There have been four emergency landings since Monday. Most of the emergency landings were due to malfunctioning engines.

Emergency Landing at Irkutsk

A British airways, Boeing 747, carrying 289 passengers was forced to make an emergency landing after the captain of the plane reported avionics, i.e., flight software malfunctioning. The flight had to make an emergency landing at Irkutsk.

Emergency Landing at Idaho

A Houston bound plane from Seattle made an emergency landing at Idaho after one of the engines gave away. United Airlines 737 was flying from Seattle with 116 passengers onboard. Police reported that the plane made a safe landing at Pocatello Regional Airport on Tuesday. The plane had 6 crew members as well.

Emergency Landing at Moscow

An United Airlines with 267 passengers on board made an emergency landing on Tuesday because of some mechanical problems as reported. The flight was travelling to Newark from New Delhi but was stranded at an airport after the emergency landing at Moscow. As the official reports say the problem was with the central accumulator unit that caused the emergency landing. The passengers had to face hassles as they were stranded at the airport for hours without food or place to sleep.

Emergency landing at Pearson International Airport

Another incident of Emergency landing hit at Pearson International Airport on Monday. The plane makes and emergency landing at the airport due to some malfunctioning in the cockpit. The plane had to land 15 minutes after the flight took off in the morning when the pilot detected an electrical odour in the cockpit. The plane was carrying 116 passengers.

These series of flight emergency landings pose a concern over the safety and security of the travelers.