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US: Video of gun-toting dad blasting away at daughter's laptop goes viral

A viral video of a father firing his .45 at his daughter's laptop after she blasted him on her Facebook page has sparked a fiery debate about parenting and tough love.

Tommy Jordan posted the video entitled, "Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen" on YouTube on Wednesday. By Friday, it was closing in on two million views. Jordan went public with the clip after daughter Hannah posted on Facebook an open letter to her parents griping about what most 16-year-olds would complain about at that age: having to do chores and not having the latest gadgets bought for her.

In the video, Jordan sits on a chair with a cigarette in hand and a printed-out copy of his daughter's posting in the other. He also has a .45 caliber holstered to his belt.

The angry dad starts off with a message to his daughter.


Best of the Web: US: Detroit Citizens No Longer Rely on Police as Self-Defense Killings Skyrocket

© James Fassinger/The DailyDale Brown, the owner of Threat Management Group, says the private security business is booming in Detroit.
The people of Detroit, Michigan are taking no prisoners.

Justifiable homicide in the city shot up 79 percent in 2011 from the previous year, as citizens in the long-suffering city armed themselves and took matters into their own hands. The local rate of self-defense killings now stands 2,200 percent above the national average. Residents, unable to rely on a dwindling police force to keep them safe, are fighting back against the criminal scourge on their own. And they're offering no apologies.

"We got to have a little Old West up here in Detroit. That's what it's gonna take," Detroit resident Julia Brown told The Daily.

The last time Brown, 73, called the Detroit police, they didn't show up until the next day. So she applied for a permit to carry a handgun and says she's prepared to use it against the young thugs who have taken over her neighborhood, burglarizing entire blocks, opening fire at will and terrorizing the elderly with impunity.

"I don't intend to be one of their victims," said Brown, who has lived in Detroit since the late 1950s. "I'm planning on taking one out."

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Canada, Newfoundland: Teacher Who Sprayed Air-Freshener on Boy Suspended


A Newfoundland teacher who sprayed one of her students with air freshener has been suspended with pay from her job, according to a statement from the school board responsible for Twillingate Island Elementary School.

The Nova Central School District also said that a representative from the board met with the student's mother, Patti Rideout, on Monday and issued an apology to Rideout and her son.

Rideout said that her 10-year-old son was sprayed with Febreeze by his teacher in early February when he returned to class after eating a lunch of cooked capelin.

Rideout said her son's classmates starting teasing him about the fishy smell. The teacher sent her son out of class for one period and then sprayed the air freshener on him.


US: Conservative Political Action Conference Braces for Possible 'Occupy' Infiltration

© The Associated Press/Jacquelyn MartinOccupy DC supporter Joseph Moehrl, 23, waves an American flag at a recent demonstration
If liberal demonstrators try to crash this year's Conservative Political Action Conference, the largest annual gathering of conservatives, attendees here say they'll be ready.

For weeks before the conference, conservative activists donned old jeans and hooded sweatshirts and went "undercover" at Occupy DC's downtown encampment. They sat in on meetings where Occupiers discussed plans to disrupt CPAC. Each day, the infiltrators posted what they heard to a private Google group of CPAC attendees and bloggers. Those who attended the meetings said they heard plans to cause "mayhem" at the upcoming conference and even threats of physical violence. Lachlan Markay of the conservative Heritage Foundation documented the reports and now conference attendees and organizers say they have made preparations to absorb any demonstrations.

At the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, where the conference is running until Saturday, security agents are stationed across the campus. Each entrance is manned by guards wearing ear-pieces, with others outside near the metro station.

"Let's just say we've adapted to everything," CPAC Security Director Floyd Resnick told Yahoo News Thursday, adding that he was not able to provide details about the conference security. Mark Indre, a spokesman for the hotel, confirmed that Marriott was taking security precautions.


Big NASA Budget Cuts to Slash Mars Missions, Experts Say

© unknown
NASA's budget for the next fiscal year is likely to include deep cuts to planetary science programs, forcing the space agency to withdraw altogether from an international effort to send two new missions to Mars, experts say.

President Barack Obama is slated to submit his administration's federal budget request for fiscal year 2013 on Monday (Feb. 13), and NASA will hold a series of briefings to discuss its share on the same day. While exactly how much money is allocated to NASA is unknown, insiders expect a significant reduction in the portion slotted for robotic exploration of Mars and other solar system bodies.

The cuts probably will compel NASA to bow out of the European Space Agency-led ExoMars missions, which aim to launch an orbiter and a drill-toting rover to the Red Planet in 2016 and 2018, respectively, says one space policy expert.

"NASA has, I think, already told ESA it's not going to be able to provide a launch vehicle in 2016," said John Logsdon, professor emeritus at George Washington University. "So that is going to cause a big international uproar on one dimension. And the planetary community in the U.S. is going to be very unhappy about the fact that there's no money for major new planetary missions."


US: Cardinal-Designate Dolan: Obama Reneging On Birth Control Provision

Sources: President Promised Dolan That He Would 'Get Most Of What He Wanted'

Cardinal-designate Timothy Dolan says President Barack Obama hasn't kept his promise, when it comes to the new White House policy on contraception.

Sources told CBS 2′s Marcia Kramer that Archbishop Dolan feels betrayed after his meeting with the president on the issue late last year.

A Catholic group in Alabama filed the first lawsuit against the Obama administration's new birth control regulations as the controversy got even more heated Thursday.

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US, Missouri: 'Possessed' Mother Found With Blood-Covered Baby After 'Slitting Her Throat' in Same Woods Where Ex-Boyfriend Was Found Dead

© Camden County Sherrif's OfficeCharged: Bradie Simpson, 39, of Camdenton, Missouri, was found in woods 225ft from her home as she held her baby covered in blood with a deep wound
  • Missouri mother Bradie Simpson 'assaulted baby'
  • Found in woods holding her nine-month-old girl
  • Ex-boyfriend found in same woods in September
  • Told church pastor she's 'possessed' in October
A mother allegedly slashed her nine-month-old baby's throat just months after telling a pastor she could be possessed and might hurt the girl.

Bradie Simpson, 39, of Camdenton, Missouri, was found in woods 225ft from her home as she held the baby covered in blood with a neck wound.

It comes months after the body of her ex-boyfriend, the baby's father, was found in the same woods last September, reported ABC affiliate KSPR.


Canada's Harper Reaches Agreement With China on Uranium Sale

© The Associated Press/The Canadian Press/Sean KilpatrickPrime Minister Stephen Harper takes part in a toast with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao. Beijing, Dec. 3
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper reached agreements with China to facilitate uranium exports and air travel as part of efforts to deepen ties.

Harper and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao announced a pact that will give Canadian uranium producers more access to China's civilian nuclear power industry, according to a joint statement released by Harper's office. Canada is home to the world's largest uranium producer, Cameco Corp. No details of the agreement were provided.

"This agreement will help Canadian uranium companies to substantially increase exports to China, the world's fastest growing market for these products," Harper said in a statement. "It will generate jobs here at home while contributing to the use of clean reliable energy in China."

Harper, who is on a four-day visit to China, is seeking to attract Chinese investment in Canada's natural resources and sell more energy to Asia, while winning business in China for Canadian companies. The two countries announced an investment protection pact Feb. 8.

"I think Canada-China relations are continuing along a very positive route," Harper said after meeting President Hu Jintao yesterday. "We are reaching a new level."

Wen, who met Harper in Beijing on Feb. 8, called for discussions on a possible free trade agreement, the Xinhua News Agency reported yesterday. He said China is "ready to expand imports of energy and resource products from Canada" and boost cooperation in areas including renewable energy and the peaceful use of nuclear power, according to Xinhua.


Pakistani Man Fights Police Over 40-Foot Shark

© The Associated PressPeople look at a carcass of whale shark in Karachi, Pakistan on Tuesday, Feb 7, 2012.
Qasim Khan waged the unlikeliest of battles with Pakistani authorities Thursday over the right to charge hundreds of curious visitors the equivalent of 22 cents each to see a roughly 40-foot whale shark he bought from a fisherman.

Khan is in the business of buying fish, albeit usually much smaller ones, and jumped at the chance on Tuesday to pay about $2,200 for the 20-ton behemoth, which was discovered dead in the Arabian Sea off the southern Pakistani city of Karachi.

Business was brisk Wednesday, as several thousand people paid to see the brown and white-spotted shark, which Khan set up under a cloth tent next to the harbor. People crowded around to put their hands on the massive fish, and families snapped their picture with it - ignoring the pungent smell as it began to rot.

But police cracked down Thursday, saying fishery authorities had decided people should be allowed to see the shark for free. Khan resisted and hid his prize attraction under the giant piece of green cloth he had previously used as a tent.


Famous Spain Judge Convicted of Misusing Authority

© The Associated Press/Paul WhiteJudge Baltasar Garzon arrives for the last day of his trial at the Supreme Court in Madrid Wednesday Feb. 8, 2012.
The superstar Spanish judge who won global fame for aggressively taking on international human rights cases was convicted Thursday of overstepping his jurisdiction in a domestic corruption probe and barred from the bench for 11 years, marking a spectacular fall from grace for one of the nation's most prominent citizens.

Baltasar Garzon was unanimously convicted by a seven-judge panel of the Supreme Court. Because he is 56, the punishment could end his Spanish judicial career. Hours after the verdict, hundreds of Garzon supporters braved freezing weather in Madrid's central Sol plaza shouting "Shame! Shame!" in protest.

It was just one of three cases pending against Garzon, who is still awaiting a verdict in trial on the same charge - knowingly overstepping the bounds of his jurisdiction - for launching a probe in 2008 of right-wing atrocities committed during and after the Spanish civil war of 1936-1939 even though the crimes were covered by a 1977 amnesty.

In Thursday's verdict, the court ruled that Garzon acted arbitrarily in ordering jailhouse wiretaps of detainees talking to their lawyers, the court said, adding that his actions "these days are only found in totalitarian regimes."

Ironically, Garzon is best known for indicting a totalitarian ruler, former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, in 1998, and trying to put him on trial in Madrid for crimes against humanity. He also indicted Osama bin Laden in 2003 over the Sept. 11 attacks.