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Catholic priest punishment for lurid photographs of young girls: 50 years

Shawn F. Ratigan
© The Kansas City StarShawn F. Ratigan
The Rev. Shawn Ratigan, the Catholic priest and church pastor who repeatedly used young girls to produce child pornography, was sentenced Thursday to 50 years in federal prison.

The sentence handed down by U.S. District Judge Gary Fenner virtually ensures that Ratigan, 47, will spend the rest of his life in prison. There is no parole in the federal prison system.

Federal prosecutors portrayed Ratigan as an arrogant and reckless man who flagrantly disregarded his priestly vows, used young girls as sexual objects, and repeatedly lied to his superiors, fellow priests and police when he was found out.

"Ratigan is a danger to society because he has proven he is not amenable to supervision and is unable to control his impulses," Assistant U.S. Attorney Katharine Fincham said in a written memorandum filed before Thursday's hearing.

Before hearing his sentence, Ratigan asked the judge in front of a packed courtroom to limit his sentence to 15 years.

"I hope that you won't sentence me to a life of hell on earth," said Ratigan, who choked with emotion as he spoke. "Prison is hell, and I know I deserve 15 years. But 50 years? Come on, I don't think so."

The mother and father of one victim, who was 2 at the time that Ratigan took pictures of her, talked to the judge, too.


Javier Gonzales-Guerrero awarded $5M in settlement with city of San Jose after being shot over twenty times by police - because of toy gun

toy gun
© Unknown
A man in San Jose, California is about to get a lot of money.

The man, Javier Gonzales-Guerrero, now 27-years old, was passed out drunk on the stairs of an Extended Stay Deluxe Hotel when police approached him to get him up. Guerrero was dressed up as a surgeon for Halloween, and had a gold toy gun tucked in his waistband as part of his costume.

When authorities arrived on the scene and attempted to wake the intoxicated Guerrero, they saw the toy gun, assumed it was real, and thought that he was reaching for it. Guerrero was shot more than 20 times by the officers, suffering from many injuries and having to undergo multiple surgeries to repair his "ravaged body." He was just 25 at the time, and he miraculously survived the shooting because of the surgeries he underwent.

Guerrero filed a lawsuit with the city of San Jose not long after the incident, and the city has now settled for nearly $5 million.


EU lawmakers nominate Edward Snowden for Sakharov human rights prize

snowden mask
© Reuters/Ueslei Marcelino
Members of the European Parliament have officially nominated whistleblower and former CIA employee Edward Snowden for the prestigious prize, which celebrates freedom of thought.

Edward Snowden "deserves to be honored for shedding light on the systematic infringements of civil liberties by US and European secret services," leaders of the parliament's Greens group Daniel Cohn-Bendit and Rebecca Harms said in a statement. "Snowden has risked his freedom to help us protect ours."

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Animal, not a man: 'I drowned my daughter in a rage'

Umair Zaib
© UnknownUmair Zaib says he drowned his daughter in a fit of rage
A man in Pakistan who confessed to drowning his one-and-a-half year old daughter says he now regrets his actions. His family says it was because he wanted a son, but it highlights the grave issue, across South Asia, of female infanticide. The BBC's Aleem Maqbool met the family in Lahore.

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Florida man says he was arrested, tried for walking down the wrong side of the street

Jacksonville -- Walking down the road, minding his own business, one First Coast man says he was assaulted by a Police Officer and thrown in jail for no reason.

When he was tried for the crime, a judge threw out the case half way through the trial. Bobby Wingate said the incident occurred on Oliver Street in Arlington. The last time Wingate walked down the road, he said he called 9-1-1 to protect himself from the police.

"He parked his car right up here near this curve," he said as he pointed.

On a 9-1-1 recording of that night Wingate can be heard saying, "He said do I really want to fight him? I haven't done anything wrong."


Bank-robbing 'archangel' placed in psychiatric care - reports

© RIA Novosti. Sergei KirkachBank-Robbing ‘Archangel’ Placed in Pschyiatric Care – Reports
A Ukrainian man who called himself "Archangel Michael" and robbed a bank only to hand some of the cash to strangers has been sent to a psychiatric hospital, Ukrainian media reported this week.

In April, the 34-year-old man took a wad of 20,000 hryvnas ($2,450) from a bank teller in the southern Ukrainian city of Simferopol after threatening to "break her head" if she did not hand over the cash, and gave the money to passers-by and his relatives, the news website said citing local police.


Russian mass murder gang suspects may have killed 30 - Police

© Photo Interior Ministry in the Rostov regionRussian Mass Murder Gang Suspects May Have Killed 30
Members of a southern Russian crime gang detained following a lethal shootout earlier this week may have murdered at least 30 people, the head of the local Interior Ministry said Thursday.

Three gang suspects were detained Monday, including a mother and daughter aged 46 and 25, and a traffic police officer who has been fired from the force, Investigative Committee spokesman Vladimir Markin said in a statement. The ex-traffic police officer's wife was later detained as a suspected accomplice as well.

A court has ordered all four to be held in custody pending trial.

Andrei Larionov, head of the local Interior Ministry, said the gang committed its first crime in the Rostov region in July 2007.

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Snake causes power disruption, Malaysia

A snake is blamed for a one-hour power failure affecting 2,163 consumers in the Kinarut area, about 30km from here.
The snake was believed to have crawled between the wires and had apparently caused an electrical trip in the 33KV power supply line from Papar to Kinarut.

The snake had apparently caused an electrical trip in the 33KV power supply line from Papar to Kinarut after it was believed to have crawled between the wires at about 9.25am on Sunday.

Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd senior general manager Ahmad Fuad Kasim said a team found the dead snake hanging between the power lines.

They removed the carcass and restored power by 10.30am.

Among the areas affected were Kinarut town, Kampung Gusi, Taman Sungai Wang, Taman Rose Garden and Taman Kinarut Selatan.


Figure who stalks Swiss woods spotted: Man gets first photo of Le Loyon

Mysterious figure
© eCanadaNowMysterious figure roaming Swiss woods photographed.
The mysterious figure said to roam a specific trial in the Western Swiss woods for a decade now has been caught on film. However, the photograph is of poor quality. Why is it that mysterious figures such as Bigfoot only seem to be photographed using poor quality cameras?

'I came across him near the marches,' said the unnamed amateur photographer who tracked him down. 'I approached him up to a dozen metres away.

'He had a military cape, boots and an army gas mark - an antique type, I think. He measured more than 1.90m. He stared at me then turned his back on me and left in silence.'

At any rate, the man, known locally as "Le Loyon", wears a camouflaged cloak and roams the forest trail daily. Up to this time, he had been only a legend with no photographs establishing his existence.

Now, a simply photograph of the woodland perv is not enough to prove his existence beyond a shadow of a doubt. Just ask Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin who caught Bigfoot on film back in 1967. However, the photograph was enough to get local police involved in a quest to determine the man's identity and more importantly his intentions.

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Hospital security guard beats the hell out of kidney patient, who just tried to leave after 9-hour wait

© SeanPavonePhoto/Shutterstock.comQuite possibly the worst doctor's visit ever.
Stamford, Conn. After waiting 9 hours for a doctor who failed to show, a kidney transplant patient claims, a Yale-New Haven Hospital security guard beat the hell out of him when he tried to leave.

Antonio Aniello and his daughter Roseanna Gjuraj, who was with him, sued Yale-New Haven Hospital and security guard Edward Viglione, in Superior Court.

Aniello was 53 when he received a kidney transplant in November 2010. Not quite a year later, on Sept. 11, 2011, his doctor told him to go to Yale-New Haven Hospital's emergency room because he was dizzy, weak and fatigued, he says in the lawsuit. His 28-year-old daughter went with him.

Testing and monitoring were inconclusive and "after nearly nine (9) hours in the ER, waiting to be seen by a kidney specialist, a representative of YNHH advised Aniello that he had been discharged," according to the complaint.

"Aniello and Gjuraj, frustrated by the long wait, lack of resolution regarding Aniello's symptoms, and the fact that despite being in the ER for nine (9) hours the appropriate kidney specialist had not arrived to examine Aniello and determine why he was experiencing dizziness, weakness and fatigue, began gathering themselves and their things to leave, all in the presence of the YNHH representatives / agents / employees."