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Fri, 23 Jul 2021
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Mass protests erupt in Greece after government bans unvaccinated from indoor public spaces & allows teens to receive jab

athens vaccine mandate protest
© Reuters / Vassilis Triandafyllou
Protesters take part in a demonstration outside the parliament building after the government announced mandatory vaccinations for certain sectors, in Athens, Greece, July 14, 2021.
Thousands took to the streets in two of Greece's largest cities to protest new health mandates, which bar the unvaccinated from many public spaces and require medical staff to take the shot, as well as plans to immunize teenagers.

Large crowds of demonstrators were seen in Athens and Thessaloniki on Wednesday, numbered in the thousands according to the Associated Press, some reportedly chanting "Hands off our kids!" while others hoisted banners reading "We say no to vaccine poison."

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9 Chinese workers among 12 killed in northern Pakistan explosion

pakistan explosion
Blast hits bus near site of under construction dam in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, China for 'probe, punishment'.

At least 12 people, including nine Chinese nationals, were killed in an explosion due to an accident in northern Pakistan on Wednesday, the Foreign Ministry said amid conflicting reports.

In a statement, it said a bus carrying Chinese workers in Khyber Pakhunkhwa province "plunged into a ravine after a mechanical failure resulting in leakage of gas that caused a blast."

Chinese workers and accompanying Pakistani staff were proceeding to their workplace for an ongoing project when the incident took place, it added.

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Brick Wall

COVID-19: PM's easing of England's restrictions is 'irresponsible', BMA says

british medical association
The medical body says the government is "throwing caution to the wind" by scrapping all regulations at once.

Boris Johnson's decision to press ahead with easing coronavirus restrictions in England is "irresponsible", senior doctors have said - although a government minister has admitted COVID rules could return this winter.

The prime minister announced on Monday that most of the last remaining restrictions in England would be axed from 19 July.

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Blatant propaganda: Western media use images of PRO-government rally, protest in Miami to illustrate Cuban unrest as Havana warns of 'soft coup'

protest Havana Cuba
© TheGuardian.com / screenshot
The Guardian and a number of other Western news agencies used erroneously captioned photos of a pro-government protest in Havana, Cuba, presenting it as an opposition rally instead.
Several Western news outlets have used an erroneously captioned photo showing a pro-government rally in Cuba, deeming it an opposition protest, while CNN opted for an image of a Miami demonstration instead, raising eyebrows.

Captured by Associated Press photographer Eliana Aponte during a demonstration in support of the government in the Cuban capital on Sunday, the photo has made the rounds in the Western corporate press as unrest grips the Caribbean nation. However, multiple outlets have incorrectly described the image as an "anti-government protest," including the Guardian, Fox News, the Financial Times, the New York Times, the Washington Times and Voice of America. The latter outlet, the US-government funded VOA, committed the error on two separate occasions.

GrayZone journalist Ben Norton and Alan MacLeod of MintPress News were among the first to note the error, sharing screenshots of several examples. MacLeod suggested the outlets may have simply "copied and pasted" the AP's original photo caption, replicating the error across multiple agencies.

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Video shows woman duct-taped to seat after trying to open airplane door

american airlines passenger duct taped
© @lol.arieeSource:TikTok TikTok
A video filmed by a passenger shows the woman taped into her seat, which American Airlines confirmed.
Now that's a sticky situation.

An apparently unhinged woman was duct-taped to an airplane seat last week after she allegedly attacked the flight crew and tried to open the door of the aircraft in midflight.

Video posted on social media showed the gray-haired woman with silver duct tape over her mouth, and her arms and body seemingly taped to the seat.

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Boris Johnson says people guilty of racist abuse of footballers online will be banned from matches

boris johnson
The PM says he is "taking practical steps to ensure that the football banning order regime is changed", but he is taken to task by Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer over the government's previous equivocation over whether fans should jeer England players for taking the knee.

Football banning orders will be changed to cover online racism in the wake of the social media abuse directed at England players, Boris Johnson has told MPs.

The prime minister said the change will mean "if you are guilty of racist abuse online of footballers then you will not be going to the match".

Comment: What a charade! It's important to remember that it's highly unlikely that either Johnson or Starmer actually care about racism. They're simply using the issue to try to score points with the plebs.

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More troops called up to quash unrest as South African rioters target critical infrastructure

south africa looting riots
© Sky News
Mass looting at a shopping centre in South Africa’s Gauteng province
Over 70 have reportedly been killed since social unrest began last week after ex-president Jacob Zuma was jailed for failing to appear at a corruption inquiry.

Update (1702ET):
Vigilante groups and armed community members patrol Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal, the two provinces hit hard by the social unrest in South Africa. The country could become a failed state as the police and military have yet to quell the violence.

* * *

Update (1455ET): Social unrest raged in South Africa for nearly a week as food, fuel, and ammo shortages materialized. Farming, manufacturing, and oil refining have gone offline in certain regions as the worst unrest in decades continues.

President Cyril Ramaphosa released a statement Wednesday that deployment of the military will expand. Political leaders have requested the president to put more boots on the ground as local police forces are overwhelmed. In some areas, police have looted businesses themselves as the country descends into what could be a failed state.
"President Ramaphosa welcomed proposals made by political leaders and said expanded deployment of the South African National Defence Force was being addressed," according to a statement from the president.
According to the "Unrest Map" via PolicyLab, the unrest unfolds in two provinces, Gauteng and Durban.

Comment: The situation has been brewing out of sight for a long time. Sadly, matters may be too far gone to prevent a bloodbath, as corruption and regional loyalties overtake the national cohesion that Nelson Mandela fought so hard for.


Gaslighting: 'White Fragility' author DiAngelo says 'nice' white people are the worst racists, attacks those who disagree

diangelo white fragility nice racism
© Beacon Press
'Nice Racism: How Progressive White People Perpetuate Racial Harm' by Robin DiAngelo
DiAngelo's latest tome's a hotch-potch of reheated arguments, semantics and revenge. The American writer even turns on those who buy her books and attend her pricey workshops: they're racist and should stop believing they're not!

Having successfully turned an extended online article into a New York Times bestseller, introduced a previously oblivious audience to the idea of everyday 'white supremacy' and 'white fragility', and made it clear that white women crying is something we should avoid at all costs, Robin DiAngelo's managed to strike gold in the racism business.

Who can begrudge her? In her new book, Nice Racism: How Progessive White People Perpetuate Racial Harm (why do these academics always give the entire game away in the title?), DiAngelo relates the miserable poverty she endured when growing up, living with her single mother and sisters in their car at times, as they struggled to find somewhere to live.

Comment: If the progressive, SJW, libtard echo chamber wasn't propping Diangelo up, she and her lunatic theories would have properly vanished from the public scene ages ago.


Spain's top court rules lockdown unconstitutional

spain top court
Spain's top court has ruled that last year's strict coronavirus lockdown was unconstitutional. The ruling leaves the door open for people who were fined for breaking the rules to reclaim the money they paid.

But the court said it would not accept lawsuits from people and businesses who want to sue the government because they lost money due to the lockdown.

The government declared a state of emergency on 14 March 2020 to curb the first wave of Covid-19 infections.

At the time, coronavirus cases and deaths were rising and hospitals were quickly becoming overwhelmed. Since then, more than 81,000 people in Spain have died with coronavirus.

Alarm Clock

One of Critical Race Theory's major harms: Asian-American discrimination

inconvenient minority
Critical Race Theory often justifies Asian discrimination because Asian Americans are often on the wrong side of the "groups who need to be helped" debate.

One of today's most vexing Supreme Court cases is Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard, which has brought anti-Asian discrimination to the forefront of the current cultural discourse. SFFA (Students for Fair Admissions) contends that Harvard's "race-conscious" admissions process violates the Constitution by disadvantaging Asian American applicants based upon their race, while Harvard argues that campus diversity goals justify their race-based process.

Most of the reasoning behind Harvard's admissions process comes from critical race theory (CRT), a theory of race which originated with Harvard University. Another hot topic recently, critical race theory teaches that America is divided into privilege and oppressed groups based on race. Negative aspects of modern society follow from that dichotomy, and the only way to fix it is to revolutionize the way we think about race, culture, and society.

Under the critical race framework, "white supremacy" covers a lot of different phenomena. Everything from blatant discrimination, to the existence of English grammar, to choosing not to riot are included under the term. And in the words of social justice activist and author Ibram X. Kendi, "The only remedy to racist discrimination is anti-racist discrimination. The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination." In order to combat white supremacy (however broadly defined), critical race theorists view "antiracist" discrimination as the only legitimate response.