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Wed, 08 Dec 2021
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Be afraid! Scientists discover new version of (mild) Omicron virus that is difficult to detect

© Christophe Archambault/AFP/Getty Images
Researchers have discovered a new version of the Omicron coronavirus variant that is more difficult to detect through PCR testing.
Scientists have recently reported finding a new version of the Omicron coronavirus variant that is more difficult to identify using standard PCR coronavirus testing, leading experts to fear it may be spreading less noticeably around the world.

The new version has been dubbed "stealth Omicron" by some researchers because it lacks a particular genetic change that allows it to be easily detected in the lab-based COVID-19 tests, according to a report from The Guardian.

Researchers have said that this new version has other genetic features to differentiate itself from the standard Omicron variant. While it can still be detected as Omicron through genomic testing, studies have found that it is not as easily flagged by routine PCR tests that are used around the world to measure how quickly the virus is spreading, according to the news outlet.


Headed East . . .

Comply or Else
© Eric Peters Auto
Sometimes, it's hard to see what's right in front of your face - mostly because you don't want to see it.

Because it's so hard (for a decent person) to believe it. That such a thing is even possible. The hare freezes at the sight of the fox. It hopes the fox doesn't see him.

Soon, the hare sees nothing at all.

The people being loaded onto those boxcars back in the long-ago also didn't want to see it - because they didn't want to believe it, either.

They froze.

Such things can't happen, they told themselves as they queued up in line. Not in civilized countries and besides, we've done nothing to warrant it. We are just people and just people aren't herded like cattle and sent to an abattoir by the government. We are just being resettled in the east.

All will be well

© Eric Peters Auto
They were so blind they even packed suitcases, filled with clothes they'd never wear again.

But then, it was a process. It didn't happen suddenly because if it had, they would have seen - and probably not queued up peacefully, to be herded off to be "resettled" in the East.

They had to be corralled, first.

Mentally and morally penned in. As well as set apart, by the rest of the people.

Conditioned to accept what was coming - all of them - without seeing where it was headed. Each step toward the gate where Work Makes You Free an isolated, momentary progression . . . on the way to the next step.

And so on, until you're there.

Until it's too late to go back.

Bizarro Earth

NYPD Commissioner says over half of hate crimes target Jews and Asians, cites liberal policy

Dermot Shea
© REUTERS/Carlo Allegri
New York City Police Commissioner Dermot Shea speaks to the media during the New York Marathon ceremonial finish line painting in Central Park in the Manhattan borough of New York City, New York, U.S., November 3, 2021.
New York City Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said that more than half of the skyrocketing hate crimes in New York City target Jewish and Asian residents, citing the "mass amounts" of people who land back on the streets since bail reform was passed.

"What we are seeing is anti-Asian really increasing both by percentage and the raw number. I think when you look at anti-Semitic and anti-Asian, that's over 50 percent of all of the hate crimes in New York City," Shea said Wednesday on WPIX 11.

Hate crimes skyrocketed by 100% in the last year, according to new NYPD data. There were 503 hate crimes reported in the city as of Dec. 3, compared to 252 in 2020.


Man accusing Don Lemon of sexual harassment slams CNN for being 'a predator protecting machine'

don lemon dustin hice
The man accusing Don Lemon of sexually harassing him in 2018 is calling CNN 'a predator protecting machine,' but noted that he is happy to see some accountability with the termination of Chris Cuomo last week.

Dustin Hice filed a lawsuit against Lemon more than two years ago, accusing the CNN host of sexually charged assault and battery in connection to an incident at a Long Island bar during the summer of 2018, according to Fox News.

"They're a network rife with predators and perverts," Hice told Fox News Digital. "Lemon will have to testify under oath in the near future, but it's good to see that there's finally some accountability happening," he continued, referring to Cuomo's recent firing.

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Obama academy vaccinated child without consent, mother claims

school vaccination
© REUTERS/Mike Blake
A California mother is claiming that Los Angeles' Barack Obama Global Prep Academy gave her son a Covid-19 vaccine without her consent, bribing the child with incentives like pizza.

"The lady that gave him the shot and signed the paper told my son, 'Please don't say anything. I don't want to get in trouble,'" Maribel Duarte told NBC Los Angeles this week. Her 13-year-old son attends the school.

Duarte said she discovered her son had a vaccination card one day, showing he'd received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine, without her being informed. Los Angeles schools have mandated that all students aged 12 and older be vaccinated by January 10. Duarte has said she is vaccinated, but she wanted to refrain from getting her son vaccinated as he has asthma and allergy issues.


900+ US professors blast efforts to abolish advanced math in schools to level playing field

teacher students classroom school
© Pexel / Max Fischer
Hundreds of American college professors have signed an open letter criticizing the campaign to get rid of advanced mathematics in schools, as activists attempt to create more equality by reducing student "achievement gaps."

Warning that the US would be put at a disadvantage internationally, 911 professors in math, science, and engineering - including professors from Ivy League universities such as Harvard and Yale - expressed their opposition to proposed policies that would make all students take the same level of mathematics regardless of their skills.

"We are deeply concerned about the unintended consequences of recent well-intentioned approaches to reform mathematics education, particularly the California Mathematics Framework," the open letter said, claiming that "such frameworks aim to reduce achievement gaps by limiting the availability of advanced mathematical courses to middle schoolers and beginning high schoolers."


Merry Christmas to All Our Readers! Donate Here to Receive Your 2022 SOTT Desktop Calendar

FJB christmas lights biden brandon
As we approach the end of 2021, the Sott.net team would like to wish all our readers a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Truly, a happy new year! As depressing and foreboding as the general climate is right now, we remember that there is much to be thankful for, not least the friendships and fellowship we discovered and made along the way to building this global network of courageous truth-seekers!

It seems like an age ago now, but the year actually began with hope that the 2020 US presidential election could be 'un-rigged', until a bunch of naive 'revolutionaries' were led up the garden path and straight into the heart of Congress, a trap laid for them by Federal agents who used it to cement the regime's re-taking of the presidency, finally silence Donald Trump, and replace majority with 'minority rule'.

The US presidency has been restored to its purely ceremonial role (and the incumbent can't even carry that out half-decently), and since then everything has just gone downhill real fast. It's a veritable 'sign of our time' that the 'will of the people' has been so thoroughly side-lined - and not just in the US, but right across the world. We all live under the planetary regime of 'Pandemia' now. And it feels like we're in the 'end game'.


First data on Covid omicron variant's severity is 'encouraging,' Fauci says

pcr test
© Emmanuel Croset | AFP | Getty Images
A healthcare worker conducts a PCR Covid-19 test at the Lancet laboratory in Johannesburg on November 30, 2021.
Preliminary data about the severity of the Covid omicron variant is "a bit encouraging," the White House's chief medical advisor, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said Sunday, following early figures from South Africa that suggest it may not be as bad as initially feared.

However, Fauci cautioned that more data was needed to draw a complete picture of omicron's risk profile. The World Health Organization said the variant was "of concern" on Nov.26, prompting a flurry of international travel bans and new Covid restrictions.

"Clearly, in South Africa, omicron has a transmission advantage," Fauci told CNN, adding that "although it's too early to make any definitive statements about it, thus far it does not look like there's a great degree of severity to it."

Comment: By including "incidental Covid admissions" in the overall blanket figures for Covid hospital admissions, they're making the omicron variant sound much scarier than it likely is. According to all the information we have, this variant is mild to asymptomatic, and likely doesn't require any hospitalization in the vast majority of cases. Hospitalization figures are a scare tactic, as are the statements of omicron's high transmission rate.

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Ghislaine Maxwell asked teen to recruit others for oral sex: witness

Ghislaine Maxwell courtroom sketch
© REUTERS/Jane Rosenberg
Ghislaine Maxwell listens as witness “Kate” is questioned by prosecutor Lara Pomerantz.
A former British model took the stand Monday to detail how she was allegedly lured into Jeffrey Epstein's orbit by Ghislaine Maxwell at 17 — and asked to recruit other girls to give him oral sex.

The woman, identified only as "Kate" for privacy reasons, testified that the British socialite introduced her to Epstein at Maxwell's London townhouse in the early 1990s and convinced her to give him a sexual massage soon after.

Maxwell even tried to get Kate to recruit others to give the late pedophile oral sex, telling her he liked "cute, young, pretty" girls, "like you."

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WHO: Vaccine mandates should be 'last resort'

Hans Kluge

WHO official Hans Kluge says vaccine mandates are an 'absolute last resort'
The advice from the World Health Organization comes as Germany and other countries discuss a vaccine mandate. Experts also said that vaccines for children might help stop the spread of coronavirus.

Mandatory vaccinations against the coronavirus are an "absolute last resort," the World Health Organization's top Europe official said on Tuesday.
"Mandates around vaccination are an absolute last resort and only applicable when all feasible options to improve vaccination uptake have been exhausted," WHO Director for Europe Hans Kluge said.
Kluge said that although mandates have increased vaccine uptake in some cases, "public confidence and public trust" must also be considered.
"The effectiveness of mandates is very context-specific," he added. "What is acceptable in one society and community may not be effective and acceptable in another."

Comment: Forcing experimental and dangerous vaccines for a virus that have 99.95% survival rate is not acceptable in any society and community.

Comment: So called "cases" means just a positive result in a PCR test. A positive PCR test does not mean someone is infected. As the inventor of PCR test said, it is meaningless in diagnosing any kind of infection, and yet the whole propaganda and hysteria over the so-called pandemic is based on these PCR tests.

Children are at no serious risk from the virus. They usually have just a mild cold like symptoms and they can't infect other people. However, children have 50 times more chance to die from the covid vaccine than from the virus.

They are tightening the totalitarian control, and now they are coming for the children. Will people finally see what is going on and will humanity defend itself from the psychopathic elites trying to enslave the whole planet?

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