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© Social MediaIsraeli soldiers photographed with lingerie of Palestinian women in Gaza.
IDF Brig.-Gen. (res.) Amir Avivi met with the holder of the Israeli-Palestinian portfolio at the US State Department, who accused Israel of "systematically" sexually abusing Palestinian woman, the general explained in an interview on 103FM.

Recounting his meeting, he explained, "It was a meeting that shook me. We sat there, talked about the situation, and suddenly she accused Israel of systematically sexually abusing Palestinian women."

Avivi described his reaction.

"This is absolutely disconnected from reality. But without hesitation, she said, 'The UN presented evidence to the Israeli government.' I told her, 'Does it make sense that this phenomenon would exist and the media would never have reported on it?' I wanted there to be greater awareness... about what is really happening in the US State Department. In the end, I left there with the feeling that they simply don't talk to us and don't pass on any information."

Comment: The media have little choice but to report on it, because even the UN have called for an urgent investigation into the documented systematic sexual abuse and rape of Palestinian prisoners: UN says that allegations of Israeli rape of Palestinian women and girls in prisons must be investigated

Is it the official US position that IDF soldiers rape Palestinian women?

"When we meet with a State Department official holding the Israeli-Palestinian portfolio, every word she utters, as far as I'm concerned, is an official US position. Ultimately, she is a government official. When she says, for example, 'You did not provide evidence that Hamas is stealing humanitarian aid and you are starving the population,' what is she talking about? The IDF spokesperson shows [proof] every other day that Hamas is stealing food.

Comment: She couldn't provide that evidence because it's not happening. Israel is, however using the aid drops as an opportunity to repeatedly massacre Gazans, and for which their is an abundance of evidence available.

"You're saying, guys, wake up and sit with these officials because they have a significant influence on what happens at the decision-maker level, and you will work to bridge the gaps.

"We will continue to meet with them, as we did with European Union officials, where many of the people we met said, 'This is the first time we're meeting an Israeli representative,' even though it isn't an official delegation. But we don't have a big Foreign Ministry and not a lot of officials working abroad."