and be allowed to join social networks.

The committee's report phrased the requirement as providing "100 points of identification."


What's Up With Our Very Big Fact-checking Blindspots?

Why do most people who can easily find holes in the official Covid narrative don't do even basic fact-checking of people they've chosen to follow on the Covid-questioning side of the equation?

Three days ago I posted this tweet:

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Colorado vaccine site closes early after adverse reactions to Johnson & Johnson shot

Cars in queue
© 9News
Cars in queue for vaccine clinic
A COVID-19 vaccination site in Colorado closed early on Wednesday after patients experienced adverse reactions to Johnson & Johnson's one-shot vaccine.

Centura Health, which helps run the community vaccination center at Dick's Sporting Goods Park, said in a statement posted to Twitter that 11 patients who received the vaccine experienced adverse reactions. Only two of the patients were taken to hospitals for further observation "out of an abundance of caution."
Centura Health said that the number of people who experienced adverse events equaled 0.62 percent of the over 1,700 people that were vaccinated at the site on Wednesday. The 640 patients who were unable to get vaccinated have been rescheduled to get vaccinated on April 11.

Comment: News WKRG5 added:
The vaccination site, which was scheduled to close at 5 p.m., shut down around 3:30 p.m. and sent home 640 people who had been waiting in line for hours for the vaccine. Their vaccination slots have been rescheduled for Sunday when they will be receiving the first dose of the two-shot Pfizer vaccine.

There is no information yet on how many people had reactions or how severe those reactions were.
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"I ate too many drugs" video may be game-changer: Chauvin trial Day 8 wrap-up

george floyd arrest
© Minneapolis Police Department
Screenshots of George Floyd arrest from bodycams and bystanders
Once again the defense weaponizes prosecution 'expert' witnesses against the prosecution case.

Welcome to our ongoing coverage of the Minnesota murder trial of Derek Chauvin, over the in-custody death of George Floyd. I am Attorney Andrew Branca for Law of Self Defense, providing guest commentary and analysis of this trial for Legal Insurrection.

State's Witness: Sergeant Jody Stiger, Los Angeles Police Department, Expert Witness

Today's testimony began with the continuation of the direct questioning by Prosecutor Schleiter of Sergeant Jody Stiger, of the Los Angeles Police Department, who has been retained by the state prosecutors as an expert witness on use-of-force tactics and policy.

You'll recall that the direct of Stiger began yesterday afternoon and ran for 30 minutes, until Judge Cahill decided to call it a day. That direct continued today for about another 45 minutes, before the witness was turned over to the defense.

Comment: Lawyer Jonathan Turley comments on the prosecution's audacious request to the jury:
Last week, special prosecutor Jerry Blackwell admitted to jurors that Hennepin County Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Andrew Baker pointed to cardiac arrest as Floyd's cause of death. However, he insisted that the state would prove that "was ... not a fatal heart event," but asphyxiation.

It is a bold move since it could invite reasonable doubt on the cause of death. The question is whether a case of manslaughter could have been advanced without the need of opposing the state's own coroner on such findings. The failure of Chauvin to respond to a medical emergency speaks more to manslaughter than murder but it could be framed consistently with these findings. Instead, the prosecution has asked the jury to effectively reject the coroner's findings — a risky maneuver.

We have previously discussed key defense elements in the case:
  • When called to the scene due to Floyd allegedly passing counterfeit money, Floyd denied using drugs but later said he was "hooping," or taking drugs.
  • The autopsy did not conclude that Floyd died from asphyxiation (though a family pathologist made that finding). Rather, it found "cardiopulmonary arrest while being restrained by law enforcement officer(s)." The state's criminal complaint against Chauvin said the autopsy "revealed no physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation. Mr. Floyd had underlying health conditions including coronary artery disease and hypertensive heart disease." He also was COVID-19 positive.
  • Andrew Baker, Hennepin County's chief medical examiner, strongly suggested that the primary cause was a huge amount of fentanyl in Floyd's system: "Fentanyl at 11 ng/ml — this is higher than (a) chronic pain patient. If he were found dead at home alone & no other apparent causes, this could be acceptable to call an OD (overdose). Deaths have been certified w/levels of 3." Baker also told investigators that the autopsy revealed no physical evidence suggesting Floyd died of asphyxiation.
  • The toxicology report on Floyd's blood also noted that "in fatalities from fentanyl, blood concentrations are variable and have been reported as low as 3 ng/ml." Floyd had almost four times the level of fentanyl considered potentially lethal.
  • Floyd notably repeatedly said that he could not breathe while sitting in the police cruiser and before he was ever restrained on the ground. That is consistent with the level of fentanyl in his system that can cause "slowed or stopped breathing."
  • Floyd's lungs were two to three times the normal size and filled with fluid. "Pulmonary edema is a condition caused by excess fluid in the lungs" and it is symptomatic of an opioid overdose, according to Mayo Clinic. However, it should be noted that the Mayo Clinic report also addresses "Non-heart-related (non cardiogenic) pulmonary edema" and "Negative pressure pulmonary edema," which could be used to support the prosecution's theory.
  • Finally, the restraint using an officer's knee on an uncooperative suspect was part of the training of officers, and jurors will watch training videotapes employing the same type of restraint as official policy.
Conversely, Chauvin's attorney, Eric Nelson, sounds more like the typical prosecutor noting that there is only one official autopsy and one official report on the cause of death. He told the jury
"Dr. Baker found none of what are referred to as the telltale signs of asphyxiation. There was no evidence that Mr. Floyd's airflow was restricted and he did not determine [it] to be a positional or mechanical asphyxia death."
Nelson can rely on other aspects of the official record. When Baker went over findings in a meeting last December with the Minnesota Attorney General's Office, he specifically noted that the knee restraint was not likely to produce asphyxiation: "[I]t appeared to Dr. Baker that the pressure to the neck was coming from the back or posterior lateral portions of the back, and none of these strictures would impact breathing or cause loss of consciousness," said a document summarizing the meeting." He noted a study that found that placing 200 pounds of weight or more on a healthy person did not have an "observable impact on breathing."

Instead, Baker cited the drugs in the system as well as the 75-80% narrowing of coronary arteries that "put him at risk for a sudden cardiac arrest." The record of the meeting states "Dr. Baker offered that one possibility for the pathway of Floyd's death is that Floyd's heart was starting to fail because of the stress, drugs, enlarged heart, and [heart] disease . . . He said that once the heart starts to fail ... one of the symptoms is the perception that you cannot breathe."

After those findings were released, Baker's office had to be put under police protections due to threats to him and his staff.

By focusing the jury on the autopsy report, and asking them to effectively dismiss the conclusions of the only official report, the prosecutors increase the chances of a hung jury and even an acquittal. I previously expressed reservations about the push for murder charges because the case is better suited for a manslaughter case. If a jury feels the prosecutors have over-charged a case, it can produce a loss of credibility in the case. When you add an argument to dismiss the state's own autopsy findings, you risk magnifying such skepticism or mistrust with jury members.


Venezuelan mayor placed warning signs on homes of people who tested positive for coronavirus, threatened to cut state benefits

covid mark
© Instagram / @luisadrianduque
A mayor in central Venezuela has become the target of a government inquiry, after he began posting red markings on homes with Covid-positive residents, apparently as a way to warn locals to stay away.

The official, Luis Duque, posted a video to social media showing himself standing in front of a white paper sign featuring a red circle with a line drawn through it plastered onto the exterior of a home.

"We are protecting our people," he said in the clip, adding: "This indicates that there is a Covid case or a suspected Covid case, so the people are alert."

Comment: It's possibly worse in the locked down West, because over here it is actually sanctioned by national governments and is being enforced with technology:

Bizarro Earth

Heart-breaking video shows abandoned 10-year-old migrant boy found sobbing in Texas desert

migrant boy texas border
© Youtube
A migrant boy, who was abandoned in southern Texas after crossing over from Mexico, was recorded on video.
The U.S. Border Patrol has released a heartbreaking video taken by an agent who was approached by an abandoned 10-year-old migrant boy last week in a Texas desert near the U.S.-Mexico border.

The child is seen sobbing and asking for help, telling the off-duty agent who was on his way home, "They can rob me, kidnap me, I'm scared."

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UK set to reach herd immunity within days say scientists

UK mask

Reaching herd immunity should not mean speeding up the lifting of lockdown, it has been warned
Real-time modelling indicates the nation is at a point where enough resistance is built up to combat the spread of infection.

Britain is set to reach herd immunity against COVID-19 within days marking a "milestone" in the fight against coronavirus, according to scientists.

Real-time modelling carried out by University College London indicates the UK should pass the critical threshold where the proportion of people who have protection against the virus either through vaccination, previous infection or natural immunity will hit 73.4% on Monday, 12 April.

Comment: It's notable that MPs and government scientists throughout the locked down West keep telling people that a return to some semblance of normal is coming, just not yet; and they've been saying this for over a year now, so are people foolish to continue to believe these broken promises?

In the meantime, they all also say that people need to keep complying with the nonsensical restrictions, the economy destroying lockdown, and that people need to make sure they take the experimental vaccines: German health minister promises freedom to travel to vaccinated, but doesn't say when it will happen

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Bizarro Earth

French clergymen ARRESTED over lockdown-breaking Easter mass attended by hundreds of worshipers

France church
© Unsplash / Numendil
FILE PHOTO: Saint-Eugene-Sainte-Cecile church in Paris
A parish priest and another clergyman have been arrested in Paris after breaking not just bread, but also France's Covid-19 rules, by holding Easter mass for up to 280 worshipers, many of whom were not wearing face masks.

Comment: Evidently they don't feel the need to wear them, despite government attempts to convince them otherwise.

The pair were detained on Thursday over the service at the Saint-Eugene-Sainte-Cecile church in Paris on April 3, and an investigation into the incident has been launched, according to French broadcaster BFM TV. Prosecutors confirmed the arrests to local media.

The clergymen's alleged Covid-related breaches include "deliberately endangering the life of others," "not wearing a mask," and holding a "gathering of more than six people."

Comment: This is just the latest in a score of incidents where police have intimidated churches over the Easter period; in London a holiday service was shutdown by police who claimed it contravened lockdown restrictions; meanwhile, over in Alberta, Canada, one priest had his church raided by police in retaliation for his defiance of Easter lockdown orders, and, at another church in the region, a priest with Polish heritage went viral after chasing the police out of his church, decrying them as 'Nazi's'.