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Thu, 21 Oct 2021
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Fire in the Sky


Explosive 'boom' noise heard in parts of northwest Georgia

Mystery boom (stock)
An explosive booming noise has people up in northwest Georgia scratching their heads - including 911 operators.

On Facebook, Floyd County E-911 reported that the county call center received multiple calls regarding "some type of loud boom or explosion" in the area of Lindale Mill.

The agency also added that it received calls from the Jamestown, Twickenham, Hampton East, Eden Valley, Maple, Darlington and Saddle Mountain areas as well as the Zaxby's on Turner McCall.

Some reports suggested the noise shook their homes and windows. However, units who responded to these calls have yet to suggest what exactly may have caused the noise - or noises.


Mystery loud bang heard across Tameside, England caught on camera

Boom in Tameside, England
© Andy Robertson
Mystery surrounds a loud bang which boomed out across Tameside on Sunday night.

Residents in Audenshaw, Denton, Dukinfield reported hearing the noise just before 10pm, with some also saying they saw a flash of orange light.

CCTV footage from one property in Denton, sent to the Manchester Evening News captured the deafening noise at 9.53pm.

Nobody seems to know what caused the sound.


Loud boom in Bali's Buleleng allegedly due to exploding meteor fireball

space rock
Residents in Buleleng, Bali, and its surrounding areas were shocked by a loud boom on Sunday morning, January 24. The earthquake sensor of the Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) recorded it as an anomaly.

The agency's coordinator for earthquake and tsunami mitigation, Daryono, confirmed that many questioned the mysterious bang. Some were shocked that the loud boom rattled windows. Some also claimed they saw a meteor falling in the north or Bali sea.

"It goes viral on social media as many report loud rumbles, especially those in northern Bali," said Daryono on Sunday, January 24.

One of three BMKG's seismographs in Singaraja detected the tremor at 10:27 Central Indonesian Time (WITA) for about 20 seconds. "After being analyzed, the vibration was not caused by an earthquake," he concluded.

Fireball 5

Meteor fireball lights up Northern Hungarian skies

Meteor over Hungary
© Daily News Hungray
Thanks to a lucky camera position, the following video captures a fireball flashing over Sokorópátka. According to HVG, an unexpected meteor crossed the sky in Sokorópátka, Győr-Moson-Sopron County this week. One of the users of Időkép, Károly Boráros, sent a video to the portal, as his camera was looking right in the direction of the fireball.

A commenter on YouTube wrote that the meteor could also be seen from eastern Poland. He noticed it at 2 AM as he looked out the window at the landscape, but because of the sudden brightness he didn't know how to identify the phenomenon.

Fireball 4

Green meteor fireball reported over the Netherlands and Belgium

meteoor vuurbal
© René van Oostveen
A green meteor fireball was spotted by many in the early morning, around 7.50 AM, on Friday January, 22nd, across large parts of the Netherlands and some parts of Belgium. Twitter users described the fireball as a "green ball" or a "green flash of light". One Twitter user wrote: "Very bright meteor was visible around 7.52 AM which was moving south." According to meteorologist Michiel Severin, reports about the fireball mostly came from northern, mid, and western parts of the Netherlands.

Fireball 2

Meteor fireball lights up Madrid's night sky

The meteor, which entered the atmosphere at 126,000 km/h, was so bright it could be seen 600 kilometers away

A rock from an asteroid hit the Earth's atmosphere early Thursday morning at about 126,000 km/h, creating a large fireball over Madrid that could be seen across Spain. This is not an unusual event: besides space objects like this one, which disintegrate before reaching the ground, every year around 17,000 meteorites fall to Earth, according to the Madrid Planetarium.

The phenomenon, which took place at around 3.56am local time, was captured and recorded by the Southwestern Europe Meteor Network (SWEMN) from the La Hita meteor observation station in La Puebla de Almoradiel in Toledo. The fireball was recorded as part of the SMART project, an initiative of the Andalusia Astrophysics Institute (IAA-CSIC) that continuously monitors the sky in a bid to record and study the impact of different objects from the solar system on the Earth's atmosphere.

Fireball 5

Bright meteor fireball observed over wide areas of Japan

Japan meteor fireball
© twitter
People in many parts of Japan have reported seeing what appeared to be a fireball flashing through the sky on Wednesday night.

Eyewitness reports were posted on social media about the phenomenon that was observed shortly after 8:30 p.m. in regions including Kanto, Tokai and Kinki.

A video taken by an NHK camera in the western prefecture of Osaka shows a ball of light streaking across the sky for several seconds at around that time.

Fujii Daichi, a curator who specializes in astronomy at the Hiratsuka City Museum, near Tokyo, said he believes it was a fragment of an asteroid that burned up in the Earth's atmosphere.


Meteor fireball booms over eastern USA as witnesses report being 'scared' by burst of light

A bright blast of light lit up the skies across eastern USA on Saturday, as a meteor entered the atmosphere above the coast of North Carolina. The blast was so big that it could be seen across three different states - Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina - as well as Washington DC.

Footage of the event was captured by a back garden security camera.

The film shows the black of night suddenly turn bright as a streak of light ventures through the sky.

Dozens of people headed to the International Meteor Organisation (IMO) to report their sighting.

Mary told the IMO: "It seemed so big and close. I waited after it to pass and believed I would hear something but didn't.


Watch meteor fireball streak over Sydney, Australia - 'Most insane thing I've ever seen'

Video has emerged of a sizeable fireball hurtling across the horizon during the weekend. Dramatic footage shared online clearly depict the space rock glowing bright against the inky black night sky.

During this period, the meteor is incinerating as it encounters Earth's thick atmosphere approximately 50 miles (80km) up.

Sydney residents flocked to Twitter to share their excitement at spotting the meteor.

Ron Sweeney tweeted: "Did anyone see a meteor/comet/piece of junk flash east to west across the Sydney sky tonight?

"Very visible and appeared to be low in the sky with no sound."

Fireball 4

Suspected bolide observed over Spain's Galicia region, loud boom reported

Galicia bolide
© InfoBierzo
According to Marca, early this morning (18th Jan) at 01:10 am, a 'great ball of fire' illuminated the skies of Galicia, Castilla y León (El Bierzo) and Portugal .

The suspected bolide was accompanied by a loud roar that was heard minutes after the sky was tinted green, orange or blue .

This spectacular phenomenon, as published by 'El Faro de Vigo', has been seen and heard in Vigo, Pontevedra, O Grove, Ourense, Sanxenxo, Lugo, Chantada, Santiago, Ponferrada or León.

A video was uploaded to YouTube: