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Wed, 29 Nov 2023
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Modi calls for Global South concensus on Gaza

Modi etc
© Ludovic Marin/AFP
India PM Narendra Modi • G20 Leaders' Summit • New Delhi • September 9, 2023
The PM condemned civilian casualties in the Israel-Hamas war...

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday urged leaders from the Global South to forge a consensus in addressing emerging challenges, particularly those unfolding in the Middle East, amidst the conflict between Israel and Hamas militants in Gaza.

Modi, in his opening remarks during the second 'Voice of Global South' summit, which New Delhi is hosting, reiterated India's condemnation of the terrorist attacks on Israel that occurred on October 7.
"With restraint, we emphasized the need for dialogue and diplomacy. We strongly condemn the death of civilians in the conflict between Israel and Hamas. After talking to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, we also sent humanitarian aid."
He asserted that countries in the Global South should talk in "the same tune" for the "greater good." They should strive for 'One Earth, One Family, and One Future' - the theme of the G20 under India's presidency - follow the principles of "consultation, cooperation, communication, creativity, and capacity building," Modi underlined.

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Iran will 'do whatever it takes' to help Hamas - top commander

Quds guy
© AFP/Stringer
Iranian Quds force commander Esmail Qaani
The leader of the Quds Force made the pledge following reports that Tehran was seeking to avoid direct involvement in the Gaza conflict...

The head of Iran's elite Quds Force has vowed to do "whatever it takes" to back Hamas in its war with Israel, claiming that the Palestinian militant group was headed for an "impressive victory" in Gaza.

The Quds Force is the foreign operations arm of Tehran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), responsible for military and intelligence missions beyond Iran's borders.

In a letter addressed to the commander of the armed wing of Hamas, the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, Quds Force leader Esmail Qaani declared:
"Tehran and its allies will not allow this brutal enemy and those standing behind him to conquer Gaza and its heroic people. We will do whatever it takes in this historic battle. Hamas proved to everyone that the resistance in Gaza is capable of initiative and innovation, while maintaining its organization and field capabilities."
Published on Thursday by the state-backed Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), Qaani's letter comes a day after Reuters reported that Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei had informed Hamas that his country would not get directly involved in the Gaza war. Khamenei reportedly restated Iran's long-standing "political and moral support" for Hamas, but ruled out military intervention.

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Blinken dies inside while Biden blunders through major geopolitical moment

© Joshua Lott
Joe Biden bizarrely bites wife Jill's finger • December 30, 2019
With President Biden's 81st birthday right around the corner, his ancient brain - barely clinging to reality, is no longer responding to whatever cocktail of drugs and blood transfusions (we can only assume) have been keeping him marginally functional since his inauguration.

Four weeks ago Biden staggered out to speak with the press on Air Force One, when he grabbed his face, looked at the floor, and then spat a word-salad of gibberish about mass shootings in between long, geriatric pauses.

Comment: Babysitting Biden - the staff's real job.

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Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid calls on Prime Minister to resign 'immediately'

© AFP/Debbie Hill
Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid
Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid has called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to step down "immediately", without waiting until the end of the country's war against the Palestinian militant group Hamas.

In an interview with Israeli news channel N12, Lapid said:
"Netanyahu should leave immediately we need change, Netanyahu cannot remain prime minister. We cannot allow ourselves to carry out a long campaign under a prime minister who has lost the people's trust."
Four days after Hamas' surprise October 7 attack on Israel, Netanyahu and another opposition leader, Benny Gantz, announced an agreement to form an "emergency government" for the duration of the war.

Lapid said at the time he would not be joining, accusing Israeli leaders of an "unpardonable failure" for not preventing the attack.

Still, Lapid, who led Israel's coalition government before Netanyahu was returned to power in elections last year, has not previously called for the prime minister to resign since the fighting broke out, according to Israeli media.


Putin says 'something unexpected' about LGBTQ

© Sputnik / Mikhail Metzel
Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks during the International Culture Forum in St. Petersburg, Russia on November 17, 2023.
Members of the LGBTQ community and its culture are part of a modern society and shouldn't be barred from being represented at cultural events or contests, Russian President Vladimir Putin believes. At the same time, such themes must not be mandatory criteria for winning said contests, as appears to occur in the West, he suggested.

The president made the remarks on Friday as he spoke at the 9th International Culture Forum in St. Petersburg. Putin was asked by Emir Kusturica, the iconic Serbian film director and screenwriter, about his opinion on LGBTQ topics becoming a mandatory requirement for winning certain film contests in the West.

"Yes, indeed, we see that at various competitions in Western countries, in order to win something, you need to either tell, write, or show the lives of sexual minorities, transgenders and transformers - many different names for them," Putin stated.
But I'll tell you something unexpected. They too - these topics and these people - have the right to win, show and tell, because this is also part of society. This is also what people live by. It's bad if they just win all sorts of competitions, that's of no use.
The president stressed that "equality" should be a universal principle, including in cultural contests.

Comment: See:


Why ridiculous official propaganda still works

© Substack
OK, here's one from the archives for you. It's a column I wrote way back in 2017, when CounterPunch was still running my columns. I've pulled it out of the archives because (a) I think it's particularly apropos, given the amount of ridiculous official propaganda we are being barraged by at the moment, (b) I am down with a nasty bug, and thus (c) I don't have the energy to attempt to deceive you into believing that I just came up with this analysis today by rewriting what I wrote back in 2017 but replacing the references to Russiagate with references to Israel's liquidation of Gaza.

If you've been following the news — which I suspect you have — you're familiar with the ridiculous official propaganda that the State of Israel has been brazenly pumping out, which at this point has gotten so blatantly ridiculous that even the BBC has been forced to debunk it.

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© Twitter

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Neil Oliver: Lies Keep Coming!

Neil Oliver

Neil Oliver
'...the assassination of John F Kennedy, lockdown, international wars, the destruction of the Nord Stream pipeline......anyone who dares to raise a question about these events is shouted down as conspiracy theorists by the likes of the CIA, the MSM, government officers, the WEF, Hillary Clinton, Zelensky, Joe Biden....'


Hey Nikki Haley, hands off our anonymous online speech

nikki haley

Former Governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley at the 2024 Republican Presidential debate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on Aug. 23, 2023.
ANONYMOUS EDITOR'S UPDATE (Nov. 16, 2023): In an appearance on CNBC, Nikki Haley appeared to partially walk back comments suggesting social media companies should prohibit anonymous posting, which she had called a "national security threat." When asked about her remarks and how such a plan would violate the First Amendment, Haley clarified: "I don't mind anonymous American people having free speech. What I don't like is anonymous Russians and Chinese and Iranians having free speech." Haley did not elaborate on how social media companies would identify and separate users from foreign nations or address how her proposal could endanger users living under oppressive foreign regimes.

Statement from FIRE Director of Advocacy Aaron Terr:
Nikki Haley told Fox News that anonymous online speech is a "national security threat." We must all be wary of compromising core freedoms by giving politicians a blank check to water them down any time they invoke "national security." Anonymous speech — whether the Founders writing the Federalist Papers or any one of us writing under an anonymous Twitter account — is core protected expression. Democracy relies on free speech to function and the ability to speak anonymously gives all of us the breathing room to weigh in on sensitive topics. Prohibiting anonymous online speech poses a greater threat to participation in our democracy — and thus, national security — than Nikki Haley and other politicians who would join her call may realize.

Comment: See also:

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Zelensky fears a new 'Maidan' - Bloomberg

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.
© AP Photo / Efrem Lukatsky
This has been the second time in less than a week that the Ukrainian leader has told Western media that a third "Maidan" is being plotted against him
The Ukrainian president has reportedly claimed there may be Moscow-inspired mass protests in Kiev.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky told journalists on Thursday that he has received tips about a Russian influence campaign aimed at destabilizing his government, according to a Bloomberg report. He claimed that various intelligence agencies had informed him about the purported operation.

Ukraine's top leadership has experienced divisions in recent months, with a series of publications in the Western press, based on leaks from Kiev staffers, describing Zelensky as calcified in pursuing an unrealistic goal of pushing Russia out of all territories claimed by Kiev.

His office has also publicly clashed with one of the country's top generals, Valery Zaluzhny, who said earlier this month that the hostilities had reached a stalemate and that he expected no breakthrough for Kiev.

Comment: See also:

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Outrage ensues after special counsel says 'no charges likely' in Biden classified document scandal

robert hur biden classified docs
© AP Photo/Steve Ruark, File
U.S. Attorney Robert Hur arrives at U.S. District Court in Baltimore Nov. 21, 2019
Following a 'thorough investigation,' special counsel Robert Hur is unlikely to charge anyone in connection to President Joe Biden's classified document scandal, according to multiple reports citing sources familiar with the matter.

Hur's report is expected to sharply criticize Biden and his aides for their handling of classified documents - the standard treatment for the protected establishment class whose name doesn't end in Trump.

This outcome raises obvious questions DOJ sham investigations - for if a Special Counsel's probe into potential mishandling of sensitive national documents results only in criticism and no legal repercussions, what message does it send about accountability at the highest levels of government?

Comment: The Federalist comments:
While the Department of Justice works overtime to imprison top political foe and 2024 presidential poll leader, former President Donald Trump, over mishandling classified documents, Special Counsel Robert Hur plans to let President Joe Biden off scot-free.

Attorney General Merrick Garland hand-picked Hur as special counsel for the documents case in January 2023. Hur's involvement in the FBI's communications with Russia collusion hoaxer No. 1 Christopher Steele and his role as a member of the DOJ team that tried to subvert a congressional exposé of the intelligence community's failures during that same collusion hoax fed fears that he would not divert from the DOJ's politicized agenda when he evaluated Biden's information cache.

Hur's decision not to charge Biden while the DOJ continues to target Trump only confirms those suspicions.

There were plenty of questions and questionable activity, including the comings and goings of several White House officials in the months leading up to the discovery of classified documents, surrounding Biden's concealment of the papers from his time as vice president.

Yet neither the article nor the accompanying TV segment made any mention of why Biden's lawyers, who claimed they stumbled across the documents, were snooping around the Penn Biden Center office in Washington, D.C., in the first place.

The White House insisted the National Archives and Records Administration and DOJ were notified "the minute that his lawyers found those documents" in fall 2022. Even though investigators did not get fully involved until 2023, CNN echoed this talking point by claiming that the "key differences" between Biden's document scandal and Trump's was that Biden "quickly notified the National Archives of the materials found in his possession."

CNN did not mention the other key differences between Biden's and Trump's case, like the fact that Trump's documents were discovered on a private, Secret Service-protected property while Biden's were found in a busy public building and easily accessible garage. Nor did it note that NARA specifically didn't work with Trump after his departure as it did with former President Barack Obama and Biden.

Special counsel Jack Smith indicted Trump in June with 37 counts of mishandling classified documents following his first term in the White House. A couple of months later, Smith tacked on three more charges related to the discovery of documents at Trump's sprawling Florida mansion.

Biden's information cache warranted the same level of investigation and transparency that Trump suffered. Instead, he won't even get a slap on the wrist. While Trump is tied up in a court that refuses to delay his May trial date, Biden faces zero red tape, legal hurdles, or consequences.

Biden harbored classified documents from his time as vice president in a box by his 1967 Corvette Stingray and his "think tank" office for years, yet it was Trump who became the subject of the corporate media and the FBI's public scorn and could soon face jail time.

The DOJ's treatment of Biden compared to its treatment of Trump only furthers a majority of Americans' belief that the U.S. has a two-tiered system of justice.
Aaaand the MSM does its bit: