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The Five FUBARs

"How many of these places where polite society turns out to be provably insane do we have to see before we stop taking their judgment on anything as significant?" — Bret Weinstein
Runway Train
The USA is a runaway train with a dead man in the engineer's seat. The conductor goes through the cars assuring the passengers that everything is fine. . . never mind the screeching wheels on the curves. . . or the blinding strobe effect of low sunlight passing through the trees out the window at a hundred and forty mph. . . or the bump that made half the stuff in the overhead luggage rack jump out. More than half the people on-board are at tachycardia levels of fright — some are screeching — but the other less than half just remain fixed on their phones and laptop screens. They can't be bothered to look out the window. . . .

Okay, that's a metaphor. But if you're a citizen of our country and care about it, these are the matters you'd better pay attention to, because they are all going off the rails:

The war in Ukraine. We started it in 2014 to mess with Russia and Russia is going to finish it. Who knows what our real motives were. A resource grab? A desperate ploy to erase our national debt by creating a global fiasco? Sheer psychopathic hatred of this Putin fellow? We can't bring ourselves to acknowledge the failure of this ill-conceived venture. Instead, our feckless allies in Europe are foolishly rattling their sabers, apparently forgetting that you don't bring a sword to a nuclear missile fight.

Mr. Macron in France affects to offer up his army for slaughter on the blood-soaked plains of Ukraine, just as the Ukrainians offered up a half a million of their young men so that Victoria Nuland could feel good about herself. Mr. Macron is insane, but the society he presides over is collectively insane, so perhaps he represents them well. Similarly, Olaf Scholz in Germany, whose top generals were caught on a leaked recording last week discussing their plan to blow up the Kerch Bridge that connects Crimea to Russia. Do you understand that this would be a direct attack on Russia, an act of War by NATO? And what the obvious consequence would be?

The phantom government of "Joe Biden" is too weak and mindless to join any negotiation. Ukraine and Russia are up to some kind of cross-talk down in Riyadh with Prince MBS. Even Mr. Zelensky went down for a day, though video appears to show him coked-up, sniffling and snarfling, not a good sign. If ever there was a time to end this stupid conflict, it's now, before the Russian election. After that, terms will only be more difficult for Ukraine, up to direct custodial supervision instead of remaining a nation. It was never any of our business (though the Biden family, BlackRock, and the CIA saw fabulous opportunity to profit there).


Haiti announces state of emergency following mass prison break, gang boss vows to oust Prime Minister

haiti prison break
© APA demonstrator holds up a Haitian flag during protests demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Ariel Henry in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Friday, March 1, 2024. At least 10 people have been caught dead in crossfire following a mass escape from Haiti's largest prison.
On Monday, Haiti declared a national 72-hour state of emergency and imposed a curfew following a massive prison break from its largest prison, located in its capital, Port-au-Prince, which resulted in the deaths of over 10 people.

During the escape, three inmates were shot dead. Many others opted to remain in their cells fearing getting killed by prison guards, police, or in the crossfire, Sky News reported.

The consequential death toll is expected to rise, Spanish news agency EFE stated, however, the Haitian government has not given official updates regarding the situation. Haitian media reported that the government, nonetheless, tasked police with legally enforcing the curfew.

Comment: See also:


Israel mulls removal of Ultra-Orthodox conscription exemption, Jewish protesters warn they'd rather die than serve

israel truck military troop
© JACK GUEZ/AFP/Getty-archiveUltra-Orthodox Jews studying at yeshiva religious establishments are currently exempt from military conscription in Israel
Ultra-Orthodox Jews demonstrated in Israel on Sunday against increasing opposition to the wholesale exemption from military conscription available to their community.

Hundreds of men blocked a key road near the city of Bnei Brak, close to Tel Aviv, The Times of Israel reported.

There were signs declaring "We will die and not enlist" and "We tell the High Court - we'll go to jail over the army".

The police cleared demonstrators off the road so vehicles could pass.

Footage showed a member of Israel's border police kicking one person sitting on the highway.

Comment: The leadership is perhaps realising that, with the rising body count, the lack of significant progress in the ground war, alongside proofs that the troops they are deploying are too weak to cope with the demands of being in an active military situation, that they're going to need to cast their net wider: Wave of resignations among senior Israeli army officers - Israeli media

Black Magic

Best of the Web: Israeli tanks deliberately crush dozens of Palestinian civilians alive, some were families sleeping in tents

gaza tank palestine
The Israeli army's repeated killings of Palestinian civilians by deliberately running them over alive with military vehicles was vehemently denounced by Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor on Sunday, as was the widespread destruction of civilian property. These crimes are part of Israel's genocide against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, the rights group said, ongoing since 7 October 2023.

Euro-Med Monitor documented the Israeli army's killing of a Palestinian man who was deliberately run over in Gaza City's Al-Zaytoun neighbourhood on 29 February after he was arrested. The man was subjected to harsh interrogation by members of the Israeli army, who bound his hands with plastic zip-tie handcuffs before running him over with a military vehicle from the bottom to the top of his body.

Comment: Israel's crimes against the Palestinians has always been legion - with rampant organ harvesting and trafficking, rape and abuse of prisoners, endless terror raids and murder with impunity - but it seems that the nefarious infection that has possessed these perpetrators is worsening. Perhaps because, on some level, they know that their reckoning will come soon enough:


Beating back the woke? Disney grandchildren back Bob Iger in board seat fight with Nelson Peltz

Abigail Disney Walt grandchild
© Santiago Felipe/Getty ImagesAbigail Disney
One letter calls activist investor Peltz one of the "wolves in sheep's clothing" and also one of the "villains" in a Disney story.

The grandchildren of Walt Disney and Roy O. Disney are voicing their support for Bob Iger in his board seat battle against Nelson Peltz.

Two separate letters were sent to shareholders Thursday from each set of grandchildren, including Abigail Disney, who has been outspoken against recent Disney practices.

In the letter from grandchildren of Roy O. Disney, which is signed by Abigail and three others, the grandchildren outline the "magic" they experienced at the company throughout their childhoods, and say that Iger can continue that spirit at the company. Meanwhile, they call Peltz one of the "wolves in sheep's clothing" and also one of the "villains" in a Disney story.


Health Secretary urged to release data that 'may link Covid vaccine to excess deaths'

Victoria Atkins, the Health Secretary
© HEATHCLIFF O'MALLEY FOR THE TELEGRAPHVictoria Atkins, the Health Secretary, has been criticised over what the MPs and peers called a wall of silence.
MPs and peers criticise 'wall of silence' as Government blames waiting lists and pandemic backlog for increase.

MPs and peers have accused the Health Secretary of withholding data that could link the Covid vaccine to excess deaths, and criticised a "wall of silence" on the topic.

A cross-party group has written to Victoria Atkins to sound alarm about the "growing public and professional concerns" at the UK's rates of excess deaths since 2020.

Ministers have blamed the rise in excess deaths on record NHS waiting lists and the pandemic backlog.

But the parliamentarians are demanding to be shown the underlying data to support the Government's assertion that there is "no evidence" linking excess deaths to the vaccines for Covid-19.

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Seattle comedian uninvited by progressive club predicts anger against cancel culture may affect 2024 election

Jim Florentine comedy cancel culture progressive values
© Getty Images / YouTube screenshot)Jim Florentine, one of the four comedians who was canceled by a Seattle comedy club for being out of alignment with "progressive values".
Jim Florentine, one of the four comedians who was canceled by a Seattle comedy club for being out of alignment with "progressive values," said that the country is moving away from cancel culture in a trend that may have an impact on the 2024 election.

Florentine told Fox News Digital in a phone interview that he has never experienced anything like his cancelation by Capitol Hill Comedy Bar in Seattle, Washington, in his 30-year career as a comic.

In an alleged email shared by multiple comedians caught up in the cancelation debacle, the club's management claimed that it uninvited the four comedians after consultation with the local community.


New poll finds ten percent of 2020 Biden voters now back Trump

joe biden trump
© Sean Rayford, Mike Segar-Pool/Getty ImagesPresident Joe Biden and candidate Donald Trump
While 97 percent of voters who cast their ballot for Trump in 2020 still plan to vote for him, Biden is only attracting 83 percent of his previous voters, according to a New York Times and Siena College poll. Trump has a five-point lead overall, ranking ahead of Biden 48% to 43%, the poll shows.

Just 36% of voters say they approve or strongly approve of how Biden is handling his job as president, with 43% of voters saying they think his policies have hurt them personally

Comment: In a free and fair election, Biden (or any of Obama's proxies), would be toast. The groundswell of support for Trump, along with loathing for the Democrats, is becoming so strong it's hard to see how the next election could be stolen other than perhaps, finding grounds to cancel it altogether.

Stay tuned . . . . . .


LGBT group Stonewall paid for Church of England report that said primary schoolchildren can be transgender

Britain stonewall LGBT church of england
Former Stonewall employees Sidonie Bertrand-Shelton (left) and Dominic Arnall were thanked in the report
Controversial LGBT charity gave a grant for two editions of the Valuing All God's Children report, which remains in use nationwide

Church of England guidance telling primary schools that children as young as five can be transgender was funded by Stonewall, it has emerged.

The controversial LGBT charity gave the Church a grant to fund two editions of the Valuing All God's Children report, including the 2019 version that remains in use nationwide.

It comes after Christian parents urged the Archbishop of Canterbury to axe the guidance, which says primary school-aged children can change their gender identity and advises schools on how to create "inclusive" environments for trans pupils.

Comment: The ultra-radical LGBT "charity" Stonewall has managed to worm its way into the heart of Britain's most crucial institutions, carving a path of destruction as it goes.


Britain is fast becoming a failed state. Faith in the system is beginning to collapse - The Telegraph

child poverty uk
© CanvaNew statistics reveal how the UK Government has failed to tackle child poverty
Rishi Sunak's warning earlier week of a "growing consensus that mob rule is replacing democratic rule" - a theme he returned to this afternoon - is a disturbing and damning indictment of a modern-day Britain that many consider to be "broken". Ochlocracy or "mob rule" is something we associate with the Gordon Riots or Salem Witch Trials - not life in the UK in 2024.

The mere notion of the Prime Minister having to tell the police that they should be better protecting the public from what he described as a "pattern of increasingly violent and intimidatory behaviour... intended to shout down free debate and stop elected representatives doing their job" marks a new low for a nation with a proud tradition as a beacon of freedom and democracy.

Should he really need to issue a reminder that protecting the "values that we all hold dear" is not only "fundamental to our democratic system" but also "vital for maintaining public confidence in the police"?

Comment: Indeed it has, which is why Western nations are escalating tensions on their multiple warfronts, as their economies slide ever deeper into recession: