Electric car
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Over the last few years, the media and politicians have been hyping up electric cars and telling everyone to buy them to save the planet (ironic, buying more stuff making the rich even richer, all to save the planet of course!).

Things have gone so far that the EU recently announced they would ban the sale of new fossil fuel cars from 2035. Meanwhile Britain has gone even further and are banning new normal cars from the year 2030. That is only 7 years away.

So they are pushing for everyone to switch over to electric cars. We all know that will never, ever happen. The power grid simply cannot handle it and there isn't enough batteries to go around to be able to make all those new electric cars.

Now Switzerland is planning on banning people from driving their electric cars when there is an energy shortage. Crisis measures could also see streaming services like Netflix having to reduce the resolution of videos and use of game consoles being banned.

The restrictions remind of covid lockdowns...

They have different stages depending on how much energy they have available. Oh wait, this is beginning to sound a bit like climate lockdowns now...

In the higher level of restrictions, hot water will be turned off in public bathrooms, Christmas lights turned off and more. Going so far as to closing all leisure businesses and sports matches and concerts being banned.

Wow, remember when I warned last year that the next thing would be climate lockdowns? Well, looks like they certainly are planning for it now and they are using the covid lockdown playbook to do it.

Cool, so first they told you to get the electric cars to save the planet, then you cannot drive your electric car because there isn't enough electricity.

Then there is the battery problem, we are already seeing talks about battery shortages and things will only get worse in the years ahead as demand increases. You know what happens then? Prices go right up, meaning that electric cars will become even more expensive than they are now.

Let me explain to you the endgame of electric cars. It is not to switch out all the existing cars for electric, because that will never happen. It is for you to stop driving all together and take public transport meanwhile the elites will be the only ones to afford electric cars.

And to be honest, the elite will probably not be driving electric cars either because they suck so much. Especially in winter. Electric cars already have a very short range to begin with, and if you use it in winter for example the range absolutely plummets as this car YouTuber recently found out:

Let's do some math on how much power electric cars would really use, because the fact is, if we are going to rely on useless wind and solar power, there is simply no way on earth that we can have electric cars. The only way for electric cars to be able to exist in mass scale is for more nuclear power to be built.

In Europe there is around 400 million cars. Now the EU is banning new fossil fuel cars by 2035, so imagine that all these 400 million cars would be switched out to electric. Now lets assume the cars have a battery pack of 100kwh, which is what you need if you want a somewhat decent range.

Imagine that all these cars get charged fully at least once a week. They would need a whopping 40,000 gigawatt-hours (gwh) of electricity - every week. I don't think you fully understand how large that number actually is.

For comparison, the Swedish nuclear power plant Ringhals produces around 27,000 gigawatt-hours of electricity per year. This is several reactors combined. That yearly output is still not enough to power all of our electric cars - Just for one week!

Maybe you begin to see the problem here with electric cars. The grid will never be able to handle it.

It gets even more ridiculous if we were to use wind power. The average wind turbine in the USA produces around 0.84 gigawatt-hours PER MONTH. We need 40 000 gigawatt-hours per week in our scenario. A wind turbine doesn't even produce 1 gigawatt-hour in a month.

This doesn't mean we need 40 000 nuclear reactors or however many wind turbines, as the cars won't all be charging at the same time, but we would still need a lot of new nuclear reactors. The current grid would not be able to handle all these new electric cars.

Update: Thanks to the reader in the comments that did the maths on how many nuclear reactors would be needed and concluded that at absolute minimum we would need well over 200 new nuclear reactors to power all these electric vehicles. The politicians pushing this stuff are living in fantasy land unless they are willing to invest in this. I mean, it is possible, but it won't come cheap!

Imagine how many wind turbines we would need to be able to power all those electric cars. You would just see an army of wind turbines polluting the skyline everywhere. It's unsustainable.

No, there is no future for a mass adoption of electric cars. What will end up happening is that you will walk or take public transport, while the elite are the only ones that can afford cars.
It is all about control. They want to get rid of private car ownership. They don't want you to have the freedom of traveling freely. They only want you to be able to travel where they decide that you can travel.
Just like in the Soviet Union where the regular people couldn't own cars, only the party elites owned cars.

It's Climate Communism.