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Mon, 06 Feb 2023
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Obsessed Boyfriend Stabbed Ex-Girlfriend 50 Times in Seven Minute Horror Attack at Spanish Apartment after She Ended Their Relationship

Alan Daulby
© solarpix.com
Killer: Alan Daulby knifed his ex-partner Avril Flanagan 53 times after she ended their relationship in 2009
  • Alan Daulby stabbed former partner 53 times after she dumped him
  • He wrapped her body in a plastic sheet and fled the police
  • Killer was caught after 200km police chase across Spain
A jilted stalker who stabbed his ex-girlfriend more than 50 times faced 20 years in jail today after being convicted of murder.

Alan Daulby killed blonde Irish bar worker Avril Flanagan, 20, after she ended their relationship by knifing her in the head, neck, chest, arms and legs with a kitchen knife.

Daulby, 26, subjected his former partner to seven minutes of agony before meticulously cleaning up the murder scene in his apartment on Spain's Costa Brava and going on the run.

He had phoned her so many times in the week leading up to the killing after the break-up that Avril had broken her phone SIM card to stop taking his calls.


Man Arrested for Trying to Have Sex with Teddy Bear for the Fourth Time

© unknown
Charles Marshall
A Cincinnati man by the name of Charles Marshall has been accused of attempting to have sex with a teddy bear for the fourth time.

While at a health clinic, Marshall, 28, was reported as masturbating in an alleyway with a teddy bear and he was subsequently arrested.

According to The Smoking Gun, Marshall was booked for disorderly conduct after the incident.


Collision Looming between US and China Over Iran Oil

The US decision last week to leave China off a list of seven additional countries exempt from US sanctions on Iran has led to questions about how the US and China will resolve the issue before the end-of-June deadline.

The Obama administration has said talks are still ongoing with China, while Beijing has underlined that it may not endanger its interests for the sake of the US aspirations.

Under the new sanctions, foreign financial institutions doing business with Iran's central bank for the purpose of energy purchases stand to be barred from US financial markets. India, Japan and South Korea which are the main customers of Iranian crude were all granted exemptions.

China, however, is Iran's largest buyer of crude, receiving 22% of Iran's exports in the first half of 2011. China Petrochemical Corp., known as Sinopec Group, and Zhuhai Zhenrong Co., are the two main importers, and attention has focused on Sinopec, which imported about 280,000 barrels a day of crude oil and condensate into China in 2011. China has repeatedly said its oil imports from Iran aren't in violation of the UN Security Council resolutions and that it doesn't recognize unilateral sanctions.


Japan's Parliament Passes Law to Insure Iran Oil

Japan's lower house of parliament has endorsed a bill which authorizes the Japanese government to insure shipments of Iranian crude oil imports, in an attempt to counter US-led EU insurance bans against Iran,
Press TV reports.
The lower house of Japan's parliament which is mostly comprised of opposition lawmakers passed the bill on Friday to enable Tokyo to provide USD 7.6 billion insurance cover for every tanker importing Iranian crude, instead of seeking such cover from the EU.


Fascism! Apple store refuses to sell ipad to a woman because she's Iranian

Ipad fasist
An Alpharetta woman and one of her friends say the Apple Store turned them away after they heard them speaking Farsi.

One was trying to buy an iPad, the other an iPhone. When they were heard speaking the foreign language, they said the sales representative refused to sell them anything.

Apple says it's simply following U.S. policy.

"Very hurtful, very embarrassing. I actually walked out in tears," Sahar Sabet said about the experience.

Sabet is a U.S. citizen. Like most 19-year-olds, the University of Georgia student is never far from her iPhone.

So she was surprised Thursday when an employee at the Apple Store inside North Pointe Mall in Alpharetta refused to sell an iPad to her and her uncle after overhearing them speaking Farsi.

"When we said 'Farsi, I'm from Iran,' he said, 'I just can't sell this to you. Our countries have bad relations,'" Sabet said.

Comment: A sad indication of the success of the main-stream media in spreading fear and racial division.


Julian Assange seeking asylum in Ecuadorian embassy in London

© Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP
Julian Assange has asked for asylum at Ecuador's embassy in London.
WikiLeaks founder walked into the embassy and asked for asylum under the United Nations human rights declaration

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has sought political asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

He walked into the embassy in Knightsbridge, London on Tuesday afternoon and asked for asylum under the United Nations human rights declaration.

A statement issued on behalf of the embassy said: "This afternoon Mr Julian Assange arrived at the Ecuadorian embassy seeking political asylum from the Ecuadorian government.

"As a signatory to the United Nations Universal Declaration for Human Rights, with an obligation to review all applications for asylum, we have immediately passed his application on to the relevant department in Quito.

"While the department assesses Mr Assange's application, Mr Assange will remain at the embassy, under the protection of the Ecuadorian government.


All Over America Government Agents of Tyranny Are Forcing Preppers Back On To The Grid

© 4closurefraud.org
In recent years there have been huge numbers of Americans that have sought to go "off the grid" and live a more independent lifestyle. It has been estimated that there are now approximately 3 million "preppers" in the United States, and many of them just want to be left alone so that they can take care of themselves and their families on their own land. But that is not the way America works anymore.

In many areas of the country, government control freaks have essentially declared war on preppers and are attempting to force them back on to the grid. In some states, "nuisance abatement teams" are conducting armed raids on off the grid properties. Property owners are being cited for "code violations" and are being told that they are "bothering the neighbors". In some cases, trees and gardens are being forcibly removed. In other cases, entire structures are being relocated or torn down. And in the most extreme cases, property owners are actually being forced off of their properties completely by these control freaks.

You see, the truth is that in America you don't really own your property. You are essentially renting it, and you can only do with it what the government allows you to do. And the government does not like people disconnecting from the grid and living an independent lifestyle. So these battles over property rights are probably going to get even more intense in the years ahead.

These days, many Americans are choosing to grow "survival gardens" as a way to help feed their families and become more independent of the system.


Mass Hysteria Confirmed in New York School

© Discovery News
A bizarre illness affecting nearly 20 students at a Western New York Junior-Senior High school now has an official diagnosis: mass hysteria.

The students, almost all of them girls, and mostly friends, began experiencing involuntary jerks and tics. Sometimes their limbs, neck or face would suddenly spasm; other times they would twitch, grunt, or shout. It was strange and troubling behavior, made all the more scary because it had no clear cause.

The students were examined by school nurses and private doctors, officials from the Health Department, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Columbia University. None could find any biological basis for the symptoms. The school was thoroughly checked for mold, lead, carbon monoxide, and other environmental contaminants; those tests also came back negative.

The Buffalo News reported, "A second study has again found that the twitches, involuntary sounds and seizures that beset a group of Le Roy students and attracted international media attention earlier this year had no environmental cause.... Those results from Leader Professional Services, encompassing nearly 6,000 pages of data from various air, soil and water tests done in and around school grounds, support the contention of treating physicians and school administrators that children in this rural community aren't being poisoned by the air they breathe or the water they drink."

Brick Wall

Spain pleads for ECB rescue as bond markets slam shut

Europe's leaders have vowed to mobilize all possible means to counter the region's escalating crisis after Spain's borrowing costs threatened to spiral out of control.
© Agence France Presse/Getty Images

A man looks at the IBEX-35 index billboard in Madrid on Monday. The IBEX share index in Madrid fell 3pc and Italy's MIB dropped 2.8pc.

Yields on 10-year Spanish bonds surged to a record high of almost 7.3pc as investors ignored the victory of pro-bailout parties in Greece's elections.

The closely-watched two-year yield rocketed by 65 basis points in a matter of hours, signalling a near-total collapse of confidence in Spain's €100bn (£80.3bn) rescue from the EU last week to shore up its banking system.

Cristobal Montoro, the economy minister, warned that Spain is now in a "critical" condition and pleaded with the European Central Bank [ECB] to act with "full force" to defeat markets hostile to the euro project.

Bank of America said Spain may need a second rescue to tide it through the next three years, pushing the total loan package towards €450bn - a sum that would test the EU bail-out machinery and cause serious knock-on effects for Italy. A draft communique from the summit of G20 leaders in Mexico said Europe will take "all necessary measures" to hold the eurozone together and break the "feedback loop" between sovereign states and banks.

Comment: Not an economist myself, but looking at things and having been following the economy closely since 2006, I wonder, how will printing more money, creating more debt, out of thin air improve anything? There are those who will never know hunger and those starving. The ones starving will pay the price and pay back the loans of their Governments. Governments, which are inhabited by those who will never know hunger, other than the hunger for more control and economic slavery for the less fortunate, show little concern.

The opening line pretty much sums it up: "Spain's borrowing costs threatened to spiral out of control." Once you become so engrossed with debt, your actual income is overtaken by the cost of borrowing (interest). Thus the domino effect is happening, likely as planned, country after country in Europe. How the United States stays afloat at this point is only due to the reserve currency status of the (Un)Holy Dollar, which, like the Euro has become, is also printed out of thin air. The ultimate collapse of the U.S. dollar will come eventually - it is only a matter of time.

Europe, however, has had one exception: Iceland Says It Was "Bullied" Over Bank Debt, and would not put up with it. It could be said that maybe Iceland is not run by Pathological, greedy and people-undermining-creatures vs. the rest of Europe, as Iceland forgave the mortgage debt of its population. It was Icelandic Anger that Brought Debt Forgiveness.


Tasty loot in Spain as economic crisis leads to farm thefts

Culprits include 'retirees, unemployed people, young people' according to local police chief
© Associated Press/ASAJA
In this photo dated Feb. 16, 2011 released by the Spanish farmer's union ASAJA, a cow which has been carved and stripped of most of its meat lies in a field in Fernan Caballero, Spain.

Some hard-up Spaniards are stealing the earth's bounty from farmers to help get by, including one case in which a prized calf was killed and filleted overnight by thieves.

Police have added the patrolling of farmland - sometimes on horseback - to their list of daily tasks. Farmers in some areas are teaming up to carry out nighttime patrols on their own.

In villages near farming areas, several thousand paramilitary Civil Guards, regional and local police are even setting up checkpoints to sniff out not drugs or drunken drivers but stolen fruit or farming equipment, like copper wire used in irrigation systems. The Civil Guard says sometimes its officers mount "cage operations" - sealing off whole villages to check cars and trucks for, say, pilfered pears.

The stolen goods are mainly for resale: The food ends up in small roving street markets and the metal goes to scrap dealers. Last year alone more than 20,000 thefts were reported at Spanish farms. The Interior Ministry says it has no comparative figures from other years, or for so far in 2012. But authorities and farm groups blame the thefts on Spain's economic crisis and say they are a big enough problem for the patrols, which began last season, to stay in force this year.