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Sat, 28 Jan 2023
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Russia deploys secret weapon in war for financial sovereignty

Christine Lagarde Elvira Nabiullina

“Financial sovereignty”: It’s what friendly banker-lady Christine Lagarde and Bank of Russia high priestess Elvira Nabiullina crave!
Russian President Vladimir Putin has unveiled his ingenious plan for securing Russia's financial sovereignty.

© URA.ru
"It is necessary to strengthen the financial sovereignty of the country, I count on the work of the Central Bank," Putin said during a meeting with government officials on Wednesday.

Obviously, it is perfectly understandable for Putin to have great expectations for his country's wonderful central bank.

Let's review why.

Comment: As with most issues, there's the good, the bad, and the specific situation; and so whilst Western governments have proven that they cannot be trusted with greater surveillance over the population (even if, for the most part, they already have these powers; and they're in the process of snatching even more); Putin, who enjoys an 80% confidence rating amongst citizens at home, and is widely praised abroad for his work neutralising the nefarious unipolar forces, has shown that, in this instance, greater transparency and accountability may be necessary in order to further the good work.


All quiet (panic) on the Western Front

Shadows are falling / And I've been here all day / It's too hot to sleep / And time is running away / Feel like my soul / has turned into steel /I've still got the scars / That the sun didn't heal / There's not even room enough / To be anywhere / Lord it's not dark yet, / but it's getting there

Bob Dylan, Not Dark Yet
Davos Goons
Lights! Action! Reset!

The World Economic Forum (WEF)'s Davos Freak Show is back in business on Monday.

The mainstream media of the collective West, in unison, will be spinning non-stop, for a week, all the "news" that are fit to print to extol new declinations of The Great Reset, re-baptized The Great Narrative, but actually framed as a benign offer by "stakeholder capitalism". These are the main planks of the shady platform of a shady NGO registered in Cologny, a tony Geneva suburb.

The list of Davos attendees was duly leaked. Proverbially, it's an Anglo-American Exceptionalist fun fest, complete with intel honchos such as the US Director of National Intelligence, Avril "Madam Torture" Haines; the head of MI6 Richard Moore; and FBI director Christopher Wray.

Remixed Diderot and D'Alembert Encyclopedias could be written about the Davos pathology - where a hefty list of multibillionaires, heads of state and corporate darlings (owned by BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street and co.) "engage" in selling Demented Dystopia packages to the unsuspecting masses.

But let's cut to the chase and focus on a few panels next week - which could easily be mistaken for Straight to Hell sessions.

Snakes in Suits

Swiss escort agencies booked solid during WEF event in Davos

davos 2023

Sexual harassment by wealthy men at WEF is "so common" that female guests are advised not to attend events alone, an Austrian outlet has reported
The Swiss escort agencies near Davos are already fully booked ahead of this year's World Economic Forum, the elite gathering that brings together heads of state, corporate executives, and influential non-profiteers, Austrian outlet Exxpress reported on Sunday, citing a missive purportedly sent from one such agency.

In a message to unnamed hospitality staff and published by Express, escort agency Sensuallounge Escort urges readers to book their "fine selection of ladies and gentlemen" ahead of time to ensure "the best possible care and company during the World Economic Forum."


Ukraine's attempt to shoot down Russian missile caused it to hit Dnepr residential building

Dnipro, Ukraine
© Dsns.gov.ua
Dnipro, Ukraine, Jan. 14, 2023
Ukraine is responsible for a deadly missile impact on a residential building in the city of Dnepr on Saturday that killed dozens of people, the Kremlin has said. Spokesman Dmitry Peskov pointed to the fact that even some Kiev officials have publicly conceded that the blast was caused by air defense shooting down a Russian missile over the city.

"The Russian Armed Forces don't target residential buildings or social infrastructure facilities. The attacks are only aimed at military targets," Peskov told journalists.

Comment: That Russia is diligent in avoiding civilian casualties is further supported by the fact that amidst the other airstrikes by Moscow that day just 5 people were killed, and there's no acknowledgement of whether those 5 were indeed even civilians.

"You've seen the conclusions of the representatives of the Ukrainian side, which say that this tragedy was the result of the actions of the air defense missiles," he pointed out.

Comment: See also: Emergency blackouts enforced across Ukraine following wave of Russian strikes against power grid

Bad Guys

Just how sinister is Klaus Schwab?

© Facebook/Twitter
Klaus Schwab and Supreme Commander of SPECTRE
The term 'Davos Man' was originally coined by the Harvard political scientist Samuel Huntington in an essay entitled 'Dead Souls'. It was intended to describe a member of "an emerging global superclass", or "gold collar workers", who owed more allegiance to the elite cosmopolitan class than they did to their countries. Why 'Davos Man'? Because the members of this class - or, at least, the gold-tier members - meet every January in Davos at an annual conference organised by the World Economic Forum, dating back to 1988.

In UnHerd, Thomas Fazi, co-author with Toby Green of the forthcoming book Covid Consensus, has written a good piece about the WEF, which, as readers of this site will know, features in many conspiracy theories that have circulated in the last 21 months. Fazi doesn't think the WEF is guilty of secretly trying to use its global political influence to pursue a particular policy agenda - rather, it's doing that quite openly and has been for years.

The issue, to my mind, isn't whether Klaus Schwab and his cronies are trying to implement various policies in different countries without worrying about democratic accountability - if that's a conspiracy, it's a conspiracy in plain sight. Rather, the question is about how it goes about doing this.

Comment: At best this is an apologist's attempt to put a crooked smile on the devil and lead us into underestimation - not deliver us from evil. That the genie has been let out of the bottle does not negate the plan to end the world as we know it. And finally...brainwashed people do not need 'control'.


Global political elite skipping Davos

davos sign
© Markus Schreiber/AP
US, Chinese and Russian leaders will not attend this year's World Economic Forum in the Swiss Alps

The annual World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting in Davos, Switzerland has kicked off on Monday with a number of top-tier leaders absent.

US President Joe Biden is skipping this year's gathering, along with French President Emmanuel Macron, and new British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is also passing on the event, along with the entire Russian business elite, which has been forced off the guest list by Ukraine-related sanctions.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Chinese businessmen will also miss the forum following the aftershocks of a recent spike in Covid-19 cases and troubles on the domestic stock market, which saw some $224 billion erased last year from the fortunes of China's wealthiest people.

Of the Group of Seven (G7) leaders, only German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is set to attend Davos this year, along with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

Comment: No one elected this 'club' as the global overlord, nor the 0.0001% of various participants therein.

Take 2

Insurrection anybody?

© Unknown
US President Joe Biden and the Brazil Rioters storming the national congress
Insurrections galore spark off all of a sudden, and 2023 was just born days ago! Want to know why? Because the business model of the global economy is broken and the supposed remedy for that is centralized control of populations and super-strict regulation of all their activities — that is, techno-tyranny (with Marxist characteristics, as the Chinese like to put it). Not everybody wants to ride that bus, and so an epic economic problem becomes an arduous political struggle, here and elsewhere in the world.

A great mob of many thousands went apeshit in Brazil over the weekend in that country's weird, geographically isolated capital, Brasilia, a horror of 1960s-style Modernist city planning. They stormed the national congress and trashed the offices within to protest the fishy election of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva over the former incumbent Jair Bolsonaro. As in our own country, the quarrel was over the mysterious behavior of voting machines and the unwillingness of election officials or courts to verify the results. The New York Times offered a thumbnail of Mr. Bolsonaro, who is sitting out the current action in Florida:
"The resulting picture showed an elected leader, first as a congressman and then as president, who has built a narrative of fraudulent elections based on inaccuracies, out-of-context reports, circumstantial evidence, conspiracy theories and downright falsehoods — much like former President Donald J. Trump."
Get it? There's no way fraud could have happened, just like in our country. And Bolsonaro is another Trump. It explains everything. All complaints are "baseless," "false," and "conspiracy theories." End-of-story.... Are these shopworn tropes maybe losing their mojo? And is The New York Times embarrassing itself, a little bit, to trot them out as if they are actually arguments against anything?


Why was Hunter paying Joe Biden $50k per month to rent house where classified documents found?

© unknown
Hunter and Joe Biden
A Thursday tweet from the NY Post's Miranda Devine containing a background check for Hunter Biden has people asking questions:
"The now-52-year-old began listing the Wilmington home as his address following his 2017 divorce from ex-wife Kathleen Buhle — even falsely claiming he owned the property on a July 2018 background check form as part of a rental application."
Of note, this is the same house where classified documents were found.

Yet, upon closer inspection, Hunter lists the "Monthly Rent" as $49,910 - or roughly $550,000 for the 11 months he indicated he lived there?

Comment: Was this Hunter's disguised 10% to The Big Guy?

Snakes in Suits

Pete Buttigieg learns that cabinet posts are bad places to hide

© Leah Millis/Reuters
US Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg
If the secretary of transportation thought he was getting a cushy job with no political risk, he badly miscalculated.

There are no small jobs in the executive branch of the federal government. Oh, sure, there are plenty where there is little prospect of accomplishing anything, and where it could be quite a while before anybody notices if you don't actually do very much. But in most any executive branch job, there are things that can go wrong, and the higher up the ladder you get, the more of those there are. Taking a second-tier cabinet job you don't know how to do might look like a low-risk place to park yourself while waiting for a shot at higher office, but it can swiftly become a political graveyard.

Comment: Observation: Buttigieg's paultry performance is on par with many of the Biden crew - starting from the top on down.

See also: Heaven protect us from men who live the illusion of danger: Pete Buttigieg and the US military


Should someone this dumb be the special counsel investigating Biden's stolen classified documents scandal?

WH guy
© Alex Brandon/AP/File
Special Counsel Robert Hur
We're assured that the person hired to be special counsel in the Joe Biden classified document scandal, Robert Hur, "has a great record. He is a superb lawyer." He was a pivotal right-hand man in a high governmental office. He "has a long and distinguished career as a federal prosecutor." And was a key person dealing with a very special, special counsel.

That guy sounds like a total legal dreamboat. Except that those accolades were spoken by none other than disgraced former-deputy attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who conspired with the fellow disgracee Andrew McCabe to wear a wire to catch Donald Trump in a 25th Amendment-worthy meltdown because they hated him so much.

Pardon me if I don't swoon.

The high government official was at the right hand of the awful FBI Director Chris Wray, who has overseen the complete transmogrification of the bureau from a law enforcement agency to an intelligence entity that spies on Americans. And the man touting his "distinguished career" is none other than the most ideologically Leftist hack who's ever disgraced the office of the attorney general, Merrick Garland. And that's saying something. Looking at you, "wingman" Eric Holder.

And there's more. Robert Hur is the man who served as the DOJ point man to Robert Mueller's special counsel investigation looking into Donald Trump's alleged side hustle as a Russian secret agent — Double 45.